Probable Cause with Sibel Edmonds- Making Our Way through Slippery Slopes & Thin Lines

Welcome to our ninth episode of Probable Cause. This episode is dedicated to a few macro points and questions that were raised by you through our discussions on the last few episode topics. Consider this episode a needed pause to reflect and recollect before we proceed to our next subtopic.

With our topics and related context and real-life examples we have been dealing with heavy doses of reality on the ground. We are lifting the curtains, letting the light in, to see the naked truth. We are pushing the illusions out of the way, and staring truth in the eye. And the truth is not pretty. Far from it: it is ugly and vicious. It seems ominous. In many cases it is like a cancer that has greatly metastasized. How many activists and whistleblowers stop and turn their backs when they look the beast in the eye? How many people cover their eyes or look the other way when they catch a glimpse of the beast? How do we resist this common fate?

Additionally in this episode we’ll be talking about the difference between Pollyanna-esque optimism and realistic optimism. We’ll be discussing the importance of recognizing and acknowledging obstacles before we begin to look for approaches to overcoming them, and the importance of knowing our enemy, our opponents and their methods and tactics. And finally, we’ll be addressing one of the repeated questions in our forum: When are we going to take action? Is it going to be only talk, talk, and talk? How and when we are going to put all this talk into action?

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  1. Sibel, thanks for this summary of the past podcasts and comments, and action ideas. As you were talking about independent investigative journalists, it struck me that having more of these folks as a part of BFP would be an excellent way to provoke even more action. Your suggestion of how to raise the membership base (though details would have to be worked out), sounds really good. Sure, it’s a long-term effort in a world taught to demand instant gratification. But real results will only develop slowly. Remember the old saying: Slow is smooth; smooth is fast? Raising enough to fund permanent investigative journalists by using our members to seek additional members on a regular basis would be a goal I certainly support. As a matter of fact, I will start now, before any guidelines are formulated. Thanks again for all you do Sibel!

    • Dennis, thank you!. This is exactly what I mean by ‘doable’ action items. And for me, positive-minded approach like yours, is the second step to get where we want to get. Step 1: knowledge; Step 2: action items to spread that knowledge and expand our base; Step 3: with our expanded base move to the more visible-public action items.

      I know you have been with us for a long time. You’ve been one of those who have kept me on track; especially during those times when I felt and had those ‘that’s it; I’ve had it!’ moments.

      This new series, forum, is less than a month old. I hope we can keep this positive momentum, and then expand upon it. I am still fearful of that stage, where the division based on trivial differences starts taking hold … BUT, what we have, so far, is so positive, it is so beyond anything else I’ve seen out there.

  2. Another valuable podcast, Sibel, and we’re covering some ground. I definitely agree with expanding membership that could lead to a robust and credible, investigative arm. I would add though that through the work of the many we can discern the rhyme of history and from that can entertain prescriptive measures. The analogy that sticks in my mind of late is that of a sculpture attacking a block of stone, removing the unnecessary and profane (“action items”) to discover and reveal the art.

    Who are we? …The irate minority.
    Who do we ideally want to be? …The irate MAJORITY (sort of, can’t stay angry forever and certainly not when our ideas are winning).
    Problem? …Entrenched, powerful and corrupt interests that promote their narrow and destructive interests to the detriment of society as a whole. They are backed up by many that, though further down the pyramid, have secured for themselves a window seat.
    Solutions? …Start sculpting. To me, the obvious place to begin is to attack directly the PERVERSE INCENTIVES that are built into the system. This could be campaign financing (bribes), asset forfeiture laws, corporate personhood, torture, secret legal proceedings (oxymoron, anyone?), mass surveillance, the phony ‘war on terror’ and the drug laws to name but a few. To have any teeth these demands need to be clearly articulated and non-negotiable positions.

    My thoughts for now.

    “Always merry and bright” — Henry Miller

    • “To me, the obvious place to begin is to attack directly the PERVERSE INCENTIVES that are built into the system” – Right. The building blocks. Rather than chasing one symptom here, another there, identify the blocks making the beastly system. Otherwise, we’ll be like this doctor who prescribes painkiller without determining the cause/disease.

  3. 344thBrother says:

    OK Sibel I have heard your challenge to bring in one new member every quarter and I will give it an honest effort. I have a couple people already in mind who have good skills of logic, kindness and accurate reporting and who have groups they “Manage” already or have a lot of readers/friends.

    Like you, I am bad, very bad at “Selling” but I’ll agree to this for the year 2015, Each quarter I will either bring in one new paid yearly member or I will pay for them myself. I’ll do this on the agreement that if they see the value of this forum (how could they not?) that they will continue next year on their own dollar.

    I have no problem doing this in that, I was one of the early members of BFP but had to regrettably drop out due to funding. Now that I’m getting some of my Social Security funds returned to me monthly, I’m in a position to do so (Barring financial disasters of course) and I feel that this project is worth it, definitely worth it.

    So, By the end of the year there will be three new valuable members *people who I feel comfortable with and who I’ve “Vetted” just by knowing them and what they post for years* from me by hook or by crook. I will contact them immediately until I find one that is interested and will bring them onboard within the month.

    You must have read my mind somewhat, because I was already thinking about doing this, so, great minds think alike and so do lesser minds I suppose. : )

    It’s the least I can do. I would challenge any other members who have the means to do this to consider something similar.

    peace and onward!

    • Dave, guess what? In the last two days we worked with our webmaster guru, and added this new criteria to our auto subscription page. When people subscribe, one of the info area to fill out is:’How did you hear about us/BFP?’ and there is a box for ‘referred by another member/referral.’ This way, when we start our campaign period (internally), at the end of the two–week/three-week period I can report back to you all, and say: we brought in XY number of new activists to our community via our community.
      One of the dilemma we are facing right now: Less than 5 percent of our community members have been active with commenting. I know close to 70% have been tuning in (shown by our site statistics), but we have had … 20 or so members who are actively involved with the forum/our discussion. This is why I get so excited when I see a new name pop up!

      On the positive side: I now know 11 additional members who have recently made their presence known (Always good to look at the glass ‘quarter’ full;-)

  4. arealjeffersonian says:

    I accept the challenge as well, and like 344 I’ll either convince them to sign up on their own, or give them a 1 year membership at my expense to get them “hooked”.

    And I challenge everyone here at BFP to do the same – a little competitive spirit, what say ye?

    • 344thBrother says:

      arealjeffersonian thanks for playing friend! I’m currently negotiating with a 911 truther friend (female) who’s likely to be an asset to the irate minority. she’s got the irate part down for sure and she’s fact based.

    • Jeffersonian, thank you! Please have them check the box for ‘being referred by another member.’ I want us to be able to measure our success, and report back.

  5. As you state, Sibel, the only things you have to promote your BFP site are your opinions and spreading them to the rest of “irate minority” that are in agreement with you. You refuse to be bought out or prostitute yourself by potential “sugar daddies” to promote their causes, and for that you receive and deserve our support. You note that that separates you from the run of the mill politician.

    Take for example the president of the US or typical member of congress. They each raise billions or hundreds of millions to get elected. For what? Supposed self esteem because of their imagined power, the rewards of their labours that they declare as income? No way. They become obedient puppets of the commercial interests that paid to put them in power, and with the hope their same controllers will keep rewarding them for the rest of their lives.
    Right now the only way BFP can expand is by you continuing your efforts of spreading your thoughts and opinions, and your subscribers to help spread your work to others in their communities.

