BFP Exclusive Report- A Distillation of DOD Funding Priorities for February 2015

DOD spent $16,962,000,762+ on 218 individual contracts in February 2015

The Pentagon issues a jumbled list of contracts every business day around 5:00PM local time. Our project distills an entire month of these contracts into an accessible form.

The Department of Defense (DOD) spent at least $16,962,000,762 on 218 individual contracts during February 2015.


General Atomics received $279,144,933 for 24 MQ-9 Block 5 Reapers (including spare parts, equipment and spares). This is a sole-source acquisition.

Northrop Grumman received $25,848,612 for engineering sustainment and integrated logistics in support of MQ-8 software. This was not competitively procured per FAR.6.302-1.

Northrop Grumman received $63,700,156 for long-lead components, material, parts and efforts to maintain the MQ-4C Triton planned production schedule. This was not competitively procured per FAR 6.302-1.

FOREIGN MILITARY SALES – Through Foreign Military Sales (FMS), the U.S. government procures and transfers materiel to allied nations and international organizations.

BAE Systems received $221,000,000 for F-16 support equipment and related services. This is a sole-source acquisition. This is 100% FMS “to multiple countries including Morocco, Egypt, Oman, Pakistan, Indonesia and Portugal.”

Boeing received $402,787,272 to upgrade four of Japan’s E-767 aircraft and three ground support facilities as part of the AWACS Mission Computing Upgrade Program. This is a sole-source acquisition.

Boeing received $6,668,824 for Software Test & Integration Center 25X System Configuration Set upgrades in support of the F/A-18 program for Finland.

DynCorp International received $68,961,578 to provide Saudi Arabia’s National Guard with integrated maintenance support services.

Elbit Systems received $13,185,756 to provide Indonesia with 300 Apache Aviator Integrated Helmets.

Hellfire Systems LLC received $144,044,911 to provide Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Jordan, Iraq, Egypt, and Australia with 2,060 Hellfire II tactical missiles in containers, AGM-114R, AGM-114R-3, AGM-114P-4A, ATM-114Q-6 and AGM-114R-5.

Loyal Source Government Services received $24,379,961 to provide Australia with upgrades, new equipment training, and field service reps supporting the M777A2 and M111A1 howitzer and the M111A1 Improved Position Azimuth Determining System.

Raytheon/Lockheed Martin Javelin JV received $25,368,524 to provide Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, France, Lithuania, Jordan, Norway, Taiwan, and USA’s DOD with Javelin life cycle contractor support and repairs.

Raytheon/Lockheed Martin Javelin JV received $14,678,835 for 101 Javelin Block 1 Command Launch Unit (CLU) retrofits to support unnamed FMS.

Raytheon received $35,054,125 to provide South Korea with 63 Stinger FIM-92 H Block 1 missiles, 28 Air-to-Air Launchers, 4 Captive Flight Trainers, associated test equipment, parts, and support. One bid was solicited with one received.

Raytheon received $7,560,440 to provide the UAE with technical support for the Hawk missile program. Raytheon again received $7,560,440 to provide the UAE with technical support services for the Hawk missile.

Raytheon received $9,603,500 for SM-2 and SM-6 engineering and technical services for the U.S. Navy (23 percent), Japan (50.2 percent), Taiwan (14.8 percent), the Netherlands (4.3 percent), South Korea (4.2 percent), Germany (2.9 percent) and Spain (.6 percent).

Raytheon received $10,464,556 to provide Australia with Multi-Spectral Targeting Systems Turret Units, electronic units and power converter units and data for the MH-60. This was not competitively procured per 10 U.S.C. 2304(c)(1), as set forth is FAR 6.302-1(b)(1)(ii).

Robertson Fuel Systems received $45,352,938 to provide South Korea, Turkey, the UAE with CH-47 Extended Range Fuel Systems and associated support equipment.

Vectrus Systems Corp. received $48,349,717 for receiving, repairing, maintaining, storing, and issuing APS-5 equipment in support of the 402nd Army Field Support Battalion – Kuwait. This is FMS to Spain, Iraq, Uzbekistan, and the UAE. One bid was solicited, one received.


