An Independent Perspective from the Rally in Burns by an Anonymous Activist

It was a blistering cold day as we arose at 6:30 to head to Burns, Oregon.  We had never physically protested before, but this case was different.  It was clear to any lay person reading the information that the Feds (and the various agencies involved) were out to take Hammond's property, any way they had to.

As the drive went on, I realized I had never really cared about what it meant to see or understand what a healthy range of land looked like. I was raised a city girl, and while I had some limited exposure to horses, I never really had time or took the time to ponder it all.

When we arrived (about an hour early), I was so pleased to see many American (and other flags) in the corner of the parking lot at Safeway in Burns. I glanced up at our car temperature gage, burr, 9 degrees. I thought, it's gonna be cold! My eyes were drawn to the many people already gathered next to those flags.  A sense of long-missed pride filled my heart.

We pulled into the parking lot and saw there was no place to park, already! My Husband dropped me off at the entrance so I could purchase some flowers and water for the walk.

He went off and checked into the motel, parked our car and walked back to Safeway. He met me inside the store. We picked out our things and checked out.  Everyone in the store was friendly and helpful.  I stood in the entry way, taking off my coat to add my hoodie.  The walk in was cold, and I had on a tank, a Tshirt over that and 2 pairs of pants. I added my hoodie, put on my hat and gloves and we headed outside.

Some background information on The Rally.... It was always clearly communicated to me, and the Residents of Harney County, that this was to be a peaceful Rally. We were all doing this to support The Hammond Family, and to protest not only the Cruel and Unusual Sentence they received, but their special designation as Terrorists for burning grass.  Anyone with common sense knows that you aren't a terrorist for burning grass, especially where no structures were damaged, nor were any monies or resources expended for putting the fires out (for background information, people were encouraged to read  I was told no "militia" insignia, no open carrying of long guns (rifles) and that if you were going to carry a weapon, carry concealed, it was a matter of respect.

As I looked around the crowd I did see some insignia, but most of it was on hats, a few jackets. I saw a couple of long guns (but they were not seen on the walk), some side arms (some of that was clearly plain clothes Law Enforcement) and I was pretty impressed. I thought, really, getting approximately 300 people to all do the same thing was nearly impossible, and maybe some did not get the instructions I did.

Speakers started to Rally the crowd. We Prayed.  Law Enforcement kind of had a look like "I drew the easy assignment today".

Ammon Bundy did speak at the podium, and a short time later passed me on the way up the hill..he seemed distracted, serious. I did not see Blaine Cooper or Jon Ritzheimer yesterday, though from their videos on YouTube they said they were here. I just figured there were so many people I just did not see them.

Dwight and Susie Hammond's house was on the route the protesters took (their ranch is about 50 miles away, their son Steven and his wife live there) and they came out to greet and thank them. The protestors left their flowers. The Rally was over. It was great and it was successful because it was peaceful and respectful, from the main group.  No disruptions occurred en route.

The 'After Rally Meeting' was set up where the other community meetings were held, at the county Fairgrounds. We arrived, and we could feel things were not right, clear out in the parking lot.  When we got inside, Pete Santilli (a YouTuber with a Radio Show, who was also at Bundy Ranch), had the microphone.  I whispered to a friend "What's going on"? They replied "Ammon, Jon, Blaine and some others captured the BLM Building out at The Preserve".

We listened to several speakers, each trying to explain to angry participants what happened. "We don't know why".  "No, we did not know they were going to do this."  "We have no idea why they chose The Preserve as their location, please be patient while we try to find out.". My Husband said "I'm uncomfortable".  We walked out.

It is a shame really. Several people, inside Harney County and out, had concerns about a different agenda evolving.  Some of the Patriots could see the possibility that there was an "undercurrent" of another agenda at play, but each time it was asked about - to various people, it was denied that it was happening.  One man I give a lot of credit to is Bj Soper.  I do not believe that it would have been as respectable as it was (most did not know about the other plan until well into the 1.2 mile planned route), had he not made a concerted effort to communicate with residents, militia and participants alike.  There are quite a few others, but I think he was exceptional here.  The problem is.. No matter your great, respectful, peaceful intentions, someone always has to be different...this time it is a doozy.

Many Patriots are feeling deceived and manipulated by what happened. Many question the motives or true agenda of those who chose to take the "hard stand" and what will be accomplished with this "hard stand".  Some believe this was a maneuver to force other Patriots to take a "hard stand” too.  Others believe it is a PSYOP.

What this Patriot knows? Good Question...

I know I am embarrassed for The Hammond's. Their name is being dragged through the National Press..not to bring their name and story to the public at large, but as a "reason" for why "other terrorists" have latched on to this if their case and name confirms they must be terrorists because they "attract other terrorists" to them.  What hogwash!