    • Rossony, thank you for your encouraging words. Here you are, another new voice, within our community. Just the fact that we now hear from you here is considered ‘success.’

      I know I have talked about my father a lot. But I rarely mention my mother (if ever). In so many ways she was the opposite of my dad. She would be one of those who tell their children: ‘The idealism will destroy you, turn you into a looser. Sooner or later you’d have to learn to accept the ‘realities’ instead of always trying to swim upstream/against the current.’

      What I’m trying to say: getting ‘sincere’ encouragement, like yours, goes a long way to keep us on track.

  6. Sibel, I’m beginning to see what you are looking to spearhead. I think that you are off to a great start. What bringing new members to BFP brings up in me is the question, “How do we bring people to realize what we have learned through our life experiences?” For me as well as most others, I’d imagine that life has been a series of disillusioning revelations over the years – I’m only referring here to my understanding of history and how the world works in the present ; -) It has been a gradual awakening, with each realization necessary as a precondition for being able to see the next. What is now obvious to us is not necessarily obvious to someone else.
    I have a dear friend who was a revolutionary during the 60’s and 70’s. We went for a hike recently and he started talking about world events. When I said that ISIS was created by the US, he got furious at my naiveté. I have never experienced him so angry. When we got to 9/11 he stated the popular rebuttal that they were far too incompetent to execute and then keep their complicity quiet. Eventually I got him to see that even the Wall Street Journal had coverage of how the US in conjunction with Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Jordan were recruiting, training, arming, and paying the “rebels”. Then he relented, but just a bit.

    My point is not to be negative, it is that we need to create ways to bring others to as you said “Pull back the curtains and see the naked truth”. I personally think that Classified Woman would be a fabulous place to start on many levels. I’m looking forward to hearing how others plan to go about educating our brothers and sisters.

    • Well put, Mandela. I never figured going in that people would be so resistant to facts. That realization really spun me around, and still does. Marketing “the truth”? We do what we can….

    • 344thBrother says:

      You might refer your friend to documentaries on the Israeli attack on the USS Liberty as well. That’s little known and hidden all these years. President Johnson famously said “I want that G-Damned ship on the bottom”. (He didn’t want to “Embarrass” our friends and allies… If they can hide that….

    • Mandela,

      “How do we bring people to realize what we have learned through our life experiences?” – another life question, dilemma, we need to address and solve. It is similar to parents-children dynamic, in some ways. Do people have to experience everything, first-hand, in order to reach that true/deep realization?

      I think some approaches are more likely to achieve this than other. This is why I usually bring up the ‘academic approach.’ That theoretic teaching with all the gubbly gook that goes with it is not the way; for sure.

      Another factor: the style. Remember some groups in the 60s spitting at those soldiers returning from Vietnam? That’s what I mean. Doing it consistently, with patience, and extra dose of tolerance. Believe me, this is something I have to be told, reminded of, constantly. I have never been good in two of those departments ‘high tolerance’ and ‘patience.’ So I don’t want to be hypocritical. I find it so very hard, and often,

      During one of my interview with Corbett I briefly shared my experience (first one) with two well-dressed, kind looking, grandfatherly, Jehovah Witnesses representative showing up in front of my door. Ordinarily, I am one of those people who curtly says, ‘Not interested, thank you, bye,’ and shut the door. These guys’ attitude, demeanor, style, stopped me from doing that. At least I gave them 3-4 minutes, listened to them, asked a few questions, and accepted their handout (which was, interestingly, titled, ‘we are responsible for Government being so corrupt’, or, something like that.).
      The moral of this story/experience, had nothing to do with religion, but the ‘approach.’ They are able to put up with 90% of people slamming their doors on them: patience, persistence, tolerance. They utilize that ‘kind’ approach.

      I see the signs of that here @ BFP. At least so far. Some members’ may cringe at another member’s economic outlook/view point (too libertarian, too lefty, too Marxist, whatever), but they have not let that become the dividing point, and turning this place into a war zone. We’ve been exercising high doses of ‘tolerance’ and open-mindedness.

      • steven hobbs says:

        Thank you Sibel for setting the tone. Here, it is more about dialogue, than debate / competition which has one ‘winner.’ When it’s dialogue we all win, because it’s shared knowledge (hopefully, rather than espousing belief only).

  7. Sibel: you touched on many items today. Some of them in a general sense–others as metaphor: –the “beast”, “cancer”, swinging pendulums uttered by non-reality based academics, etc.. Let me say straight up that most journalists, Alt., or other- wise speak a lot in metaphors and generalities. This format, at this stage will be cluttered with them we are trying to get “unstuck”. IMO, we must strive for is an existential or real language: “Can we get light bulbs and shovels to Lugansk by Friday? ”
    I took a few notes as you talked, and Ill put some comments out regarding them:
    USAID used to be called simply AID. I shunned them and considered them as” sellouts”- career-bound, and looking for status. Two very good friends of mine- man and wife- joined AID in the early 80s. I’d get letters from them. I decided not to break their bubble and hoped that they didn’t assist a CIA controlled Op. Later it become more clear that USAID is essentially a clearing house and assists all manner of NGO hell-including “wet” jobs.
    I’m deeply suspicious of ALL politicians and consider them as tools, lackeys for the the “Curtain Pullers”. Politicians come and go –NSA, which was established by Truman’s Executive order in 1952, but not really acknowledged till about 1970. It is loaded- at the top-with pyschopaths.
    Optimism? Pessimism? I need the real thing –maybe I’ve been cursed with being born a hard core realist. I studied a great deal of quantum physics. Dealing with fundamental constants of the universe forces reality and precision upon one.
    . And in our “Beast” of a world today–depending where you live Realism can get you locked up or considered somewhat revolutionary. The other thing I might mention is that today there is a complete lack today of proper CLASS ANALYSIS! There is the 1% and a gigantic “middle class” which is being hollowed out. Then comes the lost unemployed and homeless. This is insane analysis: What happened to the Working Class from which I emerged? According to MSM there is no “working class” . They are told not to use that word–it may incite a Class War? Well?
    What we need of course, is to all meet for about a week someplace. That ain’t gonna happen.
    Sibel, please continue with your passion. I will show up and so will others. Give it a run!.

    • Mgrdichian says:

      “IMO, we must strive for is an existential or real language: “Can we get light bulbs and shovels to Lugansk by Friday? ”


    • 344thBrother says:

      I thought the NSA was established in 1947 as part of the National Security Act after the bombs were dropped on Japan and *coincidentally?* the Roswell incident occurred *or didn’t occur, who can say?*.

      Makes me wonder if Roswell was a big disinfo campaign to distract from the NSA idiocy that has provided cover for so many crimes *so so many crimes* since then.

