DisInfoWars with Tom Secker- How to use the Freedom of Information Act

As a keen user of the Freedom of Information Act I have filed many requests over the years. This week I delve into some of my personal experiences with FOIA requests explaining what worked and what didn't, which requests were successful and unsuccessful, and why. I discuss the latest success: getting over 1600 pages of new material from the Pentagon's entertainment propaganda office, how it came about and why it was successful. I finish up by offering some advice to people making FOIA requests, in the hope of helping to maximize their chances of getting useful material released.

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  1. Haven’t listened yet but i am gald you are covering this.

    I would still like to file for a list of all felonies that have been committed by each drug company, but am a little afraid that might get me put on a list.

  2. stevan topping says:

    Superb podcast and another recent synchronicity regarding FOIA, for me. Lets all be a specific “fly in the ointment.” If you are going to listen to a podcast listen to this one.

  3. Arnar Steinsson says:

    Thanks for this Tom. I would also like to thank you, Pearse and Matthew for the roundtable discussion. Very interesting work. Not sure if this is a issue for everyone on BFP but I can´t seem to be able to comment on the roundtable discussion thread.

  4. Thanks !

  5. Actually, can you get someone that focuses on health to do that FOIA of all the felonies drug companies have been convicted of?

    It would make a good story.

    • That’s not how you use FOIA. You can only really use it to get documents and records that you know exist. You can’t just say ‘I want everything on this very broad topic’. That would be like me putting in a request to the DOJ for records on every terrorism conviction in US history, they would reject it for not being specific enough.

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