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Dear Friends & Supporters,

We’re back! Your incredible support and generous pledges during our last Kickstarter campaign have encouraged us to try another time.

Today is the day. It’s the first day of our new campaign, and we need you to help again. We have 45 days to raise $150,000, and we know we can do it with your help! Make a pledge, subscribe to Newsbud, put the word out by forwarding this link to others. And please take action as soon as possible—the first three to four days of the campaign will be the most critical to our success.

Now is the time to stand up for your right to be informed and help create a news and multimedia network unlike anything else online, in print, or on TV. Newsbud will produce original stories, investigative reports, video-podcasts, editorials, and discussion forums, and it will be a real independent alternative because it will be 100% people funded.

As part of our new strategy, we are running four Kickstarter campaigns over an 18-month period and a simultaneous subscription drive. With each successful Kickstarter campaign and subscription effort, we’ll launch additional programs and content and bring in more staff. At the end of Phase 4, Newsbud will be the fully operational, truly independent, 100% people-funded news sources we’ve all been waiting for. The great thing about this new approach: we’ll begin delivering articles and programs in early June so everyone can see the value of what we’re doing and the quality of our work before the campaign is even over!

Without you, we cannot achieve our dream of a media outlet that is nonpartisan and accountable only to its viewers and to the truth. Make a donation, subscribe, and activate others by sharing this email. They have rendered we the people irrelevant; together, we will make them irrelevant!


Sibel Edmonds

Newsbud Telethon - Part 1 - February 14

Newsbud Telethon - Part 2 - February 14

*For a list of podcasts, videos and articles on Newsbud scroll to the bottom of this page.

**We are asking those of you who support this one-of-a-kind media project to come and join us. Please add yourself, and your voice, to our group list here

A Message from Sibel Edmonds- Founder, Newsbud:

Welcome to our main page and threads for everything Newsbud! Starting today we’ll be collectively (yes, that means YOU!) campaigning to make Newsbud, a 100% people funded, independent, nonpartisan, online news source, a reality. I want you to pay special attention to 100% People Funded and what it means, thus, the importance of your role and participation in making this one-of-a-kind media platform come true. Solely people-funded media means no corporate advertisement gunk. It means no marketing gimmicks imbedded in the information presented. It means no strings attached to billionaire sugar daddies- be it Soros, Koch, Rockefellers or Carnegies. It means a media outlet only accountable to you-to we the people.  This means integrity. It means ethical and agenda-free journalism. It means making we the people relevant, and taking the 0.0001% out of the equation, thus making them irrelevant. And most importantly, it means that it is up to you and me, up to us the people, to do what it takes to create NEWSBUD-Where Media Integrity Matters.

Thomas Jefferson put it simply and eloquently: An informed citizenry is at the heart of a dynamic democracy.

For a decade and a half I’ve been fighting for the public’s right to know. An informed citizenry has been my life’s mission- From whistleblowing and years of leading congressional investigations, to forming the first and only National Security Whistleblowers Coalition, to establishing Boiling Frogs Post- a 100% viewers’ supported independent online information forum. Now, with your support, and in partnership with a network of nationally and internationally recognized journalists, producers, and analysts, we will be creating NEWSBUD, an independent news and multimedia network poised to redefine content-driven, online publishing through a 100% publicly funded platform: An empowering, publicly funded media network that is accountable only to its viewers and to the truth.

Please allow me to present a few important points and dates before ending this message:

  1. Please mark the following date on your schedule board, desktop calendar, smart phone, laptop and everywhere else: Sunday, February 14, 2016 (Valentine’s Day!). This is the day we will launch our Kickstarter Crowdfunding Campaign based on an ‘All or Nothing’ platform. Meaning, we’ll make Newsbud a reality if we raise our required minimum funding during the campaign, or everyone will get their pledge (donated money) back. Now please go to your gadgets and set the reminder function for this important date (If you’re using a music tune- make it an excited and happy one, and make it loud!).
  2. We have created a group e-mail list for all who support our mission for a 100% independent media with integrity. Our goal is to recruit at least 20,000 of you who are interested in this project and want to support it, whether via a monetary contribution or by helping us reach and activate others to join this campaign. You may have already signed up with us, but there is more we need you to do: please inform and encourage others you know, and invite them to join this solely people-powered media project by signing up. The direct link is here, and the sign up button is below.
  3. During the next 28 days we’ll be presenting you with a series of podcast and video shows, and commentaries on Newsbud and related details. Please do your share by sharing these presentations with others. Help us raise awareness by disseminating these programs through your social media network, e-mail groups and other blogs and forums.
  4. I am planning to record and publish my solo podcast series on Newsbud. What I want to do: take and answer your specific questions for each episode, rather than providing you with canned and scripted information. Yes, I want it to be participatory. So, please participate by submitting your questions and comments here

Without you, we cannot build the independent news source that we the people deserve. We can only do that when we are 100% publicly supported, and that means we need you, your voice, and your commitment to our cause. Don’t let the 1% render you powerless- Empower yourself with NEWSBUD-People Powered Media where integrity matters.

Thank You All,

Sibel Edmonds

Sibel Edmonds is editor and publisher of BFP Report, founder and president of the National Security Whistleblowers Coalition (NSWBC), and author of the acclaimed book Classified Woman: The Sibel Edmonds Story, and The Lone Gladio, a Political Spy Thriller. . She is the recipient of the 2006 PEN/Newman’s Own First Amendment Award. Ms. Edmonds is a certified linguist, fluent in four languages, and has an MA in public policy from George Mason University and a BA in criminal justice and psychology from George Washington University.

Who We Are: Showcasing A Few Newsbud First-Tier Associates

Since October 2015 we’ve been busy forming our first-tier partners and associates. In a couple of weeks we’ll present our complete list of Newsbud associates and team members. Meanwhile, while we are finalizing things, let’s present a few Newsbud associates together with their bios and photos, welcome them, and let them know how proud of them we all are. Shall we?

Peter B. Collins- Senior Producer (NB: Evening News Desk)

Peter B. Collins is a radio producer and talk show host based in San Francisco. For over three decades he has produced and hosted talk programs on major stations, and for satellite radio and national syndication. Mr. Collins also owns and operates Collins Media Services offering consulting services and development of radio programs.

Bill Conroy- Senior Editor & Investigative Journalist (NB: National Coverage)

Investigative Journalist Bill Conroy is unquestionably one of the most original, accurate, and important journalists on the trail of the U.S.-backed Drug War. His work includes the ongoing “House of Death” series, which revealed widespread corruption and criminal activity perpetrated by U.S. agents. His journalism has changed the way the media reports the Drug War. Bill has decades of investigative-reporting experience covering a variety of issues for numerous print and online publications, including, The Daily Beast, the national Business Journal chain, and alternative newsweeklies in Milwaukee, St. Louis and San Antonio.

Pepe Escobar- Senior Correspondent & Analyst (NB: International Coverage)

Pepe Escobar is an investigative journalist and geopolitical analyst. He is the former roving journalist and correspondent for the Hong Kong-based Asia Times Online, where he wrote the column The Roving Eye from 2000 to 2014. Mr. Escobar has been a foreign correspondent since 1985, and has lived in London, Paris, Milan, Los Angeles, Washington and Hong Kong. Even before 9/11 he specialized in covering the arc from the Middle East to Central and East Asia, with an emphasis on Big Power geopolitics, energy wars and the New Great Game in Eurasia/the New Silk Roads. He speaks five languages, and is the author of "Globalistan" (2007), "Red Zone Blues" (2007), "Obama does Globalistan" (2009) and "Empire of Chaos" (2014), all published by Nimble Books. He currently lives between Paris and Bangkok.

Paul Jamiol- Editorial Cartoonist (NB: Editorial Toons)

Paul Jamiol has been cartooning and illustrating for the past 40 plus years. He has been recognized for his work nationally and internationally. His cartoons and illustrations have been featured in numerous newspapers and on the internet, and have won multiple awards from state, regional and national press associations.

