Lew Rockwell Interviews Sibel Edmonds: “ISIS IS Us”

What is the Gladio-CIA Plan for Turkey- The Potential for Another Military Coup?

Sibel Edmonds joins Lew Rockwell and provides her analyses on the current political turmoil in Turkey, the Gladio-CIA plans for Turkey, including setting the stage for yet another military coup.

*Listen to audio podcast here @ Lewrockwell.com

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  1. Just see the things that have hit Turkey:
    – Credit boom & imminent bust.
    – Collapse of (european !!!) tourism.
    – Collapse of textile exports to Russia
    – 2 million syrian refugees.
    No, I simply can’t see why Turkey will survive this accumulation of (financial) problems without some MAJOR damage. And the US is in no state to help Turkey. In this regard the US Empire has bitten off more (Russia, Ukraine, Syria) than it can chew/swallow at one time, than the US Empire thought it could manage.

    Even the Fetullah Gulen movement won’t be able to manage this kind of confluance of events. More reasons why I see a independant Kurdistan in the (distant/near) future.

    Based on personal sources in Europe, European countries don’t feel “comfortable” with the current situation that the US (in cooperation with the EU) has created in the Ukraine. In that regard, “Ukraine” is/could be the (beginning of a political) split between Europe and the US. Like the dismal economic situation in Turkey could undermine turkish support for the US.
    I am certain that Erdogan (and his successor(s)) will have their hands full to “stabilize” the situation in Turkey and will force Turkey to abandon any (insane) foreign policies/adventures in Syria but also in Central Asia.

    As said before, there’re currently too many moving parts to be able to give an accurate prediction in which direction developments will evolve. But it’s going to be VERY painful for A LOT OF people going forward. In that regard, I am already seeing a “Yugoslavia in the 1990s” scenario unfolding. Ouch.

    • candideschmyles says:

      A great interview full of salient little discussed objective points.

      I agree with you Willy regarding non-brit European angst over any further escalation of the Ukraine stand off. And my personal opinion would go so far as to say that Germany is quietly but importantly using this as a catalyst to reassert its power as an independent state in a new post post WW2 assertiveness. The fighters of that generation, or those with any actual memory are nearly all dead now. It’s time for Germany to reassert its undoubtable might unhindered by historical shame. It’s inflexibility in the current Greek crisis and its negotiations at recent European talks all, I believe, hint at a new political will within Germany.

    • One has to keep in mind:
      – Russia earns LOTS of money on gas exports to Europe. In that regard Russia has an interest in a stable & prosperous Europe & Ukraine.
      – Europe is dependent on Russian gas and therefore needs a stable Russia & Ukraine.
      Then the US started to meddle in the Ukraine, creating all this chaos. And that chaos exposed – IMO – the divergence of interests between the US on the one hand and Russia & Europe on the other.
      – One complicating factor is the extreme corruption in the Ukraine. It makes those gas transports through the Ukraine much more unreliable. The Ukraine has been syphoning off gas for years now, thus creating a REAL headache for both Europe & Russia.

      A LOT OF people say that gas exports to China are a solution for Russia’s problems but I don’t buy that given the signals of “weak” (understatement) economic growth coming out of China. That’s where I disagree with Pepe Escobar

      And the heartland of the US Empire (a country called USA) is also “not in the best of financial shapes”. One day in the future the Empire WILL get into SERIOUS (financial & economic) problems as well/again. Making it impossible to continue to play the “US imperial game” any more.

      And “Turkey 2015” could (along with “Iraq 2003”) be the “Stalingrad” or the “Waterloo” of the US Empire.

  2. CuChulainn says:

    nice to hear Sibel introducing Marx’s reserve army of capital into the discussion, with no regard for Lew’s ideology

  3. Ronald Orovitz says:

    Well well well, look who’s lobbying on Turkey’s behalf nowadays… http://www.thecaliforniacourier.com/turkey-pays-cia-director-lobbyists-to-misrepresent-attacks-on-kurds-isis/

  4. steven hobbs says:

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  5. – Turkish exports to Russia have suffered:
    – “Moon of Alabama” suggests that there’s a deliberate attempt to offload syrian refugees into Europe.

