US Media: The Cowardly & Despicable American Presstitutes

Every statement of the US government & its presstitute media is a blatant lie designed to serve a secret agenda

February 5, 2015. There is a brouhaha underway about an American journalist who told a story about being in a helicopter in a war zone. The helicopter was hit and had to land. Which war zone and when I don’t know. The US has created so many war zones that it is difficult to keep up with them all, and as you will see, I am not interested in the story for its own sake.

It turns out that the journalist has remembered incorrectly. He was in a helicopter in a war zone, but it wasn’t hit and didn’t have to land. The journalist has been accused of lying in order to make himself seem to be “a more seasoned war correspondent than he is.”

The journalist’s presstitute colleagues are all over him with accusations. He has even had to apologize to the troops. Which troops and why is unclear. The American requirement that everyone apologize for every word reminds me of the old Soviet practice, real or alleged by anti-communists, that required Soviet citizens to self-criticize.

National Public Radio (2-5-15) thought this story of the American journalist was so important that the program played a recording of the journalist telling his story. It sounded like a good story to me. The audience enjoyed it and was laughing. The journalist telling the story did not claim any heroism on his part or any failure on the part of the helicopter crew. It is normal for helicopters to take hits in war zones.

Having established that the journalist had actually stated that the helicopter was hit when in fact it wasn’t, NPR brought on the program a psychologist at the University of California, Irvine, an expert on “false memory.” The psychologist explained various reasons a person might have false memories, making the point that it is far from uncommon and that the journalist is most likely just another example. But the NPR presstitute still wanted to know if the journalist had intentionally lied in order to make himself look good. It was never explained why it made a journalist look good to be in a helicopter forced to land. But few presstitutes get to this depth of questioning.

Now to get to the real point. I was listening to this while driving as it was less depressing to listen to NPR’s propaganda than to listen to the Christian-Zionist preachers. In the previous hour NPR had presented listeners with three reports about civilian deaths in the break-away provinces in eastern and southern Ukraine. The first time I heard the report, the NPR presstitute recounted how explosives had hit a hospital killing 5 people in the break-away Donetsk Republic. The presstitute did not report that this was done by Ukrainian forces, instead suggesting that it could have been done by the “Russian-supported rebels.” He didn’t offer any explanation why the rebels would attack their own hospital. The impression left for that small percentage of informed Americans capable of thought is that presstitutes are not allowed to say that the Washington-backed Ukrainians attacked a hospital.

In all three reports, Secretary of State John Kerry was broadcast saying that the US wanted a diplomatic, peaceful solution, but that the Russians were blocking a peaceful solution by sending tank columns and troops into Ukraine. On my return trip, I heard over NPR Kerry twice more repeating the unsupported claim that Russian tanks and troops are pouring into Ukraine. Obviously, NPR was serving as a propaganda voice that Russia was invading Ukraine.

Think about this for a minute. We have been hearing from high US government officials, including the president himself, for months and months about Russian tank columns and troops entering Ukraine. The Russian government denies this steadfastly, but, of course, we cannot trust the now-demonized Russians. We are not allowed to believe them, because they are positioned as the Enemy, and good patriotic Americans never believe the Enemy.

But how can we help but believe the Russians? If all these Russian tank columns and troops that have allegedly been pouring into Ukraine were real, Washington’s puppet government in Kiev would have fallen sometime last year, and the conflict would be over. Anyone with a brain knows this.

So, we arrive at my point. A journalist told a harmless story and has been roasted alive and forced to apologize to the troops for lying. In the middle of this brouhaha, the US Secretary of State, the President of the United States, innumerable senators, executive branch officials, and presstitutes have repeatedly reported month after month Russian tank columns and troops entering Ukraine. Yet, despite all these Russian forces, the civilians in the break-away provinces of eastern and southern Ukraine are still being slaughtered by Washington’s puppet state in Kiev.

If Russian tanks and troops are this ineffective, why are NATO commanders and neoconservative warmongers warning of the dire danger that Russia poses to the Baltics, Poland, and Eastern Europe?

It doesn’t make any sense, does it?

So the question is: Why are the presstitutes all over some hapless journalist rather than holding accountable the Great Liars, John Kerry and Barak Obama?

The answer is: It is costless to the presstitutes to try to destroy, for totally insignificant reasons–perhaps just for the pleasure of it, like “American Sniper” killing people for fun–one of their own, but they would be fired if they hold Kerry and Obama accountable, and they know it. But they have to get someone, so they eat their own.

A democracy without an honest media cannot exist. In America democracy is a facade behind which operates every evil inclination of mankind. During the past 14 years the American people have supported governments that have invaded, bombed, or droned seven countries, killing, maiming, and displacing millions of people for no reason other than profit and hegemonic power. There is scant sign that this has caused very many Americans sleepless nights or a bad conscience.

When Washington is not bombing and killing, it is plotting to overthrow reformist governments, such as the Honduran government Obama overthrew, and the Venezuelan, Bolivian, Ecuadoran, and Argentine governments that the Obama regime is current trying to overthrow. And, also, of course the democratically elected government in Ukraine that has been supplanted by Washington’s coup.

The new Greek government is in the crosshairs, and so is Putin himself.

Washington and its fawning presstitutes branded the elected Ukrainian government that was a victim of Washington’s coup, “a corrupt dictatorship.” The replacement government consists of a combination of Washington puppets and neo-nazis with their own military forces sporting Nazi insignias. The American presstitutes have been careful not to notice the Nazi insignias.

