Probable Cause with Sibel Edmonds- When One for All-All for One Works: Power in Numbers?

Welcome to our seventeenth episode of Probable Cause. In our previous episode we discussed the realities of whistleblowing, and explored the reasons for there being dozens or more silent witnesses for every whistleblower-for every truth-teller. Today, in this episode, we are going to further this angle, and delve deeper into those reasons. We will expand our context from government whistleblowers to mainstream media reporters.

Do silent witnesses engage in ‘self-fulfilling prophecy’ when they cite obstacles and futility for their refraining from standing up for the truth? Would the outcomes be different if multiple whistleblowers unite and come forward to expose criminality and lies, and to stand up for the truth jointly? These are only some of the questions we will be posing before we move to a similar trend applicable to US mainstream media journalists. We will compare and contrast journalists around the world who unite for the truth and against lies and censorship to American journalists and the absence of such a trend among them.

As always, our next episode will be based on your reaction, critique, responses and questions posed in the comments section below.

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Show Notes

FBI Agent Stifles Investigation into Ptech Figures

Why Kansas Statehouse Reporters Staged a Walkout

Romanian Journalists Walk Out in Protest

Al Jazeera Staff Quit over ‘Misleading’ Egypt Coverage’

Commission on Judicial Fitness and Disability

Oregon Earns 'D' Grade in National Judicial Review


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  1. A Quick Update:

    Tomorrow morning I will be recording our episode 18. Several activist members have brought up the issue of psychopathy-Politicians. I am going to delve into it a bit within the context of what we’ve been covering.

    • matthew_d says:

      That’s going to be very interesting to hear. “psychopathy” is talked about so much in alternative circles that it’s almost a buzz word at this point, but at the same time I think the link between “the elites” and psychopathy is very real.

      Correct me if I’m wrong, but being a psychopath requires an inability to empathize. I’m not of their ilk, but I have encountered those people from time to time. I think their inability to empathize could be called the psychopath’s version of cognitive dissonance. In other words, we talk about the masses’ cognitive dissonance as an inability to accept that the reality of their situation is what it is, shitty. I think we could say the same thing about the psychopath’s cognitive dissonance, their inability to see their situation is what it is, privileged to the point of hurting others.

      I used to talk to a 1% woman. She “ran a business” organizing events. Basically, planning birthday parties for other rich people. I looked at some of the pictures of her events. It was always 15 year old girls with 5 foot tall cakes that cost more than I make in a year, this was her clientele. When I asked her how business was doing, she actually uttered the phrase, “Well, you know how the economy is doing…”. WOW…

      I think they, the elite, the 1%, psychopaths…whatever you call them…suffer from their own form of cognitive dissonance. I’ve experienced it time and time again. The difference between them and other’s who suffer from cognitive dissonance? The psychopaths do it to the point of causing others to suffer…and they don’t change.

      • Matthew:
        Paradoxically, the term has become a buzz word; but few understand the depths one has to research to get a good handle on it. I’m about in the middle stage(for me) of getting somewhere.
        For example a narcissistic power loving person who will abuse his/her co-workers often gets conned by a psychopath. The strong-willed narcissist may be completely unaware that they are a prime target. More on this after Sibel goes to No. 18

        • Ron,
          I’ve come to the same conclusion about the Narcissist/Psychopath dynamic after some personal experience opening my eyes and being able to pick it up on it observing it from afar. It is a tool that works perfectly for the elite psychopath to control their elite-jr. minions. Sometimes I swear it works on a macro-level on societies. Tell a very self-absorbed society over and over again how special, exceptional, and chosen it is, and they will eat it up. The psychopath loves other disordered personalities and those with anxiety/depression tendency. They are predators.

          • Lizzie,

            “Sometimes I swear it works on a macro-level on societies. Tell a very self-absorbed society over and over again how special, exceptional, and chosen it is, and they will eat it up.” – This point is the focus of the coming podcast. Check out the title: “Psychopathic Rulers & Docile-Gullible Subjects: A Symbiotic Relationship?”

            It should be up later this afternoon …

        • ron,

          Great topic of interest for me! Narcissism. Good job bringing this up!

          This is my experience on the subject, and this is of course all my experience, and I speak for myself only.

          I agree with your contention, here, “For example a narcissistic power loving person who will abuse his/her co-workers often gets conned by a psychopath. The strong-willed narcissist may be completely unaware that they are a prime target.”

          Yes…! Why is this so? Fascinating huh. Seemingly they are capable of being the aggressor (as is obvious by their abuse to co-worker, in this case), so how then are they capable of also being the victim. In American society I run into this everywhere I go. We have very fierce programming around narcissism via consumerism, TV (this one is huuuge), instant everything, programmed hubris around (nationalism, America is #! (look who got the 1 for international dialing code even, use the word ‘exceptional & special’ often) and well, narcissism. Ok, we all have ag rasp of some of the ways it sprouted up, but what about the energy of it all? meaning, what is the emotional (e-motion…energy in motion) state of people who are caught up in this?

