BFP Exclusive Report- A Distillation of DOD Funding Priorities for July 2015

DOD spent $23,681,736,348+ on 274 individual contracts in July 2015

The Pentagon issues a jumbled list of contracts every business day around 5:00PM local time. Our project distills an entire month of these contracts into an accessible form.

The Department of Defense (DOD) spent at least $23,681,736,348 on 274 individual contracts during July 2015. This amount does not include 21 Foreign Military Sales contracts worth $3,015,214,541.


Applied Research Associates (ARA) ($130,793,226); Camber Corp. ($110,959,555); Exelis, Inc. ($135,565,632); Lockheed Martin ($126,384,412); ManTech ($104,405,786); MAR Range Services ($108,924,539); SAIC ($128,948,240) received funding for a work on hardware and software in support of unmanned maritime systems (surface & subsurface) engaged in waterborne and underwater mine countermeasures.

Boeing (Insitu Inc.) received $78,000,001 for six LRIP Lot IV Blackjack (RQ-21A), and GCS, launch/recovery gear, spares, system engineering, program management.

David Boland, Inc. received $26,149,000 to build UAV hanger on Ft. Carson.

General Atomics received $14,649,257 for engineering on a single software release for post follow-on operational test and evaluation sustainment of Gray Eagle (MQ-1C) 4.3 software line, management oversight, and support.

Raytheon received $85,300,000 for AN/AAS-53 MTS Common Sensor Payload (CSP), which is typically used on Gray Eagle. One bid solicited, one received.

FOREIGN MILITARY SALES – Through Foreign Military Sales (FMS), the U.S. government procures and transfers materiel to allied nations and international organizations.

AM General received $372,936,476 to provide Afghanistan, Iraq, Kenya, Lebanon, Ukraine, Tunisia with 2,082 HMMWV and spare parts.

BAE Systems received $54,665,000 to upgrade 236 of Brazil’s M113 armored personnel carriers. One bid was solicited with one received.

Bell-Boeing JPO received $332,468,665 to manufacture and deliver five MV-22 to Japan. Work will be in: over 30 distinct locations within the U.S. (74.7%); Ontario, Canada (0.9%); Luton, UK (0.6%); Cobham, UK (0.6%); Wolverhampton, UK (0.4%); and other locations inside & outside USA (22.8%).

Boeing received $7,451,859 to provide Turkey and the UAE unique equipment, markings, and paint schemes for their respective CH-47F purchases.

Booz Allen & Hamilton received $12,386,000 to provide Saudi Arabia with support services in: training & education; engineering; technical & management support. Work in Saudi Arabia (90%), and McLean, VA (10%).

C4 Planning Solutions, LLC; Cambridge International Systems, Inc.; Envistacom, LLC; Forward Slope, Inc.; and SOLUTE Consulting received $232,068,059 for C4I systems integration and engineering services on authorized/approved U.S. security assistance and security cooperation programs. FMS to “various security cooperation partners will be identified as individual delivery orders are issued.”

CMC-USA Inc. and LM Heavy Civil Construction LLC JV received $12,182,675 to construct four new IDF support buildings. One bid solicited, one received.

Conti Federal Services received $11,805,043 to build Israel a photovoltaic power plant at an unnamed Israeli military air base.

Critical Solutions International received $12,702,031 to provide Iraq with Husky Mark III 2G vehicles (+ manuals & spare parts). One bid solicited, one received.

DynCorp International received $17,313,518 to provide Saudi Arabia with maintenance support to their Land Forces Aviation Command aviation program.

General Atomics received $10,529,304 to provide Italy with Contractor Logistics Support Phase IV+ program. This is a sole-source acquisition.

General Dynamics received $17,145,204 to provide Oman & Taiwan with General Purpose Bomb Bodies MK 82-1 (26); MK82-6 (3,671); MK84-10 (2,472).

Kay & Associates Inc. received $41,193,675 to provide Kuwait with roughly 508,800 hours of F/A-18 maintenance support.

Lockheed Martin received $7,957,813 for Iraq C-130E/J aircraft sustainment in Baghdad. This is a sole-source acquisition.

Lockheed Martin received $1,563,679,881 to provide South Korea, Qatar, Taiwan, the UAE, and Saudi Arabia with Patriot missiles, equipment, spares.

MD Helicopters Inc. received $13,172,766 for procurement, installation, integration, testing, and airworthiness qualification support of M260 rockets and fixed forward weapon sights on the armed MD530F Mission Equipment Package (MEP) aircraft for Afghanistan. One bid solicited, one received.

Raytheon received $180,360,062 for 200 full rate production Lot 11 (FRP-11) AGM-154C-1 Unitary Joint Stand-Off Weapon (JSOW) missiles for the U.S. Navy ($57,686,157; 32%) and 355 AGM-154 Block III C Unitary JSOW missiles for Saudi Arabia ($122,673,905; 68%) including associated supplies and services. This was not competitively procured pursuant to 10 USC 2304(c)(1).

SAIC received $45,210,663 to provide Afghanistan, Australia, Bahrain, CAR, Chad, Djibouti, Dominican Republic, Egypt, France, Georgia, and Germany with systems and computer resources for Army RDECOM at Redstone Arsenal.

Textron received $55,600,000 to provide Iraq with maintenance and logistics for Bell aircraft. Work will be in Iraq. One bid solicited, one received.

United Technologies received $11,278,955 to provide Jordan with an additional UH-60M helicopter.


Michael Baker Global Services; Fluor Federal Services Inc.; KBR; URS Group; and Weston Solutions Inc. received a combined $95,000,000 to renovate embassy secure spaces worldwide.

USSOUTHCOMDOD is in the middle of conducting combined operations with American nations, like Belize, Colombia, Guatemala, and Honduras.

Intelligent Decisions Inc. received $6,848,385 for information technology operations and maintenance for USSOUTHCOM Joint Task Force-Guantánamo.


Aegis Defense Services LLC received $7,652,289 for armed guards at Bagram and Jalalabad airfields in Afghanistan.

Six3 Intelligence Solutions, Inc. received $13,967,720 for intelligence support to U.S. Forces in Afghanistan.

