Probable Cause with Sibel Edmonds- The Normalization of Corruption in the So-Called Land of the Free

If You See Something, Say Something, Then Get Off Your Bu.. and Do Something About It!

Welcome to our nineteenth episode of Probable Cause. In this episode we’ll be discussing the subject of corruption. As with our previous episode we will be looking at this topic, corruption, not as a separate disease attached to the rulers, aka our deep state and government, but as another dynamic that exists and operates within a symbiotic relationship. We are going to expand our viewing lenses to take in the entire picture rather than a singular focal point.

We’ll begin our discussion with some widely-known and concrete facts and data involving survey results on Americans’ perception of their government, elections, government corruption, normalization and acceptance of lobbying, and much more. From there we’ll delve into the issue of the public’s acceptance and discuss whether this is mainly a societal issue in a nation where moral compasses have long been thrown out, where thievery, abuse and corruption are all lightly frowned upon yet accepted practices. We will end the episode by posing a few macro questions such as ‘does the elected and sustained corrupt government mirror the state of our nation’s majority?’ As always, our next episode will be based on your reaction, critique, responses and questions posed in the comments section below.

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Show Notes

Book- “How Corrupt Are Our Politics?”

Top 10 Ways the US is the Most Corrupt Country in the World

Majority of Americans Say Corruption Has Increased (Survey)

IG: Pentagon Isn't Properly Tracking 'Revolving Door' Data

The Revolving Door from the Pentagon to the Private Sector

Department of Defense’s Revolving Door in Full Swing

How Big Pharma Controls the FDA

Ron Paul Condemns Close Ties between FDA & Big Pharma

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    I seldom post links, but this rant by Greg Hunter relating to Power/Corruption of deep state banks is too good to miss!!!. Scroll down to his 18 minute video.
    Have a safe trip!!

  2. arealjeffersonian says:

    Great podcast, as usual. Just a comment, I too have for years heard the same thing – corrupt Congress, unethical SOBs, etc, etc. But a funny thing, these comments are usually reserved for the entire Congress, when it comes down to the representative(s) of whomever is complaining, its usually “my rep is OK, it’s the rest of the bastards”. Its as if there is a refusal to recognize or admit to corruption when it comes to someone the complainer voted for – maybe feels responsible for – perhaps to escape the need to “get off their butt and do something about it”.

    • Jeffersonian,

      That’s a good point- the separation of ‘the one I voted for’ from ‘the rest.’

      And thank you for your encouraging words (always needed). The other day, an e-mail from a ‘friend’ reminded me of that: I was so busy addressing ‘things’ that I’d forgotten to let him know that he had done an incredible job with a project.

    • ARealjeffersonian;
      I’ll keep short–in a hurry. For me it is NOT the politicians ( who are corrupt no doubt) — But even more so-It is those who are UNELECTED(e.,g., neo-con psychopaths) and hang around the corridors of power/corruption promoting endless war and whispering nasty shyte in to the ears of dumbbell presidents and paid- for politicians. btw glad you are “back”, so to speak…

  3. stevan topping says:

    Thank you for the podcast. A few years back i am with my young daughter playing in a small playground. There are swings, a slide etc. It’s base is sand, with a few weeds protruding here and there. We go for a walk and return to a council worker spraying the weeds in the playground. He is covered sufficiently in protective clothing. I ask him what he is spraying. He repiles “Round Up”, and it would be best if we don’t play in the area for at least an hour. We leave the area, however, another family with toddlers will arrive soon, probably. What did i do? I told friends and family and vented, let off some steam. What did it achieve? Well, nothing. I hold my hands up. If i wan’t to realise any meaningful change i must act. Even if that is only communicating what i feel needs communicating (It is what it is). If i want to be more than the microcosm of the macrocosm (the majority in apathy, feeling helpless, cognitive dissonance, fear, whatever), i need to do more. That’s all and it’s ok. It’s all about the perception of ourselves as strength and acting on that. In numbers it can affect huge change. I just need to get of my ass way more than sitting on it. For me this is what the podcast is all about.

    • Stevan,

      “…For me this is what the podcast is all about.”- And for me this is the value of BFP- our home of irate minority. It brings back the needed optimism when I read comments like yours. If only we could multiply people like you.

  4. CuChulainn says:

    contempt joined with defeatism is typical of the spectator, whose essence is passivity. the idle wish for capitalism with a human face, what never was and never can be, can only lead to impotent action. this masturbatory fantasy is itself the spectacle, the sun which never sets over the empire of modern passivity.