Pearse Redmond- Producer & Columnist (NB: Podcast & Blog)

Pearse Redmond is an independent researcher and podcast producer who hails from New York City. He is the host of Porkins Policy Radio. His podcasts address a variety of topics, and frequently focus on the geopolitics of Central Asia and the Caucasus region, and the complex relationship between the entertainment industry and the national security state.  Pearse holds a B.A. in Political Science (with a concentration in the Middle East and South Asia) from Purchase College.

Tom Secker (NB: Book & Film Reviews)

Tom Secker is a researcher, writer and producer based in North Yorkshire who specializes in the intelligence agencies. He wrote and produced a pair of feature-length documentaries examining the 7/7 London bombings which is both an original investigation into the bombings and a sociological analysis of the theories around the attacks. Since then he has been running the site where he documents the state's relationship with pop culture, often publishing unique source files obtained via archives and FOIA requests. He hosts the podcast ClandesTime and co-produces and co-hosts the series The CIA and Hollywood.

Guillermo Jimenez- Senior Producer & Author (NB: Podcast & Editorials)

Guillermo Jimenez is a writer and podcast producer based in Austin, Texas, with years of experience working as an editor, translator, and columnist at various publications. A fluent Spanish speaker, Guillermo's work has focused primarily on issues dealing with Latin America, the erosion of civil liberties in the United States, the national security state, the drug war, and immigration. He received his bachelor's degree in Psychology from the University of Texas at Austin, with a concentration in psycholinguistics. As the host of Traces of Reality, Demanufacturing Consent, and the RadioWHO Podcast, Guillermo has conducted over 200 interviews with prominent writers, activists, authors, and artists from around the world.

Christoph Germann- Senior Analyst (NB: Central Asia & Caucasus)

Christoph Germann, based in Germany, is an independent analyst and researcher majoring in political science. His analyses and work focuses on the New Great Game in Central Asia and the Caucasus region. Mr. Germann’s articles are regularly published at Russia Insider Magazine and BFP Report. He also runs the blog The New Great Game.

Spiro Skouras- Senior Producer (NB: News Desk)

Spiro Skouras is an independent producer and analyst, and a co-host on Real Talk Live. He runs a popular YouTube channel with video productions on a variety of topics ranging from civil liberties and environmental issues to media censorship and geopolitics. Mr. Skouras is based in the US Pacific Northwest, and travels frequently as a roving cameraman with a keen eye for real stories.

Katie Aguilera- Senior Columnist & Researcher (NB: Blog)

Katie Aguilera is an independent researcher, author, and activist who resides in Bend, Oregon. She studied Outdoor Recreation Leadership and spent many years working in the field of wilderness therapy and as a river guide. She writes at the blog Seeking Redress.

Professor Filip Kovacevic- Senior Analyst (NB: The Balkans & Russia)

Filip Kovacevic is a Montenegrin geopolitical author, university professor and the chairman of the Movement for Neutrality of Montenegro. He received his BA and PhD in political science in the U.S. and was a visiting professor at St. Petersburg State University in Russia for two years. Dr. Kovacevic is fluent in several languages, and is the author of seven books and dozens of academic articles. He currently resides in San Francisco and teaches at the University of San Francisco.

Christian Sorensen- Senior Researcher & Analyst (NB: MIC Coverage)

Christian Sorensen is an independent writer and Arabic translator. He served in the U.S. Air Force during 2007-2011. Mr. Sorensen holds advanced degrees in Translation Studies and International Relations. His research focuses on U.S. weapon procurement and war profiteering.

What NEWSBUD Will Provide

NEWSBUD will be a news and multimedia network unlike anything else online, in print, or on TV. It will offer all of the elements people expect from a large news organization and also utilize social media, a mobile app (news alerts, etc.), and other Internet platforms.