          Maybe this is best conveyed by sharing a typical experience when attempting to share completely occulted information from someone who simply doesn’t know. It could be on a simple topic, with no fear attached to it (instead of something like 9/11 and all the imagery and death etc.), like Legalese, for example. In an attempt to explain what legal actually means (vs Lawful) or how seemingly every day words are shifted into alternate meaning in a LEGAL setting (which is what corporations use exclusively, since they are corporations lol) not only do people gloss over and their countenance suggests they are not only bored but confused; they cannot even connect the importance of the implications you’re attempting to highlight. Its totally lost on them in the moment. But its not their lack of interest I’m suggesting matters, its the fact that they cannot even simply say to themselves…”Oh wait, even though th information this individual is sharing is weird and unfamiliar it could mean there’s pedophiles in our community, or that all home mortgages are fraudulent…perhaps that is worth looking into!?” therein lies the rub……! It is Fear that keeps them from looking at what they likely internally are already suspect could in fact be true.

          I often witness the individual triggered by anger actually first (of course how awful the implication that pedophiles could be in our ‘government’) and they feel icky, then they CHOOSE not too look at the data. Underlying that anger, is fear.

          Narcissism .> the most underlying emotion, at the very foundation…Fear. So they create a narcissistic bubble (myopic form of reality).
          Just so happens we have tons of fear programming in our society here at home and in the world.

          Even more fascinating still to consider all the energetics of them now being essentially even more complicit in what’s occurring via their free will choice (at this point) to not look at such claims; especially when made by a close friend etc., why not look into it? Cook a meal together ,spend 5 hours with a laptop showing and explaining what’s going on. As one suggestion. Show them footage of former federal agents like Sibel Edmonds or Sherry Peel Jackson or Cynthia McKinney, who seem to be heart-centered insiders.

          This then also ties into the very interesting subject matter so many are interested in, regarding this meme “why doesn’t the cabal plan these false flags so they are at least believable? why use the same crisis actors over and over? Its all so obvious why don’t they go to greater lengths to mask it all?” 🙂 yes, its all by design, 100%.

          A fantastic website regarding narcissism, here –
          Its not organized in the best fashion, but Ms. Schreiber has great insight. In my opinion.

      • Matthew~
        Thanks for sharing this….

        “I think they, the elite, the 1%, psychopaths…whatever you call them…suffer from their own form of cognitive dissonance. I’ve experienced it time and time again. The difference between them and other’s who suffer from cognitive dissonance? The psychopaths do it to the point of causing others to suffer…and they don’t change.”

        I agree, they do suffer from their own cog dissonance as well. They too are compartmentalized, lest we forget how this works. They will turn on their ‘own’ too, and cannibalize as it progresses. Its chess, may of them are aware of it I’ve no doubt. Many have been complicit in the most insane crimes against humanity the world has ever seen, or somehow living comfortably as a direct result of it. None of this is even lawful according to Natural Law etc. Most, in referring to ‘laws’, are not in fact pointing to Law at all, but corporate created structures to obfuscate, shield, tools to serve as proxies(its Chess…do you send out your best pieces first?) etc. Regardless, anytime the ‘system’ is damaging living beings, as you bring much needed attention to, it is grounds for immediate liquidation. Think of the wicked witch in Oz and the bucket of water…that’s liquidation.

        Let us not forget…..while they carry on their ‘illegal’ (nevermind utterly immoral, grotesque) ‘wars’ (occupations) they also deploy things like Depleted Uranium around the world committing and masking even larger crimes against humanity. They do this on all levels, not just locally.

        They have no authority to do this. They are truly pirates in every sense. Ever wonder why it is they seem to get away with things that are in strict violation of the US Constitution? Spoiler alert: they are not using the US Constitution; they operate in a different environment entirely.

        Which environment could that be – look at the words, they are everywhere, hidden in plain sight…..just as the symbols are too. They’re still all around us, everywhere. A ‘birth’ certificate! Ships…maritime….Admiralty/Maritime Law is what they use. They have created a template long long ago and are using that in place of our rights. The Constitution does not give anyone anything, at all. It informs them of what already is. It attempts to elucidate what we have the right to do, within the framework they were choosing back then. In the absence of our choice to provide and do for ourselves (re, the US Treasury printing our money at almost debt-free levels), we wind up with crap like foreign, nefarious-minded private entities like the Fed Reserve Bank in our midst. Why….I’d say its because the masses are not awake, or very participatory. Ask anyone, “How is money created?” But yet most have money in their pocket. ‘Money’….what is it? Does anyone know? What backs it today, if not Gold….?


    • 344thBrother says:

      I’m re-listening to the short youtube series “The labrynith of the psychopath” and “The psychopathic school” by John Gatto in preparation for this episode. I found both enlightening the first time through. More when I finish the review.


      • Dave,

        I’m a big fan of Gatto.

        Corbett has a few episodes on this topic (and related ones) as well.

        • steven hobbs says:

          Thank you for the heads up on Gatto. Seems, he read subtext of Dewey.
          Quick YouTube selection, concise for a beginner (perhaps) 6 lessons:
          YouTube John Taylor Gatto – The Purpose Of Schooling 44connected
          2:19 ” the problem of supervision could be solved because for who can argue against the truth? The childish, and childlike people are far easier to manage than critically trained and self-reliant ones. And, now you are hear 6 purposes of modern schooling…
          “You don’t know if people are reflex-ably obedient unless they will walk right off the cliff.”