Vectrus Systems received $221,012,445 for Kuwait base operations and security support services in: Camp Arifjan, Camp Buehring, Udairi Range, Camp Patriot at the Kuwait Naval Base, Aerial Port of Debarkation, and Sea Port of Debarkation under FAR 52.217-8 from Sept. 29, 2015 through March 28, 2016.


Booz Allen Hamilton Inc.; CACI-WGI Inc.; Raytheon (Blackbird Technologies); MacAulay-Brown Inc. received $900,000,000 for USSOCOM Wide Mission Support services. Work at multiple locations both in the U.S. and overseas.

Polaris Defense Inc. received $83,105,807 to give USSOCOM lightweight tactical all-terrain vehicles. This is a sole-source acquisition per FAR 6.303-1.

Ultra Armoring, LLC received $30,509,232 for non-tactical vehicles in support of USSOCOM Procurement Division.


Carnegie Mellon University received $731,987,632 to operate the Software Engineering Institute in Pittsburgh, PA. This is a sole-source acquisition.

New Mexico State University (NMSU) received $75,000,000 to support the Information Operations Vulnerability/Survivability Assessment program. One offer solicited, one received.


Boeing received $6,587,447 to help DARPA with the Experimental Spaceplane (XS-1) program.

DEKA Innovative Solutions Corp. (DISC) received $6,977,028 for 1) sensorized prosthetic arms for DARPA’s Hand Proprioception & Touch Interfaces (HAPTIX) program; 2) manufacture and delivery of prosthetic arms for DARPA’s Revolutionizing Prosthetics Follow-on Studies (RPFS).

JOINT STRIKE FIGHTER (F-35) & RAPTOR (F-22) – This podcast covers the F-35’s absurd costs, horrendous design, and compounding problems.

Creative Times Inc. received $7,733,000 to design/build an admin, instructional and ops facility in support of F-35 and Weapons School Complex at Nellis AFB.

Lockheed Martin received $64,000,000 to repair an F-22A at Hill AFB.

Lockheed Martin received $37,538,800 to incorporate air vehicle retrofit modifications into designated F-35 (Block 3F) and supporting subsystems.

Lockheed Martin received $101,304,341 to procure helmet mounted display systems (HMDS) (383) for Lot IX F-35 for USAF ($47,086,535; 46.5%); USMC ($22,726,422; 22.4%); U.S. Navy ($15,088,165; 14.9%); international partners ($12,166,674; 12%); Japan ($437,030; 0.45%) and Israel ($3,799,515; 3.75%).

Lockheed Martin received $718,299,821 for F-35 LRIP Lot 8 non-air vehicle spares, support equipment, Autonomic Logistics Information System hardware and software upgrades, supply chain management, full mission simulators and non-recurring engineering for USAF ($89,245,994; 12%); U.S. Navy ($32,882,908; 5%); USMC ($115,576,902; 16%); international partners ($280,513,654; 39%); FMS customers ($200,080,363; 28%).


Bell Boeing JPO received $28,630,756 for various depot-level repairables. This is sole-source per 10 U.S.C. 2304 (c)(1).

Bell Boeing JPO received $64,227,368 for various repair parts for the V-22 aircraft. One firm solicited, one offer received per 10 U.S.C. 2304 (c)(1).

HELICOPTERS – Lockheed Martin will buy Sikorsky for roughly $9 billion.

Lockheed Martin received $50,941,902 for a modernized laser range finder designator (M-LRFD) Lot 4 production, including kits and spares, for U.S. Army. One bid solicited, one received.

Management Consulting Inc. received $25,079,661 for "indirect" contractor support for aircraft and aircraft components production support, Corpus Christi Army Depot.

URS Federal Technical Services received $20,422,490 for direct contractor support for aircraft and aircraft components production support, Corpus Christi Army Depot (CCAD).


Boeing received $14,689,239 for multi-module redesign of the array drive and beam steering controller on AN/APG-79 radio detection and ranging for U.S. Navy ($12,976,014, 88.4%) and Australia ($1,713,225, 11.6%).

Boeing received $34,406,860 to repair all field failures, continue parts obsolescence management of the radars, maintaining form, fit, function and interface of line replaceable units and built in test software, and provide configuration accountability of the fielded radar data.

Exelis Inc. received $97,303,380 for 46 full-rate production Lot XII integrated defensive electronic countermeasures AN/ALQ-214(V)4/5 onboard jammer systems. This was not competitively procured per 10 U.S.C. 2304(c)(1).

Harris Corp. received $29,103,496 for 138 Distributed Targeting System (DTS) Full Rate Production (FRP) 2 and FRP 3 B-kits for F/A-18E/F and EA-18G for the U.S. Navy (126 at $25,996,604; 89%) and Australia (12 at $3,106,892; 11%). This also provides 54 operational bulk data cartridges and parts obsolescence management. This was not competitively procured per FAR 6.302.1.

Moog Inc. received $15,564,818 to repair various F-18 parts. This was not competitively procured per 10 U.S.C. 2304 (c)(1).

Raytheon received $11,000,076 to incorporate electro-optical daylight operations improvement into F/A-18 advanced targeting forward looking infrared (ATFLIR) electro-optical sensor unit weapons replaceable assembly.

United Technologies received $15,864,275 for F100-PW-100 turbine blade sets.


Boeing received $20,517,876 for peculiar support equipment for the initial outfitting of the U.S. Navy emerging squadron stand-ups of EA-18G and intermediate level support for Australia’s Air Force. Purchases: U.S. Navy ($15,240,978; 75%); Australia ($5,276,898; 25%).


L-3 Communications Corp. received $274,596,000 to continue logistic support for approximately 235 aircraft (40 RC-12s, 167 C-12s, 28 UC-35s) in Madison, MS.


Aircraft Engineering & Installation Services Inc. received $28,593,344 for C-130 electronic propeller control system.

Lockheed Martin received $11,023,298 for C-130J large aircraft infrared countermeasures (LAIRCM) Group A kits (19 of them) and jump platform storage assemblies (JPSA) (49 of them).

Lockheed Martin received $33,271,990 for 28 quick engine change assemblies for the C-130J program.


Chromalloy Component Services Inc. received $12,413,000 to overhaul the F108 Low Pressure Turbine Shaft Assembly Module 14 for the KC-135.

Cutter Enterprises LLC received $31,594,700 to alter two existing KC-135 hangars to fit new KC-46.

