Empire, Power & People with Andrew Gavin Marshall- Episode 144

Central Banks & Global Governance

What role do central banks play in the process and evolution of 'global governance'? This episode attempts to provide a loose definition of global governance and briefly look at the role of 'independent' central banks in defining and shaping the modern world economy, specifically the global 'market economy'. What is the endgame design? Is there one? What is the relationship between monetary and fiscal policy, and what are its implications for democracy and society? Does the future hold a parallel to central banks in the form of independent, unelected finance ministries? If you listen to central bankers, that seems to be the case.

Listen to the full episode here:


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  1. Yes, how are We spending Our Money.
    In the EU and USA.
    I live on a little island Bornholm, in Denmark.
    We do have a very small Airport…
    And I See This…
    On A Local very Local level…My
    little Island could have build a very New airport…
    And WE. would Not have to use All the Money.
    Profiteers….They are on both side of the
    Kind Regards
    Jens and Bornholm.

  2. wallace gromit says:

    its stated by AGM that ‘market economy’ is predicated on people, not profits. lots of juxtaposition between ‘economic growth’, military spending vs government funding for welfare, medical care, social programs. i find that a pretty rigid paradigm with which to view such a large scale topic as this. unless we’re to fully buy into the marxist orthodoxy, profit is not seen as competitive with people, even in the context being discussed. what is talked about a lot in this pod is a lot of detailing of the mecahnical workings and abstract ideals of the global market economy pushers and their ilk… not much is said about the difference between what they parrot and claim to be true, and what actually does occur parallel to their zero-sum narratives of who lives and dies in this era- mostly based on how well a nation conforms/plays the geopolitical game between the west and BRICS.

    WRT the statements, “people are not the priority, profit is the priority… and that’s anti-democratic” “you’re prioritizing concentrated wealth over mass populations and their welfare”, i can’t help but wonder, what would it look like if the opposite approach was taken? democratic really only insinuates mob rule, not some abstract idea of ‘fair representation’. profit is also a very loaded term in this context, which could mean or be taken a number of ways. it can be said the same for ‘people’ as a term here, especially when you say a people are being ‘prioritized over’. then, welfare. if we’re to not be in favour of this idea of market economics, what then?

    • wallace gromit says:

      i really enjoyed this episode as well, AGM did a great job breaking down the details of these systems and developments in a way that was easy to digest. good job

  3. Mean While in the Farm House of Brussels…
    EU extends aid to…!
    Kind Regards

  4. Or Maybe I should Ask…
    Kind Regards

  5. Hmmm…What Is a Comptroller..!
    I do not Know…!
    Kind Regards
    Jens and Bornholm.

  6. Thanks, Andrew. Again, this was a helpful overview. It is worth reminding ourselves and others that, although for the most part the central banks do tend to dictate much of the structure of governance and ‘not intended for human beings’, market based priorities, in many cases they’re still at least theoretically, similar to corporate charters; “privileges” granted by the government and thus, privileges or terms which are subject to approval where there are legal means for elected officials to revoke or modify the terms of “agreement”. How to actually go about doing it is another matter, but it’s worth at least keeping this in perspective nonetheless.

    • The Music Stop’s…
      Where is my chair…..!
      Are we human being’s…Or are we…
      Just locking for a, cheap deal…?
      Like..New hardware..Made in China…! meanwhile….
      The..grownups around the table…are making new plan’s…!
      Fast forward…To October….in Lima..this year.
      BennyB..I like that…Because it is..
      A future rounds of economic musical chairs.
      Best Regards

      • A race to the bottom, they circle the table. To have their cake and eat it too if they’re able. “Concessions”, might mean that they’ll let us eat cake, but if people are fed up enough a sleeping giant might awake. Still, who knows what the future brings, but the game’s not over until the fat lady sings… In the meantime I think I’ll order take out 😉

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