          Psychopathy and Sociopathy are not only endemic, they emerge generationaly with familial, hermeneutic origins with aid of MSM mythos, slang, images, powers’ agency, and wealth.

          Goliath is huge, but we have a sling. As Archimedes said, “give me a fulcrum and I can move the world.” Now reminded of Diogenes,”I’m searching for an honest man.”

          Excited for next post.

      • Dave:
        Good work, BTW has anybody seen KNARF? We need his intensity, Realjeffersonian? Mandela? and about 15 other people whose names I forget?

    • matthew_d says:

      I wanted to link to a brief conversation I happened to have on another website about this topic. I think the idea that (gasp) psychopaths are running things is hard for people to wrap their minds around. I think the following link might help people to do that:

    • Psychopathy….

      Are they human even…? Is it Artificial intelligence that’s seeped into them…? are they transhuman now…? clones…? Is it MkUltra/mind control/microwave/EMF technologies…?

      So many memes to discover on this topic. Many carry merit at times and ultimately its tough to fully flesh out. Though I may not have that answer in full, that bit of the puzzle, I feel this much is observable. HOW they are operating, and therein we can gain a lot of insight. When we understand more fully how they are doing what they are doing, we can then understand the ways in which we’re complicit and remove as many of those as we can. Remove one’s energy from feeding their system of insanity.

      Look at all of the predictive programming, books (the cabal publishes all manner of books and materials bragging about their current and future, planned exploits – again, this is ALL hidden in plain sight). Why would they do that and not keep it hush hush..? They want us to be complicit. With the predictive programming (perhaps in a new film or popular cartoon, re Family Guy has had these appear several times, as one example) they program the subconscious of the masses. Then with the ‘actual’ event (which of course can be a totally fake false flag event with no actual deaths) they convince the masses this horrible, violent thing occurred. This is now programming at the conscious level, direct and obvious, with heavy trauma now (re, 9/11). After such an event, some awaken, begin to research and read, and even for those people (I suggest this is better than not knowing and being complicit anyways by simply being ignorant of the facts) what are they left to do…? Sue the Bush Admin.? Impeach them? Ha! So even the awakened one’s (to their fraud schemes) are now affected on the superconscious level (higher-self) as well. There’s been no justice for any of these traumas, they’re still piling up.

      This goes far deeper, in my opinion, than merely becoming a ‘truther’ (whatever that means to each individual) and pointing fingers. Who are we ? Who do we project ourselves to be? How do any of these projections serve our own Ego/self-image…why are we upholding that image? When do we stand up and change our own personal lives? How do we learn to become effective at resisting? How does one free their mind from this? How much money is ‘enough’ to treat other humans like shit and not change?

      Its about programming people’s entire being with symbology, imagery, belief structures etc., to control their pineal gland and consciousness so that they in turn will project an apocalyptic future. And they are already resolved to this future coming to fruition (re, my Aunt says, “Yep Revelations is coming now, Jesus will come wipe it all clean…” See! She is fully complicit in this violence now and into the ‘future’ because she’s resolved to it – utterly programmed to it happening. There’s no alternative. Wow. She of course has no idea she is creating it. We all are. I certainly don’t need to pay much attention to just how violent and hypersexualized ALL film, song videos (wow!), and basically all US media is now. And for the non-religious/atheist crowd, I recently had a friend share with me the likes of Sam Harris (atheist poster boy), suggesting I “check him out, as he cuts through political correctness and gets to the heart of what’s going on” when I shared with him, a Chris Hedges article, here –

      My friend could not even see the importance of tackling and facing the corporate madness we see today. My friend was more concerned with ‘Is this guy, Sam Harris, picking on the right religion currently’ ? We have a very sick ‘culture’ here today, filled with apathy, complete moral debasement, and complete lack of ability to connect with nature, self, empath for others.

      The controllers are not worried in the slightest about our knowing of a false flag event (for do we not already know of countless past crimes as well?). Thus they make them sloppy. For what do we do in response to such events? Clearly, not enough. Our responses do not actually threaten the continuing corporate hegemony, in any way, in other words. I see people wondering, “Well do the crisis actors know what they’re doing?” (I get it, its creepy! who would participate in this!?!?) Well yes, they know. How do I know….we’ve seen incontrovertible proof that some of these actors are appearing now in 4, 5, and 6 false flags. Well gee, if I innocently thought I was being paid to help some city’s local emergency preparedness efforts and then came home later that evening to see the MSM says it was a real event. Well, Ok, maybe once…but these people wouldn’t know that every time they do one of these paid gigs, suddenly the event REALLY happens, while they’re running ‘drills’ for the same exact event..? They don’t speak up, they don’t stop appearing at these false flags – yes, they are complicit, agents, assets, leveraged people, clones….whatever. We can spot them, we see their game, ID them. Figure out who they know, make the connections, its quite easy.