Battlespace Flight Services LLC received $6,929,281 to provide aircraft maintenance management; aerospace ground equipment and ground support equipment maintenance; supply support; C4ISR systems; and quality control and ancillary support programs. The program supports ACC, the ANG and other major command and combatant command customers to sustain the combat and training capability. Work will be performed at Jalalabad Afghanistan. Battlespace Flight Services LCC received $6,768,859 for the above services, but this specific work will be performed at Creech AFB.

DynCorp International received $34,353,702 for aviation maintenance service for OEF in Afghanistan.

L-3 received $7,076,616 for intelligence support to U.S. forces in Afghanistan. One bid solicited, one received.

Mission Essential Personnel LLC (MEP) received $9,952,731 for intelligence support to U.S. forces in Afghanistan. One bid solicited, one received.


Agile Defense Inc. received $26,191,017 for unclassified IT services and support for DARPA’s Mission Services Office IT Directorate.


Charles Stark Draper Laboratory Inc. received $302,443,626 for ongoing acquisition of Trident (D5) MK 6 Guidance System Repair Program aspects. This is a sole source acquisition per 10 U.S.C. 2304(c)(1).


CUBRS Inc. received $32,678,236 for research, testing and analysis of supersonic and hypersonic vehicles and their components at the Aerothermal Aero-Optics Evaluation Center.

Northrop Grumman received $30,000,000 for Versatile Affordable Advanced Turbine Engines (VAATE) III and beyond. Northrop Grumman will develop technologies by the 2017 timeframe that will permit an order of magnitude increase in turbo-propulsion affordability over the Y2K state-of-the-art technology.


Lockheed Martin received $35,600,000 for a Joint Strike Missile (JSM) risk reduction and integration study of the F-35 Air System for Norway.

Lockheed Martin received $16,492,000 for vehicle management computer retrofit modification kits in aircraft, which are critical to meeting F-35 requirements.

Lockheed Martin received $14,488,097 to incorporate Block 3i requirements into the F-35 U.S. Reprogramming Laboratory, including software upgrade, hardware refresh, end-to-end demonstration and certification and accreditation.

Lockheed Martin received $39,608,596 for electronic components in support of F-35 aircraft for the USAF ($16,843,735; 43 percent); USMC ($5,996,093; 15 percent), U.S. Navy ($3,710,236; 9.4 percent); international partners ($10,485,085; 26.5 percent); Israel ($1,362,337; 3.1 percent); and Japan ($1,211,110; 3 percent).

United Technologies Corp. received $9,365,128 for common recurring sustainment and common depot activation services for LRIP Lot VIII F135 engines. Purchases: USAF ($4,610,815; 49 percent); the U.S. Navy/Marine Corps ($3,935,433; 42 percent); and the international partners ($818,880; 9 percent).


Bell Boeing JPO received $19,353,052 for aircraft spare parts. This was a sole-source acquisition.

Moog Inc. received $71,339,972 to repair multiple components used on MV-22 and CV-22 aircraft. This was not competitively procured per 10 U.S.C. 2304 (c)(1).


Lockheed Martin and Sikorsky (working together under a joint venture named: Marine Helicopter Support Co.) received $1,999,812,283 for 1,710 weapon replaceable assemblies/shop replaceable assemblies’ components in support of the H-60 aircraft. This was not competitively procured per 10 U.S.C. 2304 (c)(1).

Airbus received $220,564,993 for forty-one 72A Lakota helicopters, including forty-one Airborne Radio Communications 231 Radios.

Airbus received $28,320,933 for logistic support, which entails flying hours, mission equipment packages and direct labor support.

Boeing received $8,541,115 for the Improved Helmet & Display Sight System (IHADSS).

Boeing received $591,245,165 for 35 AH-64E helicopters under the full rate production of Lot 5.

FLIR Systems Inc. received $7,860,549 to overhaul UH-60 turret assembly, infrared.

Maritime Helicopter Support Co. received $25,499,598 for logistics support on 1275 H-60 components. This was not competitively procured per 10 U.S.C. 2304 (c)(2).

Sikorsky received $11,582,807 for maintenance on aircraft operated by Adversary Squadrons.

Textron received $50,095,510 to repair four weapons replaceable assemblies in support of the H-1 Legacy helicopter. One company was solicited per 10 U.S.C. 2304 (c)(1).

Textron received $6,800,000 to repair AH-1W helicopter transmissions. One company was solicited for this non-competitive requirement per FAR 6.302-2.