  5. wallace gromit says:

    I think its fairly clear by now that the majority does mirror, at least to a superficial point, the personality traits of the psychopathic majority, in a sense that it’s happened enough for the individuals among the majority to believe that they are truly alike, even though they are fundamentally different from the people they are trying to emulate…

    Key for me, is whether this dynamic can be affected or not. I don’t think it can be by actors like us in niches like we are. It’ll have to be a massive event or series events ala 9/11 that will either naturally bring about or give an opportunity for people like us to influence the majority in a way that can open up avenues forward. Either way though, I do believe that its sort of like living in an area where you rely on rainfall for water supply– when you have good rainy seasons everyone is happy, and when there’s drought everyone is freaking out til the rain comes steady again. RIght now people are being fed and clothed and kept warm by the corrupt system and probably believe that the corruption of the system is part of what keeps it going, and them safe and provided for. A price is being paid, deals made, to promote this popular approval of the psychopathic ruling class. The undoing will be the completely unbalance and unsustainable way that resources are being spent.

  6. In the Disco,,,
    Eruption – One Way Ticket (1979) Show..
    Let us take a walk in the park…
    (But why do we go on in spite of mistakes, in spite of destruction)..!
    a step in the dark…
    a trip in the dark…
    That intro song..
    Made me go, back in time.
    Kind regards

    • Ronald Orovitz says:

      Me too, Jens… and Boney M is a favorite of that era. I occasionally DJ at a local club – as recently as last month, when I played Rasputin, but with the long intro which is the title track to the LP, Night flight to Venus… But here’s a TV version I haven’t seen…

      ending with the line that brings to mind a controversial subject these days: “Oh those Russians…”

  7. Here’s a comment I recently made which I certainly think applies to this conversation:
    “Bottom line is that we have to recognize that the game is rigged and it’s not possible to count on our elected officials to carry the torch on anything. “Reform” accomplishes nothing. Any real change is going to have to come from thinking outside of the box, not looking for a building permit from the fox to renovate the safety features on the chicken coup.”

    I’m honestly pretty resigned about creating change by petitioning our government through any of the available mechanisms because I think they’re only really designed to uphold the illusion of accountability and arguably have never truly resembled a “representative” Democracy.

    @Sibel: as this relates to our current action item regarding judicial oversight and integrity in Oregon, it’s recently dawned on me, as I’ve stated above, that an entirely different approach may be necessary. Instead of trying to push reform through legislative measures maybe a better approach would be simply for example, in the case of judges with clear conflicts of interest, create and publicize some sort of online database which lists potential conflicts of interest in a way which anybody can see. If these conflicts of interest are extensive enough, this information can provide people with a valuable resource for publicizing and exposing this in a way where these judges are no longer able to hide behind procedural ‘under-sight’. Perhaps we can discuss this when you return. (btw: have a great trip and send my warm regards to the TSA 😉

    Although what I just said is addressed to Sibel specifically and only relates to one particular instance, it need not and indeed should not be viewed as an isolated example. The approach could be applied on any number of fronts. I think if we start discussing ways to press issues and force change through non-conventional methods there might be a chance to actually make the idea of Democracy “representative” of the interests of the people, not just an illusion. Civil disobedience is fine, but if all we’re doing is petitioning for a new shovel we’re destined to remain snowed-in.

    The fox will never permit an electric fence around the chicken coup, so why bother asking? If it can be done without becoming ‘fried chicken’, why not put the damn thing up and let them try to press charges when they get zapped?

    • steven hobbs says:

      Oh Ronald,
      Didn’t know you play Rasputin. Again please…

      • Ronald Orovitz says:

        Steven, talk about “synchronicities”… I did some traveling in the past couple of days (nothing so exotic as Sibel’s travels, although Detroit is somewhat “exotic” in a bleak way – had a hard time finding my way back to the highway at night when all of the street lights are out and the roadsigns unlit, driving through blocks and blocks of a house here, a house there, but mostly empty lots)… Anyway, I was there for a concert (To Live and Shave in L.A.) where the venue (Trinosophes) has a record store next door, and what should I find in the disco bins but the 12″ extended version of Rasputin! (I always have my eyes peeled for Boney M when I go through disco bins, but this is the first time I’ve come across this version). Later that evening, visiting with a friend in the area, we watch the documentary on FEMEN: “Ukraine Is Not a Brothel” – and what is the theme music in the intro and during the ending credits but Rasputin! (they cut off the “Oh those Russians” though). That docu is worth taking a look at – particularly as relates to shady NGOs and mysterious donors who drop large sums of money into their bank account….

        …. which brings me to Benny, see below my proposal for revising the tax code in a way that I do think would make democracy much more representative of the interests of the people in that it would provide a way for individuals to make an end-run around corporate lobbyists and their corruptible “representatives” in seeing that their tax dollars go directly to those causes they believe in, and in such a way that both the organizations and their supporters are accountable. For instance, if George Soros is funding FEMEN, this would be public knowledge.