    • Ron, as always well-made points. You know, I have to try hard to suppress my insecurities of English as my fourth language, my accent , when I read all these comments from you and other members with such command of language. That was one of the first thing my husband, who is 73, pointed out: ‘what an amazingly articulate and eloquent group. I always get so disgusted when I see those who write in various blogs/forums with that awful lingo, mono-syllable expressions …’

      I am proud of this group. But sometimes it feels preposterous for ‘me’ to talk, record talking, before a group who is light years above me with their knowledge, command of language, analytic capabilities …

      So there, I share one major insecurity item with you all:-)

      • I am about to reveal a big secret to you, Sibel: WE ARE ALL INSECURE AS HELL! If I were to postulate an axiomatic psychological structure for the Working Class, for example, I’d start from the assumption of INSECURITY. Insecure about how they look, how bright they are, their analytic abilities, their writing. their speaking–I emerged from that. It took a hell of a lot of work. Remember, you are about 8 years younger than my daughter and 20 times more sophisticated and knowledgeable.(I hope she doesn’t read this lol)
        I don’t think you realize how much RESRECT I and many others have for you! This is a tough format because it’s based on writings skills. I’ve SEEN you in action!! And eyeball to eyeball is what I prefer and where you excel!! More later….

      • 344thBrother says:

        Your insecurity with your language skills kind of tickled me, because when I’ve read your voluminous writings on deep state issues, usually I find that they’re difficult for me to read because they’re so in depth and all encompassing. I think your insecurity about your mastery of the language is unfounded.

        You are certainly very clear and to the point in your podcasts and I find that I can listen to them repeatedly and they are deep enough that I get new information each time I listen. I’m really glad you decided to go to this format for that reason.

        As for your accent, I think it’s attractive and doesn’t deter from your podcasts at all. Plus you have a very pleasant speaking voice and again, your intelligence and humor carry the day.

        I do admire that you’re willing and able to admit your insecurity with us, that’s a rare thing as well.

        Carry on, in my opinion you’re doing great!

  8. Is this the transition in a rather interesting marketing campaign? The first episodes were about considering a source for revolution, then a few about the assault on education, and finally a few about the limitations in creating new activist organizations.

    This episode brings it all together, BFP as a source for political change, BFP as a source for education (about the reality behind current events), and a plan for BFP to become a larger activist organization. BFP currently provides a resource to maintain that activist spirit, as new contributions are posted. By members seeking new members to provide resources, the problems of outside financial support are avoided but at the cost of slower growth. Over the long haul, this approach will create a knowledgeable group capable of providing effective opposition to the entrenched groups in our society.

    All that in only 9 episodes!

    I have been a reader of CounterPunch (CP) for many years. CP follows a similar path as an independent media channel, accepting no advertisers, but it has its annual fund raiser. I can see BFP as offering a different group dynamic, as we are hoping as members of of an activist group to accomplish change – eventually. CP is really just a publication, offering enlightening articles with insight into current events but it is not in any way a group trying to bring anyone together, other than through education.

    The Occupy movement had enthusiasm but only a vague focus, but the lack of real leadership and the questionable funding inevitably prevented success. A messiah is not the requirement, only competent focus by the group.

    Changes in society often require a focused group to push their particular change, whether an 8 hour day, women’s suffrage, civil rights. The new world order (the world envisioned in the book 1984 with its unelected inner party, but as implemented now) is so much more encompassing than previous social problems. Many earlier checks and balances, whether at local, national or international levels, have been squashed through globalization. I suspect identifying focused opposition points will need discussion at some point. I expect real political change will come about only after incremental changes can be achieved. As mentioned above, methods and tactics must suit the objective and its opposition. While there might be a single straw that can break the camel’s back, a long search for that straw will be frustrating after success is difficult to find.

    I imagine two different sequences for a change in the world order. One is the catastrophic collapse of it all, perhaps by an economic crash or another world war. The second is another application of the boiling frogs metaphor, where many small changes, each a slight improvement in turn, eventually feed the appetite for the majority to accept the push for a final change. There are too many vested interests right now who can cooperate in opposition to any comprehensive change.

    I do not know if BFP can be an effective instrument for change but I see no other group situated to take on the challenge. After all, as individuals we are only seen standing at the windmill, as in the appropriate graphic above.

    • 344thBrother says:

      I used to read counterpunch a lot but lost interest in them when they started demonizing 911 truth facts.

      Have they relented at all?

    • Dave,

      ‘I do not know if BFP can be an effective instrument for change but I see no other group situated to take on the challenge.’- That’s exactly where we are. We don’t know. But we are going to try; try hard.

      The model I have in mind will combine several elements-some of these are the elements I have experienced with, singularly, one-by-one. The media platform can very logically be combined with whistleblowers’ network. It is a perfect marriage. And having that Media-Whistleblowers’ network medium combined with direct people participation and involvement (our activist community), and do all that without: interest money, agenda groups, corporate advertisement/backing, divisive partisan propaganda platforms … Well, you bet, it has never been done before. Is it possible? Absolutely. I am 100% certain that it is totally doable. On the other hand, we’ll we succeed? That, we don’t know. We are trying, and we will try. So far we have proven that discussions and exchange of ideas with respect, tolerance and open-mind, is absolutely possible. Our next step: expand this community, and maintain this dynamic (of course we are going to have some ‘disturbances’ along the way; respectfully asking someone to exit the community if necessary).

      Let’s say we have that media-whistleblowers-activist community platform in place (with an expanded community). Then, maybe, the next logical step would be to form local chapters where we go from all virtual, to, some ‘real’ gatherings and interactions …

      P.S. Is it something that would take 10-20 years to accomplish? Please say ‘no.’ I am so not patient like that … This is why it is good to take it one small but sure step at a time.

      • steven hobbs says:

        Oh My Sibel!

        Seems a little more “Pollyannaistic optimism,” as you say, nevertheless aspirational and targeted.

        “… media platform can very logically be combined with whistleblowers’ network. It is a perfect marriage. And having that Media-Whistleblowers’ network medium combined with direct people participation and involvement (our activist community), and do all that without: interest money, agenda groups, corporate advertisement/backing, divisive partisan propaganda platforms”

        Without imagination we are lost. Thank you for proposing this matrix. Many challenges ahead.

  9. CuChulainn says:

    for some real-world wisdom based on experience of what a people’s candidate faces in Congress, hear the following interview with Cynthia McKinney, who wishes she had understood these things when she first ran for office–

    • 344thBrother says:

      Note to CuChulainn
      Sibel has stated in a previous episode that she’d rather not get into lots of link posting. I thought you’d want to know in case you missed it.

      carry on!

      • Thanks, Dave. It is important to keep it limited. Because things can get out of control when people begin posting links. Sometimes, even if perceived, it becomes promoting some other agenda, groups, partisan side …, and then others begin countering that with their set of links … and before you know, we’ll end up spending/wasting time arguing with some trivial matters over topics/issues that are not relevant to what we are covering …

        • 344thBrother says:

          I see what you mean Sibel. Links can be helpful and they can distract. I kind of like the no-link thing, if I want to follow links, there’s always Facebook.


  10. andrei_tudor says:

    Good suggestion Sibel, and I will do my best to fulfill my quota and more.

    One difficulty I see with this approach is that it takes time for a new arrival to appreciate the value of BFP. They may perceive it initially as just another alternative site and drift away to information channels that they are already accustomed to. I’ll try to think of ways to present the essence of what differentiates it, and hope that will prove attractive enough to keep them hooked until they discover the value of the site for themselves. The reader engagement and the quality of the conversation jump to my mind as good “selling” points.