      I’m well aware there’s factions even within a gang, certainly as a massive one begins to fracture and be faced with mass awakening etc., however, to my knowledge, the biggest one of them all are the Zionists (at least in the Anglo world). Why do exceedingly few Americans even know of this word’s existence, not to mention the intentions of what is a tribal political effort, and how serious they are in their intent?

      Shocking, still.

      • Psychopath and controlling mass perception….

        One other thought….the controllers need not even actually kill anyone anymore with these false flags. go back merely 100 years and they used to at least assassinate world leaders, presidents, royalty, to achieve their goals. Now look! Today, for very cheap, and literally without committing murder, they can fabricate, disseminate (as if it were real) disinformation. Most will never both to even read anything at all, and will instead see a link online, a headline in a newspaper, and now it IS ‘real’. The energy created within each individual is now projecting into the ethos that this is real and now there’s another fear/violent event…..

        You might consider reviewing this to see that they have already made this legal, in fact. Yes, I know, too good to be true? –

        They like to beta test programs first, then if the public doesn’t seem to notice (or do anything to stop it) then it becomes standard operating procedure, THEN they legalize it. Much like the predictive programming we see in film, music etc., same game. By the time something has been legalized, its been going on for years and years. This is plain old Mafia tactics.

  2. steven hobbs says:

    OOps, thread is back after that last post.

  3. I was reading bits and pieces about this in a Martha Stout book a long while back. One thing I noticed is that some of her characters could have been a bit different. Tilly could have been autistic, I’ve read stories of situations where smells that wouldnt bother a normal person would make an autist puke. Chip could have been abused and his parents could have been the actual psychopaths. So I wonder if its really that easy to identify them.

    Also I do think they are empathetic. I do not think many of them could get to where they are and keep up their image if they weren’t. Its the sympathy, the lack of it, that really differentiates them. Autists form example have a different theory of mind and therefore may not find much to care about other peoples problems, specially when they seem insignflificant like someones team losing a game, but on the other hand once they realize what is wrong, although I wouldnt think something as dumb as game would elicit this response necessarily, they aare actually sympathetic to the problem and wish to fix it.

    This brings to attention a larger problem noticeable with society. You spoke of a mom who knew something was wrong with common core but just couldn’t seem to find the energy to fight it even though she knew it would dumb down her child. Same thing with many other issues. People see the problem but don’t feel a need to fix it. Its all about appearing normal. They have the empathy to know there is something wrong but not the sympathy to feel the need to fix it.

    I was reading an article recently about how psychopathy may be far more common than people think, and I’m starting to think its the norm rather than the exception. As long as a person is willing to do whatever to fit I it is unlikely that will be outed as a psychopath.

    I’m also starting to think that ii is also matter of maturation. When you’re young you think being good is doing what your told. Then late you find that is a bunch of junk and that being wiling to go against the grain to do what is right is the real defining difference between a psychopath and … Well a decent person for lack of a better term.

    Also may be good idea to talk about how the good people can be the most evil because they lack the ability to go against the grain. The psychology of Nazi and pre Nazi Germany would be good to examine. There were some things on wikipedia about Dr Ewen’s views on Germany and the dangerous nature of Germany’s love for authority. Might also talk about couched language. That same Dr Ewen thought damaging peoples brains would be a good idea to “help” them.

    A new standard needs to be set. The current standard is you’re a good person if you go along to get along. Needs to be more about going against the grain to live and let live. That’s not the best way to put it but the only one I could think of.

  4. Oh, and to clarify, the Nazis were the “good” people in that place at that time. Funny how malleable the definition of good is.

  5. Also, you may want to read Martha Stout’s myth of sanity. Specially the part about in the tall curly haired guy whose brother was kicked to death. Might give an angle on the fugue dissonance thing.

    And also, is that business about them doing REALLY bad stuff, like beating babies heads in with hammers bad, to join the club legitimate? Alex had some strange dude talking about that once but I couldn’t tell if he was legit. He had some weird book he wrote. At least I’m hoping its just some silly weird disinfo book.

  6. Why do people not speak up? Because of that word that none of us dare say in public lest we look like lepers: *poverty*. Behind closed doors, amongst our friends, one can complain of being “broke” and gain some sympathy. However, in public? We are like Don Quixote, picking at our teeth, pretending to have had a sumptuous feast, while our stomach rumbles.

    I am currently helping a colleague, a fellow public adjuster, collect $15,000 in commission. She is an abuela (grandmother) a sweet lady, and an honest sales person. She also speaks spanish and without her help, the “gringos” who have setup shop in the Rio Grande Valley, would have zero shot in this 86% latino community.

    I hope to pursue the matter in small claims court (where I have split up the collection into two separate invoices as small claims court is limited to $10,000).

    I am looking to reboot insurance from the ground up and return the industry to its mutual, cooperative roots. The vision is quintessential classical liberalism, “Jeffersonian Democracy”, ie voluntary association, harnessing the power of the (true) marketplace.

    How can I properly reboot an industry if I don’t root out the corruption first?

    My dad thinks I’m nuts. He wants me to go out and sell insurance, but I cannot sell a faulty product. I already did that as a union organizer, and then I did it again when I first got into the insurance business. Now, it’s only by my dad’s grace that I am even in this position. If my parents weren’t supporting me, I wouldn’t be sharing any of this. I’d be in some dead-end job slaving away wondering if the matrix really does exist.

