De-Manufacturing Consent- Sony Hack & the Rise of Digital False Flags

Guillermo Jimenez Presents Tom Secker

On this edition of De-Manufacturing Consent Guillermo is joined by Tom Secker, host of ClandesTime and author of the book Secrets, Spies, and 7/7. We discuss the various theories circulating around the Sony hack, who may have ultimately been responsible, and why North Korea is the least likely of culprits. We also explain what the US government has to gain from pinning the attack on the North Koreans, despite their flimsy evidence. As US intelligence agencies and both current and former lawmakers in Washington look to legitimize their "cyber war on terror" and the millions spent on cyber warfare "defense," the reaction to the Sony hack has evidenced the expansive potential for digital false flags.

We also touch on the film The Interview, and how the State Department's involvement in a movie depicting the assassination of a sitting head of state is completely in keeping with the CIA's propaganda efforts in Hollywood.

Lastly, we explore issues of privacy, in both the digital and physical realms, and how this latest event fits into the lingering "Snowden effect" in normalizing surveillance and redefining privacy norms.

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  1. My feeling on what this may be about, at least at a basic level, is to give the public a sense that our electronic communications and information is so vulnerable that even countries like North Korea, who are known primarily for their theatrical saber rattling, not their technical capabilities and military prowess, could potentially pose a massive threat to “National Security” (and/or nude photos and racist banter from ‘important’ industry insiders). In contrast to North Korea, for all the hypocritical noise that comes out of the US regarding China, at least in that case, there’s at least the perception that they actually do have some capabilities to speak for. To what extent that actually is we don’t really know, but they’re certainly portrayed by the western media as a legitimate threat.

    As mentioned, I agree and suspect the next 9/11 is going to be “cyber terror” and I don’t think it’s unlikely that there will be a link between this so called “attack” and the next financial crisis. Something that points to China and/or Russia as being parties responsible for ‘stealing’ or otherwise adversely affecting the bottom line of the ordinary citizen, under the guise of a theft at a higher level: “I’m sorry Mr. Smith, the Red Dragon-Bear Cyber Syndicate has seized all of our assets and we have no way to compensate you or prove the balance you claim existed in your retirement fund.”

    The flip side of this of course is that: “if the NSA wasn’t so restricted by constitutional protections we might’ve been able to prevent this – to connect the dots”. Then all the concerns about the Snowden “leaks”, now that they’re out of the bag, suddenly become exciting tools in the mind of the public that people won’t just see as a necessary evil, but a security provision the people will beg for; even demand.

  2. BTW: we’re all for virtual strip searches at the TSA, but if we don’t release this movie we’re sacrificing our ideals and threatening our way of life… 😉

  3. Yes.. Let Us..Just see
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    Using what will likely be the world’s fastest supercomputer and the world’s largest data storage and analysis facility, the NSA plans to…Do just What..?
    something like This..!
    NSA’s New Data Center And Supercomputer Aim To Crack World’s Strongest Encryption..!
    Hmm..does Russia or China Have This Power..?
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    they are from Creative..
    Kind Regards

  4. CuChulainn says:

    from the moment when alienation is lived as liberty, the word revolution has no sense.

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