De-Manufacturing Consent- “State Kills with Impunity in the Land of the Free”

Guillermo Jimenez Presents Aaron Cantú

On this edition of De-Manufacturing Consent Guillermo is joined by independent writer, analyst, and researcher Aaron Cantu. Aaron details the case of Eric Garner, the 43-year-old father of six who NYPD officer Daniel Pantaleo choked to death last July. The incident was caught on camera, and yet a Staten Island grand jury declined to indict Pantaleo and bring the case to trial.

Aaron explains the failings of the grand jury system, in both the Garner case and the case of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, and how the state colludes to exonerate those within their own ranks. We explore the role of institutionalized racism in state violence, and why Aaron believes the police are the "most violent parts of white supremacy distilled down to human form."

Did the Rodney King verdict in 1992 set the precedent for police today to get away with murder, even when caught on camera? Has recording technology and surveillance made things better or worse? Are there comparisons to be made between the state violence experienced in the United States and that in Mexico and other parts of the world, and what is to be gained from mass protest?

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  1. chris bagg says:

    The conversation that we should be having is not about “the role of institutionalized racism in state violence” but rather “why is law enforcement, in collusion with the media and elements of the alternative media (BFP included) trying to promote this specter of racial antagonism based on events of very questionable authenticity”. I am hoping here that you are just naive. That is not to say that these kinds of things don’t happen all the time. They do. But this time it is not real.
    See this:
    and this:
    Now look at the picture of Garner being choked at the top of this page. Why is Garner’s hand outstretched in a dramatic ‘Guernica gesture’ rather than trying to pull the policeman’s arm off of his throat? For effect perhaps? I have been strangled in like this in the past, and believe me, the only thing on one’s mind is getting the arm of the perp. off one’s throat so that one can breathe. Also, it is rarely the case that a person can speak while at the same time being unable to breathe. This video is a fake. These people are acting.
    Incidentally, the lawyer for Brown’s family is the same lawyer used by Trevon Martin’s family, a man named Benjamin Crump. At least that is one of his many aliases. He is now also the lawyer for Tamir Rice’s family. Take a look at his assistant, Lorna Truitt (one of her many aliases). Doesn’t she look a little familiar? That’s because, aside from the blond hair, she is dead ringer for James Holmes’ attorney, Lisa Damiani. Google them both and compare. I will add a follow up comment with a link exposing this oddity.

  2. chris bagg says:

    While my comment awaits moderation, let me add a few things. Lorna Truett was George Zimmerman’s attorney, not Martin’s family’s. Still very odd though. Now look at this video:
    Why are the same attorneys involved in these questionable high profile cases? Why do they all have aliases? Is it because they are all primarily actors ?

    • I am sorry but this “crisis actor” meme is going too far. While I am not dismissing that there has never been a crisis actor and never will be, those who are propagating the notion that every event is completely staged and filled with actors are either shills or some what delusional. This is a perfect tool for those that want to disrupt the alt-media or turn it into a complete joke. This has already happened with the alien/reptilian agenda. If you start from the idea that this is all fake then there is no real research to be done. I for one believe that Sandy Hook was more than what the MSM told us it was, but the constant articles and YouTube videos espousing that no one was killed are shutting down a real investigation. This is becoming a serious problem in the alt-media and needs to stop. Those that can not see this as the obvious intel-operation that it is have fallen into the trap that WE in the alt-media are always warning others about. Infiltration and subversion of the alt-media is a reality and this crisis actor meme is one that is working rather well.

      James Tracy used to write and feature interesting and good stuff. Now he sees everything around him as some sort of fake construct by an invisible force. This is like claiming that reptilians control the world. There is no where to go once you make this claim. Furthermore, “staged agitation propaganda” is just veiled language from the other cancer eating away at the alt-media, the neo-Nazi/white genocide/race politics psychopaths. This problem is even more serious and needs to be done away with immediately.

      • Thanks for stating this so well. I totally agree and think that we should look for patterns of this kind in our BFP community. Sibel almost never kicks people out, but it happens when necessary. We’ve been fairly lucky so far, probably because of the pay wall.

        I’m not going to engage in an argument about fakery pertaining to this issue. We have many examples of the same kind of incident.

        That said, what the MSM covers and why is always open to speculation, in my book. Because they are propaganda tools through and through, there are usually ulterior motives regarding many aspects of their coverage.

        But, muddying the waters is muddying the waters and that is something we don’t need here.