Northrop Grumman received $18,286,137 for engine maintenance and overhauls for the KC-10 contractor logistic support program worldwide.

Northrop Grumman received $14,651,426 for logistic support for materials for KC-10 program worldwide, including McGuire, Travis, and Tinker AFB.


Avox Systems received $7,585,922 for joint service aircrew masks. One bid solicited, one received.

Boeing received $42,608,960 for C-40A fleet logistics support at NAS North Island; NAS Fort Worth JRB; NAS Jacksonville; NAS Whidbey Island; NAS Oceana.

Booz Allen Hamilton; CSSI; SERCO received a total $38,028,800 for air traffic control engineering & technical support (includes configuration data management & systems maintenance) in USA, SW Asia, SE Asia, Africa for SPAWAR.

CNI Aviation Advantage received $48,000,000 for Rapid Development Integration Facility program support (augments resources on projects requiring manufacturing, engineering, aircraft modification, test support, short-term specialties, R&D, prototyping, material procurement, quality assurance) at Wright Patterson AFB.

DynCorp received $104,085,696 for organizational level maintenance and logistics support for all aircraft and support equipment under Naval Test Wing Atlantic (NTWL) maintenance responsibility.

General Electric received $14,699,370 for seven single-shank turbine LM2500 hot-section modification kits in support of upgrades to LM2500 Marine gas turbine engines (MGTE), which is the primary propulsion gas turbine engine on DDG 51, CG 47 and FFG 7 classes, and the LCS 2 variant.

Honeywell International received $41,432,253 for APN-209 radar altimeters for the U.S. Army and federal agencies. This is a sole-source acquisition.

Meggitt Inc. received $39,814,009 for aircraft fuel cells for the U.S. Navy, Spain, Finland, Switzerland. This is sole source acquisition per 10 U.S.C. 2304 (c)(1).

Rockwell Collins received $40,500,000 to support systems and items associated with F-15 and KC-135 aircraft. This is a sole-source acquisition.

PAE (Aviation & Technical) received $49,848,102 for aircraft maintenance at Naval Test Wing Pacific (NTWP) Point Mugu (22%) and China Lake (78%).

PAE (Applied Technologies) received $68,351,721 for maintenance on F-5 F/N aircraft in NAS Key West (40%); NAS Fallon (30%); and MCAS Yuma (30%).

Rockwell Collins-ESA Vision Systems received $26,929,965 for joint helmet-mounted cueing systems (JHMCS). This was a sole-source acquisition per 10 U.S.C. 2304(c)(1). This includes some unnamed FMS.

Rockwell Collins Inc. received $8,131,791 for engineering integration efforts on the Digital Red Switch System (DRSS) in support of one E-6B Mercury.

Sierra Nevada received $10,838,029 for Open Missions Systems Future Airborne Capability Environment Systems Development Feasibility Demonstration Model for implantation for subsystems/software aboard manned & unmanned aircraft.

Thales received $18,400,000 for two Deployable ILS Production Representative test units, training, tech manuals, spares and contractor support to conduct an integrated system test qualification operational test and evaluation. Upon testing completion, Thales will provide an equivalent of a fixed-based ILS capability at tactical airfields and at airfields where permanent ILS capability has been disrupted. Some work will be in Italy. This is a sole-source acquisition.

Trident Systems Inc. received $24,389,616 for basic and applied research of persistent airborne data link communications components and systems.


Lockheed Martin received $12,849,302 for Aegis Platform Systems Engineering Agent activities and Modernization Advanced Capability Build (ACB) engineering in Moorestown, NJ (99%); Tewksbury, MA (0.6%); Dahlgren, VA (0.4%).

Lockheed Martin received $24,928,445 for AEGIS combat systems engineering, computer program development, in-country support, technical manuals, logistics, and staging for Australia’s (FMS) air warfare destroyer (AWD) shipbuilding.


CACI received $9,393,351 for professional support services for PEO LCS in Washington, DC; Norfolk, VA; San Diego, CA; Panama City, FL; Newport, RI.

Lockheed Martin received $13,580,553 to procure two splitting gears and two combining gears in Baltimore, MD.


BAE Systems received $38,604,037 for USS Leyte Gulf (CG-55) FY2015 extended docking selected restricted availability (SRA), which includes depot-level maintenance and modifications to improve military/technical capabilities.

BAE Systems received $38,300,696 for USS Bunker Hill (CG-52) FY2015 SRA.

BAE Systems received $26,828,516 for phased maintenance availability of USS Iwo Jima (LHD 7).

BAE Systems received $13,758,797 for scheduled dry-docking selected repair availability of USS O’Kane (DDG 77) in Pearl Harbor, HI.

BAE Systems received $11,017,783
for FY2015 SRA for USS Dewey (DDG 105) in San Diego, CA.

Huntington Ingalls Inc. received $6,737,083 to repair the number two ship’s service turbine generator on USS Nimitz (CVN 68).

Huntington Ingalls Inc. received $20,580,879 for ship repair support (nuclear and nuclear-related) on USS Nimitz (CVN 68) in Bremerton, WA. This was not competitively procured pursuant to FAR 6.302-1.

Huntington Ingalls Inc. received $75,000,000 to support USS Nimitz (CVN 68) and USS Carl Vinson (CVN 70) ship repair. This was not competitively procured per FAR 6.302-1.


General Dynamics received $9,837,798 for the first article common missile compartment tube-to-keel robotic weld skids, weld skid transfer system and cable management/lifting and handling features, packaging and shipment of welding skids to the robotic welding integrator, and engineering services. GD will also obtain hardware relating to the fixture personnel access platforms in support of the Ohio replacement program for the U.S. Navy (50%) and the UK (50%).

General Dynamics received $32,721,919 for AN/BYG-1 Tactical Control Systems (TCS) Technology Insertion (TI-14) Advanced Processing Build (APB-15) software for delivery to multiple submarine platforms.

General Dynamics received $42,492,474 for additional lead yard services and development studies and design efforts related to Virginia-class submarines. This was not competitively procured per FAR 6.302-1(a)(2)(iii).

Huntington Ingalls Inc. received $106,239,735 for engineering, technical, design, configuration management, logistics support, database management, R&D, modernization, and industrial support for a variety of submarines, submersibles and support facilities. This was non-competitive per FAR 6.302-1(a)(2)(iii).

