DisInfoWars with Tom Secker- How the Cold War became the War on Terror

This week I present a mini-documentary on the rise of the neocons in the 1970s and how they turned Cold War paranoia into War on Terror paranoia. I look at the people and organisations involved: Henry Jackson and the Coalition for a Democratic Majority, Richard Pipes and Team B, the reformed Committee on the Present Danger and how this all ties in with the Jerusalem Conference on International Terrorism in 1979. After the conference, once the neocons had regained control of the White House, the CIA fully committed to the new 'threat from international terrorism' and began cooking the books on the numbers. The mini-documentary rounds off by show how the legacy of the 1970s neocon network still exists, and persists in propagating the politics of paranoia.

Neoconservatism - The Biography of a Movement
Committee on the Present Danger - Wikispooks
CIA International Terrorism Reports
CIA Special National Intelligence Estimate 11/2-81

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  1. samadams73 says:

    My first three random reactions to that video…
    1) Holy S*** wow!!
    2) What’s the next game plan they have up their sleeve?
    3) just the phrase, not the movie, Eyes Wide Shut

    As an aside, anyone else noticing how old some of these f*****s are living? Daddy Bush, David Rockefeller? Kissinger? The Queen?

  2. Wally Sarkeesian says:

    Hi Tom,
    Since Turkey (Ankara) was the epicenter of Gladio operation where do Turks fit in to this because first it was the Turkish ultra nationalist were sort of today ISIS and yesterday’s mojahadin and also most of drug trafficking route was and is from Turkey?

    • Hi Wally,

      Well, Turkey doesn’t have that much to do with the particular story I outlined in this mini-documentary, but of course it is a central part of this overall story.

      Consider, for example, that the closest nuclear missiles to Russia’s borders are in Turkey – meaning that the Russians cannot risk invading Turkey, however much they would love to have control of that patch of land. Under one of the agreements being forged at the end of WW1, Russia would have had control of Turkey. But then several things happened, including the Bolshevik revolution, and obviously that didn’t happen.

      In terms of the modern Gladio, Turkey is a major player only inasmuch as it facilitates a lot of the actual movement of mujahideen and like you say is the major smuggling route into Europe. Another example – when the Iranians were smuggling weapons into Bosnia in the early 90s to support the Bosnian mujahideen, the route went through Turkey, the CIA knew about it and did naff all to stop it, and eventually some branch of the CIA or DOD took over the weapons smuggling operation themselves.

      Turkey’s importance is geographical, linguistic and ethnic. Otherwise, I’m sorry to say, NATO would not give a toss about the place, it would be another Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan, etc. You know how people like to point out how ISIS never attack Israel? As though that somehow proves that Israel are really behind ISIS. Curious how far fewer people ever wonder why the mujahideen, whether it is ISIS or Al Qaeda or whoever, rarely strike in Turkey. Almost as though Israel is the distraction because Turkey is too valuable a centre of operations to have people talking about.

      I dunno, your question is very broad – did I answer it at all?


      • Wally Sarkeesian says:

        Thanks Tom, yes you did and I agree everything except the Iranian providing weapon to Bosnian do not make since because all Bosnian and Kosovo are Turks and Sunni that defiantly was Turkey not Iran in-fact the Turks train the so called KLA terrorist organization (Kosovo liberation army) which is equivalent to today so called Free Syrian Army FSA I called Turkish Jihad also remember it was Serbia whom first revolted against the ottoman empire that lead to claps of the ottoman empire in Balkan, so that was Turkish revenge to liberate Kosovo and Bosnia from Serbia Turkey send NATO with help of Madeleine Albrightto Former United States Secretary of State to Destroy Serbia and create two Turkish Republic, it is typical of Turks they never call them Turks during the Bosnian war they call it Muslims died as you can see now days Erdogan every word come from his mouth is Muslims. Kosovo now is the epicenter of drug and terrorist distribution center for Turkey. in-fact Sibel in one of her videos talks about Kosovo,
        Tom, you are doing great work and I like short videos.

  3. CuChulainn says:

    thanks for this excellent presentation
    is it possible to download, if only as an audio file?

  4. Wally Sarkeesian says:

    Hi Sibel, what you use for video embedding look like you are not using YouTube any more?

  5. Arnar Steinsson says:

    Well done Tom. Thank you.

  6. Ronald Orovitz says:

    Tom, I’m curious if you’ve come across this name… Robert Moss: https://wikispooks.com/wiki/Robert_Moss

    See also http://trogholm.panshin.net/wiki/pmwiki.php/Main/RobertMoss

    His 1981 novel, Death Beam, has a little of both – the traditional Cold War fear mongering combined with up and coming Islamic terrorist fear mongering.

