Processing Distortion with Peter B. Collins: Gitmo Force Feeding Case Update

Peter B. Collins Presents Attorney Jon Eisenberg

Hunger striking prisoners at Guantanamo are often forcibly “extracted” from their cells to be force fed. Jon Eisenberg relates the recent ruling in the case of Abu Wa’el Dhiab, where Judge Gladys Kessler showed compassion for Dhiab and expressed outrage over aspects of his treatment, but failed to address the key legal issues. While he is very disappointed in the ruling, Eisenberg confirms that there was a secret hearing with only government lawyers present, and notes that he is pursuing the same legal points in another case before a different judge. He says Dhiab’s treatment has improved, and that the release of videos of cell extraction and force feeding may be delayed by government appeals.

*Jon B. Eisenberg is an attorney in Oakland, California who is one of many pro bono lawyers aligned with Reprieve (UK) and the Center for Constitutional Rights. He was lead counsel in the al Haramain illegal wiretapping case.

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