    • steven hobbs says:

      Hi Benny,
      “..our current action item regarding judicial oversight and integrity in Oregon, it’s recently dawned on me… create and publicize some sort of online database which lists potential conflicts of interest in a way which anybody can see.” — Agreed. We need multi prong approach with allies. I’m starting to feel like Diogenes.

      Regarding “reform” of a broken system, it’s pretty hopeless. Yet other gains may be made by participating with disheartened folks of civic awareness.

      • Steven,

        I haven’t ruled out all traditional methods of civic activism. I think things like ballot initiatives can and have worked. Basically, direct Democracy.

  8. 344thBrother says:

    I have not seen the episode yet, I’m looking forward to it, but off my cuff:

    When I was still in high school, I remember people commonly said “Politicians lie”. Even really smart people, voters said this all the time.

    Which was the beginning of the end for my participation in that process. I’ve seen nothing since then to dissuade me from that. Politicians do lie. It fascinates me that people still think that somehow participating in the political process will ever make any difference of any significance (other than window dressing).

    The Who were right. “Meet the new boss, same as the old boss”.
    Please pardon the link. The Who, won’t get fooled again:

    This is Track 09 of the Who’s album – Who’s next. First recorded (then rejected) in New York on March 16, 1971, this became the first song to be worked on with Glyn Johns during a trial session at Stargroves with The Rolling Stones Mobile studio in April, 1971

    “I know that the hypnotized never lie. DO YA?” Except to ourselves perhaps.

    “There’s nothing in the streets, looks any different to me
    And the slogans are replaced, by-the-bye
    And the parting on the left is now parting on the right
    And the beards have all grown longer overnight”

    That and “Lawyer = Liar”

    And “I don’t want to know” Really smart people said this all the time… I wonder what that makes us?

    All these things relate going all the way back to the Nixon era for me.

    Listening now.

    • Brother:
      I feel the same. Especially when I consider what I have learned about psychopathy. No matter what follows our sure demise, the “Things to Come” will contain about 4% psychopaths and the extreme ones ALWAYS entrench themselves into the “ruling class” which is another way of saying “deep state”. This our reality worldwide, unless mutation of the species occurs; and that is many years away.
      We who comment on this electronic thread, live in paradise, based on what I’ve seen, yet the psychopaths still can find whatever they want. One way to look at it is to take Lao Tzu’s position—It is all a flow… an eternal flow.

  9. Arnar Steinsson says:

    Thanks for this Sibel. Sadly exposure to corruption can have some very negative effects on people even when they are directly affected by it. One can ignore it depending on how hard it´s hitting you. Fighting will take it´s toll and can break anyone.

    Happy travels and I hope you have a good time with your family.

  10. Could you up the volume a little bit? It seems quieter than normal.

    Also, the problem is that people see the corruption as endurable and not a threat. Get a series of vids like that crap in chapter 3 floating about the net so as to become common knowledge then the sense of benign corruption will hopefully flee the people. The corruption will be viewed as having teeth. And eve if it doesn’t bother people directly they’ll have no choice hut to at least appear riled up to the point of taking action just to save face. You have to speak the language the specs understand, and that language is the language of spectacle.

    Maybe specs is a good term for the spectacle people? The ones who go along to get along, or is that just muddying the terminology waters?

    In art there this concept. You can say “hey, here’s something wrong, fix it!” which people won’t respond to. Or you can poi t to this horrible crap and say “hey, look at this! It great stuff!” (Then hold up some collateral damage or whatever horror suits the purpose of the effort). The later gets the response.

    You people play too nicely frankly. That’s some of the problem. Of course you have to maintain your respectability. But there are those who don’t. Maybe their voice needs to be ramped up a bit to lead people to a nicer voice like that of all of you.

  11. 344thBrother says:

    follow up on the issue of “The hypnotized never lie”

    In 1962 Aldous Huxley (Elite) did a speech “The Ultimate revolution” available on youtube, before university students at Berkley where he discussed the ease with which 80% of the population are hypnotized. 20% literally like that *snap* 60% with varying amounts of effort and repetition and 20% who cannot be hypnotized by currently known methods. He says a lot more, but I found this part relevant to The Who’s song. His speech is long but chock full if interesting information and well worth it and relates directly to the following link.

    The following clearly demonstrates what Huxley said regarding hypnosis above.
    Nation Anthem Subliminal Messages HD youtube

    Subliminal messages in the television sign off “Star Spangled Banner” which really explains a LOT of the “Flag sucking” by Americans (Hunter S. Thompson) and really pisses me off too. I clearly remember this sign off coming after the late night fright shows. I watched frequently as a young person, almost asleep and even coming to attention when it played. Disgusting really and should result in a life sentence for those who perpetrated this mind control idiocy.