    Today he’s a guru of “active dreaming”….

    • Ronald Orovitz says:

      Here is somewhat of an esoteric review of the book… http://www.abovetopsecret.com/forum/thread289813/pg1

      Quoting: Essentially, Moss’ moral of the story is that the Soviet research and development into these areas is so far in advance of the U.S. that we had better get our act together and support Reagan’s Star Wars programs!

      Yet, there is a pro-Israel/anti-Arab dimension to the novel as well. Indeed, an Arab terrorist plays a role in the November 7th plot, as the Soviets deploy within the U.S. a Palestinian (disguising himself as a wealthy Saudi) whose mission is “to disrupt the decision making mechanisms of the United States.” (pg.32)

      Ushinsky, the Russian defector:

      “Sammy Hamad… a sabotage agent of my department. He is currently living in your country, preparing a uniquely ambitious operation…
      “We studied a number of possible scenarios to disrupt military communications in the event of a crisis. The marshal said we should try to ensure that the brain of the United States was not functioning on November 7. He asked specifically whether we could arrange to sabotage the computers on which Strategic Air Command depends.” (pg.74)

      Thus the confusion and
      chaos in the skies on the morning of 9/11.

      In the final chapters, Sammy Hamad is pursued at the “Camp of the Martyrs. near Al-Gheidda, South Yemen”. Note the phonetic similarity to Al Qaeda, a good seven years before the alleged founding of the terrorist organisation. But also pertinent: Usama bin Laden’s father and family patriarch Mohammed was born in the Hadhramaut region of south Yemen.

      Despite his Yemeni origins, Mohammed bin Laden became a Saudi national hero when his construction company renovated the Grand Mosque of Mecca, the design of which the World Trade Center complex was loosely based upon by its architect Minora Yamasaki. It is primarily for this reason that Yamasaki would be commisioned to design several projects for the Saudi BinLadin Group.

    • Ronald Orovitz says:

      “Islamic terrorist fear mongering” -correction, it’s not quite Islamist yet, as depicted in the book… Still, it’s leading in that direction -a fanatic Arab, of the sort Hollywood likes to depict.

    • Hi Ronald,

      I have come across his name somewhere but I don’t remember where. It says on that Wikispooks article that he was involved with Brian Crozier – the CIA/MI6 man who attended the Jerusalem Conference. So a definite connection there.

      In terms of early depictions of Islamist terror in the contemporary sense, the novel by ex CIA man Charles McCarry called The Better Angels, adapted into the film Wrong is Right, is one of the earliest examples I’ve studied. We discussed it on my ClandesTime podcast a while ago:


      And what is ‘active dreaming’?

      • Ronald Orovitz says:

        Tom, it is noted in the Wikispooks article, citing an 11/11/81 Washington Post story titled: “Beams all around”… “On 10 November 1981 Arnaud de Borchgrave hosted a book launch party for Death Beam at his apartment in Washington. There were around 200 guests, including most of the senior Republicans from the Reagan administration. Guests included White House chief of staff James Baker, national security adviser Richard Allen, special assistant to the president for political affairs Morgan Mason, counselor Edwin Meese, CIA director William Casey, Republican direct-mail czar Richard Viguerie and International Communication Agency director Charles Wick.” – Quite an all star party.

        As for active dreaming, my understanding of it is that it is dreaming that you can consciously control. I think the movie Inception is about active dreaming. And, as noted in the Trogholm link, the Tucson shooter Jared Loughner was into “conscious dreaming” -same thing I guess. I don’t know a whole lot about it, but a friend of mine does and in fact interviewed Robert Moss on his local radio show… I’ll see if I can locate that online. I brought up to my friend Moss’s infamous past associations, but he said Moss claims to have put all that behind him. I’m not so sure.

        • CuChulainn says:

          yes, Ronald, AdB coauthored a book with Moss. anything associated w. AdB reeks of the Company. when he was a journalist for Newsweek stationed in Germany he, like some other journalists, let it be known that he consulted with Langley when back in DC. his estranged wife at the time was the daughter of Douglas Dillon’s personal secretary. i remember him from a 1985 party at Admiral Burkhalter’s house, he exuded an aura of spooky celebrity. interesting how many old spooks gravitated to the Washington Times, Cord Meyer wrote a column there in his last days.

  7. CuChulainn says:

    since Tom mentioned he might be doing book reviews in subsquent episodes, may i suggest J. Michael Springmann, _Visas for al Qaeda_. the author informs that the words “bumbling” & “unwitting” on the jacket were added by the marketing people.

  8. Joseph Davis says:

    Thank you Tom! Very well done. I really wish this whole video was available to the public but I totally understand why it’s not. Looking forward to the next one!