    Anyhow, back to P-O-V-E-R-T-Y. It is practically undetectable on the surface.
    And to those courageous few who spit in the face of poverty, well it’s easier said than done. The most zen-like person can snap when faced with multiple bills hitting them all at once.

    I believe there are thousands, if not tens of thousands, of cases in owed money generated every year. In other words, the people we let into our homes, or speak to over the phone, the car salesmen, the mortgage broker, the real estate agent — behind the scenes these people are being gouged. It should go without saying that if the sales person is being gouged, the customer is being gouged.

    Where is the justice for Willy Loman? Where are the news headlines screaming “Greatest Theft in History Committed In Front of Our Eyes!” White collar crime is the worst. Physical crime terrifies us, but it is white collar crime that gets us to sign away our own rights, to bury ourselves.

    And to Sibel’s question of why there is greater unity in other countries? Well, Turkey, etc. might not have welfare, but the cost of living (I imagine) is not so steep. I believe this ties into the individualism Sibel mentioned. Here, in America, we are pretty much on our own. Or one is a “local” and has extensive family within their local community. But then, since when did the “locals” ever stand up? As nomads we are less secure, more at risk….

    There is a correct way of pursuing justice. True profit empowers the people. One should not have to face debtor’s prison to speak truth….

    • @rahulvarshney: So many nice points I don’t even know which to highlight: deft to delve in depth of insight. Kudos =]

    • 344thBrother says:

      When you say poverty I think debt.

      The debt system of fiat money manipulation is run at the top by… psychopaths! Gee what a surprise.

      When you’re in debt, even (and especially) when you’ve got a good life, nice car, spouse, kids, big home mortgage, student loan etc. . you’re not likely to buck the system. There’s too much leverage on you. Lose your job, you lose everything! “Keep your nose to the grindstone!” You can’t see anything around you when you’re grinding your nose off.

      And when you’re heavily in debt, you’re busy busy busy trying to keep your (Ground off) nose above water. No time for critical thinking, no time for (horrors!) resistence to anything. No time for anything but headline news, a couple martini’s and 4 hours of sleep before you coffee up and go back to work at your 2 or 3 jobs.

      Also no time for real, personal child rearing. So, an otherwise normal, nice, honest, sincere parent (Especially the increasingly prevalent single parent) becomes a non-entity to his/her children and children are raised without the input they need to develop the more human parts of their personalities. Enter… The psychopathic schools! “Here kid! Just take this test and don’t think about it and don’t bother to remember it.” It’s a set up for the manufacturing of the types of people that Sibel identifies in her next episode as HOST POPULATION. All schooling like fish and lined up for their very own personal grindstone! Hurrah! And while you’re at it, if you do happen to grab a spare moment to relax, you can do so in front of the TV or DVD player while two teams of monsters smash into eachother or Dexter stabs people in the heart, all for the better good doncha know.

      So, I went on longer than I hoped. But, I hope that added something to your good post on poverty and to Sibel’s excellent podcast on psychopaths.

      @Sibel, since psychopathy and shows like Dexter are a personal interest of mine (I am entertained by them, but pride myself in trying to dissect out the propaganda that lurks behind all of them) I’m hoping that you will continue to speak on this topic from your obviously well thought out and educated perspective.

      And thanks for the nice prop. If I’m the Dave you referred to! heh.


  7. steven hobbs says:

    Hi All,
    Here is the law that covers some of the issues in the case Sibel laid out using letters as persons and business entities.
    Disqualification of judge for cause
    (1) A judge shall not act as such in a court of which the judge is a member in any of the following circumstances:
    (a) The judge shall not act as judge if the judge is a party to or directly interested in the action, suit or proceeding, except that the judge shall not be disqualified from acting as such in a case in which the judge is added as a party after taking any official action as a judge in the action, suit or proceeding, and in that case the judge shall be dismissed as a party without prejudice.
    There are others also relevant in this section.

    • Steven,

      Very good.

      In fact, the general law on integrity/independence goes as far as even having ‘the appearance’ of conflict. And both, the actual and appearance of conflict, is being applied as known or even ‘perceived’ by ‘the people.’ Meaning, not something that has to be established by legal experts, but ‘the people.’

      Time for my morning coffee … before I butcher every sentence or word. I’ll be back.

      • 344thBrother says:

        RE: Your “butchering ever sentence or word”.

        I’m betting that I speak for everyone when I say that: I enjoy your “butchering”.

        You’re perfectly articulate even when you’re making up words. Your accent is lovely and your voice is soft and easy listening. And the butchering is frankly charming.

        So, pardon me for seeming like just an “Apple polisher” but I’m sincere.


    • Steven:
      Nice work. More inch by inch preparation. Steady as she goes….

  8. 344thBrother says:

    I tried to post a comment but I don’t think it took. This is attempt #2.

    I’m reviewing my youtube videos of “The Labyrinth of the Psychopath” by Thomas Sheridan and “The psychopathic school” by John Taylor Gatto in preparation for the next episode. I found them both instructive on the first pass. More after the review.