    To anyone who hasn’t seen this, you owe it to yourself, seriously.

    peace freedom truth justice

    • Did you mean nation anthem or national anthem?

    • Wow, just watched the nation anthem version. That really is something to see. The one that happens just as the capitol dome is showing is the clearest. They might want to slow it down even more judging from the comments section. People really should watch this.

      • Are there any solid sources that explain subliminal in detail?

        • @ A Name, Good question, and I’d ask whether this video has been sourced and verified as the original that aired in the 60s.

          • It seems to have been. The comments were about the translation I think. You would need some software to look further though, and I don’t have such resources.

            If we are going to talk about what motivates people we are going to have to talk seriously and credibly about non consensual influences on the mind and brain. How is that to be approached?

            1) psychotronics: someone posted proof of concept in an earlier PC episode in regards to Penrose’s work. How developed are these tools is the real question. Where do we get data on this?

            2) subliminals: no proof of concept yet, where would the data be found?

            3) chemical influence: fluoride, malnutrition, radiation and various other toxicities, pharmaceuticals (23% of Americans are on psychiatric drugs nowadays IIRC) and possibly even a glyphosate/processed food/vaccine connection.

            Is there any non couched info on this subject?

            How can these issues be approach hdx without the quackery?

    • steven hobbs says:

      Hi Brother,
      Huxley was writing from his reading of Stanford hypnotizablity studies, thus was limited information available. He and Milton Erickson (the undisputed father of modern American hypnosis) had reportedly wonderful conversations at Huxley’s house in the desert. They were exploring hypnosis from Milton’s perspective and reverie from Aldous’s . Unfortunately only a small portion of their conversations survived the fire in Huxley’s house.

      Maybe lying in hypnosis is like faking a lie detector test.

  12. 344thBrother says:

    “If you see something, say something” unless it has anything to do with gooberment corruption.

    Listening now in case you couldn’t tell.

  13. Is it possible the majority accepts the corruption in the representative democracy just because they have been thoroughly indoctrinated to accept it?

    Certainly for almost 60 years I have heard so many times that America is exceptional, where the rest of the world looks up to our country with envy. People can get rich through hard work here – or at least that is still a frequently stated myth. We are told capitalism might have faults but it has proven to be so much better than its failed alternative, communism (as if that is the only other alternate economic system). We are told the electoral college system (or anything else in our democracy) might have faults but it has worked for 200 years so why change it now? The propaganda suggests: change is not welcome and also there are certainly no other better solutions.

    For all those years I have also heard so many times: to cause change either work with your representative or a local politician (maybe even work for their campaigns) – or run for office yourself to make change happen. This means the only way to make a change is through the system, known to be corrupt (as mentioned in the podcast). In Howard Zinn’s book about the People’s History of US, he also pointed out this is an effective method to suppress discontent – by pushing those seeking change to do it via the political system, where they will be frustrated by the inertia inherent in the mechanisms run by committees staffed by other representatives and eventually they will lose their motivation.

    I suspect many are resigned to accept this current corruption because the system is ‘too big to change.’ The common saying is ‘you can’t fight city hall’ which is about just small time politicians. Everyone knows now the big time politicians at the state and national levels are corrupted and will not care about individual complaints.

    I suspect those in the middle class or higher accept the corruption just because they do not want to rock the boat that keeps them at their level of affluence; there is always the risk political reforms might change the benefits enjoyed by those living in relative comfort. Those in the lower classes know the system is biased against them from the start, and so they need the cooperation of those in the higher classes to bring about change, which is unlikely given the suggestions in the popular media about a ‘class war’ going on.

    I wish all politicians had the simple recall mechanism available that you mention for this judge in Oregon – but then it is a matter of convincing people to get rid or one corrupt person at a time, even with the expectation the replacement might not be any better. That was the case here in Wisconsin when Governor Walker was recalled to force an election but then the candidate to oppose him was widely recognized as probably not much better of a choice so, with two undesirables to choose from, Walker stayed in office. There is a saying about choosing to keep the known problem rather than picking what could be just a new problem.

    I suspect true political reform will come about only with a widespread social movement outside of elections, like that push for a 40-hour work week over a century ago or the push for civil rights in the 1960’s (which seemed effective initially). Individual or small efforts are easily ignored by the system. One obvious obstacle is the current ‘strategy of tension’ now in play, where an infiltrator doing violence within a larger peaceful demonstration can easily tarnish the efforts of the larger group. An outsider will view the result as just another failed attempt at change, which reinforces one’s feeling of confronting a system ‘too big to change.’

