DisInfoWars with Tom Secker: The Ireland-7/7 Connection

The War on Terror in Ireland never truly ended; it simply evolved into a new, updated and more sophisticated War on Terror. In this episode I look at the connections between the black operations being run by the British deep state in Northern Ireland and the 7/7 London bombings of 2005. I offer the view that 7/7 was a 'pure false flag' and focus in on two figures - Martin McDaid, a former special forces commando who ran a radical Islamic bookshop, and Samantha Lewthwaite, who was the wife of the one of the alleged suicide bombers. Both of these people were intimately involved in the 7/7 backstory, and both have the profiles and biographies of agents working for MI5. I analyze the 'intelligence failures' around McDaid and explore whether his and Lewthwaite's mission was to manipulate the four men into a position where they could be blamed for an atrocity that they did not commit.

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  1. Very interesting
    Very informative.
    Thank you.
    7/7 ‘exercise as distraction’ makes good sense. I think of recent BinLaden ghost stories (“Bin Laden traveled in plain sight, his convoys always knowingly waved through any security checkpoints.”)

    Speaking to GLADIO, and given your wish to explore WWII ops.
    http://educationforum.ipbhost.com/index.php?showtopic=22107. Chapt.2

    “Captured in May, Gehlen arrived in Washington three months later, August 22, 1945, in the uniform of a general of the United States Army, flown there in the command transport of Gen. Walter Bedell Smith. In a series of secret meetings with Allen Dulles and Wild Bill Donovan of the OSS, he laid out in detail the proposal – the surrender conditions, essentially – which he was offering the Americans.
    Postwar Europe, he pointed out, as everyone knew, was certain to become the arena of confrontation between the United States and the Soviet Union ultimately even greater than the confrontation just ending between the victorious Allies and the vanquished Axis powers. The Soviets, he said, were well prepared for this new confrontation from an intelligence standpoint, as who better than he could say, and the Americans were not. The Russians had a crack spy network in West Europe and America, but the Americans did not have a spy network of any kind or quality in East Europe and Russia. Did that not put the Americans at an important disadvantage in the forthcoming struggles?
    Then where and how could the Americans procure the needed capability? Recruiting and training a corps of Russian and Central European intelligence agents and building a network of reliable sources and experts nearly from scratch could take years, generations. The Americans agreed with Gehlen that they did not have that much time.
    Very well, Gehlen had a practical solution to this very problem. His own intelligence apparatus was still intact within the collapsing Hitler government. It was as capable as ever of delivering large masses of high-quality intelligence data on all aspects of Soviet life. Hitler had never taken advantage of this capability, Gehlen explained. Hitler had ignored Gehlen’s organization and had gone on to ruin. Still it was there. It might have been put to better use. It still could be, should the Americans accept his offer.

    Gehlen’s offer was for the Americans to pick up his organization bodily and bolt it into the empty space of their own intelligence system, as though it were one of the spoils of the war. Gehlen could plausibly guarantee his network’s unmatched and unbending loyalty to the cause of anti-Bolshevism and the fifty-two crates he had buried in Misery Meadow were tangible proofs of his power and a foretaste of secret knowledge to come.

    All the Americans had to do was to meet Gehlen’s four conditions. FIRST, Gehlen was to have complete autonomy within his organization and total control over its activities. The Americans would tell him what they wanted and they would get it, satisfaction guaranteed, but they would have to know nothing about the process by which Gehlen got it to give them; that knowledge was Gehlen’s own. He even reserved the right to approve U.S. liason officers assigned to him. SECOND, the Americans would agree to use Gehlen only against the USSR and the East European satellites. THIRD, when a new German government was set up, the Americans would constitutionally install the Gehlen organization in it as its official central intelligence agency and cancel automatically all outstanding Gehlen commitments to the United States. FOURTH, the Americans would never require Gehlen to do anything he considered against German national interests.”(thanks. comment.Slavyangrad.org . Nazcalito) As far as I can tell, the source is : R. Harris Smith, OSS: The Secret History of America’s First Central Intelligence Agency (Berkeley: University of California Press, 1972), pp. 233-239, and 240.

    • This is extremely interesting, thanks for this. It fits in very well with the movie O.S.S. which was produced with the help of the real agency.