All NEWSBUD reports and multimedia productions will be entirely independent and nonpartisan and will be developed, written, produced, and vetted by our staff, who will be paid with funding from the public.

We are planning to set up our headquarters in Bend, Oregon. We’ll be setting up our IT department within our HQ office, and have at least two recording studios (video & audio). We will operate 24 X 7 and will deliver:

  • Hourly updated headline news (weekdays, 5 days per week)
  • Original investigative stories (2 to 3 per week)
  • Evening News (weekdays, 5 evenings per week)—a 30-minute news show, covering significant news stories of the day and one feature story every weekday evening
  • Analysis videos (daily)—providing analysis and multiple perspectives on several of the day’s stories
  • Podcast shows (daily)—featuring in-depth discussions and analyses with expert guests
  • Editorials and analyses (daily)
  • Original editorial cartoons
  • Live chat with VIP guests (weekly)
  • Discussion forums—24/7 monitored and managed public discussions and activism
  • Roundtable political discussions (video, every Sunday)
  • Book and film reviews (NB Weekend Edition)
  • And more!

Newsbud Coverage (Updated List)


Podcast (Audio Only)

Sibel Edmonds Presents: Buckle-Up & Join the Ride: Our New Media Project is on Its Way!

NEWSBUD- Where Media Integrity Matters with Sibel Edmonds, Peter B. Collins & Pepe Escobar

Newsbud Presents Investigative Journalist Bill Conroy: Ethical & Independent Investigative Journalism

Pearse Redmond Joins Media Roots' Robbie Martin on CIA-Hollywood Partnership & Newsbud- Where Media Integrity Matters

Opperman Report Presents Sibel Edmonds on Newsbud-Where Media Integrity Matters

The Ochelli Effect – Sibel Edmonds and Pearse Redmond talk Newsbud (and more!)


Tackling The Lies With Newsbud! By Katie Aguilera

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  1. I’m honored and excited to be a part of this! I look forward to getting to know all of you. You all challenge my thinking, and I’m really looking forward to learning more from you.

  2. stevan topping says:

    A superb variety of different thinkers and doers. You inspire me to concentrate on deeds rather than words. I’d better get to it.

  3. Montague Thielen says:

    Popped in to “spyculture” tonight to see what was new, and low and behold there is a link on his home page to sign up for NB. So then I come on here and see that you are “hooked up”. Congrats to both of you. Excellent work that Tom is doing, and your audience will be enlightened greatly by his efforts.
    One thing that has crossed my mind in all of this is the financial transparency of the organization. For instance; will there be a ceiling to the donation amounts, and if so what will it be? If large donations are accepted will they be visible to the subscribers?
    I am sure there are many other aspects of starting this organization that require trusted and competent financial advise and oversight. Wisdom would dictate dotting I’s and crossing t’s with respect to these matters, as it would be an area of vulnerability if not properly administered. IMHO
    Just as a matter of curiosity, will BFP be absorbed by NB? And if so, will the subscription to BFP automatically entitle people access to NB? Important to know as I am spreading the word.
    Great work in assembling this team Sibel. I shall make every effort to evangelize on your behalf. 🙂

  4. The program list is truly amazing. I’d love to make Newsbud my new virtual home and if we can accomplish it I know it’s going to be. Each day news and updates, opportunity to engage and converse with like-minded people, i.e. informed people with similar interests, not necessarily of the same opinion. Undoubtedly there will be plenty to intellectually joust over and keep each other sharp and contemplative. Share ideas, solutions, instate activism etc. Having this parallel to real news and analysis would be an ideal. For all the called social media, weighed and found very wanting, here also Newsbud can fulfill a need and vacant role.

    As we’re heading towards V-Day I’ll be spreading the word in the nooks and crannies I frequent!