Cobham Life Support Systems, Inc. received $7,000,000 for 180 new carbon monoxide catalyst sieve bed sets; 500 retrofit carbon monoxide catalyst sieve bed Sets; 51 refurbished TTU-520 A/E test sets; and 1,208 labels in support of F/A-18 and EA-18G aircraft, including non-recurring engineering and associated technical data.

General Electric received $192,400,000 for F110/101/118 Engine Component Improvement Program. This involves unnamed FMS. This is a sole-source acquisition.

Raytheon received $33,665,783 for various repairs on numerous subassemblies in support of the F-18 aircraft. This was not competitively procured per FAR 6.302.1.


Northrop Grumman received $148,335,501 for one E-2D Advanced Hawkeye aircraft.

Northrop Grumman received $37,979,459 for outer wing weapons panel. This is a sole-source acquisition.

Sensor & Antenna Systems received $10,137,104 for transmitter software and firmware engineering services in support of the AN/ALQ-99 Tactical Jamming System. This was not competitively procured pursuant to FAR.6.302-1.


Battelle Memorial Institute received $11,538,790 for one C-130 Modular Aerial Spray System.

Lockheed Martin received $28,419,498 for MC-130J Increment 3 LRIP Kits.

Northrup Grumman received $17,920,490 for logistics services, and spares to support the KC-10 program.


Airborne Tactical Advantage Co. received $12,798,915 for services in support of the Contracted Air Services (CAS) Program, which provides Type III High Subsonic & Type IV Supersonic aircraft to the U.S. Navy for a wide variety of airborne threat simulation capabilities.

ATK LLC received $30,656,796 for manufacture, upgrade, repair and test assemblies of the AN/AAR-47 (V) Missile Warning Set for: the U.S. Navy ($10,474,978; 35 percent); USAF ($ 10,432,828; 35 percent); Defense Working Capital funds ($3,318,600; 11 percent); National Guard Reserve ($2,644,580; 10 percent); India ($1,080,884; 3.5 percent); Norway ($985,070; 3.2 percent); Spain ($610,068; 2 percent); and Australia ($40,770; .3 percent). This was not competitively procured per FAR 6.302-1.

Boeing received $10,400,000 for pallets for the U.S. Nay. This was a sole-source acquisition.

Boeing received $67,338,521 to design and develop an [prototype] E-4B low frequency transmit system.

COLSA Corp. received $153,137,208 for Mobility Directorate Advisory and Assistance Services.

CPI Aero Inc. received $49,000,000 to provide 74 aircraft kits used for structural modifications to sustain T-38C Pacer Classic III aircraft.

Gulfstream received $13,006,223 for seven additional months of services for logistics support for the Navy C-20 and C-37 fleet.

Rolls-Royce received $40,000,000 for the T56 component improvement program. This involves some FMS. This is a sole-source acquisition.

Tunista Services received $46,652,395 for operation and maintenance of the Barry M. Goldwater Range and Gila Bend Air Force Auxiliary Field.

United Technologies Corp. (Pratt & Whitney) received $16,663,785 to remanufacture of FI00-PW-100/200/220/220E/229 engine modules. This is a sole source acquisition and one offer was received.

United Technologies Corp. received $407,800,000 for engine component improvement program work [design, life management/analysis, repair, engine test]. This involves FMS. This is the result of a sole-source acquisition.


SAIC received $8,068,727 for engineering support services in support of Program Executive Office for Integrated Warfare Systems (PEO IWS) 1.0 for Aegis and Aegis Fleet Readiness, 4.0 FMS, 7.0 Future Combat Systems, and 9.0 DDG 1000. Purchases: the U.S. Navy (83 percent), Australia, Japan, South Korea, Norway and Spain (17 percent).


BAE Systems received $52,103,717 for repair and alteration of USS O’Kane (DDG 77) in Pearl Harbor, HI. BAE Systems received $6,791,396 for additional repair and alteration of USS O’Kane (DDG 77) in Pearl Harbor, HI.

BAE Systems received $38,295,822 for USS Mahan (DDG-72) FY2015 docking selected restricted availability, which includes the planning and execution of depot-level maintenance, alterations, and modifications that will update and improve the ship's military and technical capabilities.