    I am offering only possible explanations for the malaise in our electorate, to be criticized or expounded upon. As the podcast mentions, those in our government poll very poorly – so I suspect those being polled (in different economic classes, in different locations) have many reasons to justify their common feelings.

    I do not understand why some are surprised by the lack of people actively trying to throw out their representatives. I don’t consider this a ‘disease’ (as described in the top paragraph for this episode) but more as a society pushed/pulled in too many directions to be capable of finding a viable solution to the social problem of an ineffective government. The current political debate as played out in the popular media consists of seeking others to blame for one’s problems (like the lazy poor, the big corporations, too many immigrants, high taxes, global warming, Walmart and/or McDonalds, and on and on) rather than suggesting the political system itself is broken and unresponsive.

    We live in an oligarchy, with a few ruling over the many. The government managed to suit the 1% does not mirror the 99%. Unfortunately I am missing the point of that question at the end of the episode text. Most people really can hold only their local politicians accountable – as they live in the same community and can find some opportunities for direct contact. As layers of government are added, people recognize their representatives become more remote, and so less directly accountable.

    Before the 20th Century, nation states could keep each other somewhat in check, to offer some mechanism of accountability on political leaders. With global governance in play now, there are no effective mechanisms for accountability on the actions of those at the top. With no accountability, absolute power corrupts absolutely, and so the corruption continues – until collapse or until some political change comes into play. The problem is how to initiate that political change into an oligarchy…

  14. 344thBrother says:

    I agree with most of what you said above. Add in that over 70% of all Americans bathe in, drink, wash, water their vegatable gardens and make their ice cubes with Fluoride (Known to enhance apathy even in the Gulags and the Nazi concentration camps… and that a LOT of prescription medications use fluoride as a base (Notably prozac which is 93% fluoride) and include the sickening of the American population as a whole (Gentrification, overwork, stress, fear of speaking out or of “Terrorists” woooooooo) Mass Media propaganda and the Police State gestapo tactics, and I believe we have a set up for even intelligent and informed people to sit back and shrug. Learned helplessness. Things like Fukushima and mass poisoning of the environment play into it as well for those of us who even bother to try to stay informed. I’m including myself here.

    It’s really overwhelming, depressing and sometimes one just wants to say, “The hell with it, lets watch a movie.”
    or… Oh LOOK! A bright shiny internet object of the moment.

    Enjoy your travels and the time with your daughter.

  15. 344thBrother says:

    @A Name:
    Thanks for watching. There are other versions that do show things slowed down more, notably Melissa Melton and Aaron Dykes have a good one on their site. It’s worth watching in high definition just so you get the best view possible.

    I’ve got one friend who insists that (According to his college psychology class) subliminal messages don’t work. That video would argue against that for sure. I hope you can also watch the Aldous Huxley speech to UC Berkley, it goes much farther into depth on the entire issue of the covert projects to subvert American behavior on many levels. Brave New World through pharmaceuticals (Again Prozac etc..) 1984 Terrorist tactics. Hypnosis and other issues all discussed and that was in 1962… We’ve come a long way baby.

    peace on earth

    • What’s up with those two anyway? I always wondered why they left. Never seen the site. Not sure what it is. I’m guessing they are a bit more legit than Jones?

      I remember him, Jones, once saying you can find the video of the nuremburg trials and some testimony about Nazis using fluoride, but I never could find it. Nor any other info to back up their use of it.

      • 344thBrother says:

        A Name:
        Melissa and Aaron split off on their own from Jones and recently married. They provide some good info on their site and their style is amusing while informing.

        Re: Fluoride… there’s no shortage of information out there I’ve found it before. Perhaps use a search engine besides google et al? If you still can’t find anything… Dupont and Fluoride is a start. I can’t look right now. Internet very slow from here. I’ll help if you really try and have no luck.

        • What search engine would you recommend? I use start page but mostly because it doesn’t have so many ads. I think its a google front really.

          • Oh, and I know about fluoride, just nothing legit about its use as a mind numbing agent. From what I’ve read the stories about the gulag and Nazis were false.

        • On YouTube there is a video called “CIA / MK-ULTRA Hearings – Survivor Testimony 1996”.

          The second woman’s testimony is very interesting. Combine it with the info from the DC madame, I forget his name and it will erase my comment if I pause to look it up, but combine it with the info from his interview on BFP and what do you get?

          It’s funny how one finds things while NOT looking for them.

  16. Ronald Orovitz says:

    With corporate feudalism being what it is, can there be any hope of pulling it all back? In the early days of the republic, corporations were chartered with specific purposes in mind, as opposed to the raw profit motive that now prevails – as such they are now at liberty to pursue profit by any means necessary. They will be hard pressed to give up that “liberty”.

