DisInfoWars with Tom Secker: Was Watergate a False Flag?

Watergate is the quintessential conspiracy, one that went all the way to the White House and took down a presidency. But it is a story that is almost always provided without context, and with no mention of certain key facts. J Edgar Hoover died only a couple of months before the Watergate break-in, so the FBI was in the midst of a succession crisis when they were hit with the most controversial investigation in their history. Did this lead their deputy director Mark Felt, passed over by Nixon for promotion, to leak the story to Bob Woodward under the guise of Deep Throat?

Alternatively, was Watergate the result of a CIA conspiracy? The White House 'Plumbers' were being overseen by a CIA liaison who knew what they were doing. He retired from the CIA once Nixon was removed, and died in an apparent suicide a few years later. As a consequence of Watergate the CIA-friendly Neo-Cons took over the White House, and the CIA became the undisputed premier US spy agency. Did they set up the Nixon White House to take the fall so they could remove the Nixon administration? Was Watergate a soft power coup d'etat?


George Friedman - The Death of Deep Throat and the Crisis of Journalism

FBI Files on Mark Felt / Deep Throat

John Arthur Paisley

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  1. Very interesting topic, sources, and speculations. I have long thought that Watergate must have been a false flag operation, but lacked the details of the who, why, and bigger context. One recurring question that this brings up for me is how a new history of the presidency is slowly evolving. I know that there have been many instances in the history of the country where the president was not the decider in chief, but this has accelerated since world war 2. It would be great to have a book detailing the war to take over the presidency starting with Truman, Eisenhower, Kennedy’s assassination, Nixion’s engineered resignation, Reagan’s attempted assassination to install Bush as president, and how after that there has only been deep state moles elected to the office.

    What you have written here is a very welcomed addition to this ongoing narrative. They say that evil can’t exist in the full light of day. Little by little the curtain is being withdrawn.

    • If Langley, Quantico or Fort Meade ever field collegiate sports teams, they should definitely be called the “Deep State University Fightin’ Moles.”

  2. RichCabot says:

    You should read Family of Secrets by Russ Baker. He has a very different take on how Watergate came to pass. I can’t cover all the details here but it’s well researched and documented. He covers the CIA and Bush involvement. You can read some of it at his web site http://whowhatwhy.org/?s=watergate but the book has more.

    • I second the suggestion. Anyone savvy enough to be reading BFP should read that book. After I read it I donated my copy to my public library and every time I’m in there I move it to the ‘readers recommend’ table at the front.

    • Yes, Russ Baker is the first one I heard the Watergate-as-a-set-up hypothesis from. I haven’t read his book, how far back in time does that hypothesis go? Did people publicize the hypothesis from the start?

      • Baker tells the story of three generations of the Bush crime family…Prescott, GHWB and shrub. They epitomize Michael Parenti’s phrase ‘The Gangster Nature of the State.’

  3. Hi Tom, forgive me for a complete side-step:

    Have you ever looked into Frank Snepp?

    Wikipedia considers him a whistleblower because of his 1977 “Decent Interval” book about the Vietnam exit.

    Then in 1992 he came up with “October Surmise” in Village Voice, puporting to debunk Honnegger & co:
    (I presume it’s the same Frank)

  4. Gary Binmore says:

    I think everybody can only speculate on this.

    A few facts:
    1. Nothing gets into the WaPo without approval from Head Office

    2. Nixon hated the CIA – he believed they cost him the 1960 election with their “Missile gap” propaganda – the idea that Eisenhower’s republican admin had let the USSR get a huge lead on the US in ICBMs. It was all lies – a later study concluded the Soviets only had 4 functional ICBMs at the time – but JFK rode it all the way into the White House

    3. Nixon was always resentful of east coast money – especially Big Oil and Wall Street – thus he was always an outsider to the Establishment. Thus big corporations and their paramilitary wing (the CIA) only accepted him grudgingly. The question could be asked: why did they put up with him for so long?

    4. Nixon finally unshackling the USD from gold in 1971 led to a speculative orgy (conveniently blamed on the Arabs) that enriched Big Oil/ Wall Street at the expense of everybody else. Maybe he did that to appease them, but it also stoked their greed and megalomania. Since Kissinger was probably running the White House anyway, why not make an example of an unpopular President and show presidential aspirants who was really the boss?

    5. The plumbers (appointed by Bush I and or Kissinger) were funded by big corporations, esp big oil and Wall Street. When a Texan democrat called Patman started investigating the money trail too closely he was told in no uncertain terms to back off. That means Watergate was a deep state op.

    6. The plumbers were close to the crème de la crème of the CIA – there are many accounts EHH was really very competent – but they bungled hopelessly. The time they couldn’t pick a lock in the W hotel and had to take the huge door off its hinges is hilarious. It seems these Bay of Pigs veterans were on another mission that was meant to fail.

    Now the speculation. It’s quite plausible that
    1) Nixon didn’t really know what they were doing and that it was just an elaborate set up, or
    2) Nixon thought they were doing something important for him, like confiscating the “Cuban Dossier” (which implicated him in Mongoose) which had supposedly fallen into the hands of the democrats. This is Hank Albarelli’s thesis. In any case, still a set up.

    Baker and especially Webster Tarpley assign the lead role in the subterfuge to Bush I (running the Republican National Committee at the time) with support from Kissinger, Haig, Scowcroft and Schultz – some cast of deep operatives! You almost have to feel sorry for Nixon. Almost.

  5. 344thBrother says:

    On this subject, I think, yes, Watergate was a false flag.
    “The plumbers” were no slouches, but they did a poor job of the break in.
    “Deep throat” may have been faked and Nixon appears to have been set up. Nixon was headed off the reservation anyway, what better way to move things along than throw him to the wolves?

    I suspect George H (THE PERVERT) W Bush of being behind it. His CIA connections would be the obvious and perfect tool to get the job done and to move him one step closer to the Whitehouse.

  6. Greg Pauletti says:

    Depends upon how you define ‘false flag’, as this was similar in intent by the intel community as the Kennedy’s situation when they sought to change the game to the displeasure of the intel community, who chose to act first by ‘doing them in’… which in Nixon’s case was far simpler, ie, Watergate. This has been mentioned before by David Crowley, former Assistant Deputy Director for Clandestine Operations of the CIA, in his ‘Conversations with the Crow’ published by Gregory Douglas, who didn’t trust his own kind, which is understandable, and took his files with him and gave most of them to the author, Douglas. Nixon, like the Kennedy’s, started operating outside of official lines of CIA controlled communication and thus couldn’t no longer be trusted to do as they were told, thus they were disposed of. The ‘plumbers’ were simply set up to be caught so that Nixon could be set up.

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