BFP Roundtable: Introducing NEWSBUD- Where Media Integrity Matters

On this edition of the BFP Roundtable James Corbett talks to Sibel Edmonds, Peter B. Collins and Pepe Escobar about Newsbud, a new media venture to take the alt media to the next level. In this conversation we discuss who is involved with the project, what they hope to achieve with it, and how it will be funded. Come and join us for a one-of-a-kind people-funded media platform where integrity matters!

*We are asking those of you who support this one-of-a-kind media project to come and join us. Please add yourself, and your voice, to our group list here. They have rendered we the people irrelevant. Together we are going to make them irrelevant!

** For the mp3 and show notes click here

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  1. Trolls are out in force on youtube on this one. Oh the comments!

    • In a way it is so positive: shows how nervous they’re getting. I know several repeat screen names: They are part of Mullah Fethullah Gulen’s network in Pennsylvania. Others: Gov shills.

      In number we’ll dwarf them. So come on people go there and show people power!

  2. You want to know how threatened & nervous the 1% & gov shills/trolls are becoming re #NEWSBUD? Check out their comments here at Corbett Channel. Wow; we’re already winning!! Let’s get people go there and let them know!

    • Wow, LOL

      Do you really think they’re government shills or just idiots on the internet?
      It doesnt matter what topic is put on youtube these days, if there are enough views there always seem to be a fair amount of trolls and haters. I think its an addiction for some people.

      • A mix, I’d say. When it moves from generalized idiocy to specific character assassination, I think that’s a sign somebody has an agenda. (“Just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean they’re not after you..”) 🙂

  3. It’s exciting to visualize how Newsbud will encourage people to understand their own innate personal power – letting go of so much learned helplessness. Thanks to all of you for letting us be a part of this team! Feels good!


    • Yes Dennis. Despite my exhaustion (I’ve never taken on anything like this- had no idea what it took!) I have to say I feel good. I feel good about our associates and partners; feel good about our mission; feel good about our core supporters … Just wish people here, our BFP members, would assume/take on more active role: From commenting here and other channels to proactively supporting us.

  4. Jim Eldon says:

    Re: Sibel’s solicitation of questions about

    How do you define integrity?

    There’s an article at BFP by James Petras, “Democratic Party Primaries: ‘Progressives’ as Political Contraceptives”. I pointed out in my comment there that, while true, there’s a deeper and more important truth that’s not mentioned: That the entire electoral system is essentially a “political contraceptive” that functions to maintain the status quo simply by virtue of public participation lending legitimacy to the process and results, both of which we know are engineered to benefit the .0001%.

    To present a truth, without mention of an important and intimately related deeper truth, this is the very definition of a limited hangout. How does this practice fit with any notion of integrity?

    • Sigh. I’ll bite. You’re wrong Jim. That is most certainly not the very definition of a limited hangout. In fact, “to present a truth without mention of an important and intimately related deeper truth” is merely a banal and inevitable consequence of the fact that nobody can ever hope to mention all the important and intimately related deeper truths of anything. Truths are infinite; language is not.

      What your definition crucially misses is of course the intention to mislead, contain, and thwart further investigation. If you genuinely somehow believe that arguing that progressives within the electoral system function to maintain the status quo can be construed as an attempt to hide, rather than inform, the view that the entire system is a sham, then I can only urge you to re-read and give it some more thought.

      Further, since your peculiar little criticism comes in the context of a site that does more to expose the sham nature of the system than any other I can think of, it becomes difficult to avoid the suspicion that you are engaged in a rather desperate and genuinely feeble attempt to cause trouble. I hope it didn’t take you too long to come up with that one, but if you’re going to do it again, a slightly more substantial investment of time on sense and plausibility might really pay dividends. Just trying to help.

  5. Very very interesting to see the trolls come out on James’ youtube channel (and elsewhere). Ever so slightly sophisticated in that they adopt the language of the skeptical/awake community to sow doubt and paranoia, to try to appear more savvy, to take things out of context and distort them and throw around phrases like “limited hangout” to make it seem like they are the fearless truth seekers — ever so slightly sophisticated and yet so obviously, childishly plain at the same time.

    And then you’ve got the ones whose fear of women is nothing short of freakish!

    Anyway, thanks again for taking on this amazing project. Count on my support and good vibrations!

  6. Wow!!! Can’t wait to get this started!! Good luck to us all – let’s make this happen.

  7. I didn’t see the trolling earlier till I saw the comments. Man, to read those nasty comments and that too on an idea only at this stage – makes you wonder that this idea of newsbud must be really powerful. It is making the ‘right’ kind of people really nervous. To me this indicates a very early success. As they say – first you are igored, then ridiculed and then finally accepted. Looks like we have already bypassed the first stage.

    Keep going Sibel. We are supporting newsbud 100%. Lets see who ‘wins’ this battle!

  8. They have no idea what they’re dealing with and by that I don’t just mean Sibel’s energy and talent at forming this news organization with all the other talented journalists and producers, I mean the people are fed up with the agenda driven lies 24/7.

    Here’s the song ‘Have An Idea’ from the band The Heats in Seattle back in the 80s, before Grunge. It’s kinda of a high energy anthem that came into my head from memory as this project has progressed. I think it speaks pretty directly to the trolls and naysayers: we’re here, we aren’t going away, get an idea.

    (first song, best w/ headphones, volume up)

  9. andrew everett says:

    YES–I think this is a model that needs to become a reality.