    There may be other pathways to put that so-called “liberty” in check, however, without necessarily revoking it. One which has occurred to me (and I’ve presented it at a couple of talks) is to change the tax code so that individuals are strongly incentivized to donate to not-for-profits of their choosing. They will have the incentive because they will get a 100% deduction from the tax they owe – this is done by simply moving line 40 (itemized deductions) on IRS form 1040 to follow line 76 (tax you owe) and subtract. Wallah! You owe the federal government nothing! (if you’ve donated an amount equal or greater than what you owe to not-for-profits). With this simple alteration of IRS 1040, the controlling interest in big foundations by large corporations and the ultra-rich is significantly reduced – so long as there is a substantial middle class. Individuals are also encouraged thereby to think about what matters to them – which not-for-profits are more deserving of their hard earned dollars. In this way, the for-profit corporations will be checked from pursuing profit “by any means necessary” – for instance by destructive environmental practices, because they will be faced with much more formidable environmental groups that are difficult to mold “in their image,” or which are not easily neutered through corruptible politicians and regulators. These groups will be more formidable because they themselves are subject to market forces – they must show credible results in order to earn the dollars of individuals.

    • Ronald Orovitz says:

      Sibel, I realize you have reservations about 501(c)3 “non-profits” due in large part to the control exercised over them by oligarchical interests, but this proposal is designed to wrest them out of the hands of those interests.

      • That won’t happen as long as they can blackmail the bureaucrats and lobby to have foul restrictions on speach.

        • Ronald Orovitz says:

          Well, that’s a rather defeatist attitude. The point is that if the public sees that the administration of those organizations are ineffective (by being blackmailed or whatnot), they will send their money to competing organizations who will be thus incentivized to prove themselves to the public by showing results.

          • Not when they have to satisfy various percentages relating to their activity.

    • steven hobbs says:

      Hi Ronald,
      “..corporations were chartered with specific purposes in mind, as opposed to the raw profit motive that now prevails..” — Well, No. Despite the flowering language US codification regarding obligations to “public good,” corporations started in 1500’s with profit motive. Do check friendly you tube: Richard Grossman “defining the corporation, defining ourselves.” Sad he passed last year.

      I wouldn’t object to being able to designate my taxes to purposes I approve, resoundingly better than Clinton/Bush. At the same time, I would wonder who holds the linguistic framing and informational sources of such a polity. Any electronic information and voting system is suspect.

      • Ronald Orovitz says:

        Speaking “relatively” from then to now, that profit motive has become increasingly sacrosanct. It is time then to pull it back, by the means that are most opportune. In terms of paperwork – transposing one line for another – this is the simplest way…. We can deal with the framing and sources problems as they arise.

  17. Olivier says:

    Hi Sibel, forgive me for asking a completely off-topic question, it’s about Nafeez Ahmed’s analysis of the Judicial Watch-obtained 2012 DIA documents. I’m in an argument with a friend (I mentioned him before re WTC7.., he’s still my friend..) about the actual meaning of the word “support” in that document. “Support” coming from “The West, Gulf Countries, and Turkey”. Now I need (figurative) ammo, to argue that that support was
    1. Military materiel
    2. Provided by Western clients
    3. Ending up in ISIS’s lap
    4. Intentionally so
    5. With the approval of Washington

    The Biden comments here seem to cover 1+2+3+4 in the case for Turkey. Cover-story-layer-5 would then be that the Turks went rogue.

    Now you told us a few times that the Turkish generals do nothing without Washington’s approval. On the other hand you told us that in the run-up to the 2003 US-Iraq war, (the previous generation of) Turkish generals wasn’t particularly cooperative, and even ended up causing a diplomatic row with the Hood Event and the Valley of the Wolves movie, and the resistance to the A-to-B transition more generally.

    You seem to be saying that resistance has been purged, and that the Turkish hierarchy is now compliant. Is there some kind of evidence that I can point to that would support this statement, i.e. that the Turks don’t act without Washington’s consent?

    Or maybe the other way round: Let’s for a moment assume that the Turks acted without Washington’s consent. What would you expect to happen then?

  18. Hopefully, the public will have more opportunity to hear from Sibel in the wake of the Hastert indictment! Visiting friends this evening, they watched four MSM news shows. All of them presented the view that Hastert was so clean that all of Washington was totally surprised. Hayes had a guest who broadly suggested pedophilia. Maddow led her report off referring to Sibel Edmonds and the Vanity Fair piece, and closed with a reporter who said everyone in D.C. was surprised.

    • Mike Mejia says:

      Whoa, Maddow mentioned Sibel’s case ?! That’s kind of surprising as I see Maddow as a mainstream, don’t rock the boat liberal.