    I also have a suggestion. You mentioned you are looking to hire investigative journalists. Investigative journalism on subjects that hit close to home, in my opinion, is something that people will be instantaneously attracted to. Why not publish the investigations that you are looking to undertake, and try to crowd fund the individual projects? I’m not suggesting this as a replacement for membership, but rather an addition to it. I’m not sure how easy it is to estimate how much an investigation is going to cost. but I suppose a seasoned journalist should be able to come up with something. This approach will have the added benefit of providing contributors with a sense of accomplishment, as in “I’ve helped with that”. One problem I can think of is that you would be giving the game away, forewarning the targets of the investigation.

  11. “One difficulty I see with this approach is that it takes time for a new arrival to appreciate the value of BFP. They may perceive it initially as just another alternative site and drift away to information channels that they are already accustomed to.” – Absolutely. It happens a lot. I would like to pick every ones’ brain on how to tackle this obstacle.
    “One problem I can think of is that you would be giving the game away, forewarning the targets of the investigation.” – Right again. That’s one of several difficulties/problems with this method. It gets so complicated. First, you can’t hire and pay for the project until you meet the goal. What if you meet the goal half way? Then you have to return all contributions. Plus, many opportunities are time-sensitive. A source who is willing to go on record for a certain expose, can easily change his/her mind two weeks later (believe me I have dealt with that so many times).

    The other day I ran this calculation: With more or less 10,000 active members there will be sufficient resources to hire 3 or 4 investigative journalist as contract workers (including travel expanses which is pretty high for some stories/exposes), produce one-or-two mini documentaries, have weekly podcast and video shows, an office, a webmaster/web administrator, liability insurance (specific ones designed to protect journalists/writers) … and all the pesty little things like: accounting services, site/server fees, legal services/advice when required, CC processing fees-authorize net/paypal, etc.).

    At first the number may seem high, and hard to achieve, but when you think about it: Is it really? I’d consider that stage/goal 1, but then, with the next level: we’ll put together the needed resources for ‘legitimate’ whistleblowers- Those whistleblowers would be main sources for many investigative reports and expose for the media arm of BFP… And then, with even more expanded base: we can organize physical chapters in strategic locations (One in Midwest, one on the East Coast, one in the West) … and from there, go even more local …

    I don’t want to get ahead of myself here. It is important to take it one little chunk at a time. But I know the possibilities and venues for action are limitless. And doing it the way I see … have never been done before. If we succeed, that will be a model for many thousands to emulate. Not necessarily for media/Whistleblowers, but so many other activism areas- to do it without sugar daddies, system’s foundations, mega NGOs, mega corporate advertisers, partisan groups, religion institutions … Excluding these people (deep state players) from the equation; making them irrelevant. As John Lennon out it: ‘Just Imagine.’

    • 344thBrother says:

      On the issue of people joining then fading back to other sources. One suggestion would be to make one or 2 of the most pertinent Probable Cause podcasts available to prospective joiners (or public) The first one comes to mind where you lay out what we’re trying to do. Then if they like what they hear, I think they’ll be more likely to check in regularly and perhaps start participating.


  12. The metaphor is the “pulga” the flea market. We are a flea market of ideas, some of us might have a stall that takes up a few lots (or in sibel’s case, she has a whole wing to her self) but it is a flea market none the less. It is when organizing is *coerced* that the disruption begins. If the organizing is recursive, organic, then it will simply be capitalistic in the true sense of the word. Spontaneous association is the greatest source of innovation! It boils down to the contracts that generate the bills which bring in the money. It is the CONTRACTS that have been kept hidden from the people! We can make our own contracts, no law degree needed! (proof positive disney dollars circulate with no legislative backing. we don’t need no bitcoin or hardware, simply a billing network where people post their contracts in one place!)

  13. arealjeffersonian says:

    Mandela has a great suggestion for attracting new BFP members.

    Use Classified Woman as a lead in.

    And that has worked for me as well in discussions with friends – I first suggest that they read Classified Woman, and if they don’t want to spring for a purchase, then I give it to them on me. Once they have read the book, then our conversations take an entirely new turn. The results are amazing – once they read the book, then they are far more open to a real discussion, and they will be far more open to checking out BFP, and then hopefully deciding to join the Irate Minority.

    • Jeffersonian, this is what I mean by our collective minds and ideas for coming up with approaches and possibilities.

      I think I see why it’s been successful for you: Most people, this includes me, want to know ‘the real person’ behind the idea, group, website, etc. I guess it makes it ‘persona’ or provides some sort of ‘personal connection. ‘Maybe it is to establish some level of credibility (or lack of!).

      I don’t want this to appear as some kind of ‘self-promotion,’ however, if utilizing my book, ‘Classified Woman’ helps, if some of you want to utilize it, here is one way I can make it easier, more affordable:

      With Create Space (my self-publishing channel), I get to have my own direct sales channel (this is provided @ CW website as one of purchasing channels). With this channel I am able to set up specific ‘promotions.’ They create this code for each promotion category, and if I give that code to a person/outlet, they can type in the code, and receive the special promo price.

      I have never used this feature (I told I am not marketing/sales savvy, and that I am technology/automation phobia!). But I can go in there and try to figure out how I can create a special promotion, with discounted price, and then, give you that code (confidentially; either during our podcast episodes or you can shoot me an e-mail and I’ll send you the code that way). You can then use or share that promo code to get the book at a cheaper/more affordable price (rather than paying Amazon’s price with their cut included).

      Okay, again, this is if you are interested. Let me know if you are with your comments here @ this discussion forum. If yes, then, give me a couple of days to go in there and figure out how to do this thing (or ask my husband who is ‘relatively’ better with technology figure it out;-).

      • I suggested Classified Woman as an intro part of an invitation for a number of reasons. One of the most powerful and compelling is, please forgive me Sibel, is how infuriatingly and stubbornly naïve Sibel was through most of the book. This is where many of the readers find themselves. They want to believe that the propaganda about the US that they have been fed since birth is in fact true. That we have a constitution, a bill of rights, and a desire and will to stand up for freedom at home and around the world to the extent possible. That we are a nation of laws and not of men. That the system can self correct. That better candidates will step forward. That there is hope that the system is not badly broken and careening out of control. For some a journey with Sibel sharing her great disillusionment can awaken outrage or at least curiosity to investigate further. For those who found her both compelling and credible what place would be a more likely place to utilize their awakened desire to help than BFP? For those who remain unmoved, “Next”.

      • 344thBrother says:

        Funding idea. Have you considered having Classified Woman and Gladio put into Kindle format? In addition, I see a possible market for a downloadable version of these (and other) works in audio format.

        Just food for thought there. If you want me to do a little research into how that’s done, I’d be happy to. (No media expert here).

        I know I LOVE the audio format myself. I can do stuff around the house and listen and think and back up and play over when I need a topic reinforced.

        peace and God bless us every one.

        • I totally agree. An audio version of Classified Woman would be HUGE! And the accent would compliment rather than detract from it. EXPOSURE, EXPOSURE, EXPOSURE, EXPOSURE, EXPOSURE, EXPOSURE, EXPOSURE, ………………

        • Both books are available in Kindle format; also Nook.

          Audio: That has been on my to-do list for a while. It will take $$$ and time to execute it right/professionally.