    The corporate news has played their games for decades–and the public keeps falling for the lies (and omissions). The “Ringling Brothers” example Peter gave is nothing new: If one were to look back into the first decade of television Edward R. Murrow experienced much the same frustration with his reporting back in the 50’s. By 1961, Murrow was forced off the TV airwaves–and ended up as director of the U.S. Information Agency (USIA) which was the parent to Voice of America (an out-and-out propaganda machine directed at foreign populations). The only reason Murrow lasted a decade was because he had helped build CBS during his WWII days on the radio. An interesting side note: Murrow was so well-informed (and respected) that Winston Churchill at one point during the war offered him the director of programming spot on BBC radio (wonder if he ever regretted turning that down).

    As Sibel said in the video: The “public” stations are dependent on 1) Foundation money which comes with plenty of attachments from the tuxedo-and-gown crowd and; 2) Government grants which makes them subservient to bureaucracy and politics. One interesting thing about foundations: Around 1950, Allen Dulles considered becoming the director of the Ford Foundation–then he finally took a job at the CIA and became deputy director before the end of Truman’s term. I also find it a bit offensive the way PBS is currently going after their viewers to set up an Estate Gift for PBS when they die (in between episodes of Downton Abbey)–they’ll even be happy to take that pesky IRA account off your hands (best yet, it’s all tax-deductible).

    CHEERS to team at NEWSBUD!!!

  10. The trolls are out in full force already? I’ll have to take a look for myself, should be interesting 😉

    I honestly think that what Newsbud represents will be a challenge that the powers that be won’t be able to stomp out using the usual tactics before it catches fire. I see big things and a bright future for this project and I’m all in it. Name’s on the list and ready to make it happen! =]

  11. Jim Eldon says:

    Thank you for the unambiguous answer to my question.

  12. carolcrumlish says:

    Sibel, I am looking forward to your launching of NEWSBUD. Way to go! I intend to notify everyone I am connected with online.

  13. Best of luck with this venture. My advice is, don’t try to be too dry.
    A lot of left leaning media rates poorly because they are too dry and boring, whilst a lot of right leaning media rates a lot better because they’re not afraid to entertain. See Corbett’s most popular video as an example, the 911 in 5 minutes, was quite funny and entertaining. You can still have integrity, but dont be afraid to be provocative and fun. Understand how advertising works and use its tactics to gain attention and interest. This is the marketing aspect of the news service that is essential for success – as simply having well researched content on its own wont be enough to attract enough interest. Infowars does well too because Jones is a character. I’m not saying you should emulate their financing models however the value of self marketing can not be underestimated. Be savvy here.

  14. Allan Hoeltje says:

    To help spread the word, please make a bumper sticker of the Newsbud logo and offer it in your store.

  15. learned helplessness # 5. ‘Presidential Commissions & National Security’ [ ] By Kenneth Kitts, Lynne Rienner, 2006. “When a monumental event occurs that transcends the power of the courts to uncover the truth, the US government turns to special commissions—most recently for the investigation into the 9/11 terror attacks.”

    Asserting ‘the Crime of 911 transcends the power of the courts to uncover the truth’ of, is truly staggering. Is equaled only by it’s being made without shame or demur. A Fait accompli. Overturning Centuries…the entire History of struggle of evidence based Legal contest and the rights of (hu)man.
    This statement, proclaiming Due Process Investigation and Law cannot uncover ‘truth’, is what we are talking about. That forensic evidence of a crime dictating 14 years of global WAR could be considered outside the scope or realm of Law, by some undefined transcendent power (a miracle, perhaps?), without Legal, academic, or Journalistic confrontation by ANY news organization, is what we are talking about. Is what I take from your honest conversations.


    9/11 AS FALSE FLAG:
    Amy Baker Benjamin*
    “At the heart of contemporary international law lies a paradox: The attacks on the United States of September 11, 2001 have justified nearly fifteen years of international war, yet the official international community, embodied principally in the United Nations, has failed to question or even scrutinize the U.S. Government’s account of those attacks. Despite the impressive and serious body of literature that has emerged to suggest that 9/11 was a classic (if unprecedentedly monstrous) false-flag attack, international statesmen, following the lead of scholars, have acted as if there is no controversy whatsoever. This disconnect between the growing (alternative) evidentiary record of state responsibility for the attacks and the focus of international institutions is impossible to sustain if those institutions are to maintain any semblance of viability and meaning.”

    • Wayne Pierce says:

      Amy, in his huge book, “Crossing the Rubicon”, Michael Rupert explains that VP Dick Cheney was in charge of the 9/11 operations. This means that President Bush, members of Congress, and leaders of other countries, certainly the UK and Israel were on board. So should we be surprised that the US government doesn’t provide an accurate, detailed report on what happened. That’s like asking a corrupt police department to investigate itself. There are many fine reports about 9/11 and who the players were. Just as with Sibel Edmond’s and my complaints against the US government, we can forget any expectations that our corrupt government is going to open up about their crimes. Ref my blog:


    • Good find, remo. Little by little the official narrative comes under scrutiny. The mind frame of our opposition is that of constant war, and in that frame any lie on their part is justified. I know that If I were in a hot battle for the life of myself, my family and my unit, I’d tell any lie seeking survival and advantage, but that has an ending for normal people. While we lead peaceful and relatively discreet lives composed of discreet events, they don’t. As Sibel mentioned in her Gladio-B series “the cold war never ended” (it ended only in the mind of the propagandized public). With enough pressure (truth) we may finally force some to run for the exit and get a truth and reconciliation commission.

  17. ed nelson says:

    you make sense, I will send some money

  18. ed nelson says:

    thanks Sibil for keeping do good work..


  19. ed nelson says:

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