  9. Just finished reading this (with my morning coffee):

    The outcome (or lack of) will not matter. What it signifies: tackling smaller chunks, one at a time. Of course as we know local gov/states have not utilized/exercised the power they have (power in theory-under US Constitution)- but they can be forced to use those long unused power … Reject Common Core, Reject/outlaw NSA, Legalize Marijuana and prostitution, Kick TSA out of their airports … There is also the high chances of ‘Domino Effect’- all it takes a few examples, and many others will follow.

    This is similar to Bottom-Up method …

    Okay. I still have a dozen of articles to read, take notes, and one more cup of coffee to gulp down;-) More later …

    • 344thBrother says:

      Since they seem afraid of the domino effect (See Vietnam) I agree that the bottom up approach may get the dominos falling. Lets hope they cause the whole “House of dominos” to crash down. If a couple of those crooks actually got arrested and interrogated (Like a normal criminal) my guess is they’d roll over on their associates in a heartbeat.

      Note: I personally think that the primary reason for the attack on the Pentagon on 911 was to remove the investigation from the criminal justice system into a “We are at war” footing and thus to control all the investigation as a military and “National security” matter.

      Looking forward to #19 !


      • Dave,

        “I personally think that the primary reason for the attack on the Pentagon on 911 was to remove the investigation from the criminal justice system into a “We are at war” footing …”- Completely agree; excellent point.

      • 344th hello~

        You might find this interesting -

        and here, covering much of the same data with an annoying computer generated voice and in video format (I still suggest reading the above link) –

        • steven hobbs says:

          Hi Fabiani,

          Thank you for links. Deep looks into Deep State perfidy leads a belief it’s more complicated than, “Pull a string and cards fall.” Reminds me of Twain, “Truth is stranger than fiction.” More like a house of mirrors ala Sander Hicks report on Veerland found at footnote 23. Seemed moribund conversation thanks for adding some spunk.

    • Agreed, I think. They are telling us using words exactly who they are speaking to, right here when they claim….

      “Instead his cause has been what he sees as government theft of privacy – the unlawful acquisition by the National Security Agency of personal information in the form of metadata about electronic communications by US citizens.”

      Do we know who they are addressing in this claim? Are we as true freedom desirous people aware of the definitions of the words they’re using here? They are using Black’s Law dictionary definitions of words. If we are not, then we are not aware of even the environment we’re operating in. ‘They’ are operating in the commercial/private environment. Typically, we are not. I for one, am not a US ‘Citizen’.

      Then there’s this bit…
      “It’s called the anti-commandeering doctrine,” he says. “The federal government cannot force the states to provide personnel or resources to any federal regulation or federal act or federal process. If the feds want to do it they can do it, but they have to do it themselves.”

      Sounds spot on to me – yes, the Federal government has NO authority to compel one to contract, and yet that is exactly where we find ourselves today! Isn’t that what the fed gov’t is doing with their draconian ‘Obamacare’ package? Oh wait, then there’s the driver’s license…we’re compelled to use their fully copyrighted ‘ZIP code” system to mail one another things….they compel us to have a mailbox to begin with…increasingly they wish to force vaccines…..taxation…..get it. Everything is a forced/compelled contract on their part. Why is this..? The US Fed gov’t is a government services contract corporation. We are NOT forced to use them, however the masses do not know this. They think all of this is their ‘government’. Additionally the US Constitution is entirely misunderstood. ‘Rights’, ‘Civil Rights’….these are not what people think they are. Just as the ‘government’ co-opt’s and absorbs and spins anything & everything to their favor and to further their agenda, that began with the perversion and altering of words; heck, before that, in getting us to no longer use symbols! Symbols contain an entire philosophies, ideas, concepts, and can convey instantaneously far more information. Interesting! They wanted us to become much more left-brained as beings, and remove the emotional aspect from connecting to our mind/spirit so readily.

      And what of the larger point, why on Earth are we allowing and being complicit in foreign controlled and owned entities creating ‘Laws’ (statutes, ordinances, not Laws at all) to ‘protect us from NSA’…? Its a sham, all of it is theater for the masses. They have NO authority to create Laws at all, they are pirates who operate out of Washington, D.C.; I mean this literally. Sometimes I think of them as vampires as well. vampirical pirates…? Wait isn’t there a very famous hollywood pirate movie series….hmmnn…aren’t they everywhere on the Tel-a-vision. Interesting.

      We can talk about commercial liens being filed in the ‘right’ court (they are ALL privately owned by foreign interests) all day long, in the end, and in my own opinion, even underlying that change is the burning, inextinguishable desire by each individual to share what they are awakening to, as best they can with compassion, knowledge and heart because this is in our communities. They want us in the courts in fact, meanwhile the health of the global environment is toyed with and altered, to be sorted out and healed….when, exactly?

  10. 344thBrother says:

    New information I’d never heard before in this youtube report here:
    “911 / Unter Falscher Flagge (False Flag) 2/7”

    The segment referenced below starts at 4:26 in this video. I’m now downloading the entire video because it’s well done and has new info I’ve never seen before. Highly recommended.