Bruce S. Rosenblatt & Associates LLC received $14,903,984; CDI Marine Co. LLC received $14,608,637; Gryphon Technologies received $14,619,412; Marine Systems Corp. received $13,890,103; QED Systems Inc. received $12,081,784; and Valkyrie Enterprises LLC received $11,420,253 for marine design and engineering services to support the Norfolk Naval Shipyard (NNSY) in ship repair and conversion.

Detyens Shipyards received $12,592,370 for shipyard availability for overhaul and dry docking of the USNS Patuxent (T-AO 201) in Charleston, SC.

Huntington Ingalls Inc. received $224,384,309 for the material and first year of advance planning of the Refueling Complex Overhaul of USS George Washington (CVN 73). This was not competitively procured per 10 U.S.C. 2304(c)(1).

Huntington Ingalls received $9,252,000 for onboard repair parts material procurement to support outfitting Gerald R. Ford (CVN 78).

Huntington Ingalls received $6,730,000 for the first increment of the Coordinated Shipboard Allowance List (COSAL) in support of USS America (LHA 6). The items from the LHA 6 COSAL support outfitting the ship for testing and deployment.

Vigor Marine LLC received $9,906,132 for 72-calendar day shipyard availability for the Mid Term Availability of USNS Yukon (T-AO 202).


JSR-ECC LLC received $7,584,034 for design and construction of a Submarine Maneuvering Room Trainer Facility at Ford Island, Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam.

Leidos Inc. received $49,500,000 for the scientific, engineering and technical services required for the design, development, fabrication, integration, test, and maintenance of Synthetic Signature Generation-based systems utilizing the All World Environment Simulation. This will provide technical support to aid in product development of tactical synthetic signature generation and signatures tactical training systems. This was not competitively procured per FAR 6.302-1.

Lockheed Martin received $71,630,738 for engineering development efforts and Economic Order Quantity (EOQ) long lead material for four Virginia New Construction boats in support of Acoustic Rapid Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (A-RCI) Technical Insertion (TI) 16. This was not competitively procured per 10 U.S.C. 2304(c)(1).


Bath Iron Works received $13,027,540 for DDG 51 Class Flight III upgrade design services and associated data. Huntington Ingalls received $13,503,584 for DDG 51 Class Flight III upgrade design services, the main goal of which is to replace the SPY-1D(V) radar with the Air & Missile Defense Radar.

Gryphon Technologies received $20,248,991 for program, engineering, technical and logistics services, including the engineering and technical personnel and facilities required to support hull, mechanical and electrical in service and modernization programs and initiatives for NSWCCD Philadelphia.

Hornbeck Offshore Services received $114,000,000 for three blocking vessels.  This was other than full and open per 10 U.S.C. 2304(c)(1) and FAR 6.302-1. Hornbeck Offshore Operators received $18,106,860 for operation and maintenance of three blocking vessels and the charter of a fourth blocking vessel at sea worldwide. This was non-competitive per 10 U.S.C. 2304(c)(1), as implemented by FAR 6.302-1.

Imagine One Technology & Management Ltd. received $19,280,653 to provide an intelligent data-mining agent and smart decision support process for the Consolidated Afloat Networks and Enterprise Services (CANES) program. This was not competitively procured.

John Bean Technologies Corp. (JBT) received $20,903,104 for up to 80 shipboard mobile electric power plants.

Leidos Inc. received $33,940,895 for anti-terrorism/force protection global sustainment at Navy regions worldwide.

Northrop Grumman received $16,552,553 for field upgradeable kits and fleet support for conversion of the AN/AQS-24A mine detecting sensor systems to the AN/AQS-24B configuration in support of the Airborne Mine Countermeasure Systems Program.

Raytheon received $64,537,920 for FY2015 U.S. Navy Rolling Airframe Missile (RAM) Guided Missile Round Pack (GMRP) requirements.

Rolls Royce received $9,891,150 for engineering services to complete development and delivery of one AG916RF gas turbine-generator set for Navy land-based testing at the Naval Surface Warfare Center Ship Systems Engineering Station, Philadelphia.

Q.E.D. Systems Inc. received $10,321,412 for third-party advanced planning services in support of CNO availabilities, continuous maintenance availability (CMAV), inactivation CMAVs, sustainment availabilities, phased modernization availabilities, re-commissioning availabilities, continuous maintenance and emergent maintenance for Navy surface combatant ship classes.


