Sibel Edmonds Interviewed

Listen to the interview HERE.

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  1. Mrs. Edmonds interviewed by Fox News ? What’s the hidden agenda here ?

  2. CuChulainn says:

    looks like a renegade local radio host at a Utah station.
    French “agent provocateur” > Russian провокация (provokatsiya) is a better expression than “false flag”

  3. CuChulainn says:

    wow. this is dynamite. how many males in US have this much courage?

    unanswerable lies are of the essence of the society of the spectacle.
    ‘the integrated spectacle is characterised by the combined effect of five principal features: incessant technological renewal; integration of state and economy; generalized secrecy; unanswerable lies; an eternal present’

  4. Sacks of hexogen in basements at 3am. провокация..
    The revolution is only just 100 years old ! 100 years……
    I get this feeling the diaspora of ‘stolen wealth’, working through oligarchical/monarchical networks nesting in the ‘five-eyes’ ‘democracies’, are working to get it back.
    ‘Words are power. ‘Explosive collapse’ becomes ‘collapse’ all alone. So simple. ‘elegant’
    GLADIO, another word. International fascism, two more. ‘Secret’, another. ‘Public bombings’,’strategy of tension’….85 innocent civilians murdered at Bologna railway station 1980 ‘bona fide-‘ gladio into the literature through Andreotti.
    911 – if that ‘aint a ‘public bombing’ i’ll eat my hat – Oklahoma City, another egregious SCAD. Boston-Graham Fuller- Guhlen with his camps…sorry, ‘schools’ across USA. I wonder where he affiliates with the reported 22 PARAMILITARY Islamic communes identified in the U.S. operated by Pakistan-based Jamaat al-Fuqra front group Muslims of the Americas? Which should spell ‘Amercia’. Communes reported in areas of California, Georgia, South Carolina, New York, Texas, Virginia, West Virginia, Michigan, Tennessee and other states.
    When do the ‘good Joe’ agents on the ground that KNOW all this shit, revolt?
    GLADIO is international fascism. Using terror. Fascism is terrorism by virtue of historic fact. Whether using Ukrainian SS or Jihaddist ISIS , P2OG or Barclay rigged markets(Ever wonder where JEB went to work after Florida?) The original GLADIO target was Russia using Gehlan networks. GLADIO b, using Guhlen networks to attack Russia now. Guhlen Gehlan. Obama-in-the-time-of-Osama. Go figure.
    Public apathy is a division between the worlds. Words play there, but are not the key.
    The division is a known known to the program (pogrom) originators. Those that have not ‘come to the experience’ just see it as a movie. an intellectual exercise’ ‘out there’ on the fringes of possible….but an arguable ying-yang until it actually explodes through that division in a real way.
    Until then, it remains……..PavROVE got it right. so far.
    But the children’s bodies splattered across the streets of Donbass by the fat Poroshenko SS artillery, backed by USAMO, can be seen now, thanks to the power of camera, for what it is. And we can trace the arch criminal Nuland(Nudleman) exposing herself as agent provoking the violence in Kiev. and we can hear it in the word games of Earnest and Toner etal in their disgusting press briefings from the white house.
    Giving ‘old gory’ its real name.

  5. CuChulainn says:

    right-o remo
    sequel to Kurtlar Vadisi–Gladio–rave review from Gulen’s newspaper Zaman. go figure

  6. Inversions. of. r e a l i t y .
    The nuance grinds powerful fine. Like the incendiary laced DUST of 911. Guhlen probably financed it. Who’s gonna figure fact from fiction and anyway, give it in fiction, and it facks the fuct. there’s money to be made, I mean, you buy shares in sugar pop/fast food and you buy shares in Diabetes medicAID. Way it is, they can shoot a president from behind in the face and drop a fifty story steel frame straight down at free fall from dead office fires. Its a movie. it don’t matter to Joe . IIO .