      • Don’t worry Mike, this is surely within standard MSM maritime regulations. Hastert might end up taking a bit of a dunk, but nobody else is likely to even get splashed 😉

    • Because of Sibel’s revelations, when Hastert resigned from Congress, a note in a puff piece review of his career has stuck in my mind. I do not remember details, but it had to do with his personal charitable work with youth in Chicago. i think he had set up his own organization to help (what are termed) troubled boys. The later PA university coaching scandal sounded similar. I tried to search for the reference, but kept getting contemporary articles. Does anyone remember?

  19. I wonder if he will just be a scape goat and this played as an isolated incident or if it can be used to unzip the whole thing. Never thought I’d see this. The same thing is going on in the UK but they just act like they’re investigating it while doing nothing. I posted the title to a video on the y tube that’s still in moderation, but when you watch it you’ll notice that the barest dudes of all are behind the scenes. I wonder if this is just them shedding skin/dead weight. Wonder what the implications will be for them in trying to control things if this control mechanism unravels. Could their struggle against that unravelling be used to draw attention to the depth and pervasiveness of this issue?

  20. Barest should be badest

  21. Ishmael says:

    Hi Sibel. I thought you might be interested in this Bradblog article about former House Speaker Dennis Hastert’s indictment. Many links to his old stories about you.

    • Ronald Orovitz says:

      Well, since the person being paid off is said to have known Hastert for most of his life, this leaves little doubt as to the nature of the “indiscretion”… Indeed, there has been a buzz about it for quite some time….

      “…WMR reported on old charges that swirled around Hastert when he was a high school wrestling coach at Yorkville High School in Yorkville, Illinois. Hastert decided to enter politics in 1980 after rumors surfaced about inappropriate contact with male high school students…”

    • SIbel knows Bradblog very well. Since I eagerly followed every posting/podcast since the first publicity about Sibel’s FBI case, For a long time, before BFP, Bradblog was one of — if not THE — web sites that provided a forum for Sibel’s case and revelations. I have wondered about his lack of involvement since Sibel began her own podcast, as I have also wondered about others who promoted awareness of Sibel’s FBI case “back in the day”. Some of those changed relationships have been explained recently.

  22. Ciaran Anonymous says:

    thumbs up! Saying one thing and doing another is a corrupt habit that needs to be kicked.

  23. Wasn’t “Denny-Boy” the inspiration for the rotund pedophile in The Lone Gladio?

  24. I suspect Sibel also knew this story was about to break in advance.

    The 4 plane flights she mentioned she was about to take the day before certainly does echo her novel although I’m not seriously suggesting that part was relevant, but wow if it was…

  25. 344thBrother says:

    Please consider doing a brief analysis of the Hastert/Pedophilia/Blackmail coverup and as it may relate to his activities with Turkey and Gladio/911/False Flag Terror?

    At first blush, I wonder if this whole thing is a blackmail thing to keep Hastert’s mouth shut on other issues, or to discredit him if he does spout off. Or perhaps it really is one of his old high school students who finally came forward after the hush money dried up or the FBI got onto the money trail.

    I found it interesting that the headlines I’ve seen are more about the money trail and “Sexual indiscretions” than PEDOPHILIA. (Trying to keep off that subject so the heat will die down on the British scandal perhaps?) If that’s it, I wonder who is pressuring for that omission.

    I hope you’re having a wonderful trip
    I’m enjoying your trip vicariously. : )
    Peace and happy trails

    • Dave,

      They, intentionally, only expose ‘limited stuff’- Tip of the iceberg. The real treasure boxes will be kept hushed. His nefarious activities between 1997-2002 will never come out. The ‘sex’ thing is much bigger than you can imagine.

      I have gone on record with all this through The Lone Gladio, many articles I’d written, and with my testimony in 2009.

      • I’ve had The Lone Gladio on the shelf for awhile and finally found the time last week to read it.. Sibel, you’re a talented writer along with everything else. The story is really well crafted and paced. I enjoyed reading it very much. Being a “fictional” novel the story did have me wondering at times, though, how close you were playing to the wire. Now I know. (smile)

        • What took you so long! 😉 jk…
          That was a fast read. I think I picked it up the day it came out and finished reading it in about three days! It would be nice if publicity of the scandal generated some interests in the novel among those who haven’t read it. The puzzle pieces have now been dropped a bit closer together and in view of the public, it’s just a matter of putting them together…

      • I figured that would be the case. What’s interesting though is why they let some of it out now. Perhaps reminding a few other congress members they’re on notice should they fail to vote the way they’re supposed to. Some controversial legislation about to be extended?

        • more on this…

          the USA Freedom Act which effectively extends the PATRIOT act has just been passed and headed to Obama’s desk.