Ask yourself why a journalist’s false memory episode of an insignificant event is so important to the American presstitutes, while John Kerry’s and Barak Obama’s extraordinary, blatant, blockbuster, and dangerous lies are ignored.

In the event you have forgotten the efficiency of the Russian military, remember the fate of the American and Israeli trained and equipped Georgian Army that Washington sicced on South Ossetia. The Georgian invasion of South Ossetia resulted in the deaths of Russian peace-keeping soldiers and Russian citizens. The Russian military intervened, and the American and Israeli trained and equipped Georgian Army collapsed in five hours. All of Georgia was back in Russian hands, but the Russians withdrew and left the former province of Russia independent, despite the lies from Washington that Putin intends to restore the Soviet Empire.

The only correct conclusion that any American can make is that every statement of the US government and its presstitute media is a blatant lie designed to serve a secret agenda that the American people would not support if they knew of its existence.

Whenever Washington and its whore media speak, they lie.

# # # #

Paul Craig Roberts, Boiling Frogs Post contributing author, is a former Assistant Secretary of the US Treasury and former associate editor of the Wall Street Journal. He has been reporting on executive branch and cases of prosecutorial abuse for two decades. He has written or co-written eight books, contributed chapters to numerous books, and has published many articles in journals of scholarship. Mr. Roberts has testified before congressional committees on 30 occasions on issues of economic policy, and has been a critic of both Democratic and Republican administrations. You can visit his website here.


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  1. “There is scant sign that this has caused very many Americans sleepless nights or a bad conscience.”

    Well, not much sign I guess, other than a staggering rate of suicide among combat vets, many millions of Americans including children taking mood-altering drugs, more millions who’ve given up looking for work and use their dole income to get stoned, and so many Americans voting against the future by not forming families and having offspring. Were it not for immigration, the American population would probably be shrinking.

    Poll after poll indicates most Americans have a lower opinion of Congress than dog crap. The Executive doesn’t fare much better.

    All this cynicism and despair despite having more distracting cake and circus than ever, shoved into our senses. Thanks to a dearth of critical thought induced by mental anesthesia masquerading as education, and non-stop electronic media brain-fogging, there are relatively few left who can formulate and articulate, even to themselves, the true nature of their discontent.

    Many (most?) of us have a perception of covert machinations, a shadow government, the deep state, whatever you want to call it, as the root cause of much of what is wrong. There is the hope that soon this festering parasite will be recognized for what it is and dragged out into sunlight in view of the entire world.

    If ever a world needed an *apocalypse, we’re that moment in time now. Personally, I as an aging man am torn between hoping I live long enough to see it, and dreading that I might.

    *From Wikipedia: An apocalypse, translated literally from Greek, is a disclosure of knowledge, i.e., a lifting of the veil or revelation…

  2. Thomas Wonsetler says:

    This is a great article and Dr. Roberts is good at explaing things to an extent, but he always stops at the Federal government and doesnt talk much if at all about the fact that OUR government is as much of a puppet government of the bankster, corprorate, military industrial, CIA, other “intelligence” agencys, Zionist, American-British-NATO-Zionist empire as all their other puppet governments around the world ! Why blame the pupoets ? Rather than the puppeteers ? ! Anyway, we are in the transition period between the dark age and the far more enlightened, sane, balanced and positive New Epoch, so more and more people are aware of whats going on. And more and more people are participating in things that are helping to transform the world. If all people do is bitch about how screwed up the Federal government is or how evil the Empire is than they will not be partipating in transforming the world into a much better world. Of course we can talk about it sometimes but just talking about the darkness obviously doesnt make it dissapear, TURNING ON THE LIGHT DOES ! ! ! The solutions are all spoken and written and thats what needs to be promoted and lived, whether political, social, economic, ecological, technological, agricultural, spiritual and metaphysical(not mere mythic santa claus religion) but by any other name physical, psychological, spiritual, cosmic and infinite yoga and consciousness developement and awakening ,wholistic health and natural medicine, free energy tchnology, etc. Its all been written and spoken ! And as more and more people do these things the world will transform and eventually the government will follow ! Why wait for the gov to do it, its not going to happen, until enough of us are doing these things and then the gov will follow ! There is only ONE MIND AND ONE CONSCIOUSNESS AND ULTIMATE ENERGY and the more people who live that based on real empowered practice and not mere philosophy the faster the world will transform into the kind of world we want and need ! ! ! That is the true meaning of the apocalypse, and people need to stop reducing that to the mere polital, social and economic level ! That, though obviously important, is secondary and will only come into alighnment on the basis of the primary and most fundemental level of Reality, the One Mind, Energy, Consciousness, Universal Love, Peace, Hapoiness, Freedom, Wisdom, Truth, Balance, Sanity and Reality Realization, thereby eliminating the chaos, confusion, conflict, imbalance, insanity, greed, negativity, fear, hatred, violence, lack of universal love, oneness and unity, etc. that characterizes the dark age ! Endless talk about the darkness obviously will never accomplish the transformation, but turning on the Light will ! ! !

  3. I’m your typical nuclear safety engineer in wanting the relevant facts and “law” to make a judgment.

    So what are the relevant codes of professional ethics – are they adequate in scope and implementation? if not, do you have any recommendations?

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