          • With regard to fund raising, I’ve found project funding to be more successful than general fund raising, particularly with small-scale activist groups. Let’s use creating an audio CD as an example. Let’s say it costs $5,000. Once you’ve worked out the mechanics and needed funds, put it out there as a project that needs to be funded. Then see what happens. At the beginning small-scale projects like this are a good way to generate enthusiasm. They are good practice. You could also put two or three projects out there and see which ones generate more interest. This serves two important purposes — it gets something funded and it will show you where the interests of your supporters lay. Ultimately, successful marketing is the ability to tap into people’s interests. Everyone here has certain interests that keep them connected. Tapping into those interests is a key component.

            I’ll add one more insight. Years ago I took jazz piano lessons. My piano teacher made an interesting distinction of a common misconception. Musicians talk a lot about “practicing.” He pointed out the difference between learning and practicing. Let’s say you want to perfect a minor scale. First you have to learn the notes of the scale. Then you have to learn the proper fingering. Once you’ve learned the right notes and proper fingering, THEN you can start practicing it. In my case I learned the notes but had bad fingering technique, so he urged me not to practice it until I learned the right fingering. Musicians do this all the time — they practice their bad habits. This applies to everything in life. Start small, get a few successes under your belt, and then expand what you’ve practiced correctly.

            I guarantee, if you come up with a realistic budget and timetable for an audio CD of Classified Woman, it will get funded by your BFP supporters in a heart beat. Think about it. You’ll get a bucket list item completed and your supporters will have tangible satisfaction of making it happen, which in turn will encourage them to support other projects in the future. Not to mention the ripple effect of having this new product out there.

  14. Sibel,

    I recently wrote to Scott Horton, author of new book, “Lord of Lies” after his interview with Peter B. Collins. I criticized his lack of specific knowledge of the Office of Special Counsel as a whistleblower disclosure channel for Intel community agencies.
    Like it or not, Office of Special Counsel and Merit Systems Protection Board have essential statutory duties for the regulation of the management culture in every federal agency, even intelligence agencies. But these agencies are led by lawyers who become the agency’s “hired guns”when agency law-breaking is alleged, professional behavior that is defensible by current legal ethics.
    My issue with BFP is that it ignores/is ignorant of role of professional ethics for the small subset of vocations that are also professions – lawyers, CPA’s, engineers, etc. Say legal ethics were changed so that lawyers whose clients were corporations or gov’t agencies either had to resign or blow whistles if they became aware of what could reasonably be law-breaking within them. Instead of such lawyers being “mandated non-reporters” they would become “mandated reporters” – kind of like me as a PE with safety responsibilities in Dept. of Energy.

    What would happen if corporations no longer had infinite corporate lives but had to get their charters renewed periodicaly to continue to exist, based on their being a benefit to the common good, not only their owners?

    I cannot say, based on personal experience, that BFP is against gov’t law-breaking that harms loyal feds and the common good. It has been a bystander to my well-evidenced claims of decades-long, compounded, continuing, civilization-threatening, law-breaking in OSC and MSPB in their failure to perform critical aspects of their duties to regulate the management culture in every federal agency, thereby allowing dysfunction and corruption to take deep root in many.

    Sibel, if there were 10 people who belonged to League of Women Voters who also belonged to BFP, we could persuade the LWV – it would take time, several years, but it could be done – to take positions on many of the things BFP champions. BFP is pretty ignorant of where its supporters have special influence, where a few of them, working together, could cause institutional change in ways consistent with BFP agenda. So we play a pretty stupid game, relative to the forces maintaining status quo, in my opinion.

    See you around….

    • Joe, I know you’ve been a whistleblower for a long time, and with a legit case (EPA). I hear you.

      I know how easy it is too be so frustrated. Totally. I just cringe when the lingo becomes so negative, transmitting negative energy. Repeating words like ‘stupid’ ‘ignorant,’ ‘being unsophisticated’ in relation to BFP would only make you less heard.

      Secondly, I want to make sure that things like religious association (group), or, NGO association, are never brought into this forum. It is hard, I know. But it can become very divisive and polarizing.

      On the other hand, I know how much we can benefit from your direct experiences and sound analyses. Please make sure you stay within our topics, and as hard as it may be, adopt positive tone.

      For everyone else: Joe has been in this fight for a very long time. He is a man of ‘ethics’- in a true sense. And unlike many, he has not given up- still fighting for the truth/justice- not for himself (he has never been after money/position) for the good of our society, our environment; all of us.

      • Sibel,

        There is religious bigotry and anti-religious bigotry. I suggest that BFP evidences anti-religious bigotry, insofar as you/BFP will not accept anyone saying that religious belief motivates their actions to advance the common good. .

        Had NSWBC members all (or significant portion) joined League of Women Voters (LWV), our Country would be in a better place now. You rule the roost here, you have done a fantastic amount of work, but America, for better or worse, is more based on people coming together in democratic voluntary membership associations, that use Robert’s Rules as a parlimentary procedure, and try to to move ball forward in some area or another. That is not your style, it shows and its why the “irate minority” of BFP will too likley remain marginalized. Instead of trying to find an investigative journalist, why don’t we join LWV and work within it for change? what is more patriotic?

        Believe it or not, by dint of my “working” within system, I am now an influential member of mankind’s largest and most global profession of engineering. Like it or not, our advanced civilization in utterly dependent on its engineered underpinning, now and foreveromer, as long at is sustains. Unfortuntanely, I am not optimitic our unprecedented global civilization will sustain to year 2100, not given present facts and trends. We need – absolutely need – more trustworthy institutions more committed to common good. To extent we agree, we can move forward, but that means we have to join voluntary membership associations and work within them, not just criticize from margins about ‘Ms. Moneybags A, B, and C.”.

        To extent we differ, I deeply respect you have put patriotism – love for America and what it should be – above many personal considerations for many years, but you are missing forest for trees, in my opinionn, about how America is supposed to work and change – via voluntary membership associations..

        Sibel, it bothers me that while I accept your reasons as valid for your doing what you do, you do not respect mine as being valid for me – I find you bigoted in this way, . You apparently want me to be a hypocrite, not saying what motivates me to sacrifce for common good, because you don’t agree with it. So much for human rights, inclluding freedom of conscience, in BFP.

        I’m 61 today, with a spotles personal and professional record. No one in history of federal civil service matches my record.. No one in history of engineering profession matches it – and I (hope) I’m far from done. But one has to do the work to understand the statutory scheme and implementing agencies to regulate the management culture in federal agencies to understand what I am saying and why. And one has to feel a deep sense of duty to their chosen profession and its stewarship for common good to “get” where I am coming from .

        Anyone can google my name, nothing is hidden, I decided to be a licensed professional engineer (PE) as my vocation in life – so I’ll be one and defend, via rule of law, my “right” to do my duty to proteect others. it’s really about that simple, if you add my motivations in doing so are significantly faith-based. My motivations are “better” for me, and i don’t claim my motivations are ‘better” for others. But they are valid for me and people who say they are not are bigote, in my opinion.

        • Joe, I guess you misunderstand where I am coming from. I have respect for people’s faith. But I don’t like titles or tags. Period. The principles are all good- before being twisted and misused with all religions. I like to leave it at that.

          I welcome all groups/faiths, as long as they are here as who they are and what they stand. On the other hand, with certain groups it becomes impossibility. Some want to save my soul. I don’t think my soul needs that kind of saving.

