BFP EyeOpener Report- The Hastert Scandal: What the Media Isn’t Telling You

A scandal too deep, too dark, and covers too many people from both sides of the political aisle for it to ever proceed in public

When former Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert was first indicted, the mainstream press treated it as a story of a long-ago transgression that has long since been swept under the rug. But a series of revelations from FBI whistleblowers reveal that this story is just the tip of a very seedy iceberg, one that implicates Hastert, his top aide, other Congress members and government officials in a criminal network involved in sexual intrigue, foreign espionage, blackmail, and drug money...

*Information on Dennis Hastert and ‘others’ are also covered in my books Classified Woman & The Lone Gladio. For this campaign, until October 31, we are offering both e-books under $2. Please spread the word; for truth & integrity.

Additional Information

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Gilbert Graham Case Filed with DOJ-IG

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Who’s Afraid of Sibel Edmonds?

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  1. We used to cover ‘Apathy’ @ BFP. I believe we are way past ‘Apathy’ stage. We’re looking at moral decay-moral collapse.

    • When elites get away with whatever they want, decade after decade, and are actually celebrated and admired for the fruits of their crimes, what else is to be expected?

      • What else to be expected? For people to get up and get rid of them. To take it ‘personally’ because it is.

        • Ah, well – if we’re talking about those on the *outside* of the Big Club (and you ain’t in it!) – therein really lies the mystery, doesn’t it. It’s arguably even worse in the rest of the English-speaking world / Empire of Liberty (TM) – Australia’s secret police state a complete electronic coup over some totally contrived horse poop involving a plastic sword? Crickets. In the UK – getting the lid back on the fact that their entire legislature is one big kid-diddling club took some doing, but they did it; now Darth Cameron & Co. are proposing to essentially outlaw free speech in the name of liberty and democracy, and nobody’s marching on Westminster. How, and why, can this all actually be? It makes you wonder if we really are being drugged or something. A few of my friends have just thrown up their hands and concluded that our masters are right – people are sheep, by and large, and very few have any capacity for critical thinking or independent moral reasoning. I certainly don’t have any answers.

        • Yes, it evokes that passionate rage I have… I’d be happy to get rid of them. When I can’t sleep, picking them off one by one is what gives me comfort. It’s that PERSONAL

          • It’d be nice if some sort of pervasive and modular self expanding AI could made to deal with this. If only dreams could be real.

      • anacardo~

        Here’s one suggestion as to a direct action you can take in your local community. You might consider this information. This related to our cities (re, Detroit) allegedly being ‘bankrupt’, at all. I realize the MSM is telling everyone we’re bankrupt (cities, States, the nation), and its true, but only in so far as we look at debt-based money the way they want us to. Its all a lie! Detroit is NOT bankrupt, at all, though they will have you believe that, at all costs. I will copy the body of a letter I’ve typed up that you can present to your local TV/News ‘personalities’.

        Much luck to you.

        Please send the following letter / email to every TV News Reporter in your State – Priority 1
        Use the following draft for your letter adding the to whom and from whom:
        WJB – CAFR1

        News Anchor X:

        There is an area of National importance where a Blackout has existed for over 60-years.
        I challenge you at this time to make simple mention.
        The issue is: Local governments always promote “Budget Reports” when addressing the public.
        The actual accurate accounting of every local government’s true financial position is disclosed within their Annual Financial Report of which government added one word at the beginning to make it a Comprehensive Annual Financial Report or the acronym for being CAFR. The CAFR accounting standard started being promoted to local governments by in 1946 and became the standard in 1977 for all local governments, overseen for the accounting standards used by
        In doing so, and operating under the CAFR accounting structure, you could have a local government for example promoting to the public and news media a 90-million dollar shortfall on their “Budget” while if review of the same local government’s CAFR was done, it could show liquid assets and a position of being 1.5 billion in the black. Selective presentation is alive and well here and don’t fall for the: “That’s only our pension fund equity” when there are hundreds if not thousands of other specialty funds involved within a State venue.
        Due to the true money, income, and investment capital held here, there has been an orchestrated effort for several decades to never mention the CAFR, the “Holy Grail” of local government accounting. (Kinda like in comparison if the Catholic Church chose for whatever reason never to mention the Bible)
        Many parties from government / Education and Media are involved here for not a peep of the CAFR. Silence has been truly golden for them as the networked wealth grew in the CAFR as shortfalls were continually promoted on the corresponding Budgets.
        To view a FEW EXAMPLE listings of (4500) CAFRs categorized by City, County, State, Special Districts, Enterprise, etc.. they can be viewed and downloaded from here –
        You will be amazed when you look and also it will qualify for yourself that simple mention to the public is of paramount importance here.
        Typical stone-walling from upper management to staff when the issue of mention comes up is: “We need to take a closer look”, or “It is to complex for the public to understand” and then the buck stops there and never a mention.
        So, here is my suggestion to complete the challenge to you where no valid objection can be presented, nor any “valid” reason for no mention can be lodged by upper management. Simply say / write / or present to viewers or listeners:
        “The CAFR, your local government’s Annual Financial Report it appears for quite some time now has been overlooked for review by many local resident taxpayers as would apply to their Cities, Counties, and School Districts complete financial condition. I request that responsible taxpayers review their local government CAFRs and get back to me with comment for further investigation from our News Team.”
        The above presentation is “Generic”, “Responsible”, and due to the shown wealth involved within the CAFR, “Of Paramount importance” to every person in our State as well as nationally.
        As a guide to the viewers they can be instructed to do a Google to find their local government CAFRs by putting on the Google search line using quotes for example: “The City of X” “Annual Financial Report”
        Same can be done for any State, School District, County, etc.
        Also if you choose to do so, you can share the link to the CAFR1 example CAFR listing page.
        You can be the leader in opening up this can of worms and then share with your co-News Reporters Nationally to do the same.
        I note the blackout of the simple mention of the CAFR for the last several decades has been “The Biggest Game in Town” for not a mention due to the Wealth, Money, and Investment capitol involved. (think collectively as you look and your jaw will drop to the floor)
        The above generic question opens the door for many to give that long overdue look at their local government CAFRs that is a “need to do” for any responsible citizen. (or News Reporter)
        Truly Yours and from,
        TOWN, STATE, ZIP

    • Ribbit-Mark says:

      Sibel said:
      We used to cover ‘Apathy’ @ BFP. I believe we are way past ‘Apathy’ stage. We’re looking at moral decay-moral collapse.

      In order to show interest/concern/enthusiasm etc. for the Hastert scandal, as some of us are doing at BFP, one first must be aware of it.

      I would wager that the vast majority of Americans aren’t aware of it.
      Why aren’t they? A multitude of reasons.

      Even those that are aware of the ‘tip of the iceberg’ scandal as presented by the MSM, can’t be labeled apathetic.

      How do they know there is anything more to the story than what they read/hear in the MSM?

  2. jackdonovan says:

    Other than the misconception about Russ Tice, this is great.
    Russ Tice is NSA, not FBI. You put him and Sibel together at one point.
    Plus, he didn’t “wiretap” anyone. His field was SATELLITE SURVEILLANCE.

  3. Wally Sarkeesian says:

    Great documentary video well done.. I just republished on

  4. What exactly should we do? I mean, how is this to be brought into the spot light?

  5. Nice job as always, James. Clear and concise, and brings together a couple of threads, connects a few more dots. Please note everyone that this one, like Sibel’s Probable Cause episodes, is open to the public and can be shared as widely as you can. I’m doing my best to spread this link around to everyone I know. Hastert ended his case today by pleading guilty so he is once again, probably today only, in the news. Now is the time to push hard for greater awareness. Spread the link, write letters to the editors, use any forums you have.

  6. For purposes of effectively spreading the word in a way that attracts attention, it might be good to put together a short list of key “talking points”? I’d have to go back and listen to everything again to be comprehensive but off the top of my head, something like:

    The current Hastert scandal is the tip of an enormous iceberg that is still relevant today, because of the following factors, all of which can be documented:

    1) It really began with a “COINTELPRO 2” program under Clinton to fight back against impeachment by gathering dirt on Republican enemies using illegal means including wiretaps, physical and video surveillance, use of informants, and more.

    2) Lots of dirt scooped up on more people than intended by Clinton — bipartisan dirt.