      • I am perfectly serious in asserting that this Michael Brown/Eric Garner psy-op is staged. I wouldn’t write this if I didn’t think it was true. Someone needs to say this, as it changes everything about these events.
        By the way, did you catch the “Great Streets Initiative” story? Apparently the very epicenter of the rioting that “broke out” after the Michael Brown grand jury verdict was slated for redevelopment well before the shooting. Google “Great Streets Initiative, West Florissant” and you will see proof of this. How coincidental is that?
        If you are still in the dark about what happened at Sandy Hook, as you evidently seem, you need to see the new documentary by Independent Media Solidarity called “We Need To Talk About Sandy Hook”. Watch it here: Ongoing attempts are being made to censor this explosive proof that the Sandy Hook shooting was a staged event. Watch it while you still can.

        • Again as I stated before I do not buy the official story about Sandy Hook. My major problem is that all of the research being done on Sandy Hook relies on the “everything was fake/staged” meme, and I personally find this counterproductive. For instance I think the Baha’i memorial service for Sandy Hook victims is a fascinating angle that should be explored. That there is a large Baha’i temple in Sandy Hook is bizarre, and that they had a Baha’i service for them even stranger. When you factor in the whole new age occult aspects of the Baha’i movement I think you start to unravel an important layer of a particular agenda. This is merely my own speculation, but what if Sandy Hook was some sort of occult ritual designed for a certain faction of individuals. If it was I would assume that yes the children were in fact murdered and not singing at an NFL game. But this line of questioning is no longer chic with in the Sandy Hook research community because all they care about is exposing how everyone was a crisis actor and how all the children are alive somewhere. If there is a large conspiracy here why not just kill them? Keeping them alive seems like an unnecessary idea. Also many of the people in the Sandy Hook research community seem more intent on proving that it was staged and not in explaining why it would be staged. What if the psy-op is a psy-op on the alt-media to drag them down the rabbit hole of trying to prove that it was all fake. This would shut down the discussion of what may have transpired at the Sandy Hook elementary school. This is just what people like Cass Sunstein and others have been trying to persuade governments to do. Plant people into the alt-community and spread disinformation and lead people into cul de sacs they cant ever get out of. That is my issue. There is a serious attempt right now to disrupt the alt-community and alt-media and we need to speak out on this, and not get caught up in what ever is in vogue in conspiracy culture at the moment.

          Also on another note I assume you are not from NYC. Well I can assure you that the police are killing people left and right and there is no need for them to fake or stage an event like this.

  3. CuChulainn says:

    as Francis Cousin argues, racism/antiracism promises to play the same incendiary and misdirecting role in this century as fascism/antifascism did in the last

  4. chris bagg says:

    Here is a link for the 2012 redevelopment plan for the Florissant Ave. corridor in Ferguson MO.
    What muddies the waters is discussing fake events as if they were real. We have had a similar problem with the Boston Marathon Bombing discussion here. It either happened the way the MSM presented it or it didn’t. If the MSM narrative is a piece of fiction we need to say that. I am simply presenting evidence to support my analysis. Yes, “this same kind of incident” does happen all the time, so why has it become such a big story this time? We can’t have a valid discussion about “this kind of incident” if the context has been completely fabricated and manipulated.

    • I am going to go out a limb here and say that it is such a big story because people are getting fed up with police impunity when it comes to murdering people in broad day light. If you prefer to ignore this massive epidemic in the United States fine, but you may feel more at home on the David Icke forum and not on BFP. We are getting back to the same problem yet again. Rather than discuss the very real issue of a creeping police state where cops can literally get away with murder, you decided to link to a coded article about the ensuing race war that the Garner case is meant to instigate. The same people saying he wasnt really being choked becasue he could talk are the same neo-nazi shills that are trying to subvert the alt-media.

      Sibel has presented a very complex and good alternative narrative to the Boston Bombing on this site and on others. She pointed to the idea that it was designed to get people ready for some kind of resurgence of the armed Chechen movement, planting the idea of Dagestan being synonymous with terrorism, and ramping up the fight against Russia. This site was one of the few to write about the Graham Fuller connection and uncle Ruslan when all the MSM could talk about was how we had to get those dirty terrorists.

      I wonder why it is always on Guillermo’s podcast that these coded race politics issues are brought up?

  5. chris bagg says:

    Dude, did you even look at the “We Need To Talk About Sandy Hook” video? There is very compelling evidence there that many of the photos and articles about the 12/14/12 event were posted prior to that date. Go look for your self. If this was the case, as it clearly was, the event was staged, period.