The Aerospace Corp. received $12,600,000 to provide Systems Integration and Test effort for Space & Missile Systems Center, Los Angeles AFB.

Intelligent Software Solutions received $14,690,185 to provide infrastructure development and integration/engineering support of Joint Space Operations Center (JSpOC) Mission System Increment 2. This is the result of a sole-source acquisition.

Lockheed Martin received $36,819,781 for SBIRS follow-on production. Lockheed Martin will change the initial launch capability dates for SBIRS Geosynchronous Earth Orbit 3-4 vehicles in order to support new launch manifest dates and also procure vehicle storage.


Ball Aerospace & Technologies Corp. received $22,954,037 in support of Navy-owned Phased Array Antenna hardware developed under the High Throughput Networking Infrastructure (HTNI -- PDF) and the Affordable Common Radar Architecture (ACRA) projects. This was not competitively procured per FAR 6.302-1(a) (2)(i)(A) and DFARS 206.302-1.

CACI received $6,683,512 to support mission application development, hosting and maintenance, IT portfolio management, design and installation, lifecycle maintenance for hardware, operating systems and application software.

COLSA Corp. received $23,748,310 and OASIS System LLC received $23,748,310 for additional diverse non-engineering, technical and acquisition management support services. This involves some FMS.

Defense Engineering Inc. received $13,311,844 for enterprise data storage services in support of the U.S. Army ITA.

eneral Dynamics received $13,939,606 and SAIC received $12,236,396 to support technology insertion, software and systems engineering, modeling and simulation, systems integration testing, integrated logistics in support of IT and other C4I efforts.

Four LLC; ImmixTechnology, Inc.; and Carahsoft Technology Corp. received $49,000,000 to support U.S. Army's COTS IT software requirements.

LimnoTech received $7,400,000 for development and application of predictive mathematical models to solve complex environmental challenges through multidisciplinary integration of science and engineering.

Nexagen Networks, Inc. received $15,915,782 for engineering support services for information assurance and security engineering-related services to DOD and DHS.

Northrop Grumman received $6,926,501 to meet cyber-security requirements using the new Risk Management Framework. This is a sole-source acquisition.

SAIC received $247,500,000 for maintenance, repair and operations for the Tailored Logistics Support Prime Vendor Program for the Southwest Region Zone 2.

Location of performance is NJ. SupplyCore, Inc. received $270,000,000 for maintenance, repair and operations for the Tailored Logistics Support Prime Vendor Program for the Southwest Region Zone 1.

Scientific Research Corp. (SRC) received $41,849,660 for Digital Integration for Combat Engagement Program. SRC will provide commercial services for 25AF global situational awareness (24/7) that is connected to every combatant commander capable of moving near real time ISR data to warfighter.

STG Inc. received $14,999,951 for Enterprise Information Technology Service Support for the Army Test & Evaluation Command, Aberdeen Proving Grounds.

Strategic Professional Resources, Inc. (SPR, Inc.) received $75,220,169 to provide USSTRATCOM with program management, engineering and acquisition support.

Systems Engineering Support Co. Inc. received $7,566,497 for design, engineering, integration, fabrication and testing support of the Data Multiplex Systems (DMS), the Fiber Optic Data Multiplex System, and the Gigabit Ethernet Data Multiplex System, collectively referred to as xDMS.

Vergis Group LLC received $7,135,339 for responsive and high quality information assurance support services to all customers and stakeholders on behalf of the Washington Headquarters Services, Enterprise IT Services Directorate, the Office of the Secretary of Defense and other Department of Defense agencies.

VSolvit LLC received $10,624,059 for information technology enterprise business systems support at Naval Facilities Information Technology Center, Naval Base Ventura County.


ATK received $119,768,362 to acquire Option 1 Precision Guidance Kit XM1156 for USA, Australia, and Canada.

Lockheed Martin received $129,000,000 for continued engineering, development, test, integration, fielding and on-site operations and sustainment support for the Command and Control, Battle Management and Communications system located worldwide for the Ballistic Missile Defense System.

Medico Industries Inc. received $6,711,840 for 24,424 120mm high explosive shell bodies and 48,871 full range practice shell bodies.

Raytheon received $122,443,911 for 114 Tomahawk Block IV All Up Round missiles.

Raytheon received $16,638,011 to support the Navy’s MK 57 NATO Sea Sparrow Surface Missile System (NSSMS) and MK 23 Target Acquisition System systems. This was not competitively procured per 10 U.S.C. 2304 (c)(1).