    • I always sort of knew it one way or another, I always though the original Robert Mueller of SD was the one who helped build the CIA the most, we were never told what happened to the chief of the Gestapo and SD (the Nazi intelligence that was so little used). It makes sense considering all of their right wing government installation/coups and the terrorist attacks/threats to any western european country having a government just slightly left of center (a real good person like De Gaulles was a casualty). The only real resistance was the French Resistance, poles fleeing to the UK is not really resistance. They invented the concept of governments in exiles created from scratch in the UK ¬_¬

      • But I guess I was wrong about Mueller, I always thought and think I read about him showing up in the US, like officially. Correct me if I’m wrong, right now I can’t use wikipedia (and sometimes I don’t even want to, people who stop all discussions by saying look it up on wikipedia…I think someone here should tackle Jimbo and the not-a-truth-wiki (by their own admission) mother of all wiki, but I think that’s something I imagine more someone like Peter to do here, it’s more in his field and Yasha Levine who really uncovered the CIA connection to Tor (some years, 100% of their budget is from the BBG which is just the media wing of the CIA) to me (although the validity that it works if you’re only doing web surfing that requires no login, or how certain services mix AES-256 bit security openvpn with tor so as not to reveal who you are at the exit are interesting, tried one for a month, it really made my really well air conditioned 8 core AMD-FX 8350 Black Edition clocked at 4400mhz seem to overheat a little though, and it wouldn’t work in Linux. *shrug* Sorry for the derailment, but I want to see who finances Jimbo, sure they started from scratch, but since the fact that they had some partnership with the government of Kazhakstan to fill the wiki with articles in Kazakh only from the very communist sounding Official (gov-approved) Encyclopedia of Kazahkstan. Isn’t Kazahkstan one of the most repressive country in existence?

  2. Tom, your intelligent immersion into this topic is readily apparent. You assert smartly and fade caution where either a scenario is ridiculous or simply unsupported. Thoroughly enjoyed this dissection and analysis. Thanks.

    • PeterM,

      Very glad you enjoyed it. I do still think about 7/7 a lot – I try not to get too immersed in individual cases or events but this one held my attention for a long time. There are a lot more wrong turns with 7/7 than right turns – which is one of the ‘hallmarks’ of a British intelligence operation. They love creating blind alleys and confusion, it’s just in their nature.

  3. For me, it was 911.
    (its like a mirror, he said.
    You go through it,
    you get cut by the glass.)

    Further to the above. The writer, Carl Oglesby, [“The Yankee and the Cowboy”] in the paragraph immediate to it, also wrote :

    ” First, General Andrei Vlassov, a Red Army officer secretly working with an extensive anti-Bolshevist spy ring. He joined up his forces with the advancing Germans during the invasion of the Ukraine, where the Bolsheviks had collected. Vlassov commanded the co-called Army of Liberation, a full division of more or less well equipped troops fighting under the flag of Great White Russian reaction for the restoration of the Czar.”….” The practical basis of the great success of Gehlen’s Soviet intelligence system was his relationship to Vlassov. Through Vlassov, Gehlen had access to the Russian anti-Bolshevist underground network that had long since penetrated if not captured key departments of the Soviet regime. At a moment in their invasion when the Nazis still though themselves on the brink of triumph, Gehlen proposed to Hitler that Vlassov be made the head of the forthcoming provisional government. Hitler declined, presumably out of respect for Vlassov’s power, but the relationship between Gehlen and Vlassov and their spy systems remained intact, even after the defeat of the Wehrmacht in the Battle of Stalingrad, winter of 1942-43.”

    Dulles ceeded power to the very fascist forces now showing in Ukraine: Bandera/Svoboda. Right sector.
    NATO/GLADIO network is built on a full blown nazi/anti-Bolshevist power base. Thats what this is telling us. They just swapped uniforms. Which feeds into the present police-state-surveillance zeitgeist perfectly.

  4. Loving these podcasts, Tom. Clear, informative and damn interesting.
    Sorry that I can’t offer any further information, I’m not a researcher, but please continue. Really enjoying the series.

  5. wallace gromit says:

    For me, one of your best podcasts so far, Tom. Really looking forward to the WWII era feature.

  6. Hi Tom,
    So glad you hopped into BFP! I missed the weekly first few episodes, which allowed me to mass ingest your shows! My first critique was damn only once a week, the waiting leaves me refreshing this link over and over.
    The music and clips add to a great show, so much so, I listen more than once!
    7/7 now has a fierce hold of me, very interesting.
    I have visited Ireland twice, I’m not Irish, but have fallen in love with this country.
    I must tell you, Amy Irving’s, “Why don’t you do right” has been Shazammed (new word?) 344 times, not sure how many of those were mine!
    Great great work! Thank you for all you do!
    I’m excited every Tuesday!!
    Hopping over to today’s link now!

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