    There is also a great deal of proof that the Boston Bombing was a staged event. Go visit David McGowan’s “Center for an Informed America” and read his series on the bombing. Ask yourself why nineteen people had their legs amputated, yet no one lost an arm, hand, eye, etc. Does this really sound like an indiscriminate shrapnel bomb? Just a few weeks ago the last one “decided to have her leg removed” because it was “just too difficult to live with”. A year and a half later? Nineteen actors, preexisting amputees all, were used to create a scene of terror and panic; a made in America “Gladio Lite” version of the things we saw in Italy in the 80s. The purpose is much the same: to push America to the right, and to whet our appetite for increased counter-terrorism measures, and for a confrontation with Russia.

    Without an accurate reading of what really happened in all of these events, we cannot hope to understand their significance. If the events were staged, that fact has to be part of our analysis. None of this has anything to do with coded race politics, David Ickes, or bizarre occult child murderers. These are all your bugaboos.

    • I have seen the whole argument that the pictures and memorial Facebook page were created prior to the shooting before. The problem with this is that that sort of issue happens a lot especially with news outlets. They end up recycling web pages with other articles and the time stamp doesn’t change. I don’t see that carrying that much weight. I will try and check out the documentary when I have some time though.

      My main problem is that I just don’t see why they would stage events like this when actually killing/ maiming them would be so much simpler. Why fake killing Garner when police are doing it all the time? But I think we has spent too much time commenting on Guillermo’s podcast talking about totally unrelated topics so I will let this be my last comment.

  6. chris bagg says:

    You obviously haven’t seen the whole argument. According to Microsoft itself, these time stamps can not be the result of recycled web pages. If you care at all about the truth you will watch the documentary. Here it is again:
    If you don’t care, you shouldn’t be commenting here.

  7. I am not from the and so.. here..
    So who I am to say what you should do…!

    Please.. Young American’s Do Not Fight.. about words.!
    Police in A free World..!, DO Not needs camera…!
    What You have to Do..are being just go so fast..
    (long conversation on race)..! stop that…yes people are dying…
    all over the World..We know.
    You should Work Together…In the next two Years…Time.
    To make A real opposition…
    And not This..(If you don’t care, you shouldn’t be commenting here.)…
    Or this ( But I think we has spent too much time commenting on Guillermo’s podcast talking about totally unrelated topics so I will let this be my last comment. )..
    Do Not Fight against Your self.
    Kind Regards

  8. Just so Very Fast..
    It go…
    Sydney siege..Bang.
    Riverbend..Baghdad Burning..
    And here we go..!
    Best Regards
    ps. as said from riverbend..We learned that while life is not fair..death is even less fair…!

  9. Flash..back in time..
    Even the Planet earth do not move..
    So Fast…
    Copy and Paste.
    She Said..(Riverbend)..
    The Puppet: Massoud Berezani
    The head of the Kurdistan Democratic Party and rival of Jalal Talabani. He was backed by the US in north Iraq. His conflicts with Talabani have resulted in the deaths of thousands of Kurds in bloody battles and assassinations and the exile of others. To see them sitting at the same table, staring adoringly at ‘Father Bremer’, you would think they had always been the best of friends- it’s a fascinating lesson in politics. A question poses itself: if they couldn’t control a few provinces in the north, how do they expect to be able to govern all of Iraq?

    The two Kurdish leaders also control an armed militia known as ‘Bayshmarga’. The Bayshmarga are multitalented. They act as bodyguards, and smugglers. They were caught smuggling cars, currency and artifacts. These last two days there have been clashes between them and the Turkomen in Kirkuk.

    The most infuriating thing is hearing Bremer talk about how the members of the rotating presidency represent the Iraqi people. In reality, they represent the CPA and Bremer. They are America’s Puppets (some of them are Iran’s). They do not govern Iraq or Iraqis in any way- they are merely very highly paid translators: Bremer gives the orders and they translate them to an incredulous public. The majority of them were trained using American tax dollars, and now they are being ‘kept’ by the CPA using Iraqi oil money.

    It’s a bad start to democracy, being occupied and having your government and potential leaders selected for you by the occupying powers… On the other hand, could we really expect more from a country whose president was ‘appointed’ by the Supreme Court?

    And A other Flash…By Riverbend..

    Sunday, August 24, 2003

    Will Work for Food…
    Over 65% of the Iraqi population is unemployed. The reason for this is because Bremer made some horrible decisions. The first major decision he made was to dissolve the Iraqi army. That may make sense in Washington, but here, we were left speechless. Now there are over 400,000 trained, armed men with families that need to be fed. Where are they supposed to go? What are they supposed to do for a living? I don’t know. They certainly don’t know.