Caterpillar received $19,323,864 for 63 Type I T-9 Dozer W/Type A Kits. Caterpillar received $10,898,005 for 40 Type I T-5 Dozer W/Type A Kits, and USMC Request For Deviation and CONUS or OCONUS warranties.

Fidelity Technologies Corp. received $14,437,761 for Armor B-Kits for: 202 Heavy Expanded Mobility Tactical Truck, 36 Palletized Load System, 30 TAM, and 38 M915A5 Line Haul.

General Dynamics received $49,771,971 for six M1A2 Systems Enhanced Package v2 Abrams tanks.

IBIS TEK received $9,741,852 for 58-gallon and 78-gallon Armor B-Kits for Medium Tactical Vehicles.

Navistar Defense received $15,381,152 for eight MRAP MaxxPro Hardware Kits to support MaxxPro vehicle standardization and reset.

Robin Industries received $10,762,469 for vehicle track shoe assemblies.


Atlantic Diving Supply, Inc. received $18,725,093 for Base Expeditionary Airfield Resources (BEAR) kitchens program. The BEAR kitchens are modular, deployable kitchens with the electrical and water systems to connect to the BEAR power grid and water distribution systems.

BAE Systems received $82,412,718 for improved outer tactical vest and individual repair kits. Protective Products Enterprises Inc. received $78,996,385 for improved outer tactical vest and components. This is a firm-fixed-price contract.

L3 Communications received $49,500,000 for binocular night vision devices.

Mennie’s Machine Co. received $9,497,250 for 82,000 M4A1 heavy carbine barrels.

Palomar Display Products received $28,594,810 for Binocular Image Control Units, associated spares, repairs and engineering services. One bid was solicited with one received.

Security Signals Inc. received $8,015,628 to acquire 78,600 A/P-25S, signal distress kits (red).


Capps Shoe Co. received $7,192,659 for men’s poromeric shoes.

M&M Manufacturing (Lajas, Puerto Rico) received $6,926,860 for men's and women's coats and trousers.

Racoe Inc. received $8,732,834 for MCCUU trousers.

Tennier Industries received $15,609,600 for extreme cold wet weather Army trousers.


General Dynamics received $9,302,264 to demilitarize 300,000 high explosive cartridges, and 3,248 cluster bomb units.

QinetiQ North America received $7,074,242 for post-production support under the Man Transportable Robotic System (MTRS) MK2 program.


The Caesar Rodney School District received $8,682,650 for K-12 education programs for DOD kids who reside on Dover AFB.

General Dynamics received $415,000,000 for total acquisition life-cycle support to product managers operating within the Live Training Transformation (LT2) Product Line framework.

ro-Active Technologies Inc. received $45,000,000 to develop and sustain training solutions for the Multi-Purpose Reconfigurable Training System.


Wright State University, Dayton, Ohio, has been awarded a received $14,000,000 for R&D involving Sensor & Information Research Center for Understanding Systems. This involves fundamental research in sensing and sensor exploitation technologies. It spans disciplines in engineering, science, computer science and mathematics in order to advance the range of technology represented within AFRL in Dayton, OH.


AMEC Environmental & Infrastructure Inc.; Bristol Engineering Services; Cape-Burns & McDonnell JV; CB&I Federal Services; Dawson-Pond JV; Gilbane Federal; Truston Technologies Inc.; and Weston Solutions Inc. received $800,000,000 to sustain, restore, modernize, clean, inspect and repair petroleum, oil and lubricant systems worldwide.

Atmos Energy Marketing received $25,432,019; BP received $8,071,530; and Sage Energy Trading LLC received $18,131,891 for natural gas.

Avfuel Corp. received $8,746,310 for jet fuel.  This was a sole-source contract.

Location of performance is MI and NM. AVFuel Corp. received $7,100,471 for jet fuel. This was a sole-source acquisition.