  9. ed nelson says:

    ethere is a pretty good documentary about the war that happened ther on th Darddonels around aboout well… It was around say… 1915 or so (a whole bunch Austrainlians died there on that horrible stuppid war.

    The Turks had the high ground, I wish I had the link for that here, someody will link it I hope/ It probably is an Austrailian produced thing and really damned good too!

    As it tells the history of that time.

    • I will be getting into WW1 (to a small extent) in a future episode that I have planned. I don’t know the documentary you mention though, so if you find a link then please post it here.

  10. Thought the BFP site or comments would be bubbling over the Denny Hastert indictment. I’m visiting friends, and told them about Sibel’s reports on Denny. We are all of the demographic that still watches TV News (though I do not), they watch NBC, ABC and MSNBC. All the TV reporters and talking heads were shocked, shocked except on the Hayes & Maddow shows. Chris Hayes’ father-in-law surmised that it must be an allegation related to Hastert’s H.S. coaching career (don’t remember how far he went with that). Maddow showed a large graphic from the Vanity Fair piece on Sibel. The graphic was a blow up from that story that mentioned wire taps of Turkish speakers discussing large cash drug transactions and Denny-Boy. Maddow did not elaborate, and her guest spouted the, ‘We are all very surprised!’ line. I only mention these MSM reports as presumably no one here watches them. Hopefully, this will be an ongoing opportunity for more of the public to hear from Sibel.

  11. My little eyes…
    They are a little bit…out of focus..
    What do they see..
    Sorry…oh..wait a second…!
    Coming to my Doorstep…They do.
    Election time in Denmark…! knock knock…!
    Well..Here we go again…A whirlpool…
    of political Spin..Money and corruption.
    It Breaks my Heart.
    Because…A pause…!
    This spin..IS going faster and faster…
    All over this World.
    Kind regards

  12. Gary Binmore says:

    Good stuff, Tom, great choice of subject.

    Perhaps the most striking feature of this slice of history is the silence it evokes.
    1. U.S. (creators of Gladio) and Israel (which has been led by bona fide terrorists) accuse Russia of supporting terrorists on a grand scale.
    2. In Afghanistan, U.S. builds and aids super terrorist force, the Taliban, which Russia fights in one of its bloodiest ever wars (which is saying something).
    3. President Reagan invites some of these terrorists into the White House (1985).
    4. Russia continues to fight the terrorists.
    5. U.S. and Israel continue to accuse Russia of supporting terrorists on a grand scale.
    6. Nobody is surprised.

    Likewise with Team B, a kind of redux of the missile gap – an attempt through lies to increase the security state and defense spending and to help bring certain politicians into power. People actually fall for this nonsense, or do the powers that be do it to convince themselves? They certainly don’t need it for evidence in court because they never end up there.

    To be fair, the war on terror did take a while to really catch on – defense spending stagnated or fell during the Clinton years – hence PNAC and its all out efforts in the late 1990s-2000. This was the neocon think tank of neocon think tanks, a kind of nephew of the Committee on the Present Danger on steroids (some overlap of members I know) But was even this rogue’s gallery the real driving force behind the war on terror and the resultant security state? To me they’re enablers and managers, not the board. And so it was at the Jerusalem conference – I suspect that not even Netanyahu and Bush quite make it into the top echelon of the global elite. As for Perle, Decter/Podhoretz etc, can anybody take them seriously? I will be interested to hear where you locate the power.

    • Of course, PNAC are the demented bastard child of the CPD-Jerusalem Conference network.

      I completely understand what you’re saying about them being the managers of the mechanism, rather than the driving force. To my mind the driving force is a mentality, rather than a distinct network of people, though at the same time there are distinct networks of people that we can identify. You know the expression ‘it’s anarchy at the top’ – well, I think that’s true a lot of the time, but anarchy at the top of massive centralised power structures is megalomania, rather than the anarchy of a stateless society.

      I guess what I’m saying is that no matter how important or embedded any given person or network of people are, they inevitably die. But the mentality and the strategies live on, with new adherents and advocates and disciples and practitioners.

      • Gary Binmore says:

        I agree completely.
        We are dealing with a fairly obscure and perhaps even diverse group of oligarchs united only by a commonality of goals and beliefs – only those with this mind set can advance to this elite.

        Hence a decision-making process that is extremely covert and often, I expect, tacit, because they think alike on so many important things. Much as occurs in the mafia, except in this case the chain of command is far more obscure.
        No doubt you realize that the man most likely to be at the apex of this ubermafia turns 100 on the 12th. I trust you’ve bought a card and a present.

  13. Rebooting Double Pigeons…Where
    ( Nothing Is True and Everything Is Possible )…!
    Kind Regards

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