DisInfoWars with Tom Secker: Lawrence of Arabia

Was Lawrence of Arabia the first Gladio B operative? In answering this question, today's episode presents a view of World War One from the perspective of British geostrategy in the Middle East. Using a fascinating lecture as the basis for our discussion I outline how Turkey got drawn into the war, at a time when the Ottoman Empire was crumbling. The British government adopted not just a double-dealing but a triple-dealing strategy to counter the Ottomans, which bears remarkable similarities to what is happening today. The agent at the center of carrying out this strategy was TE Lawrence a.k.a. Lawrence of Arabia.


The Shaping of the Modern Muslim World, p1

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  1. Thanks for that episode, I always learn!

    I own a copy of Lawrence’s “Seven pillars of wisdom”, but never got round to reading a single page, you revived my interest. Do you have an opinion about the book?

  2. Arnar Steinsson says:

    Thanks Tom, great work as usual.

  3. Tom, a stellar podcast as per usual. Lots of ideas to disgest and consider further.

    I will definitely be watching the the Youtube presentation that you cite in its entirety at some point.

    Do you have any book(s) about World War One that you would recommend reading?


    • Perry96,

      Thanks, and whether or not people agree with me I just hope I’m providing some high quality food for thought and some routes for finding out more.

      I am by no means an expert on WW1 – which is a massive topic. I’m not even sure I could recommend a book on the Bolshevik revolution, which is one small factor in how the war played out. Though I have read a collection of letters from Arthur Ransome – the writer/author who was in Russia working for MI6 at the time. Maybe I’ll pick up on him in a later episode because his story is very interesting to me. There’s a whole other possibility with the Bolshevik revolution too – it may have been an ‘inside job’, if people will excuse the phrase.

      • Tom,

        I recall listening to an earlier podcast of yours on the Bolshevik revolution – Clandestime # 4? Regardless, you got into dissecting some of the claims made by alt. media starlet, Anthony Sutton. It was well received by me, and it was great to hear a critical examination of one of
        the apparent ‘holy grails’ of the alt media.

        I am travelling with John Reed’s book, ‘Ten Days That Shook The World’ regarding the Bolshevik revolution and may dig into that at some point.

        Keep up the good work as it is greatly appreciated.

  4. Meshing TE [another Eddie] Lawrence, the fork-tongue of Balfour and Picot and McMahon; Dr. Qadhi; the papers by Oded Yinon and Prof’s HARRIT and JONES’, brings us to where we all are right now; Stood on the edge of the void. At the next great contention;
    at the curtain of the truth/lie dichotomy observing THE greatest betrayal ‘the western powers’ [neoconazion] ever mastered and arranged to dump onto ISLAM.
    911 exponentially expands the definition of ‘miserable treachery’ and records the epochal pivot into the next stage of the ‘Decent of Man.’
    I guess when it came down to it, Lawrence was not of Arabia. He was ‘of Pom’. English. A high-end Brit. His clan, his fealty and allegiance overcame his Romance, and destroyed him. It has happened before and is happening right now to many ‘westerners’ conscious of the Lie of 911 and seeing their ‘national armies’ and covert GLADIO type ops destroying the middle east pretending 911 as the cause.
    Its a spiritual thing.

    • Thanks for the link, remo. Interesting that it states explicitly in the text of the paper, the view that enlightenment notions such as truth and justice are chimeras destined to fade into history. Oh, my.

      • And, as a consequence of truth and justice being chimera,
        so too,
        love. Thats probably what broke Lawrence’s heart.
        He recognized love did not exist in that paradigm. And it killed him.
        Just as its killing US right now.

  5. CuChulainn says:

    it wasn’t clear who was going to win WWII even after the USA entered the war?
    those i know who were alive at the time had no doubts who was going to win the war after Dec 1941 and well before.
    Germany in WWII had superior soldiers, aircraft & tanks, the South had better generals 1861-1865, but in modern war the arithmetic, as Lincoln called it, always prevails. Thermopylae is a wonderful myth for modern purposes because it mystifies this fundamental reality.

    • CuChu,

      I’m sure there were Germans who were equally sure that they were going to win the war. I’m sure there were Chelsea fans who 100% believed they would win against Crystal Palace this weekend.

      People believing something that turns out to be true is not a vindication of their predictive abilities, is all I’m saying. I can definitely imagine WW2 going a quite different way.

      I find it ironic that you’re saying that the arithmetic always prevails, in the comments section for a podcast about one of the most successful examples of asymmetric warfare in human history.

      • CuChulainn says:

        delightful that you have an imagination, and a sense of irony, unusual in a policeman!

        but if you could produce a reasonable scenario by which the Axis could have won a two front war against the Allies, taking account of the realities of resources and production in the world at that time, that would be interesting.

        as for asymmetric warfare, are you saying the British Empire was less powerful than the Ottoman? the British empire’s use of false promises, false flag and other covert tactics go back much further than Lawrence, as you know.

        the deeper issue here, as re. “conspiracists” and your jewish obsession, is your refusal of Marx. again, lest andrei & or others bring up “Marxists” & the state capitalist regimes who also wrapped themselves in the the flag of Marx, i am referring to the largely unread body of work he produced, which is the antithesis of ideology (pace http://www.boilingfrogspost.com/2015/01/26/probable-cause-with-sibel-edmonds-libertarians-the-likely-kindling-point-of-the-coming-revolution/comment-page-1/#comment-15763 )

        you are by no means unique in this refusal–near-universal these days–but as an amateur of irony maybe you can enjoy those who lament the incomprehension of the sheeple, while themselves refusing a priori the tools of a minimal comprehension.