        • Joe, the scriptures remind all people that even though we are “in the world” we should be mindful to not be “of the world.” I think Sibel has clearly demonstrated she is not “of the world” we live in. One of the things that is apparent to me is that all BFP members are guided by a personal moral compass, and willingly share insights gained from their personal enlightenment with the rest of us, Our personal paths to enlightenment are just that, our personal paths. Where they cross is where the gold is. Let’s leave it at that and start cashing in.

      • 344thBrother says:

        I’m ignorant of the issue really, but I thought that the idea of trying to entice members of the League of Women Voters into BFP may have merit. Food for thought there.

        • My idea is the “other way around” – encourage BFP supporters to join LWV and work within it for change. But that could well have result of a number of current LWV members becoming part of BFP.

    • steven hobbs says:

      Hi JP,

      You write, “BFP is that it ignores/is ignorant of role of professional ethics for the small subset of vocations that are also professions – lawyers, CPA’s, engineers, etc.”

      Without your being more specific, your complaint against BFP is too vague for comment. Let’s (be professional, I’m 67) remember laws are made as tools for the powerful, ethics of organizations are a means of (those in power to extend) state control, however immoral they may be.

      Each chooses a moral compass, Voting is tactically useful occasionally. Strategically, it empowers state authority. As much as I welcome the inspirational foundation of NLV, I’m equally disgusted by it’s triangulation –likewise NOW.

      As an atheist, mystic, and sufferer of Spiritual Defiance Disorder while totally in the thralls of wholly disquietude, and unknowing of your complaints of religious bigotry, I know not how to respond to those complaints either. Perhaps you can be more specific?

  15. Put up or shut up time. I am a complete fucking sham. The amercian[sic] experience. Do within our means. I have CONSCIENCE . I am running through my doubts. Sheep dipped. I am a sheep farmers son. I have felt the fascist in me and I have seen the fascist in man, and I have chosen NOT to be fascist. I have no degree. But I have seen and I think and everyday I see the beast and every day I want to run from it and every day I end up working in whatever manner I can – including actually sculpting an actual rock – a 10 tonne volcanic stone – to confront it but; whenever I feel the sweep of organization, I run even faster and further. Like a rabbit.
    run rabbit run…..
    Your proposals are sound. You all know your own ground. Wonderful minds at work here. Erudite. Keep at it. Amercian[sic] activism/enlightenment has always appeared to me worlds’ ahead (first we take Manhattan:Democracy is commin’ to the U>S>A) as it should be since amercian exceptionalism is where most of this shit comes from. I would do part in spreading the word. Sure. Maybe even get a box ticked. Sure. But do NOT rely on me. I am flawed and alone and watching the superstate murder every thing I grew up in that is good. What you have done and propose is wonderful and true. as far as I can tell. I listen and word-off at times only to make sure someone comments – solidarity in that regard.
    But I live on the slopes of a volcano very far away. I don’t want to try being too clever about it.
    You have to allow for shadow and I imagine, accusatory, shallow, membership. I apologize ahead of time.

    • Remo, I am familiar with ‘where’ you live. A perfect place for an artist like you- a true artist. Beautiful, and so magnificently isolated. Just having you alone is a delight.

      • Remo, if you have conscience, this is huge. Because you certainly have the courage to touch on your own demons which most Americans are scared shitless about.

      • Just throwing out a simple idea,,Sibel.
        I don’t know if I would’ve started following you and reading your books If I did not see you in dialogue, In person, with James C.–Gladio B series etc. My humble suggestion is that you should occasionally appear on screen and cut lose with that charisma and use your looks to make people wonder. ” Who is this woman and has she really had these experiences?” My take is that if you did this from time to time you would be playing from an area of one of your strengths. You have charisma and sparkle. Use it! To me it would be a cinch to get more members. You are sort of on the edge of something. You have yet to really take off. We have your back, Sibel.

        • 344thBrother says:

          Agreed ron. Sibel’s sparkle and charisma and humor are very attractive. Her beauty and intelligence are obviously exceptional as well, so, yes we do have your back Sibel and I for one would like to see more of you in public in a bigger audience. Perhaps something like RT?


          • Thank you for your and Ron’s kind words.

            After seeing/reading comments on YouTube (The solid interviews with Corbett), even the thought of it makes me cringe.

            The majority of people out there are not like you, our BFP community members. Things like looks, body gestures, clothing … becomes the focal point for trivial things … distracts. It moves it from informational category to entertainment category. I know there is nothing wrong with having both (for popularization), and that entertainment is not a bad thing per se, but it is not me.

            On the other hand, it would be great to have it ‘only’ for our BFP community members here. It took Corbett several years to master the artful execution/professionally-made videos. For that, right now, we have ‘zero’ expertise. It took us 4-5 months to figure out the sound/recording format.

            See, I would have loved to do it with James- weekly ones. But he and I disagree on ‘open to all & YouTube’ versus ‘For BFP Community Only.’ As I have said before, open-to-all, and quantity, does not translate into quality. So, 30K+ people watch it on YouTube- look at the comments, reactions, the level of ignorance, the lack of critical thinking and articulation … the ugliness of it all …. Yuck. Same with Alex Jones crowd. Look at those comments- who are these people. Wherever they are, whoever they are, I want to be a million miles away from them all;-)

      • Thank you Sibel and Joe. Appreciate very much not being thrown out with the bathwater.

  16. Sibel, I sensed you sounded a little demoralised in last podcast. I’m sorry you feel that way, but tomorrow is another day and I hope things pick up.

    Well I only subscribed a couple weeks ago so I guess I’ve done a little bit, however I know how difficult it is to find the kind of personality that is open to a) listening to your world view and b) prepared to pay for it.

    All the people I know, whenever I try to interest them in these kinds of topics they just think I’m crazy and get irritated by me – which is fine, that’s how the mainstream are, hence why we search for the sprinkling of like minded thinkers across the globe.

    I liked your idea about homeschooling and education as being part of the foundation of change over time. I think that style of quality teaching is the only feasible thing I can think of that will bring about positive change – there’s just that practical issue of having a parent available to do it as most people have to work to stay above board these days. Perhaps a complete deregulation of education where a parent can personally approve a curriculum of a private education program is the way to go. The parent needs to take responsibility though that the child needs to be educated as a priority over passing.

    Given we got into this situation as bringing a frog to the boil, perhaps the only practical way to get out is a gradual cooling of the pot over a generation or more.

    There’s another podcast I listen to that has a similar financial model and some similar material is covered albeit from a different perspective (not one that conflicts with yours though), however they’re not closed to subscribers only. You may know the one I mean.

    They have donors that are given producer credits throughout the show. From time to time they complain too about lack of donations for a particular week, then things pick up (as a result of making listeners feel guilty). They read some letters too, so they appeal to egos as well, but also make it fun.

    So what I’m saying as someone who is paid up for a year, you probably may have shrunk your audience and potential subscriber audience by making it open to subscribers only. Where I really bought into what you’re about was seeing the excellent roundtable discussions on youtube. Not that I need to see any video as audio only is better if the discussion is engaging.