International Marine ($141,458,723); Q.E.D. Systems ($148,684,537) received those funds for management, material support services, labor, supplies and equipment necessary for depot/intermediate level preservation on various subs.

LGS Innovations LLC received $9,520,000 for submarine telecommunication cables at High Point, NC.

Oceaneering International Inc. received $18,601,702 for a dry deck shelter (DDS) modernization detailed design effort.

URS Federal Services, Inc.; Alion Science & Technology Corp.; and L-3 received a combined $63,431,267 for engineering and technical support to U.S. subs.


AMSEC LLC received $7,270,558 for engineering and technical services to support hull, mechanical and electrical systems and equipment on Navy ships. AMSEC LLC will upgrade fluid, habitability and thermal management systems planned for installation or alterations in various ship homeports.

Assurance Technology Corp. received $24,663,970 for One Acquisition Solution for Integrated Services (OASIS). This involves R&D and integration to develop software definable/reconfigurable systems (SDS) that respond to mission requirements with improved performance, capability, reliability, efficiency, and life cycle cost for Naval Research Laboratory (NRL), Washington, DC.

Donjon Marine Co. Inc. received $44,500,000 for salvage, towing, harbor clearance, and ocean engineering, for director of ocean engineering, supervisor of salvage and diving in the Atlantic Ocean (80%) and the Gulf of Mexico (20%).

Huntington Ingalls Inc. received $15,363,387 for long lead-time material, management, and incremental effort for Ticonderoga cruisers. Huntington Ingalls Inc. received $93,034,622 for incremental, long lead-time material and management services for Ticonderoga-class cruisers in Pascagoula, MS.

Huntington Ingalls Inc. received $16,614,562 for long lead-time material, management services, and incremental level of effort for CG-47-class cruisers and DD 963-class destroyers in Pascagoula, MS.

Lockheed Martin received $8,426,711 for the Integrated Common Processor program (software and hardware development, production, installation, training, maintenance and provisioned items under the Maritime Surveillance Systems Program Office, PMS-485, PEO Submarines, Naval Sea Systems Command) for the U.S. Navy (90 percent) and Japan (10%).

Lockheed Martin received $26,398,372 for engineering in support of Mk 48 Mod 7 Torpedo Common Broadband Advanced Sonar System (CBASS) supporting Naval Undersea Warfare Center (NUWC) Newport’s spiral development program. This was not competitively procured per 10 U.S.C. 2304(c)(1).

Lockheed Martin received $153,947,183 for Surface Electronic Warfare Improvement Program (SEWIP) Block 2 systems. SEWIP is an acquisition program to upgrade existing out-of-production AN/SLQ-32(V) systems.

Northrop Grumman received $14,761,000 for design, development, fabrication, testing, production and delivery of AN/AQS-24C mine hunting sonar systems. This was not competitively procured per FAR 6.302-1(a)(2)(ii).

Orbital ATK Inc. received $12,404,535 to provide U.S. Navy a contractual vehicle for prototype fabrication and development of chain gun weapon systems hardware, associated gun control system software and ammunition. Orbital ATK will also design and fabricate ammunition all-up cartridges, components, support materials, and equipment for qualification, evals, test for chain gun systems. This was not competitively procured per 10 U.S.C. 2304 (c)(1) and FAR 6.302-1(a)(2).

P C Mechanical Inc. received $95,000,000 for NAVFAC Reconstitute the Force, Civil Engineer Support Equipment (CESE), and Civil Engineer End Items (CEEI) under the CESE/CEEI Life Extension Program.

ProLog, Inc. received $79,537,024 for production support services (PSS) in support of Fleet Readiness Center Southeast (FRCSE) and its remote sites. PSS provides logistical services in support of depot level maintenance efforts.

Raytheon received $7,486,849 to refurbish and upgrade two NAVAIR Air Traffic, Navigation, Integration, and Coordination Systems (ATNAVICS) to a level of serviceability comparable to a new updated system.

Raytheon received $15,521,711 for operation/maintenance on U.S. Navy’s Fleet Surveillance Support Center Relocatable Over-the-Horizon Radar (ROTHR). This was sole source per 10 U.S.C. 2304(C)(2).

Raytheon received $51,973,639 for JPALS analyses, system requirements definition, development of manufacturing and production strategy, risk reduction activities, and program technical and business objectives.

RDRTec, Inc. received $9,839,254 for work on: “Processor Architectures for Multi-Mode Multi-Sensor Signal Processing”, “Multi-Polarization Inverse Synthetic-Aperture Radar for Automated Ship and Small Craft Classification”, and “Exploiting Polarimetry in Littoral Surveillance.”

Safe Boats International LLC received $17,777,307 for two MK VI patrol boats.

WR Systems Ltd. received $25,194,253 to provide the U.S. fleet and U.S.-supported foreign military fleets with comprehensive programmatic and technical support for navigation and geospatial information systems.

3 Phoenix Inc. received $8,634,738 for engineering services to support software development, procurement of COTS products, and hardware/software integration required for improved technology in U.S. Navy open architecture and network centric operations and warfare systems in support of Virginia-class subs and other subs & surface systems. This “Real-time Data Fusion & Visualization Interface for Environmental Research Data” supports U.S. Navy’s attempt to improve performance through judicious use of lower power electronics, advanced algorithm design, and innovative applications of open software and hardware.


Aerojet Rocketdyne received $12,290,494 to develop/prove an innovative digital factory environment that will improve design, manufacturing, and supply chain efficiency resulting in more affordable complex propulsion subsystems.

Jacobs Technology Inc. received $20,100,000 for aerospace, R&D, test and evaluation advisory and assistance service for 412th Test Wing, Edwards AFB.

LinQuest received $8,070,106 for system engineering and integration support services (SE&I) to support MILSATCOM Systems Directorate, Advanced Concepts Division, Los Angeles AFB.

LinQuest received $7,762,098 for system engineering and integration services to support the MILSATCOM Systems Directorate, Protected SATCOM and Logistics and Operations Support Divisions at Los Angeles and Peterson AFBs.

Orbital Sciences Corporation received $23,600,000 for Operationally Responsive Space-5 Launch Services (planning, analysis, design, development, production, integration, testing) to launch ORS-5 SensorSat vehicle to the desired orbit.