    They roam the streets looking for work, looking for an answer. You can see perplexity and anger in their stance, their walk, their whole demeanor. Their eyes shift from face to face, looking for a clue. Who is to answer for this mess? Who do you think?

    Bremer also dissolved the Ministry of Information and the Ministry of Defense. No matter what the excuses, these ministries were full of ordinary people with ordinary jobs- accountants, janitors, secretaries, engineers, journalists, technicians, operators… these people are now jobless. Companies have been asked to ‘cut down’ their staff. It no longer has anything to do with politics. The company my uncle works in as an engineer was asked by the CPA to get rid of 680 of the 1,500+ employees- engineers, designers, contractors, mechanics, technicians and the administration were all involved.

    Other companies, firms, bureaus, factories and shops shut down as a result of the looting and damage done in the post-war chaos- thousands of other workers lost their jobs. Where to go? What to do?

    It isn’t any easier for employed people… the standard $50 being given out in various ministries and hospitals is not nearly enough to support a single person, let alone a family. But at least it is work. At least it is a reason to wake up every morning and accomplish something.

    Someone asked why the thousands of Iraqi men roaming the streets don’t go out and get work. For weeks, after the occupation, men would line up daily by the thousands outside of the ‘Alwiyah Club’ filling out papers, begging for work. But there is no work. Men were reluctant to apply to the Iraqi police force because they weren’t given weapons! The Iraqi police were expected to roam and guard the hellish cities without weapons… to stop looters, abductors, and murderers with the sheer force of an application to their warped sense of morality.

    The story of how I lost my job isn’t unique. It has actually become very common- despondently, depressingly, unbearably common. It goes like this…

    I’m a computer science graduate. Before the war, I was working in an Iraqi database/software company located in Baghdad as a programmer/network administrator (yes, yes… a geek). Every day, I would climb three flights of stairs, enter the little office I shared with one female colleague and two males, start up my PC and spend hours staring at little numbers and letters rolling across the screen. It was tedious, it was back-breaking, it was geeky and it was… wonderful.

    When I needed a break, I’d go visit my favorite sites on the internet, bother my colleagues or rant about ‘impossible bosses’ and ‘improbable deadlines’.

    I loved my job- I was *good* at my job. I came and went to work on my own. At 8 am I’d walk in lugging a backpack filled with enough CDs, floppies, notebooks, chewed-on pens, paperclips and screwdrivers to make Bill Gates proud. I made as much money as my two male colleagues and got an equal amount of respect from the manager (that was because he was clueless when it came to any type of programming and anyone who could do it was worthy of respect… a girl, no less- you get the picture).

    What I’m trying to say is that no matter *what* anyone heard, females in Iraq were a lot better off than females in other parts of the Arab world (and some parts of the Western world- we had equal salaries!). We made up over 50% of the working force. We were doctors, lawyers, nurses, teachers, professors, deans, architects, programmers, and more. We came and went as we pleased. We wore what we wanted (within the boundaries of the social restrictions of a conservative society).

    During the first week of June, I heard my company was back in business. It took several hours, seemingly thousands of family meetings, but I finally convinced everyone that it was necessary for my sanity to go back to work. They agreed that I would visit the company (with my two male bodyguards) and ask them if they had any work I could possibly take home and submit later on, or through the internet.

    One fine day in mid-June, I packed my big bag of geeky wonders, put on my long skirt and shirt, tied back my hair and left the house with a mixture of anticipation and apprehension.

    We had to park the car about 100 meters away from the door of the company because the major road in front of it was cracked and broken with the weight of the American tanks as they entered Baghdad. I half-ran, half-plodded up to the door of the company, my heart throbbing in anticipation of seeing friends, colleagues, secretaries… just generally something familiar again in the strange new nightmare we were living.

    The moment I walked through the door, I noticed it. Everything looked shabbier somehow- sadder. The maroon carpet lining the hallways was dingy, scuffed and spoke of the burden of a thousand rushing feet. The windows we had so diligently taped prior to the war were cracked in some places and broken in others… dirty all over. The lights were shattered, desks overturned, doors kicked in, and clocks torn from the walls.

    I stood a moment, hesitantly, in the door. There were strange new faces- fewer of the old ones. Everyone was standing around, looking at everyone else. The faces were sad and lethargic and exhausted. And I was one of the only females. I weaved through the strange mess and made my way upstairs, pausing for a moment on the second floor where management was located, to listen to the rising male voices. The director had died of a stroke during the second week of the war and suddenly, we had our own little ‘power vacuum’. At least 20 different men thought they were qualified to be boss. Some thought they qualified because of experience, some because of rank and some because they were being backed by differing political parties (SCIRI, Al-Daawa, INC).