    3) Dennis Hastert came up dirtiest, with information on financial fraud, money laundering, bribery, partnerships with criminal networks in Chicago, foreign networks (treason), and pedophilia.

    4) Others implicated in similar crimes included Richard Perle, Douglas Feith, Marc Grossman, Bob Livingston, Henry Hyde, Helen Chenoweth, Dan Burton, some of whom were forced to admit transgressions publicly and/or resign.

    5) This dirt did not originate with Larry Flynt as widely reported, but from the illegal Clinton program; Sibel has personally listened to some of the illegal FBI tapes, e.g., the Livingston phone sex tapes.

    6) Good FBI agents who attempted to build prosecutable cases were obstructed; after Vanity Fair published some of this highly explosive dirt in 2005, not a single other US media outlet published a single word about it. Not one.

    7) Please contact FBI whistleblower Sibel Edmonds for more information.

    Something along those lines? Improve/expand/edit by all means.

  7. Ribbit-Mark says:

    That’s a good list of ‘talking points’ john.

    I’ll tell you folks the approach I take.
    I send out a short teaser using some choice ‘sensational’ type words to bait the journalist.

    My initial goal is to simply get a response showing interest.
    Once they have replied showing their interest I will release more details, but still not the full scoop.
    If they continue to ask for more information I will then lay it all out for them.

    This way I am in control of the dialogue, know who is genuinely interested and who decided to drop the ball (or run with it) after all was exposed.

    • Hi everyone,

      I went and dug up the article I wrote on Hastert in December 2009, here @ Boiling Frogs Post: “Dennis Hastert: A Portrait of a Political System Termite”

      Just add this up to the Vanity Fair expose in 2005, my under-oath testimony in 2009 … and see whether a single media outlet has ever mentioned all this on-the-record info in their limited-censored Hastert Case since it broke in May 2015. Just amazing!

      • albatross0612 says:

        In 2009 you were writing about another congressman, one with an Afghan Laundry service, does that fit into this case or is it another case or instance all together?

        • No. That was based on a solid source + outside info and research; not first-hand info.

          • albatross0612 says:

            The reason i asked if the two were connected is because of nuclear proliferation in relation to Turkey. If i understand things correctly, (way before my time) we drew the Soviets into Afghanistan with the explicit help of Pakistan, the Pakistanis wanted “The Bomb” we looked the other way if not aided them in acheiving that. There must have been a handful of congressmen involved with aiding the Afghans, one of them a Metallurgical Engineer same as AQ Khan. The same network i believe used to set up Iran, North Korea and possibly Iraq.

            ” In 1984, Congress passed a resolution, introduced by Senator Paul Tsongas (D-Massachusetts) and Congressman Don Ritter (R-Pennsylvania), which called for “effective” U.S. material aid for the rebels “in their fight for freedom from foreign domination.” Several legislators, particularly Congressman Charlie Wilson (D-Texas) and Senator Gordon Humphrey (R-New Hampshire), tried to use the Tsongas-Ritter resolution to increase the size and quality of the rebel covert aid program.”


    • Ribbit-Mark says:

      I have received four bites so far from the L.A. Times, Chicago Tribune (2) one of which is now cold, and The Atlantic.
      I basically target journalists who have been covering Hastert since the story broke in May of this year.

  8. Ronald Orovitz says:

    Well, as Sibel predicted, I’m afraid Hastert is getting off the hook relatively easy – he will plea guilty to the charges without needing to go into detail about his pedophilia…

    The way that story ends is utterly revolting, quoting a former student… “My opinion hasn’t changed. I still think Denny Hastert is the victim in this,” he said. “It’s very confusing, and I don’t know all the details but I know Denny and I know what he’s done. I look at him as a great man.”

    Sibel you should send him a complementary copy of the Lone Gladio – chapter one at least – and let him know what his hero is really like.

  9. CuChulainn says:

    some speculation about WM that might interest Ron O. and ed–
    he is serving the lizards by providing a partisan explanation of NSA’s reported behaviour, instead of a structural one.

  10. Our activist member Andrew has started a great campaign @ Imgur on “The Real Hastert Scandal.’ Now let’s do our share: share the link with everyone you now, visit our Imgur campaign page, vote it up, post comments, encourage other to join … Come on. It takes only a minute or two and just a few clicks. Let’s go do our share!!

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