DisInfoWars with Tom Secker: The Power of Nightmares

The Power of Nightmares was possibly the last great documentary series produced by the BBC. A decade after it was first broadcast I look back at the series, offering a brief review before using this as a basis for analyzing recent events. I discuss the criticism of the filmmaker Adam Curtis for his superficial take on 9/11, before exploring the 'defection' of Jamal Al Fadl, an associate of Osama Bin Laden. I also examine author Jason Burke's claim that 'Al Qaeda doesn't exist' and thus that there is no guiding force behind the globalization of Islamism. I round off by picking up some of the elements that have emerged in the comments section about the attacks in Paris, including the arrest of a mysterious Montenegrin arms dealer on his way to Paris and the emergency service exercise on the morning of the attacks.


The Power of Nightmares

Jason Burke - Al Qaeda: The True Story of Radical Islam

Montenegro doubts German Arrest Linked to Paris Killings

BBC: Exercise in Paris on Morning of Attacks

Bloomberg: Hours Before Terror Attacks, Paris Practiced for a Mass Shooting

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  1. candideschmyles says:

    Have to agree that the Power of Nightmares was the last BBC doc that was a genuine effort of objective analysis of political reality and may well have been the catalyst that saw the BBC top management culled and replaced.
    I also agree that what side you take on responsibility for 9/11 being a reason to reject a related narrative is pretty stupid. Accepting 9/11 as a false flag is not easy, mentally, to accept and rejecting people for their dissonance is not productive. I remember how enormous the realisation was for me, it was as powerful as 9/11 itself, and have sympathy for those unable to jump into that abyss.
    N9t posting much recently but I am listening!!

  2. stevan topping says:

    Thank you. Generally, and to sum up. This Homer Simpsonesque shooting of oneself in the foot (I.S.) with regards this very real French tradgedy is about to be superceeded and forgotten with the next chain of events. Time to support one another and those that have a voice. BFP. Again, thank you for this podcast.

  3. Whilst I follow your reasoning -don’t throw out the baby with the bathwater- and largely agree with, the ‘9/11 litmus test’ is still very important.
    Why does the documentary concludes ‘Islamic terrorism’ is an ideology, a belief or doctrine, rather than a organization? A conclusion that is even more dangerous and disastrous? Because they preclude the manufactured angle. The most probable scenario that ‘Islamic terrorism’ is being conducted by a blend of in-the-know handlers and professional assassins on one side and useful idiots making up the other half, often young people who’ve been radicalized and indoctrinated to the point of brainwashing.
    In the latest Paris attacks the same pattern. You’ve got the useful idiots, expendable dupes who are will die and take all responsibility and we have the real organizers, professional assassins and assistants who remain in the dark. And whose involvement will be covered up.
    Same as in Syria. Large segments of the western population are clueless about whats going on because the notion of manufactured terror groups and death squads is precluded.
    To put it in another way, if the premise is erroneous so will all deduction be false. It doesn’t make this documentary worthless, however I believe it’s crucial and imperative to include manufactured terrorism, false flags, black ops etc. as options into the equation. TPTB kill us if the believe it’s for the greater good. And as long as people reject the “made it happen” option they will remain pawns in the game. Half hearted concessions like “let it happen” or blow-back is insufficient. The stakes are too high.

  4. Another nice one, thanks Tom. I had to chill out on my 9/11 litmus test just because, well, it got to be obvious enough even for me to see how counterproductive and stupid it was. Eventually I noticed that some people who weren’t “on board” with 9/11 still somehow failed to be 100% absolutely worthless human beings with nothing but nonsense and disinformation to spread. And who, after all, really wants to be an extremist? I still always check the little check-mark in my head of course — “blind spot!” — but yeah, there’s the whole baby and bathwater issue.

    I’m glad you highlighted the black Mercedes. At first I was like “aha! that’s the key!” but after a while when it became clear that a single article in the Mirror was apparently the sole source of that story, I began to consider the possibility (reluctantly, I’ll admit) that this might be one of those red herrings that possibly get thrown out there to keep us running in circles. Don’t know if any policemen would have to be “in on” the coverup, though. It might just take a finite number of journalists not to ask any of them questions about it. But still — pending something more to go on, I’m choosing not to be breathless about that one any more. The witness in the Mirror story was named. Are any of us in Paris? Anybody care to track him down?

    On the other hand, the fellow in the car on his way to Paris with a car full of secret compartments and heavy weapons…it may or may not be a story about The Paris Incident, but it’s surely a story about something, well worth noting. Thank you.

  5. I don’t like the theatrical voice with music over… sorry, I don’t need music to prepare my mood etc.

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