I do believe this for much for sure; This president thinks that it is acceptable to write Executive Orders limiting or taking away "rights" that are codified in our Constitution as Creator-Given Rights, that no government can take away. Congress is not doing its job to reign him in. The Supreme Court thinks it writes law/usurps states' individually enacted laws.  A Formal Redress of Grievance was provided to local and state officials, asking them to investigate The Hammond's Case. They are required by law to reply.  No reply was given by any officials.  We wrote letters, signed petitions.  At what point, as a people, do we acknowledge that our government is irreversibly no longer functioning in a workable manner? Remember, any law or authority not given specifically in our Constitution is to be considered Null and Void.  I would recommend people start reading our Founding Documents, to really understand what they say.

As we traveled home, I was again looking at the Open Range...noticing how there were very few trees. As we drove into Central Oregon, where our trees are allowed to grow, our land is "settled" with lawns and peppered with non-indigenous trees, I noticed something profound.  Our settled, un-razed (a controlled burn is called razing) land did not look nearly as healthy as the land that clearly was "handled" (intentionally or not) by fire.

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  1. Thanks for sharing. I’ve been asked about this and was in a bit of a quandry. The close up perspective and follow on insight helps.

  2. Two quotes

    “We were all doing this to support The Hammond Family, and to protest not only the Cruel and Unusual Sentence they received, but their special designation as Terrorists for burning grass. ”


    “I do believe this for much for sure; This president thinks that it is acceptable to write Executive Orders limiting or taking away “rights” that are codified in our Constitution as Creator-Given Rights, that no government can take away.”

    This president? Or was it the post 9/11 period when you plunged headlong into 1984? Obama didn’t sign the patriot act. Sure, he perpetuates the same policies, and so will the nest president whomever it may be. A fact, begging to be acknowledged,

    Thanks to Sibel tweeting the link to a livestream I watched a few speakers at this rally or protest. First one I saw was a woman standing on the back of a pick-up declaring she was a veteran (applause) and her son was a veteran too (more applause) and they served in Iraq (USA! USA!).
    Five minutes in and I’m already reeling. “You morons!” – not sure if I only thought it or yelled at my monitor.

    Of course you should be protesting this Orwellian charge of ‘terrorism’ – but here you are proudly proclaiming ‘you’ served in a war based on the same lie. Or you this blind to the bigger picture? It honest to god boggles my mind. Over a decade before the Hammond’s even lit up a single blade of grass you (again I’m using you loosely here), you torched an entire nation. Saddam had illegal weapons which could end up in the hands of terrorist remember? And before that you invaded Afghanistan offering not a single shred of evidence for it’s supposed role in 9/11.

    It’s very similar to say the use of acoustic weapons. When deployed in Afghanistan, Iraq or one of the dozen other ‘theaters of war’ – not one peep from the public. No they laud and worship those who were operating them. Only ten years on when your own police has the LRAD system for use against the own population, now there is indignation and protest. And even then not even that much.

    These charges of terrorism are against natural law, I wholeheartedly agree, but they were signed into law whilst you were sleeping. Worse, you aided and embedded these laws by serving. (It’s the military worship, stupid!). And now you show up, flag waiving and ever so proudly pro-claiming to be patriots and veterans, oblivious how the universe is mocking you by having it named patriot act.

    The price of freedom is eternal vigilance. Showing up over a decade after the fact isn’t it. It’s the age old adage ‘Live by the sword, die by the sword’. Weapons used against ‘the enemy’ will be one day used against you. This includes weapons that come in the form of words, laws and language.
    So whilst I applaud all protest against these Orwellian laws or acts, I hear these people talking with pride how they aided and embedded the use of these same weapons (and not against individuals but entire nations mind you) I rightly or wrongly only think; “They still don’t get it”.

    • “These charges of terrorism are against natural law”

      actually it’s pretty natural for dominant people to oppress others. What’s not natural are people’s beliefs in things that don’t exist. Those are called distortions which make for opportunities for people who exploit people who deceive themselves.

  3. “The militia told reporters they were confident the federal authorities would not try to remove them from the building forcefully.” -RT

    True. The shadows behind the feds are more crafty than that, IMHO. They will exploit the situation to maximize pain and make local law enforcement remove them. When that doesn’t work, they will resort to the OR Nat’l Guard.

    The result will be chaos, grief, heartache – and locals will clamor to vanquish it all, run and bow to the state; as the nation moves a step closer to fully submitting to the police state. Gun control measures will expand even further.

  4. Yeah, the son of a racist millionaire who himself borrowed half a million dollars from the Federal Government is really fighting against the status quo by staging an armed occupation of Indian land…

  5. TWSP/UFAA Morning Briefing for Tuesday, January 5, 2016

  6. KuriousKat says:

    When history does not repeat itself..certainly we can find where it rhymes

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