    One more thing, when I tried to use this website on my tablet I noticed it’s not responsive to smaller screens meaning I can’t read the site properly on my tablet. Part of the page is out of reach. What you need to do is find a wordpress template that is responsive (or responsive design) and convert to that in the admin area. Hopefully you can do it seamlessly if all the plugins are compatible. (Consult a professional). I know its little thing, but it sure helps to be accessible when a probably half of users are using tablets or mobiles now.

    • “Given we got into this situation as bringing a frog to the boil, perhaps the only practical way to get out is a gradual cooling of the pot over a generation or more.” – Or may be jump out of the pot, get other frogs hop out, and leave the tank with less frogs or even empty?

      “So what I’m saying as someone who is paid up for a year, you probably may have shrunk your audience and potential subscriber audience by making it open to subscribers only.” – Personally, I take that and go for slower-surer approach than opening up this entire community to trolls, partisans, propaganda-disseminators … In fact, I don’t think I will ever do video interviews open to all- I am not an entertainer, and I don’t like to give my time/information/efforts to some majority like that. It would take only a few days to see this in action if we were to open up this forum- and the picture: very ugly indeed. Again, I’ll bring up Alex Jones audience (not all, but majority): I don’t want to ever anywhere near that. So what if it brings millions of dollars and a million people. Neither one I worth a dime.

      Technological Improvements: It is an ongoing project due to limited funds and expertise. We know that it works very well with certain ones, and not well with others. For example: not working well with Android but very well with iPhone. When you get a chance shoot our admin an e-mail and let him know the platform you use and the problems- this way we’ll have that on the list of ‘to-fix’ things. Many thanks.

      PS- For some reason your comment was placed on hold for ‘moderation.’ I don’t know why since there were no links or anything. I manually opened it up. So apologies for the delay.

      • Well I consider myself to be out of it as much as I can be whilst still living in this particular industrialized society. However its impossible to convince others unless they’re already open to the possibility.

        I’m not sure what the end goal is actually. I think taking personal responsibility to minimize the effect the grid has on us and our family is achievable. My personal values are pacificism and I hate being lied to constantly by government and ‘news’ media. So to that end I try to inform whoever wants to listen and hope that will snowball.

        The majority may have these values too but they’re constantly being duped and suckered by traps the ever more sophisticated media propaganda machine sets for them. This happens every day. Simple example is ‘net neutrality’ – which is anything but and actually legalisation of government regulation of the internet, like a utility or the network television model. Only the big corporations will have the means to comply with all the legislation and hence have a voice and sites like this will eventually be deemed unlawful. However the techie nerds are hailing it as a victory as they’ve been duped into thinking its a good thing because they’ve been suckered by their Hollywood candy.

        Maybe this is all inevitable. Have you ever read Industrial Society and its Future? It seems to ring true that the technological system will lead to the same ultimate outcome regardless of what we do.

        re Alex Jones, …oh god no – I’m not suggesting you duplicate any of that business model at all. He is traditional. Making money from advertising and selling various snake oils and seeds. I heard he has 60 people in his distribution warehouse in Austin and god knows how he gets all that syndication. He’s controlled opposition if ever I’ve seen it and does a good job of marginalising the questioning minority as kooks (even if a lot of his material is true, its the manner of presentation). I wasn’t referring to him anyway.

        I understand you want to avoid trolls (or idiots) in your discussions. I’m not suggesting opening those up to the majority. Forums can remain subscriber only. I was just referring to the actual podcasts themselves. I’m not asking you to do videos at all, that example was just regarding how I got engaged. It would work just as well in audio format, those round tables.

        So reading back my post it sounds like I’m making all kinds of demands but I’m not, I’m just clarifying what I meant in the previous one. 🙂 I hope you understand me this time.


        • Thanks, Mike. I did not interpret any of your comments as ‘demands.’ Not at all.

          You also brought up a great example with ‘Net Neutrality.’ Similar dynamics were in play with the so-called ‘Whistleblowers Protection’ legislations, and how the ‘powers,’ ‘ignorant’ and their media played out each one as a major success, ‘groundbreaking legislation’ … when in actuality, they were all window-dressing; with zero teeth as far as ‘enforcement’ went. Very similar. Agreed!

  17. This Beast is real, and unfortunately it is dynamic. Sibel is so rare, to be one who saw it so clearly in its various guises a goodly number of years ago. I would put her in the same category as Eric Blair (Orwell), as one who could look at the monstrosity in its snarling face, see it for what it is, and not turn to quivering mush.

    I was, by sheer accident of time and place, thrown down the rabbit hole as an adolescent. Not something I can talk about even yet, other than to say it progressively undermined my acceptance of the General Mainstream Illusion as I integrated the experience into subsequent events in my life. I will say, part of it brought me face to face with the Beast in myself (oh yeah, it’s in there, no matter who you are). That is how the Beast has come to control this world to the extent it does, because psychopaths seeking power unleash their personal Beast with minimum restraint.

    I remember reading 1984 while in high school, and at first feeling a sense of elation that at least one person had managed to drag his Beast out into daylight and describe it tentacle by tentacle, even if in third person. In discussing the book, however, I would get frustrated when others could see Big Brother only as the embodiment of whichever political extreme they feared, left or right. Big Brother to them was strictly whoever they considered the “other”.

    There’s a ripening crop of people out there who’re getting fed up with the phony left-right game, but generally they don’t seem to analyze any deeper than, “They’re ALL a bunch of crooks.” Too many are willing to vote for their favorite crook because he/she espouses policies they like. As if they can trust him/her to follow through, while they know GOING IN their guy is a liar. Oh, but he’s not lying to ME, you see. He’s going to keep those promises he so eloquently made to ME. Right.

    This is a special place. To hang in here means shedding the last strictures of partisanship, at least temporarily. For some that means putting aside what amounts to hero worship. For everyone, it means being out or getting out of the General Mainstream Illusion, which in fact is a mechanism for concealing the visage of the Collective Beast the psychopaths have brought to life.

    I have friends who are emerging from the GMI and hero worship, with nudging of course. For some it’s like a kid letting go of believing in the Tooth Fairy, Santa Claus, and Easter Bunny, and then finally letting go of his security blankie or stuffed Elmo which he couldn’t sleep without, or so he thought. For most it’s a progressive and painful process to get to the state of stark (bleak?) awareness appropriate for this place Sibel has crafted.

    I can’t promise to bring in my quota, though I will gladly make up the difference monetarily and buy memberships for others I hope might be almost there. By which I mean, almost “here”.

    The Beast is dynamic and it is a tool-user. Was anyone surprised to learn the NSA has apparently modified, for spying purposes, HDD firmware source code which companies had to supply to get government contracts?

    One security blanket we all have to abandon, is the Good Witch notion there is such a thing as off-the-shelf privacy and protection of communication security over any electronic medium. I’ve been in computers for decades and I know how two or three people could theoretically set up a secure protocol, with no small continuing effort and expense. But something from Amazon or Best Buy, or even from a “good” Russian or some uber-geek in the Netherlands, is by definition compromised, if for no other reason than simply because it’s used by more than two or three people.

    What most of us will be doing here will be in the bright daylight, posted for all to see, but if I was an investigative journalist trying to protect sources and methods, life would be complicated and stressful indeed.

