Processing Distortion with Peter B. Collins: Any Opposition to Endless Afghan War?

Peter B. Collins Presents David Swanson

With Obama’s about-face on withdrawing almost all American troops from Afghanistan, the reaction of most Americans seems to be “Whatever”. The new non-exit plan is Obama’s 5th or 6th in 7 years, and David Swanson is one of the few voices demanding a complete withdrawal now. We discuss how Obama has created the perception that he has ended the Afghan war, and despite the recent events at the hospital in Kunduz, most Americans and elected officials are passive in the face of this perpetual war.

*David Swanson is a long-time activist and author of War is a Lie. You can sign his petition here

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  1. 344thBrother says:

    “Afghanistan? Where’s that?”
    “Honey what’s on tV?”

    appropos of nothing really but funny and semi related…

    “There’s a war on drugs and people ON drugs are WINNING!”
    “Honey! Get me a beer (Thwwwwpt) *Cough* got a war to win!”
    “Thwwwwwpt! *cough* I think my flank is covered!” Bill Hicks (The war on drugs)

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