  6. Michael Flynn (Former head of DIA) gave an interview to Al Jazeera in which he admitted that the White House was briefed on the rise of ISIS. The reward was that he got fired/got retired.


  7. CuChulainn says:

    Kurtlar vadisi was kept out of USA theaters by the ADL

  8. Ribbit-Mark says:

    Thanks Sibel for this brilliant interview!
    I just listened to it now to get up to speed on all that is happening.

  9. – Military coup ? No, not necessarily. Erdogan could also be voted out of power before the economy collapses. That would remove the need for a military coup. But then the Erdogan’s successor will have to “face the economic music”, no matter what. That in turn also could/will make a military coup likely to happen after the elections.
    – But when the economy deteriorates before the elections then a coup becomes more & more likely. Especially when the amount of (socalled) “Kurdish” bomb attacks continue.
    – Will a military dictatorship be able to control the turkish people when the economy has collapsed, (or) more syrian refugees keep fleeing the syrain civil war, or tourism doesn’t bounce back or textile exports don’t improve ? I fear/don’t think so but only the future will provide the answer.

  10. – Israel setting up bases in iraqi kurdistan means that they still want to “destabilize” (parts of) Iran. In 2011 the Mossad blew up a bus with a number of high ranking iranian military personel (iranian generals ?) in Baluchistan, Iran. It succesfully soured the negotiations between Iran and the US for a while.
    – So, I regard, the US media demonizing ISIS, to be a prelude to more attacks on ISIS, not only by France, UK, US but also Australia & Netherlands seem to be willing to join the combat ISIS. Dutch attacks on ISIS have been limited to Iraq but now there’s a debate that those attacks should be carried out in Syria. But when is bombing ISIS in Syria then one easily can extend those bombings to the syrian government, right ?
    – But more “unrest” in Syria will mean more syrian refugees fleeing into Turkey and more “unrest” in Turkey. No, Erdogan’s & Assad’s days are numbered.

  11. Who exactly are they bombing when they “bomb ISIS”? I have a hard time believing brits would let themselves be bombed.

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  14. Valerie Lever says:

    Sibel – With the Kurd situation, isn’t the “West” doing the same thing UK did in creating Israel?? It seems rather odd that one country can give away another country to a third people. Where does this fall in international law??
    Also, I know Kurds are biggest ethnic group (even though they are mostly Sunni) without a state , but I’ve yet to find a map in history that shows any sort of region where they had a state of thier own. They seem to have always lived in other peoples’ countries. Just trying to figure out if we are creating another “Israel” in the middle of another peoples’ country and create another ongoing ethnic cleansing in a different country.

  15. one would like to believe that Putin is calling the USA’s bluff in Syria, professing that we have common enemy in ISIS, and using US hypocrisy as a tool to take real action against ISIS. what kind of agreement has been/is being reached on this?
    Pentagon press secretary Peter Cook said Carter and Russia Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu had a constructive talk about the need to “de-conflict” the Russian buildup with the anti-Islamic State effort.

  16. 344thBrother says:

    Regarding all things Turkey. I wonder if you have any information on the death (killing?) of “Serena Shim” RT reporter and US citizen who died in a suspicious collision with a dump truck on a one way street 3 days after reporting that she had been threatened by Turkish Intelligence for reporting links between Turkey, the USA, NATO and ISIS.

    Serena Shim had recently reported on RT having footage of iSIS fighters being smuggled across the borders from Turkey into Syria near Kobani in Aid trucks “Bearing symbols of the World food organization” and other NGO’s. ”

    She has a Facebook page, there’s an interview with her sister by RT on that page on this date:

    17 November 2014 ·
    Going Underground- fatmeh shim

    I just thought you may be interested.

  17. 344thBrother says:

    dump truck = cement truck.

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