American Systems; BAE Systems; Blue Canopy; Boeing; Booz Allen Hamilton; CACI; CGI Federal; Computer Sciences Corp.; D&S Consultants Inc.; EIS; General Dynamics; HP; IBM; Intelligent Decisions; K Force Government Solutions; L3; Leidos; Lockheed Martin; ManTech/WINS; Northrop Grumman; Pragmatics; Raytheon; Scientific Research Corp.; Sotera; SRA International; 22nd Century Technologies; AEEC LLC; American Technology Solutions International; Berico Technologies; The Buffalo Group; Convergent Solutions Inc.; Criterion Systems Inc.; Cyberspace Solutions; DAn Solutions Inc.; DKW Communications; E-Volve Technology Systems; Federated IT; Intrepid Solutions & Services Inc.; The Kenjya Group; New River Systems; OCCAM Solutions; QVine Corp.; Red Arch Solutions; Riite; Soft Tech Consulting; Trusted Mission Solutions; Varen Technologies; Vykin Corp.; Xcelerate Solutions; and Zolon Tech Inc. received $6,000,000,000 for Enhanced Solutions for the Information Technology Enterprise (E-SITE), which supports information technology requirements across the Defense intelligence enterprise and the greater intelligence community. Work will be performed worldwide for DIA.

BAE Systems received $16,900,000 for Systems Engineering & Evaluations, Systems Analysis Worldwide 6.

Booz Allen Hamilton Inc. received $13,194,385 for enterprise management and tech support to Navy Information Dominance Force’s Shore Modernization & Integration Directorate in: enterprise architecture & operational transition planning; shore network & communications modernization; IT service management process standardization; cyber security; IT portfolio management.

CACI received $9,578,568 for the Force Management System for Army Force Structure Management operations.

CACI received $9,674,887 for systems development services in support of Command, Control, Communications & Computer Systems Directorate of MSC.

Cask Technologies received $25,000,000 for program analytical and tech support for USMC Total Force Information Technology Systems in Stafford, VA. Cask Technologies received $25,000,000 for business analytics, cost analysis and portfolio support for USMC Total Force Information Technology Systems in Stafford, VA. Cask Technologies LLC received $25,000,000 for engineering and information assurance support for the Marine Corps Total Force Information Technology Systems in Stafford, VA.

Cyber Defense Information Assurance received $7,993,365 for Air Force Intranet Control Support Defense Joint Regional Security Stacks. This provides USAF enterprise-level network management, optimized communications and defensive measures at the Air Force Information Network gateways at Maxwell AFB.

Defense Engineering, Inc. received $28,359,894 for Enterprise Engineering services for the Army Information Technology Agency (ITA) in Alexandria, VA.

General Dynamics received $32,389,278 for R&D, technology, analytical, and engineering support services to meet command and control requirements at the Joint Staff J6 C4 Assessments Division.

General Dynamics received $20,208,718 for command, control, communications and computer information operations and maintenance for 1st Signal Brigade in South Korea.

Honeywell received $7,212,498 for signal data processors for the U.S. Army. This was a sole-source acquisition per FAR 6.302-1, 10 U.S.C. 2304 (c)(1).

IBM received $23,068,058 for technical and functional services in support of the Defense Agencies Initiatives program. Using service is federal civilian agencies.

Integrated Data Services received $16,946,000 for onsite subject matter expert support on Web Comprehensive Cost & Requirements (WCCAR) and services for application deployment and maintenance. This is a sole-source acquisition.

Jacobs Technology received $6,846,178 for engineering and technology acquisition support services at Hanscom AFB and its geographically separated units. This involves unnamed FMS.

NetCentrics Corporation received $7,629,081 to provide IT solutions development services for OSD, WHS, the Pentagon Force Protection Agency (PFPA), and supported agencies in Arlington and Alexandria, VA.

Northrop Grumman received $7,153,835 for IT, architecture & engineering, C2 networks and associated systems support for U.S. Forces Korea J6.

Northrop Grumman received $12,513,682 for information technology services for the Army Planning, Programming, and Budgeting Business Operating System.

SAIC received $19,300,000 for maintenance, repair &operations for Northeast Region, zone 1, of USA. This was sole source per 10 U.S.C. 2304 (c)(1). Graybar Electric received $21,900,000 for maintenance, repair and operations in Northeast Region, zone 2, USA. This was sole-source per 10 U.S.C. 2304 (c)(1).

SAIC received $11,435,596 for development of the Global-Theater Security Cooperation Management Information System (G-TSCMIS) Release 3 (R3) for Space & Naval Warfare Systems Command.

SRA International Inc. received $38,836,903 for IT services in support of NCIS Information Technology Directorate in Quantico, VA.

X Technologies, Inc. received $7,642,494 for deliverable PKI Information Assurance support service to implement and sustain the DoD Class 3 PKI for USAF, including development of responsive cyber acquisition solutions.


Aerojet Rocketdyne received $17,917,020 for Stinger missile flight motors.

Alliant Techsystems Operations received $6,623,123 for Hard Target Void Sensing Fuze system: 226 HTVSF systems, eight D-1 Inert Bomb Fuzes, 35 D-2 Dummy Load Trainer and Dummy Initiators, 13 D-5/B Classroom Trainers, and 325 Retaining Ring Torque Adapters (Spanner Wrenches).

BAE Systems received $11,146,889 for ground-based strategic deterrent (GBSD) integration support at Hill AFB (USAF Nuclear Weapon Center).

BAE Systems received $48,700,246 for integration support (systems engineering, technical assistance, training, development in integration, sustaining engineering, program management support) for Minuteman III at Hill AFB.

Fifth Gait Technologies Inc. received $9,975,755.38 to update/develop procedures for testing components for MDA or other DOD systems, providing early input on component performance and support full-scale operational tests.

General Dynamics received $7,238,385 for heated and mobile munitions employing rockets, phase 1A prototype design, development and tests.

General Dynamics received $7,842,528 and Orbital Alliant Techsystems received $7,039,930 for M1002 120mm tank training ammunition.

General Dynamics received $16,098,186 and Orbital ATK received $15,997,541 for 120mm Advanced Multi-Purpose (AMP), XM1147 High Explosive Multi-Purpose with Tracer (HEMP-T) cartridges.