    Now just one paragraph strictly about me: I’m not religious because I think all religions are man-made, nor am I evangelical because in this day every mind can touch others without knocking doors, but I most definitely have Faith. Faith is based on nothing but itself. In this world of data and cause-and-effect, it just seems right and balanced to keep this one jewel out of the logic loop and untouchable. That’s it.

    All that said, I’m in and will do my best, as health and other immovable obstacles of life, permit.

    Gonna be fun!

    • Deep, very deep. As always excellent observations and analyses, Knarf.
      “There’s a ripening crop of people out there who’re getting fed up with the phony left-right game, but generally they don’t seem to analyze any deeper than, “They’re ALL a bunch of crooks.” – Exactly. I keeping hitting this same exact wall; mentality.

      “To hang in here means shedding the last strictures of partisanship, at least temporarily. For some that means putting aside what amounts to hero worship.”- The determinant of our success/continuation. Without that, this too will go in the hall of failures.

      Faith: That is the belief system I adhere by. I have; all my life. No names, titles, categorization, formalization, institutionalization … For me, that’s real ‘Faith.’

  18. Hi Sibel et al,

    It seems to me that BFP supporters *must* be willing to act, at least at time, against their professional and economic interests.

    It seems to me that BFP supporters *must* accept as valid – at least for the BFP supporter claiming them – their specific reasons for acting against their professional an economic interests.

    Is seems to me that it is valid for a BFP supporter to ask other BFP supporters “just why are you acting against your professional and ecoromic interest?”

    It seems to me, that you, as convenor/moderator of BFP, have to decide whether its supporters ares going to become an organization, with membership, bylaws, Robert’s Rules, etc. No, it does not have to incorporate, it does not have to charge dues, but BFP supporters would have to ask and answer question “what is our purpose and how can our being a more formal collective advance it?”

    If BFP supporters cannot answer, up close and personal in their lives, what they wish to personally impact in their spheres of influence to advance items related to BFP and how some collective action by other BFP supporters could assist them, then I think that should change. But I accept other BFP supporters need to agree with my opinion for anything to change.

    I am publicly shaking my finger at Obama for his failure or refusal to copmly with his most fundamental statutory duty to 2 million federal agency employees. I truly am a mouse chasing an elephant – no one is telling me I’m wrong about the law or facts. Still employed as a federal agency employee, still have high security clearance, still married, have leadership positions in several engineering professional societies, my spouse is an elected public official.

    The largest obstacle to a lawful resolution of my publicly made claims of decades-long, compounded, continuing, civilization-threatening, law-breaking in federal agencies OSC nad MSPB? You know them – Tom Devine and Danielle Brian, who, with their organizations, have exploited this gov’t law-breaking – because it creates WB’ers as we whom they can public rescue – for fame and $. It’s sick game and the stakes are high.

    I’m not leaving much unsaid, in my related Court/MSPB filings, see as a recent example.

    You and other BFP supporters could play essential roles in spurring a lawful resolution of my claims. or you can bystand. If you/other BFP supporters were to reach out to Center for Investigative Journalism, or Investigative Reporters and Editors,, something might happen, as much as these people are beholden to Devine, Brian, GAP, POGO.

    Just an idea to move talk to something specific. There are no disputed facts in my claims abotu OSC and MSPB, there is zero “he said, she said.” It’s all about disputed law and OSC and MSPB are doing everything they can to prevent any objecive review of how they have interpreted and aplied the contested laws – laws, not regulations. And the leaders of OSC and MSPB – Presidentially app’t, Senate confirmed people, justify their actions by claiming they are lawyers who are in attorney-client relationships with the agencies they claim to lead, so they must do everything they can to prevent any objcetive review of the laws in question, because it could well find their client – OSC/MSPB – in the wrong. Sick, but true – and it explains a lot about why things are as they are in our threatened civilization.

    • Joe – You are doing some incredibly important work at great personal sacrifice, even though I realize that when one is built a certain way, what seems impossible to most must be done so it feels as if there is no choice, and so there is not really a sacrifice. Still I personally have a ton of admiration for what you are doing.

      You are quite mature in your path. You have been on it for many years and have learned an incredible amount. This particular incarnation of BFP is early in its infancy. It has to practice evolution before it can engage in revolution. Right now it is figuratively learning how to roll over and lift its head. There is a long way to go before it will be ready to ask itself and answer the questions you pose for its future.

      Hopefully one day BFP will be able to be of help to your struggle. I don’t know if today is that day.

      • “It has to practice evolution before it can engage in revolution.” – what a perfect way to sum it up. Bravo, Mandela.

        And you are right. Today is not the day. I can think of at least 25 other whistleblowers with cases and implications hundred times more imminent. Hopefully we’ll get there. At least get to a point where we can give those the deserved level of visibility …

  19. JAMES ROBBINS says:

    a few comments/thoughts..

    some of your followers appear to be ignorant of the background/financing of the League of Women Voters just as they were of Obama as well asof many other totalitarian leaning/promoting groups/individuals,e.g. amy goodman.

    Corbett and others appear to have sound knowledge of the history of some of the major players in “the beast”…e.g. House, role played by tax free foundations and their links to FED and 16th amendment…
    Not sure how many listeners/followers know the difference between a republic and a democracy and why our system of government was purposely established as a republic at both federal and state levels nor why the concept of federalism is so important.
    How many have read SHADOWS OF POWER or any of Antony Sutton’s books or dozens of others exposing major players and actions of those in “the deep state”…?
    Perhaps a list of books to be read/studied by your listeners would be helpful…
    Thank you for your efforts…your father would be very, very proud…if I judge correctly.

    • James, I now have Sutton’s book on my ‘to-read’ list. This summer I will be on a few long-haul plane rides- I’ll carry it with me.

      LVW: I don’t know anything about them, and I will certainly prevent any marketing of orgs/groups as such here @ BFP. This ain’t no marketing platform.

    • I like the idea of a reading list, with comments, bookmarked pages or passages, and caveats for each book. Some books I might list would require caveats and bookmarks for people who don’t want to read the whole work, because the work might be considered overall inappropriate, partisan, delusional, racist, etc. But truth is where you find it; sometimes it’s revealed indirectly and unintentionally, and embedded in lies.

      Difficult reading is like mining gold in hard rock.

      I get a bit uneasy when a book seems to be echoing my personal prejudices and serving them to me on a silver platter. I find myself waiting for the trap door to spring beneath my feet…

  20. 344thBrother says:

    I for one am ignorant of any funding of the LVW. In fact for all I know the suggestion that RT might be a format where Sibel could get her face and her message out there was a bad one. I just toss them out there and occasionally one hits the wall and sticks. Mostly they slide off.

  21. 344thBrother says:

    PS Sutton has a lot of speeches on youtube.

  22. Sibel,

    Thank you for another terrific podcast. I feel like I am enrolled in a higher than high Education Institute!
    I concur with your plan to have us all invite 1 new subscriber per quarter. I have alread approached one of my brothers… we shall see. The only problem I can think of is that I don’t have many friends who are open to these ideas and informations. I wish I had more! But I will do my best.

    And as much as you abhor the campaign drive; if there was ever a moment in the future where you were interested in gaining an additional larger sum of money; I would be happy to contribute to those individual campaigns. Just in case it becomes a part of your strategy.

    I’m sorry that I have been too busy to engage in these comment threads this week… but I assure you I am listening and learning and am ready for actions.


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