Jim Hogue Interviews Sibel Edmonds- Classified Woman, Lone Gladio, Government Secrecy & Much More

A recent interview conducted by Jim Hogue for WGDH-91.7 FM: House at Pooh Corner, a public affairs program focused on vents and themes which are most significant in their impact on peace, justice, legality, democracy and monetary policy. We discuss the journey writing and publishing Classified Woman and The Lone Gladio, government secrecy, espionage, 9/11, apathy, citizen responsibility, and much more during this hour long interview.

*For the direct link to the interview site click here.

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  1. Great interview, Sibel. The ‘Probable Cause’ podcast series has been sucking up most of the oxygen here at BFP as of late (and for good reason), but I hope members will take time to digest this important summation interview. Jim Hogue directs a very intelligent dialogue.

  2. Castillonis says:

    That was a really great podcast 🙂 Especially the points about the high correlation of compromised politicians and leadership positions. Especially the point about investigations being shutdown to enable black market opportunities or protection of lucrative foreign military sales. Not shutdown for legitimate pursuits or tradeoffs.

  3. canadianglen says:

    Excellent inteview, as usual. How long will it take before citizens accept the fact they have allowed this to happen? will they have the fortitude to take the system back?

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