    This segment discusses “Pete Zalewski” a well hidden (Domino?) who not only was the Air Traffic controller of Flight AA 11 and who broke protocol by repeatedly (from 8:13 to 8:24) just kept trying to contact the pilot instead of putting out an alert that a plane had deviated from its flight path.

    How was this kept quiet?
    How is it that Zalewski’s name wasn’t made public?
    Is he vulnerable?

    That’s strange enough, but Zalewski also was the controller who handled UA 175. So one guy had both planes that hit the towers. Again…. WTF!

    Then to top it all off, in this segment it was reported by another flight controller (not named) that 2 years previously Zalewski was the controller for Egypt Air Flight 990 that plunged into the ocean off Nantucket Island full of Egyptian Military Brass. (The flight crashed not far from where JFK Jr’s plane went down in very similar circumstances, another probable set up that was “poorly handled” by the Pentagon).

    I can’t help wondering:
    1. Where is Zalewski now?
    2. Is he still an air traffic controller?
    3. Are there any other mysterious crashes “handled” by Pete Zalewski?
    4. Who was the supervisor who destroyed all the tape of the post 911 interviews of the FAA flight controllers responsible for the hijacked 911 flights?

    It has been claimed also in that segment:
    (Unverified) that Zalewski had a military intelligence background… Not hard to believe. Fresh ground for those investigators out there.

    peace and let the domino’s fall where they may

  11. This video by gato is a must hear I think. On youtube find John Taylor Gatto – Fighting Back

    Not sure I’ve heard of him before or not. Is Charlotte izzerby legit? Iv wondered about reading her stuff.

    • 344thBrother says:

      Iserbyt (sp) is legit in my book. She says her dad was Skull and Bones and she’s written a lot about “THe dumbing down of America”. I’ve heard her speak a few times on line. I like her.

      • steven hobbs says:

        Hi Brother,
        Watching a lil Iserbyt on YouTube [Deliberate Dumbing Down …] . Don’t know about your considerations of her opinions. Quick impression: she’s alternately incisive re schools’ dumbing down, then stuck in habatus of her station.

        I’ve excellent benefit from things she dismisses, i.e. sensory awareness (doing a 3day this weekend), and psychodrama. Knowledge of these has helped me understand myself and psychopaths. What she doesn’t seem to get , these ideas and methods can aid self-reliance — just as the methods (themselves) can be used for dumbing down and persuasion. I’ll rate this YouTube a thumbs down. Nevertheless, thank you for the suggestion, she’s correct to object at the level of her comprehension.

        • 344thBrother says:


          I agree on Iserbyt: She’s more on the overhead/UN aspects of the issue. Coming from a position in those meetings, and analysis of the overall plan. she’s knowledgeable but dry. I personally like Gatto more for his listen-ability and his teaching perspective which is closer to my own. He has more interesting stories too.

          Both have a lot of good information, delivered at length.


  12. Also, on that note, if your fighting against something wrong could hurt those who also fight against it, but also may never hurt nor limit them, should you still fight?

    • 344thBrother says:

      A Name:

      I think your question about hurting or limiting others is one of the main reasons that no one has done something rash so far. People who may be able to see that we may be losing the fight against “the powers” and want to (for instance) start taking some of the powers that be out violently may be stymied by the thought that the unintended consequences from such a rash act may be worse than whatever possible good that may come from seeing a Kissinger or that ilk on a slab.

      It happened in the Revolutionary war too. There was a lot of resistance to taking that final step and picking up arms for just that reason.

      “”They tell us, sir, that we are weak – unable to cope with so formidable an adversary. But when shall we be stronger? Will it be the next week, or the next year? Will it be when we are totally disarmed, and when a British guard shall be stationed in every house? Shall we gather strength by irresolution and inaction? Shall we acquire the means of effectual resistance by lying supinely on our backs, and hugging the delusive phantom of Hope, until our enemies shall have bound us hand and foot?” Patrick Henry Liberty or Death speech before Second Virginia Convention .

      It’s a problem

      • Wasn’t talking about physical fighting. The only way this “war” can be won is to
        embrace survellience as a tool against them just as they have with us, minus the lying, framing and blackmailing.
        Once every high post and bureaucratic position and position of so called authority
        requires those who hold it to be surveiled 24/7, only then will it be unappealing to the psychopath and only then will the holders of these positions be accountable to those they should be serving.
        There are many ways that one could be used to hurt the effort. For example what if one is
        inarticulate but loud? Or just half full of it while being right on other points? Or a dope head? Or a little off kilter or any number of things?

  13. Off topic good news: I live in the valley of western Oregon and am able to pick up the Portland community supported radio station KBOO (104.3 translator) and the program was James’ most recent hour-long interview with Sibel. That’s BROADcast media. Great content and I’m gonna let the staff at KBOO know that it is appreciated. Sibel, this might be an avenue to boost your Oregon judicial review project, yes?

    • PeterM;
      Good find! I was unable to find any Pacifica stations in Oregon. If Sibel/you et. el, get a connection like that; it gives you a stronger base. Definitely worth a serious look.