    I continued upstairs, chilled to the bone, in spite of the muggy heat of the building which hadn’t seen electricity for at least 2 months. My little room wasn’t much better off than the rest of the building. The desks were gone, papers all over the place… but A. was there! I couldn’t believe it- a familiar, welcoming face. He looked at me for a moment, without really seeing me, then his eyes opened wide and disbelief took over the initial vague expression. He congratulated me on being alive, asked about my family and told me that he wasn’t coming back after today. Things had changed. I should go home and stay safe. He was quitting- going to find work abroad. Nothing to do here anymore. I told him about my plan to work at home and submit projects… he shook his head sadly.

    I stood staring at the mess for a few moments longer, trying to sort out the mess in my head, my heart being torn to pieces. My cousin and E. were downstairs waiting for me- there was nothing more to do, except ask how I could maybe help? A. and I left the room and started making our way downstairs. We paused on the second floor and stopped to talk to one of the former department directors. I asked him when they thought things would be functioning, he wouldn’t look at me. His eyes stayed glued to A.’s face as he told him that females weren’t welcome right now- especially females who ‘couldn’t be protected’. He finally turned to me and told me, in so many words, to go home because ‘they’ refused to be responsible for what might happen to me.

    Ok. Fine. Your loss. I turned my back, walked down the stairs and went to find E. and my cousin. Suddenly, the faces didn’t look strange- they were the same faces of before, mostly, but there was a hostility I couldn’t believe. What was I doing here? E. and the cousin were looking grim, I must have been looking broken, because they rushed me out of the first place I had ever worked and to the car. I cried bitterly all the way home- cried for my job, cried for my future and cried for the torn streets, damaged buildings and crumbling people.

    I’m one of the lucky ones… I’m not important. I’m not vital. Over a month ago, a prominent electrical engineer (one of the smartest females in the country) named Henna Aziz was assassinated in front of her family- two daughters and her husband. She was threatened by some fundamentalists from Badir’s Army and told to stay at home because she was a woman, she shouldn’t be in charge. She refused- the country needed her expertise to get things functioning- she was brilliant. She would not and could not stay at home. They came to her house one evening: men with machine-guns, broke in and opened fire. She lost her life- she wasn’t the first, she won’t be the last.

    I just Wonder Why..we and I did not
    stop this in Time…!
    Kind Regards

  10. chris bagg says:

    Jens, you should watch the explosive Sandy Hook documentary “We Need To Talk About Sandy Hook” too. Here it is again:
    It is relevant to this discussion because it demonstrates that “crisis actors” are used by the government in staged psy-ops like the ones we saw in Ferguson and Staten Island.

  11. Yes Chris..And I will.Thank you.
    We are all used by Government’s..
    Even in my little space..hmm..
    of the world..born on a very small island Bornholm..
    in Denmark..
    Kind Regards

  12. DenStendigeResen says:

    I think that Porkin’s point that people are being killed daily – hourly – by the cops is more important than whether or not certain incidents are staged. Even if all of them were staged, the end result would be the same (except for the very real trauma caused to the very real victims’ loved ones). All this terror is allowing the police state in the US to clamp down. The question is not, “Are there crisis actors?” but “How do we liberate ourselves?”

    As for the police state wanting to start a race war, that seems obvious. They are definitely choosing which stories to focus on, for the sake of splitting people into factions which will do the dirty work of reducing the population and subduing the masses. So it is important – vital! – that we stick together (as Porkins and Jens both already said).

    I remember the Rodney King trial, and the beaten and traumatized King making his dignified, eloquent pleas for people to stop rioting and to come together. He should be a global hero, at least in the alternative community. Maybe we should create a holiday for him.

    • Is this what you mean CuChulainn..and Chris..?
      copy and paste..And I am sorry for that..(english is not my speake).
      (to push America to the right, and to whet our appetite for increased counter-terrorism measures, and for a confrontation with Russia. )..! DenStendigeResen Say..(copy and paste..sorry).
      ( So it is important – vital! – that we stick together..)..!
      My Very Best to All of Us

  13. CuChulainn says:
  14. Militarization of Police…!
    is this just old news..?
    I do not know..?
    You tell me..please..!
    This take me to this..
    By Tim Butz..!
    and this old radio program…!
    Hope it is the right link’s..
    Kind Regards

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