Honeywell received $8,496,270 to support supply, maintenance, and logistics for the Army Prepositioned Stocks-3 at Charleston Naval Weapons Station, SC.

Honeywell received $8,093,534 for logistics support to the Army Prepositioned Stocks-3 in Charleston, SC.

Lockheed Martin received $7,624,164 to repair and refurbish 11 vertical launch anti-submarine rocket (ASROC) motors under the undersea weapons program. This is sole source per 10 U.S.C. 2304(c)(1).

Lockheed Martin received $7,847,526 for support services for all AN/TPQ-53 Radar Systems.

Lockheed Martin received $20,753,021 for critical mission operations for NORAD Cheyenne Mountain, Integrated Tactical Warning & Attack Assessment office in support of air, missile and space defense.

Lockheed Martin received $27,450,000 for long lead material, labor, planning & scheduling on FY2015 Trident II D5 production schedule. Sole source, 10 U.S.C. 2304(c)(1).

Lockheed Martin received $66,371,639 to develop the Joint-Air-to-Ground Missile (Army-Navy).

Northrop Grumman received $15,000,000 for Block 2 pre-planned product improvements of the Joint Tactical Ground Station (JTAGS) system.

PAE received $115,885,628 for aerial target operations and maintenance for the 53rd Weapons Evaluation Group (53 WEG) at Tyndall AFB and Holloman AFB.

Raytheon received $9,083,000 for SM-2 & SM-6 FY2015-16 full-rate production.

Raytheon received $14,568,000 for SM-2 and SM-6 engineering and technical services to ensure production, design, and system integration continuity for U.S. Navy (96.7%) and Australia (3.3%).

Raytheon received $18,442,948 for depot level diagnostics and repair of major PATRIOT system items. Some work will be in: South Korea; Japan; UAE; Bahrain; Qatar; Kuwait; Germany; Turkey.

Raytheon received $36,800,000 for System Improvement Program II- Engineering Manufacturing, Development for AIM-120D. This is a sole-source acquisition.

Raytheon received $87,038,436 for long lead material (management & services) for 17 SM-3 Block IIA missiles and support efforts. This was sole-source.

SciTec Inc. received $9,978,244 support the development, application, and transition of space data exploitation (SDE) software development, test support, and data analysis for MDA.


CB&I Federal Services LLC received $6,799,897 for a non-time critical removal action for munitions clearance at former Adak Naval Air Facility.


Subsystem Technologies Inc.; Logistics Management Institute; EOIR Technologies Inc. received a combined $9,931,309 for urgent work needed to support ammunition and armament products/services for Army ARDEC.

Vencore [PDF] Services & Solutions received $86,000,000 for sample data collection services.


BAE received $14,130,718 for system technical support and sustainment system technical support for all Bradley Fighting Vehicle types and all M113 variants.

Caterpillar Inc. received $12,748,073 for repair parts for material handling equipment. This was sole-source per 10 U.S.C 2304 (c)(1).


BAE Systems received $45,070,161 for four variants of hard armor protective inserts. Ceradyne Inc. received $34,112,608 for four variants of hard armor protective inserts.

BDA Tech, LLC received $48,100,000 for Battlefield Airmen Operational Control System (OCS), including operational control system hardware, attrition assets, and software integration support.

Bethel Industries; Hawk Protection Inc.; and KDH Defense Systems Inc. received $49,000,000 for the Soldier Protection System modular vest.

Capco Inc. received $32,870,329 for 40mm M320/M320A1 grenade launchers and non-functional training displays.

National Industries for the Blind received $14,878,539 for mattresses for the U.S. Navy. This was a sole-source acquisition per FAR Part 8.7.

Point Blank Enterprises; Short Bark Industries; Carter Enterprises received a combined $49,000,000 for Soldier Protection System torso and extremity protection ballistic combat shirt.


McRae Industries Inc. received $14,745,326 for hot weather combat boots. McRae Industries Inc. received $10,786,319 for temperate weather combat boots. Original Footwear Holding Inc. received $14,880,340 for temperate weather combat boots. Rocky Brand Inc. received $15,495,797 for hot weather combat boots.

Valley Apparel received $7,958,275 for summer and cold-weather jackets.

Wolverine World Wide Inc. received $39,205,428 for leather dress shoes.


ASM Research LLC received $10,770,223 for Army Training Requirements and Resources System.

CGI Federal Inc. received $23,214,112 for operational and environment core requirements for Army TRADOC G-2, Ft. Eustis, VA.

Milburn Academy Inc. received $7,365,133 to provide foreign language services, refresher courses, to Army Forces Command (FORSCOM).

Network & Simulation Technologies Inc. received $9,261,047 to provide professional military education and graduate level programs (maritime security) to U.S. officers and U.S. Navy enlisted, civilian federal, and international senior enlisted & officers. This includes war-gaming support services to the NWC.

Onvoi LLC received $9,236,896 for training flight services supporting USAF Undergraduate Air Battle Manager (ABM) Training Course. Training includes: ground-controlled intercept target; basic airmanship; live-fire; weapons system evals; major command-directed development test & evaluations at Tyndall AFB.


Leidos Inc. received $99,000,000 for automated installation entry hardware and software for approximately 35 military installations to provide threat detection; and to automate access control processes for personnel entering installations.

Technology & Supply Management LLC received $49,734,506 for services and materials technical support for the Persistent Ground Surveillance system.


American Electrical Enterprises Inc. received $11,247,163 for an electrical load bank system.

Andritz Hydro Corp. received $12,973,090 to repair the main unit hydropower generators #1 & #2 at the Lower Monumental Dam powerhouse, Kahlotus, WA.

BP received $16,002,215 for aviation fuel. Chevron received $24,892,515 for aviation fuel. Dyno Oil & Electric LLC received $30,920,084 for aviation fuel. Hawaii Independent Energy LLC received $40,322,588 for aviation fuel. Petro Star Inc. received $30,345,213 for aviation fuel. Valero received $34,485,300 for aviation fuel. Western Refining Co. received $30,891,600 for aviation fuel.

