Spiro: “Sibel Edmonds Exposes Exactly What Could Bring Down This Entire Corrupt System!”

Sibel Edmonds & Her Team have been singlehandedly covering The Real Hastert Case at Boiling Frogs Post. As we all know the complicit US media has been doing exactly the opposite: blacking out and censoring the real case together with all directly relevant facts and historical context. I believe we have a choice to make: Do we let them win again by shrugging in disgust and going away? Or do we give it our best and use every means and every channel to counter and challenge the institutionalized criminality and cover-up? Sure. They have all the mega print and TV outlets. But we have the power of numbers, resolve and persistence. And we have this website, the internet and all the social networks and forums that go with it.

Please show love and support for this hero who has sacrificed so much to bring the truth to the public!

*Information on Dennis Hastert and ‘others’ is also covered in my books Classified Woman & The Lone Gladio. For this campaign, until October 31, we are offering both e-books under $2. Please spread the word; for truth & integrity.

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  1. CuChulainn says:

    of course this is not representative government. it is the democratic dictatorship of commodity fetishism–the antithesis of common decency, as Orwell showed in detail. to embrace commodity fetishism while disdaining Hastert’s peculiar fetish is to support the cause and oppose its consequences.

  2. douglas w simerly says:

    I am amazed by the depth of the corruption in this Hastert case, it makes me ill actually. I might have just a bit of insight about our apparent lack of response though.
    I think we are worn so thin by all the tragic things happening in every corner of our world, that it produces a symptom like shock. I can only speak for myself, but I was so overwhelmed by all the tragedies that happened to my own concerns that I have been numb to most everything else.
    We are used to tragedy being a daily topic at the cooler, and if we are unfortunate enough to catch the daily news, we get a fix there. Bombardment from the main stream is turning the TV into a CIA indoctrination tool.
    That being said, I am glad Sibel got me to open my eyes to see some truth I surely would have just missed, did miss, actually! This is a cause worthy of some time and energy,

  3. Is there anyone more repulsive than Hastert? In the Congress? Probably…
    Their number is inclined to mushroom in the future I imagine. The poisonous variety.

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