      • steven hobbs says:

        Hi Ron & Peter,
        Surfing, so to speak, that area I discovered some renegades (Operation Free Speech) from KBOO claiming the station is now controlled by a non-democratic cabal. It reminded me of when KPFA was facing internal and external subterfuge. I’ll leave the link so you can evaluate. I’ve not the history on this station or this area to surmise.

        • Steven and PeterM:
          Interesting. I used to listen to KPFA and was a subscriber. Can’t get it anymore. Peter, due to Steven’s” find” you may have to test the waters here and there. I have no clue about the radio scene in Portland. But, I’d bet Sibel , sooner or later, would develop a “progressive” Portland audience. She simply has too much charisma and experience–Sibel; this is not flattery; this is FACT. Those are strengths to be used.

          • steven hobbs says:

            Hi Ron,
            “Sibel , sooner or later, would develop a “progressive” Portland audience. She simply has too much charisma and experience–Sibel; this is not flattery; this is FACT. Those are strengths to be used.” — Certainly, agreed.

            Ron, considerations you have likely thought, Sibel’s privacy is sacrosanct. She chooses when and how to be public. Each forward step she takes is (possibly) profoundly more dangerous than you or I. Additionally, in the OR project it may be more productive for her to be in the background, giving her guidance, expertise, and spunk. We’ve bigger fish to fry than OR.

            This is one of the reasons I’ve been thinking about a public face for Oregon Justice Movement — we need a pithy name and this aint it. I’m not even sure we want to reveal BFP initially. But, I tend to over-think things sometimes. Yes, missing those other voices you mentioned. If there were independent ways to contact them we might appeal their interest. There’s one person who’s contributed to this site I would like to ask a private question of some gravitas to me personally.

    • Peter M,

      Absolutely. It would be a great outlet. In fact, it would be great if you make a list of other possible outlets in Oregon- at least those you have faith in.

      • I’ll be contacting KBOO to thank them and will inquire as to who at the station chose the content. I’ll let you know. It was really ‘strange’ in a great way to hear the interview on the car radio that I would normally only hear on my laptop. For any wondering, yes, Gladio-B tastes better on the radio.

    I’m watching this “Black Lives Matter” protesting sort of trying to kick start. ‘reminds me of the early 60s .But we are in a different world now. A Federal Police state/Patriot Act/NSA, etc. looms everywhere I’m impressed by many of these younger people–especially in NY showing solidarity and being marched off to jail. They know it’s not going to be a fun time—gutsy!. My hunch: keep an eye on this.

    • ron,

      I am keeping an eye on this. Let’s see what kind of pacification tactic/moves the gov will try to plug into this. I just posted AGM podcast on this podcast topic, but I haven’t listened to it yet.

    • Right on ron! =]

      • One of the real bright spots with what’s going on with some of these protests is the fact that the proliferation of camera phones and the ability to instantly broadcast what’s going on means that the MSM and the law enforcement authorities via the MSM no longer have the kind of monopoly they’ve had in the past when it comes to controlling the narrative. Particularly in the likely scenario where they employ agent provocateurs to justify a violent crackdown, having that kind of decentralization of coverage leaves people with a whole different set of tools for exposing in depth the way these tactics are used to justify police state violence.

    • 344thBrother says:


      Did you see the conveniently timed (In front of CNN and a big wall of police) and possibly staged (By a guy who was doing similar things at the Fergussen riots,) “Kidnapping” by military in a Humvee because of curfew violation?

      Staged or not staged, it was very convenient

      • No, I didn’t see that. Was that a serious question or a reference to the crisis actor conversation with chris that I just responded to?

  15. steven hobbs says:

    Hi All,
    Seems to me (on brief examination) OR project target date completion would be 2017 for substantial change. In the meantime, lots of work. In the short run: preparing press packages, gaining allies, legal opinions, more research, and investigations (street and towers), honing message, strategic planning on timing, tactical plans on non-violent disruption. and follow through in political arena. More than one thing is left out, please contribute. The process may grow organically, but may still need fences that don’t hold back flowers. Please excuse my waxing metaphoric when attempting to be logically practical; it sometimes allows fewer words.

    I was only half jesting (way back) when suggesting side bar for epistemology because why stop at one? Anywho, this may be time to consider email opportunities for collaboration. For example. Rabbit is lobbying Judicial Watch. I’m in perpetration stage to lobby other groups, coordination my be useful at this stage.

  16. The Zalewski connection/question is one of hundreds of known 911 anomalies/facts in contention. Wonderful to know the variety and calibre of analysts out there constantly working the dark mine of 911 deception. I thank each and everyone of them. One day, one of them is going to crack to code enabling this massive lie its power. The wrecking of the air controllers personal memories of the day-tape was an egregious and criminal act destroying states evidence. It rang the bell of coverup loud and clear. So ALWAYS good to have it bubble up in cauldron again.

    • 344thBrother says:

      Yep remo:
      It’s one piece of the big picture I’d somehow missed. Zalewski. I wonder where he’s disappeared off to now. Possibly some safe 3rd world country death squad training.


  17. Steven Hobbs:
    No.1 concern for me since Sibel allowed us to participate? — Sibel’s total safety and health.! She could walk away and leave fantastic good karma in her wake. In a way I think she should. But, then Sibel is ,well, Sibel.

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