Atmos Energy Marketing, LLC received $22,026,757 for direct supply of natural gas. Constellation NewEnergy-Gas Division, LLC received $11,308,004 for direct supply of natural gas. Integrys Energy Services-Natural Gas, LLC received $11,190,378 for direct supply of natural gas. Sage Energy Trading, LLC received $8,361,746 for direct supply of natural gas.

Ship Supply of Florida, Inc. received $29,574,278 for fuel.

World Fuel Services Inc. received $14,478,577 for marine gas oil.


Avosys Technology Inc. received $48,000,000 for clinical healthcare services at Davis-Monthan AFB.

BTL Technologies, Inc. (San Antonio, TX); CompTech (Dayton, OH); G2S Corp. (San Antonio, TX); JYG Innovations (Dayton, OH); Laredo (San Antonio, TX); Lukos-VATC JV, LLC (Tampa, FL); SSI (San Antonio, TX); Vesa Health & Technology (San Antonio, TX); and 1st American (Falls Church, VA) received a combined $99,700,000 for advisory and assistance services, non-advisory and assistance services, and personal services. This includes admin & functional support, medical & biomedical research, clinical & clinical hyperbaric medicine services, environmental bio-terrorism support, technology evaluation, and research studies support at Wright-Patterson AFB; San Antonio, TX; Cincinnati, OH; Baltimore, MD; St. Louis, MO; and geographically separated units.

Charles River Laboratories, Inc.; Covance Research Products Inc.; Harlan Laboratories, Inc.; and The Jackson Laboratory received $25,000,000 for laboratory research animals and devices to support basic research for USAMRIID and other DOD agencies.

Draeger Medical Inc. received $59,264,434 for patient monitoring systems, subsystems, accessories, consumables, spare/repair parts and training.

Leidos, Inc. received $4,336,822,777 for the Defense Healthcare Management System Modernization program (at locations throughout USA and overseas).

Manus Medical, LLC received $12,210,000 for medical surgical equipment for facilities that participate in the electronic catalogue program.

O.R. Elder Inc. received $28,800,000 for dental and medical equipment.

PricewaterhouseCoopers received $12,191,500 for performance management and continuous process improvement support for ASD(HA), DHA’s Healthcare Operations Directorate, and all associated divisions.

SRA International received $19,893,085 for scientific peer review support for research proposals for Army Medical Research Acquisition Activity (USAMRAA), Frederick, MD. Vaccine Co. LLC; PPD Development LP; Leidos Inc.; Tasc Inc. received $501,000,000 for medical research for USAMRAA, Frederick, MD.

STS Systems Integration received $77,638,023 for IT and information management services to support the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center (WRNMMC).


For international ocean and intermodal distribution services, the following corporations received their allotted amounts: American President Lines LTD: $55,658,342; American Roll-On Roll-Off Carrier: $14,126,758; Farrell Lines Inc.: $30,087,173; Hapag-Lloyd USA: $15,820,121; Liberty Global Logistics LLC: $12,623,476; Maersk Line: $49,765,916.

Crowley Technical Management Inc. received $43,053,912 for operation and maintenance of six government-owned Marine Prepositioning Force ships to support MSC worldwide prepositioning requirements.


Bay West LLC received $15,698,310 for Joint Base Charleston Performance-Based Remediation.

EA Engineering; Earth Resources Technology Inc.; Hydrogeologic; AECOM Technical Services Inc.; Arcadis U.S. Inc.; CH2M Hill Constructors Inc.; Parsons Government Services Inc.; Tetra Tech EC Inc.; and Western Solutions Inc. received a combined $240,000,000 to provide military munitions and environmental response services.

Eco & Associates Inc.; Stell Environmental Enterprises; and Sundance-CTI LLC received $50,000,000 for environmental consulting in the South Pacific Division.

Jacobs Engineering received $29,880,710 for project management, engineering, and technical support for the New Bedford Harbor Superfund Site, MA.

Portage Inc. received $100,000,000 for soil remediation in Luckey, OH.

Tetra Tech EC Inc. received $7,063,884 for source area remedial action at the Navy Exchange gas station operational unit located at the Jackson Park Housing Complex, Bremerton, WA.


Sodexo Management Inc. received $14,612,960 for modifications to food service accounts along the eastern seaboard.

Sodexo Management Inc. received $17,671,394 for adjustments to food service obligations at Camp Pendleton (49.45%); San Diego, CA (21.21%); Twentynine Palms (16.14%); Miramar, CA (6.38%); Yuma, AZ (5.11%) Bridgeport, CA (1.71%).

Sterling Foods LLC received $38,472,000 for bakery tray packs used in the unitized group ration heat and serve program.

BASE SUPPORT, CONSULTING, ADMIN & LOGISTICS - Base operations (a.k.a. base support services) usually involve a combination of: facility management & investment, fire & emergency services, grounds maintenance & landscaping, janitorial services, pavement clearance, pest control, port operations, utilities, vehicles & equipment service, and waste management.

Akima Support Operations LLC received $87,600,000 for facility support services at the Arnold Engineering Development Complex, Arnold AFB.

CGI Federal received $9,280,327 for maintenance/sustainment of software systems for Army Sustainment Command's Integrated Materiel Management Operation System in Springfield, VA; Rock Island; Sierra Army Depot, CA; Charleston, SC (ASLAC); Huntsville, AL (LOGSA); Italy; Germany; Qatar; Kuwait; South Korea; Japan; and Afghanistan.

Engility Corporation received $8,327,700 for professional engineering to assist the Office of the Deputy Assistant SECDEF (Systems Engineering) in statutory & regulatory policy, guidance, specialty engineering, and human capital functions.

Honeywell received $78,637,476 for logistics support for Blount Island Command & USMC Prepositioning Program. Some work aboard 12 maritime prepositioning ships (12%); six locations in Norway (2%); one location in Kuwait (1%).

LC Industries received $19,000,000 for consignment of office supplies for the Consolidated Material Service Center, Camp Pendleton.

NCI Information Systems (NCI Inc.) received $40,468,270 for systems engineering and technical assistance and logistics support for PEO headquarters and subordinate PEO programs at Ft. Belvoir, VA.

PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) received $7,543,502 for real property audit preparation support at USMC bases in Shizuoka and Okinawa, Japan (90%); and in Mujuk, South Korea (10%).

Pride Industries received $16,335,086 to support the Ft. Polk directorate of public works.