For aviation turbine fuel, the following companies received: Equilon Enterprises, $1,011,111,314; ExxonMobile, $1,008,439,412; Phillips 66, $348,559,858; Placid Refining Co., $229,616,231; Equilon Enterprises, $215,108,033; BP, $214,916,617; Alon USA, $143,246,501; Wynnewood Energy, $138,500,915; Calumet Shreveport Fuels, $115,056,799; BP, $112,902,341; Hunt Refining Co., $100,140,844; Husky Marketing & Supply Co., $78,286,581; Tesoro Refining & Marketing, $75,749,409; Delek Refining Ltd., $51,998,659; Irving Oil Terminals Inc., $38,653,320; Hermes Consolidated LLC, $38,452,289; Diplomat Petroleum, $14,546,668; World Fuel Services Inc., $9,028,665.

Truman Arnold Companies received $16,709,017 and $13,806,639 for jet fuel. These were sole-source acquisitions.

Truman Arnold Companies received $10,451,725 and Gulfport Aviation Partners received $9,995,187 for jet fuel. These were sole-source acquisitions.

Schuyler Line Navigation Co. received $7,783,802 for the worldwide charter of one U.S.-flagged, shallow draft, double-hull product tanker, which provides bulk fuel support to DOD, including operations in Japan and North West Pacific.

South Alabama Regional Airport Authority received $13,358,124 for jet fuel. This contract was a sole-source acquisition.

Southwest Airport Services Inc. received $38,393,369 for jet fuel. This was a sole-source acquisition.


3M Unitek Corp. received $32,500,000 for dental supplies.

ABM Government Services; ACEPEX Management Corp.; EMCOR Government Services; Electronic Metrology Laboratory; Facility Services Management; J&J Maintenance Inc.; Johnson Controls Building Automation Systems; Quality Services International; SODEXO Management; and VW International received $990,000,000 for operations and maintenance services at government medical and related non-medical facilities.

ABM Government Services; EMCOR Government Services Inc.; Facilities Services Management Inc.; J&J Worldwide Services; and Jones Lang received $248,000,000 for the operation, maintenance and minor construction of Army Medical Command facilities in the U.S. and Puerto Rico.

Beacon Point Associates, LLC received $45,000,000 for hospital equipment/supplies, optical/laboratory equipment/supplies, components and systems accessories.

Center for Disease Detection LLC received $39,000,000 to provide diagnostic testing services for Army Medical Command, Fort Sam Houston.

Decypher; Peerless Technologies Corp.; P3S; Prairie Quest Consulting; Solutions Through Innovative Technologies Inc.; and SpecPro Technical Services received a combined $20,000,000 for services to the 711 HPW in the fields of: admin; medical and biomedical research; clinical and clinical hyperbaric medicine; environmental bio-terrorism; technology evaluation and research studies.

Golden State Medical Supply Inc. received $6,894,873 for pharmaceuticals.


AGVIQ LLC received $12,500,000 for environmental remedial action on Navy and Marine Corps installations at sites in NAVFAC Atlantic.

All Phase Services Inc.; ARS Aleut Remediation LLC; Atlanta Demolition; ESA South Inc.; LATA-Sharp Remediation Services LLC; Micah Group Energy & Environmental; North Wind Construction Services; Bhate Environmental Infrastructure; Charter Environmental Inc.; NorthStar Demolition & Remediation LP; North American Dismantling Corp.; and Perma-Fix Environmental Services Inc. received $9,6000,000 to demolish excess facilities under the facilities reduction program.


The Lincoln Public Schools of Lincoln, MA, received $12,010,058 for education programs in support of Hanscom AFB family members.

Texas Department of Assistive & Rehabilitative Services received $9,327,098 for food service work at Joint Base San Antonio-Fort Sam Houston and Camp Bullis. This is a sole-source acquisition.

DNO, Inc. received $61,200,000 for fresh fruit and vegetables in Ohio.

Sysco received $15,419,558 for food distribution support in Alaska. This was a sole source acquisition. Sysco received $130,207,500 for food and beverages in Alabama and Florida.

US Foods received $61,500,000 for food and beverages in South Carolina. This was a sole-source acquisition. US Foods received $50,422,296 for food and beverages in California and South Korea. This was a sole-source acquisition. US Foods received $35,500,000 for food and beverages in the South Carolina area. This was a sole-source acquisition.

BASE SUPPORT, ADMIN & LOGISTICS - Base operations (also known as base support services) usually consist of a combination of: facility management & investment, fire & emergency services, grounds maintenance & landscaping, janitorial services, management & admin, pavement clearance, pest control, port operations, utilities, vehicles & equipment service, and waste management.