        • Cuchu,

          The irony of you lecturing me on irony while accusing me of ‘jewish obsession’ – really, I do not know what to say to that except to laugh.

          What do you mean by my ‘refusal of Marx’? That, at least, might be interesting to hear about.

          • CuChulainn says:

            to privilege one’s own imagination (imagining that the USS Liberty attack & cover up was routine “friendly fire,” imagining a German victory in WWII, imagining the British Empire as asymmetrically disadvantaged relative to the Ottomans) over against the material conditions of existence and the realities of power/capital suggests that one has not given too much time to the study of Marx.
            likewise study of Marx’s _Judenfrage_ and the sequel by Abram Léon (died, you may be happy to know, in Auschwitz) might free one from fetishizing jewish issues; study of Marx, Bordiga & Debord on the subject of conspiracies/terrorism would show that, while conspiracies are indeed ubiquitous, they do not make history but simply express the immanent logic of the real domination of capital.

          • You’ve started to put a lot of words in my mouth. I don’t see that continuing this dialogue will be useful for either of us.

  6. CuChulainn. I have a letter written by my Aunt (had been a nurse in Spanish civil war working with refugee children ) to her family, dated 22/4/41; while in London working in War Industry/Womens/Health, saying:[I quote ]
    “The struggle behind the lines at this moment is, this put simply – Who, when the war is ended, shall own the “assets” of the Empire,? the STATE [her capitals], meaning I suppose everybody in one way or another –
    or a select small body of “Big” industrialists controlling a few huge combines to whom & which the rest of us will be ant-slaves. ”
    They most certainly were talking ‘when’, not ‘if’. And were observing the same global agenda we are.

  7. CuChulainn says:

    thanks remo, very moving to read that
    in those days and under the pressure of war, the illusion of the state as a humanizing factor, as a mitigation of capital, seemed plausible to many–thus the Spirit of ’45, as Ken Loach portrays it. this is one of the main functions of war–in France 1914-8, the “union sacrée” of right and left destroyed a generation on behalf of the state; today the “war on terror” is necessary to maintain the state
    George Orwell had already shown the malign nature of the state in _Homage to Catalonia_; your aunt must have some fascinating recollections of that time and place

  8. You are very welcome Ch.
    Homage to Catalonia is one of the great books. Absolutely recommended – vital – reading .
    Yes. She lived her life for sure; but I never heard many of the stories. Not from her anyway. She lived on in Britain until the 90’s, and came home to die I guess. I met her in the UK in the 70’s, but. I was a 21yr old and not well enough aware. I am not sure how she judged her nephews in our ‘shaping up’ to the world she had lived and fought through. My Father and Uncle, too, both wounded and imprisoned by the nazi. She was feisty and proud. An historian has accessed her records thru Quakers and early UNRRA and has just published, so.
    her time and place is now on the record I am very happy to say. The ‘ant-slave’ comment especially.

  9. CuChulainn says:

    do you have a reference to the publication?
    my father worked with UNRRA through the ’40s, moving refugees around Africa, running a refugee camp on the Suez–among its transient residents European jews fleeing zionism in Palestine

  10. Justin St. Clair Bond says:

    Cheers Tom.
    Informative and thoughtful as ever. As much as I like David Lean’s film of Lawrence of Arabia you summed it up perfectly.

  11. I would ask Tom if he can similarly present somthing about the following Persons: Hasan Al-Banna (founder of the muslim brotherhood) , Abddullah yusef azzam (his role in recruiting mujahidin for afgahn war against the soviets through jordan-MAK and preatcher of bin laden ) and the most intersting of all Muhammed Al-husianni (his reletion with nazi germany and later britisch intel.)


  12. Who is Rudolf Diesel…( Dieselmotorenwerk )…?
    Kind Regards

  13. Going from Steam to Diesel…
    MS Selandia.( Selandia” is the Latin name for the Danish island of Sjælland).
    Even, a Minister of the Marine, Winston Churchill came to see that little Ship.
    Launched on 4 November 1911.
    To years before in Holland, they build,a Dutch ship..Vulcanus…!
    They Did run on Diesel…
    Kind Regards

  14. Jamaal White says:

    Great Episode Tom although you could also go back another hundred years for another First Gladio B as Britain facilitated the rise of the house of saud who actually carried out a terror campaign quite similar to what we see in Iraq or Syria today. I came across this while reading “A History of The Modern Middle East 2nd edition” By William L Cleveland. Of course the general tactic of getting others to do your fighting goes back to ancient times but the british were masters of it. They also used African Proxy armies to conquer Africa. Indians for India etc.

    Of course I also groaned at the mention of “Communist empires” Since unlike capitalist countries the USSR did not generaly set up exploitative dependencies. Ie the center did not exploit the peripherary and keep it undeveloped. The USSR and China provided vital help in freeing the colonies from imperialism including the ending of aparthied in South Africa, The victory of North Korea and Vietnam against the american imperialists the Revolution in Guinea-Bissau among many other examples I could name.
    All the Same I’ve greatly enjoyed your series on the precursors of GLADIO

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