SourceAmerica received $27,414,112 for DPW facilities maintenance at Ft. Knox.

Tech Systems Inc. received $13,664,094 for logistics support to Schofield Barracks.

Trax International Corp. received $23,022,014 for test support to the Yuma Proving Ground and Ft. Greely, AK.

URS Federal Services Inc. received $20,908,966 for hazardous material products and management services in support of three fleet readiness centers.

URS Federal Services received $12,634,181 for distribution and warehouse support services in Maryland and Utah for DLA.


Roughly thirty corporate entities received $50,000,000 for maintenance, alterations, repair and/or construction work at Tobyhanna Army Depot, PA.

Alberici Constructors received $36,000,000 for painting and repairing the service bridge and Tainter Gates at Lock and Dam 25 at Winfield, Missouri.

Billy W. Jarrett Construction received $6,775,000 to reroof building 7000 at Naval Base Kitsap - Bangor.

Bristol General Contractors LLC received $17,923,026 to repair aircraft maintenance hangar building 3757 at NAS Kingsville.

Burns Dirt Construction received $35,000,000 for Columbus AFB Paving and Civil Works. Some work at Auxiliary Field, Shuqualak, MS.

CDM Constructors Inc. received $99,675,591 for the Savannah Harbor (GA) Expansion Project, dissolved oxygen injection systems.

CH2M Hill and Clark Nexsen Energy Partners JV received $60,000,000 for architect/engineering/design services (energy efficient projects) worldwide.

Cianbro Corp. received $9,127,103 for repairs to Dry Dock Number 3 pumpwell at the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard (PNS).

Collins-McCarthy 8A JV LLC received $13,082,000 for ramp repair Area IV, 165th Airlift Wing, Georgia, Air National Guard, Savannah, GA.

Cromwell Architects Engineers received $8,000,000 to assist federal projects at Ft. Bragg or under the jurisdiction of the Savannah District, USACE.

DMS Contracting, Inc.; Davinroy Mechanical; Hank's Excavating & Landscaping; Surmeier & Surmeier, Inc.; J&B Builders received $25,000,000 for paving that will execute maintenance, repair, construction and drainage repair at Scott AFB.

Green Contracting Company Inc. received $8,847,346 to replace Cooling Tower, Building 77H, at the Philadelphia Naval Business Center.

HDR Environmental, Operations & Construction Inc.; Jacobs Government Services; Leidos Inc.; MWH Americas Inc.; OTIE-RS&H JV and Tetra Tech Inc. received a combined $950,000,000 to support military construction, family housing, and sustainment/restoration/modernization programs worldwide.

Hensel Phelps Construction received $66,737,000 for design and construction of a bachelor enlisted quarters at Naval Base Coronado.

HNTB-Halff JV received $48,000,000 for architectural and engineering services for DHS and the Southwestern Division, Army Corps of Engineers.

Howard W. Pence Inc.; T & T Construction Enterprises; RL Alvarez Construction LLC; and Commonwealth Support Services II LLC received $245,000,000 for construction, restoration and maintenance of real property at Ft. Knox.


  1. Kokolakis Contracting Inc. received $61,593,483 to renovate and modernize the MacArthur long barracks, West Point, NY.

Lang Construction Group received $7,928,400 to construct building 430 on Des Moines Air National Guard Base.

Lee Construction Group Inc. received $8,000,000 for minor construction, renovation, maintenance and repair projects at Cape Canaveral, FL.

MW Crew LLC received $40,000,000 for simplified acquisition of base engineer requirements, streamlining broad construction, sustainment, restoration, and modernization of property at Tinker AFB.

OHL USA, Inc. received $15,982,100 for channel improvements to the Murrieta Creek Channel, Temecula, CA.

Philips Contracting Co. received $20,000,000 to rent construction equipment and operators for maintenance/construction projects on the Tennessee-Tombigbee Waterway in MS and AL.

Protection Engineering Group received $10,000,000 for fire protection design and engineering services in NAVFAC Atlantic.

Rocky Mountain Excavating, Inc.; John Bowman, Inc.; Hartland-Mass JV; J.E. Hurley Construction Inc.; and Leebcor Services LLC received $49,000,000 for design and construction services for the Army Corps of Engineers.

Royal Bridge, Inc. received $9,214,065 for repair and painting of the Cheatham Dam tainter gates in Ashland City, TN.

Sam O. Hirota Inc.; Pacific Geotechnical Engineers Inc. received $9,900,000 for architectural and engineering services for Pacific region projects.

Short Elliott Hendrickson received $7,405,000 for architectural and engineering services at Ft. McCoy, WI.

Spectrum Services Group, Inc. received $45,000,000 for specialty construction projects at Camp Pendleton, Fallbrook, and MCAS Miramar.

S.T. Wooten Corp. received $7,336,661 for construction of a pump station at Cogdel’s Creek and work on Utilities Expansion at Hadnot Point and French Creek on Camp Lejeune.

Swinerton Builders received $26,509,003 for construction of an aircraft maintenance hangar at NAS Whidbey Island.

Trend Construction received $14,900,000 for construction at the Military Ocean Terminal -- Sunny Point, Southport, NC.

Vet Industrial, Inc. received $11,893,476 to construct a remote switching unit building and associated site work at Gray’s Army Airfield, JBLM.

The Whiting-Turner Contracting received $28,455,603 to renovate Building 32 at Norfolk Naval Shipyard. The Whiting-Turner Contracting received $21,643,200 to renovate Building 30 at Norfolk Naval Shipyard.


Kokosing Construction/O’Brien & Gere JV received $12,281,120 for operation (and related services) of the Indiana Harbor & Canal Confined Disposal Facility.

# # # #

*Editing consolidated similar contracts. Italics indicate notes from the editor.

**Any clerical errors are the editor’s alone. Each month, Boiling Frogs Post presents a distillation of the previous month’s DOD Contracts. Check back regularly.

***To avoid competitive bidding, DOD invokes 10 U.S.C. 2304, FAR 6.302, and FAR 8.405-6. DOD uses 15 U.S.C. 638 to avoid competitive bidding when dealing with small businesses.

Christian Sorensen, a BFP Contributing Author & Analyst, is a U.S. military veteran. His writing has been featured in CounterPunch and Media Roots.

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