Bering Straits Logistics Services received $73,299,893 for material support integrator services, specifically to maintain comprehensive inventory management systems to include common use items at Tinker AFB.

PRIDE Industries received $14,058,910 for DPW and base operations at Ft. Rucker.

Techflow Mission Support LLC received $22,443,304 for all labor, work and materials necessary for facilities maintenance and heavy equipment repair services supporting Camp Lejeune, MCAS New River, and areas around Jacksonville, NC.

Tecolote Research Inc. received $10,013,105 for non-personal technical support and overall project management support services to the Office of the Secretary of Defense (OSD), Cost Assessment and Program Evaluation (CAPE) program office for the integration of the Cost Assessment Data Enterprise (CADE) project.

TRAX International received $41,730,133 for non-personal test support services for the Yuma Proving Ground, AZ.

Wolverine Services LLC received $11,371,140 for base operations services in Alaska.


Core Tech-AMEC-SKEC, LLC received $89,918,305 to construct a hardened fuel systems maintenance hangar at Andersen AFB, Guam.


rcher Western Construction LLC received $9,500,000 to correct airfield concrete pavement deficiencies at primary Runway 10/28 at NAS Jacksonville.

CDM Federal Programs Corp. received $25,000,000 for utilities engineering and management support for NAVFAC facilities worldwide.

Coastal Environmental Group, Inc.; Argo Systems, LLC; and the Dawson Charter Group received a cumulative $15,000,000 for civil works construction projects.

FEH Associates Inc. received $10,000,000 for architectural and engineering services for National Guard Bureau, Iowa.

H & H Builders Inc. received $30,000,000 for electrical, mechanical, painting, engineering/design, paving (asphaltic and concrete), flooring (tile work/carpeting), roofing, structural repair, fencing, HVAC, and fire suppression/protection system installation NAVFAC Southwest.

IHK JV; Canyon-Ayuda SDVOSB JV; MDM Construction; and Sygnos Inc. received $30,000,000 to design/construct military & civil works projects in ND, SD, and MN.

Kallidus Technologies Inc. received $7,487,000 for hanger construction at Westover Air Force Reserve Base, MA.

Krempp Construction Inc. received $6,699,538 to renovate Building 2034 and Building 2035 at NSA Crane, IN.

Prime AE Group, Inc. received $35,000,000 for architectural and engineering services primarily in support of DHS.

RD Buie Enterprises, Inc.; Middle Atlantic Wholesale Lumber, Inc.; Forest Products Distributors, Inc.; and S&S Forest Products, LLC received a collective $40,000,000 for wood products logistics.

RD Buie Enterprises Inc.; Middle Atlantic Wholesale Lumber Inc.; Forest Products Distributors Inc.; and S&S Forest Products LLC received $40,000,000 for a tailored logistics support contract for wood products for the East region.

Reid Middleton Inc. received $10,000,000 for structural engineering services in NAVFAC Southwest.

Whitesell-Green Inc. received $9,385,500 to replace HVAC and electrical systems for the Navy Marine Corps Intranet system at Naval Station Norfolk. Whitesell-Green Inc. received $7,884,989 for structural repairs of Pier R3 at Naval Weapons Station Yorktown.


Great Lakes Dredge & Dock Co. received $10,859,800 for maintenance dredging in Baltimore Harbor and the York Spit Channel, Northampton County, VA. Great Lakes Dredge & Dock Co. received $7,428,600 for Southwest Pass maintenance dredging on the Mississippi River from Baton Rouge to the Gulf of Mexico.

Manson Construction Co. received $10,925,000 for hopper dredging of Grays Harbor, WA; main ship channel, San Francisco, CA; and the mouth of the Columbia River and the Columbia River in OR and WA.

# # # #

*Editing consolidated similar contracts. Italics indicate notes from the editor.

**Any clerical errors are the editor’s alone. Each month, Boiling Frogs Post presents a distillation of the previous month’s DOD Contracts. Check back regularly.

***To avoid competitive bidding, DOD invokes 10 U.S.C. 2304, FAR 6.302, and FAR 8.405-6. DOD also invokes 15 U.S.C. 638 to avoid competitive bidding when dealing with small businesses.

Christian Sorensen, a BFP Contributing Author & Analyst, is a U.S. military veteran. His writing has been featured in CounterPunch and Media Roots.

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