  7. CuChulainn says:

    & Eliason himself a disinfo agent of Plotz & co, covering for the mozgovoi hit etc.
    More than a century ago A.-L. Sardou’s _Nouveau dictionnaire des synonymes francais_ defined the nuances which must be grasped between: fallacious, deceptive, impostrous, inveigling, insidious, captious; and which taken together constitute today a kind of palette of colors with which to paint the modern society of the spectacle. It was beyond the scope of his time, and his specialist experience, to distinguish with equal clarity the related, but very different, meanings of the perils normally expected to be faced by any group which practices subversion, following, for example, this progression: misguided, provoked, infiltrated, manipulated, taken over, subverted. Certainly these important nuances have never been appreciated by the doctrinaires of ‘armed struggle.’ –debord, _commentaries_

  8. …they who willfully practice subversion are bounded by Mandelbrot into a darkness of light
    After captious, comes capricion.
    It would be different if we, cattle to their slaughter, did so by choice;
    That truth and beauty are so destroyed.
    Then, suffering the nuance of deceit would be our deserved part.
    But. This. Here ?
    The black heart wants all hearts black.
    We, without ‘arms’, to take heart back.

  9. CuChulainn says:

    Secrecy dominates this world, and first and foremost as the secret of
    domination. According to the spectacle, secrecy would only be a necessary
    exception to the rule of freely available, abundant information, just as
    domination in the integrated spectacle’s ‘free world’ would be restricted
    to a mere executive body in the service of democracy. But no one really
    believes the spectacle. How then do spectators accept the existence of
    secrecy which alone rules out any chance of their running a world of
    whose principal realities they know nothing, in the unlikely event that
    they were to be asked how to set about it? The fact is that almost no
    one sees secrecy in its inaccessible purity and its functional universality.
    Everyone accepts that there are inevitably little areas of secrecy reserved
    for specialists; as regards things in general, many believe they are in on the
    secret. In his Discours sur la servitude volontaire, La Boetie showed how
    a tyrant’s power will be considerably reinforced by the concentric circles
    of individuals who believe, rightly or wrongly, that it is in their interests
    to support it. In the same way many politicians and media professionals
    who are flattered not to be suspected of being irresponsible, learn a lot
    through their connections and confidences. Someone who is happy to be
    given confidential information is hardly likely to criticize it; nor to notice
    that in all that is confided to him, the principal part of reality is invariably
    hidden. Thanks to the benevolent protection of his deceivers, he sees a
    few more of the cards, false though they may be; he never learns the rules
    of the game. Thus he immediately identifies with the manipulators and
    scorns an ignorance which in fact he shares. For the tidbits of information
    tossed to the familiars of a lying tyranny are usually poisoned with lies,
    manipulated and uncheckable. Yet they gratify those who get them, for they
    feel themselves superior to those who know nothing. Their only role is to
    make domination more respectable, never to make it comprehensible. They
    are the privilege of front-row spectators who are stupid enough to believe
    they can understand something, not by making use of what is hidden from
    them, but by believing what is revealed!

  10. And why is she on fox?

    That link is safe to click?

    • “And why is she on fox?”

      First, that should be a question directed specifically to Sibel. By her own admission she does few interviews and apparently there exists a reason why Sibel would accept this one. Second, though the media is concentrated and controlled doesn’t necessarily mean that the control is perfect. My hunch would be that the interviewer, Kate, if she’s able to retain her job with a FOX affiliate, won’t likely be anchoring the national desk in LA or New York anytime soon and likely never.

      This is a solid interview that covers many important points and brings them, hopefully, to a fresh audience.

  11. CuCh…up..swimming..gasping for air….’society of spectacle’….but, there is none .
    No air.
    Down again into the abyss…..
    The piece should come with a health warning.
    Yet, rings true.

  12. CuChulainn says:

    hi Remo–the Comments seem to me, with the SoS, to pretty well explain our contemporary reality. note chapter 9 (p. 11) on terrorism. a pretty good gloss on the spectacle of war is Tanovic’s movie _No man’s land_.

  13. Oh yes. This is down the rabbit hole. well described. It is a wonderful read. Extraordinary….
    may have lost a tad in translation, but, its complexity is mathematical. Finesse comes to mind.
    There is almost no escape from it.

    • CuChulainn says:

      I recall a student, bright but naive and apolitical, who used to rant against “conspiracy theories;” after studying these two slender books he structurally understood the kind of events that Sibel describes so well that no persuasion or “reinformation” was necessary. As valuable as Tom’s latest contribution is, it’s not that one line of inquiry is necessarily more compelling than another (gladio analysis vs. demolition analysis); all are helpful, but once one understands the operation of the integrated spectacle, then everything falls into place.

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