De-Manufacturing Consent- American Psychological Association Complicit in CIA Torture

Guillermo Jimenez Presents Dr. Roy Eidelson

On this edition of De-Manufacturing Consent Guillermo is joined by Dr. Roy Eidelson, a clinical psychologist, president of Eidelson Consulting, and member of Psychologists for Social Responsibility and the Coalition for an Ethical Psychology. In response to the Senate's release of their executive summary on the CIA's interrogation program, Dr. Eidelson explains the role of psychologists, and the complicity of the American Psychological Association, in CIA torture. We discuss the two principal contract psychologists who developed the CIA's torture program, Bruce Jessen and James Mitchell, and how APA leadership not only fostered their relationship with the CIA but actively worked to hide and protect their involvement.

Dr. Eidelson describes the various psychological techniques Jessen and Mitchell employed, including induced "learned helplessness" — a theory developed by Martin Seligman, who personally presented his methods to the CIA contract psychologists.

Lastly, we discuss the manipulation of language ("enhanced interrogation techniques," "EITs," etc.) and the role of the media and pop culture in the normalization of torture, and why no one has yet been held accountable.

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  1. Not going to listen to this. Seems odd that inflicting pain on another needs an analysis to be understood. My 6 year old and his dog are pretty clear on pain.

  2. We now know to a provable certainty the towers were controlled demolition.
    That is a certainty.
    The very worst part of knowing the towers were demolished by CD, is knowing that every part, of every part – redacted or exposed in/by this report – is under cover of a LIE that big. That every page every word and deed and excuse, rests on the deception/manufacture and learned helplessness of the LIE of 911.
    Corrupt at its very beginning.

    At its core.

  3. CuChulainn says:

    remo, not doubting you but please, how do we know that to a provable certainty? and what is the new evidence that means we “now know”? thanks

    • “That is a certainty. The very worst part of knowing the towers were demolished by CD…” – remo

      “…how do we know that to a provable certainty?” – CuChulainn

      Mind experiment: Build exact replica of WTC 7, including all known pre-collapse damage. Now we send you into the tower with matches to set fires on all the floors known to have had fires. Then we wait. The building will not experience total collapse in a thousand nor a million tries, and will never experience measured symetrical, uniform downward acceleration at free-fall speed. Never. Conversely, those of us who subscribe to the CD theory, professionally rig the tower with demolition charges and we could hit the documented free-fall acceleration profile nearly EVERY TIME.

      This works as a mind experiment. This would work as a fair and accurate computer simulation, which is why NIST hides their data and the complete prints. And this would work if we actually rebuilt an exact, full size replica. I would bet every penny I have and could borrow on my certainty of this outcome. So, too, I suspect would remo, and thousands of others more qualified who understand the physics and the nature and history of high-rise steel framed construction.

      • jackdonovan says:

        This is very much off topic, but you don’t need any mind experiments. Just watch the NIST animation. The WTC 7 frame CLEARLY IS STILL STANDING after the rest of the building collapses. That didn’t happen in real life. You don’t need to recreate the animation. NIST already admitted, through the animation, that their theory is impossible.

        • Of course, but there are different ways to approach an understanding of the collapse, and that understanding isn’t experienced by each of us in the same way.

  4. jackdonovan says:

    Guillermo, I listened to the interview.

    I was disappointed with two things. You and Dr. Eidelson both bought into the “post-9/11 torture” narrative. The CIA has been in the torture business for decades. There was Operation Condor and the School of the Americas with its torture manuals.

    And, something that connects with the APA, was Project MKULTRA. According to John D. Marks, in “The Manchurian Candidate” (p. 168-169):

    “Professor Charles Osgood’s status in psychology also improved the Society’s cover, but his research was more directly useful to the Agency, and the MKULTRA men paid much more to get it. In 1959 Osgood, who four years later became president of the American Psychological Association, wanted to push forward his work on how people in different societies express the same feelings, even when using different words and concepts. Osgood wrote in “an abstract conceptual framework,” but Agency officials saw his research as “directly relevant” to covert activities. They believed they could transfer Osgood’s knowledge of “hidden values and cues” in the way people communicate into more effective overseas propaganda. Osgood’s work gave them a tool – called the “semantic differential” – to choose the right words in a foreign language to convey a particular meaning”.

    P. 172:

    “In 1960, for instance, the Society sponsored a survey of Soviet psychology through the simples device of putting up $15,000 through the official auspices of the American Psychological Association to send ten prominent psychologists on a tour of the Soviet Union. Nine of the ten had no idea of the Agency involvement, but CIA officials were apparently able to debrief everyone when the group returned.”

    Overall, I appreciate the work of Dr. Eidelson and of you Guillermo, but I must say I was disappointed that the interview didn’t tackle the subject head on.

  5. Nothing fancy about the certainty 911 was c/demolition..Its in the data. Tony Szamboti’s 25 questions to the creatioNISTs if any up to the challenge. (ae911truth)
    The devil is in the doubt. Controlling ‘the illicit transformation of probability into certainty’. Keep doubt alive and move on through with the the professional LIE seems to be basic psychology of deep SCAD.

    Among the ‘revelations’ in SSCommittee on Intelligence found “Two senior CIA officers not part of the CIA CounterTerrorismCentre determined that it would not be possible to assess the effectiveness of the CIA’s EnhancedInterrogationTechnique’s without violating “Federal Policy for the Protection of Human Subjects” regarding human experimentation.’”

    Human Experimentation !! What the f ck is this..Auschwitz ? the 911 Commission Report is drawn from ‘testimony’ drawn from torture and acts of Human Experimentation. Proud USAMO. As Zubaydah attests – to be later (after publication), redacted.
    But these individual acts of barbarity, sanctioned from the President on down, flow back through the society as whole. Among the worst crimes of 911 was the demolition of THOUGHT. Of the individual thinking PRACTICE.
    To be confronted with Lies at such levels; to be told you suffer a crippled epistemology (Sunstein) should you even WANT to investigate/research the glaring 2.25 second Free Falling holes in the ‘narrative’, puts you in the cattle truck to the eugenics lab but also creates the dissonance that the parasite Learned helplessness (Seligman) feeds on.
    How many times have you heard “What can I do about it anyway” ?

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