Processing Distortion with Peter B. Collins- APA Report: Collusion with Pentagon on Torture

Peter B. Collins Presents Dr. Jeff Kaye

The American Psychological Association released a 500-page report that concludes that APA officials colluded with the Pentagon to soften ethical standards in order to permit involvement of psychologists in the torture of detained suspects. Dr. Jeff Kaye says the report does include important disclosures and conclusions, but notes that it plays down the CIA’s use of psychologists in interrogations, perhaps because the report’s author, David Hoffman, worked with former CIA Director George Tenet when they were Senate staffers in the 1990’s. Kaye suggests that a “limited hangout” report can be used to distract from the real culprits.

*Dr. Jeff Kaye is a practicing psychologist in San Francisco, and a part-time journalist who publishes at . You can find the report on psychologist Morgan Banks that we mention here

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  1. jackdonovan says:


  2. Reminds me of people who talk crap against Psychiatrists. I see a effin’ NEURO-psychiatrists, who’s seen my brain on an fMRI (meaning basically being able to see my brain react to stimuli live, and knowing what it means). People who talk shite against Psychiatrists often have no or little knowledge of science, the kind who never took Physics and Chemistry in High School. If they didn’t drop out after grade 10 to learn a back killing manual labour job or technical course of 1 year with tons of manual labour. Who then at 40 years old often refuse to even get MRI’s, CT’s, x-rays and take some goddamn Naproxen at least.

    Anyways, sorry about my outburst there. But these people will often say don’t go to psychiatrists, go to psychologists. Well, sure, psychiatrists are free here, the only psychologists I saw were the free ones in college and they were all members of the Order of Hypnotists of my canadian province. Sorry, this pseudo-science doesn’t work with me, sure, you will feel relaxed a little, but I never was put under mind control by one of them. So I saw a private one, it’s like paying for a friend who’s trying to find you get something out of a 45 minutes session where they do most of the talking for 75 bucks, 125 for 1h15. Psychologists love to mess with your mind, find your neuroses and then when they get there, confuse you, which means you need more expensive counseling.

    Screw psychologists. Bravo to the American Psychiatic Association or whatever their name is refusing to participate (this time) with the US government’s illegal torture.

  3. steven hobbs says:

    Thank you Peter B. Collins Presents Dr. Jeff Kaye. As a psychologist who never chose to join APA, I love to hear the dirt on that abhorrent club. It’s understandable that many who have been dumbed down by various guilds, in the MH Complex, or the Judicial complex, or AMA, etc., become confused in their anger . I appreciate the specificity regarding Banky, Banks, and Hoffman. It’s obvious guilds, religions, banks, media, etc, are as much in the belly of the beast as those who don’t perturb the system. Thanks to two incisive rebel rousers.

  4. Um, there are psychiatrists nowadays that call psychiatry quackary. And I thought the APA actively participated in this torture program. Isnt that what this show was about? I only listened to part of it so I will have to start again.

  5. Paul Mozina says:

    Thanks Peter B and Dr. Kaye. The two discussions you have had about the APA’s role in the torture program were very illuminating. I really appreciate your efforts and I don’t know where else I might have learned this very valuable information. You were both very well spoken and clear in the discussion; with a little humor added to help us digest the hard truths presented. I listened carefully to both shows twice, they are dense and thought provoking.

  6. Now they are trying to relate the intended reforms to a witch hunt and appear quite intent on remaining a part of the torture program.

  7. It is funny that they want to create more jobs by causing mental illness. It makes one wonder if their research will be used for expanding the market.

    Also, does not this behavior go back to the begginings of psychiatry? Maybe that would be a good topic to cover, the prevelance of authoritarian psychopathic behavior in the centers of psychiatric authority throughout the history of psychiatry. I have a memory of the APA celebrating the guy that came up with aluggish pschizolhrenia. Then there is the issue where in the early years psychiatrists actually advocated brain damage openly, at least in their studies, as a treatment, then came over time to deny the damaging effects of these treatments.

    Right now it seems like this torture issue is just another drop in the bucket.

  8. That should have been sluggish schizophrenia.

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