          This has to be related to the Hastert limited hangout doesnt it?

          • Mike,

            I’m afraid you’re right. Tossing the Hasert scandal into the MSM parrot feed right now (Breaking News: Hastert!, Squawk!) is a great diversion I’d say not just with respect to the “Freedom Act” (“Strong Reforms” on collection of bulk data, Squawk!), but with respect to the TPP. The “Freedom Act” (I feel nauseous just looking at that in print), still has to go to the Senate (I believe), so the deal isn’t sealed yet. I don’t have any immediate ideas about how to go after this one besides pointing out that the difference between “Patriot Act”, which even a decent amount of brain dead Americans have realized is not such a good thing, isn’t a helluva lot different than “Freedom Act”, but just as disingenuous. The TPP’s obviously a massive problem, but it seems time is more pressing on ‘PA’ to ‘FA’ disaster, so let’s see if there’s anything we can come up with. I’ll be back here if I come up with anything…

      • I know you’ll think I’m a bossy little do nothing s$@# for demanding this but since I’m useless I’ll demand it anyway…

        This would be a chance to unzip this thing. With what the DC madame has brought out, hastert, the UK stuff and the cover up, the UN pervert rings (I think I read somewhere that they actually cook and eat children. I recall it seeming to be a credible non Jones source I read from), etc…

        This could really be a chance to burn this and its pervasiveness in the light.

      • 344thBrother says:


        Thanks for the reply. Actually, on the sex thing, if it’s bigger than I can imagine, then it’s crazy big, since I’ve been screaming about GHWB and the White House Call Boy ring and child sex slavery at the highest levels etc. etc. for a long time. Of course every time I think things can’t get any worse, a whole new barrel of worms explodes somewhere.

        I’ve got hopes that this awful stuff sees some light from this exposure, but I’m thinking some people will die in plane crashes or shoot themselves twice in the head over it and it will fade from view. Still, I’m hopeful. The pressure on the British royals and Canadian Indian Schools are good things too.

        Have a great trip and enjoy your time with your daughter.

        • This evening I will try to record a quick bullet-point commentary on this ‘Hastert’ thing. The sound quality will be bad … please stay tuned.

          • Thank you. At the time of Hastert’s resignation, I read [presumably, on-line] a recap of his illustrious career in WaPo or perhaps in an article citing a Chicago paper. To the best of my recollection, it spoke of his charitable activities with youth as a Congressman, which stuck in my mind because of your work. My unsophisticated web searching skills have not found any reference to same. Realizing that you are very busy, off the top of your head, do you have any such recollection, etc.?

          • Ishmael says:

            Well, let’s review what we DO know. We DO know, courtesy of Mark Klein, that the NSA monitors, stores and datamines ALL electronic communications of every US citizen. We KNOW, courtesy of Russell Tice, that the NSA SPECIFICALLY targets politicians for surveillance and blackmail purposes. We DO know, courtesy of Brad Friedman’s exhaustive work at BradBlog, that the Deep State is more concerned with fostering the ILLUSION of political choice than the REALITY of it and ensuring that the outcome of those “choices” is in line with the deep state’s goals. So it’s hardly surpirsimg that Hastert’s indictment looks large now, ESPECIALLY considering the recent reports tying Bill Clinton with Jefrey Epstein’s pedophilia island.

          • Pretty good summary, Ishmael =]

          • Was she ever able to post this? I haven’t seen it.

          • I’m tuned and my breath is baited. I hope all is ok.

          • We are on the road in between places- as soon as I get to a place with good connection and some level of privacy;-)

      • Mike Mejia says:

        Sibel, do you think angry agents in the FBI wanted to take Hastert down but knew they’d have to find something that did not involve his time in office?

  26. @BennyB I wasnt suggesting this was a distraction, more a warning shot to other congressmen and senators to comply else they might be outed too. Given Hastert’s history with the original PATRIOT there’s some symbolic relevance. I dont have any more evidence, just the timing seems very close so it raised a red flag. Often divisive legislation is being debated when some major related news event breaks.

    • Mike Mejia says:

      My theory is that the FBI wanted to take down Hastert, but had to wait until he committed an offense not related to his time in office as a Congressman.

  27. Mandela says:


    Of course such corruption exists in all countries. The news has been presenting that it was a fait accompli that Erdogan and the AKP would easily retain their majority while expanding his powers. Have you heard any news what the people were feeling, but kept out of the polls? What forces brought this ‘unexpected’ result? What this might mean for the future?

    Thank you whether you have time to respond or not!!

  28. I am not sure where else to ask this so, are there any law offices other than the Rutherford institute that would be interested in a pro bono right to travel case? I’m trying to make it to where I’m not dependent on one entity.

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