  5. STICKERS– do you have stickers? They are such an effective (and inexpensive) way to get the word out. Can put them in the bathrooms of all hip coffee shops, bookstores, and other places intelligent people are known to roam.
    Just needs your logo (btw, I LOVE the name and the tag) and your site…. people will go without a doubt, as there are many, many of us STARVING for real resources of media. I would love to help you spread the word this way in Los Angeles, and could mail them to others in other states and countries.
    And, yes, I am marking my calendar. A beautiful way to really show the world our LOVE on valentines day– by giving the future the gift of reality. The only way to stop the madness is to expose the madness. Health is natural consequence of honest open sharing.
    Thank you for all you do and all you have in mind.

    • I Man: I think that’s a great idea, but it’s for when we successfully reach our goal with our Kickstarter Campaign, develop and launch the site, and become operational. Right now, we are campaigning so that we can get there. Please bring in all your ideas for making this campaign successful, thus, Newsbud a reality. Thank you!

    • How about a lower budget method, I Man, for now? There are free QR code generator programs online, anyone could make old school fliers with a QR code linking to the kickstarter page or to here and post them on bulletin boards around your communities.

  6. steven hobbs says:

    Response to YouTube NewsBud comment section.
    [YouTube “Fighting Corporate State Run Media! NewsBud!” ]
    KOKO BEWARE5 days ago
    “Sounds good but, I didn’t see any so called black faces in this
    You’re right.
    Peps digging deep find color, or, not. That’s their vision. May be a limited hangout for those knowing false flag conspiratorial avoidance of ecology considerations. However, this is one of the most ambitious project of insurrectionist journalism ever. Maybe a swallowed a poison pill (confidence in the ‘Founding Fathers’ and ‘Constitution’) consternation with contributors. I whole heartily support this project. It’s great to wander into a (possibly) rational group, apparently (scientific and investigatory based) sincerely per suing truth. I consider it one of the best first person news sources for real talk.

  7. fatheadjoe says:

    What’s James Corbett’s role? He’s in a lot of the promotional videos but don’t see him in the staff list. Just curious.

  8. FYI: Pepe has a great Op-Edge report on RT today (2/5).
    “Why the ‘Sultan of Chaos’ is freaking out”
    Looking forward to this kind of report from him on Newsbud!

  9. Okay friends, we have 4.5 days to go. Are you ready??!!

    Our Kickstarter Fundraising Campaign will begin this Sunday, February 14, at 6:00 a.m. Eastern. The first few days are extremely important. We want you to activate your friends/family/contacts/network: send them the KS link (it will be posted on Sunday Morning), and urge them to join this movement with their pledges and by putting out the word. Together, we can! So let’s show them the firework.

  10. albatross0612 says:

    Best of luck in the final days before the launch, greatly looking forward to supporting what matters and getting the word out.

  11. Okay BFP friends- we have less than 3 days to go!! I want to hear from you; even if it is one word ‘Ready!’ Come on over here, and let me know that you are all buckled up and ready. I want to hear from every single one of you. That’s my fuel, and only you can provide me with it.
    I’ve been working on this around the clock, and the last few days have been grueling.

    Come over here, and type: Present & Ready! Okay, I’m waiting!!!!!!

  12. Ribbit-Mark says:

    Hey Sibel I am very excited about the Kickstarter Fundraising Campaign too! I’ve got my calendar marked and have been spreading the word as much as possible. Looking forward to V-Day! 🙂

  13. This new kid is ready!

  14. Go for it – will send the KS link to my 30 odd regulars come V..Day!!

  15. stevan topping says:

    Let’s do it ‘NOW’ however you see fit. Let’s go. You will make it happen.

  16. Hi from Jens..
    Where is the Count Down Clock…!
    Can Not wait to go..
    Down that Road.
    Best Regards
    Jens and Bornholm.
    Ps. Love You All.

  17. What is this? Only 6-7 people? Out of 1000s?! Ridiculous. Come on over and holler- that’s the least you can do!

  18. Jane Brownlow says:

    Yay! I can’t wait – it’s already midday on February 14th in Australia – I’m hanging out for you guys to post!
    We WILL make it happen!!!!!

    Goooooooooo NEWSBUD!!!!!!!!!

  19. Sibel,
    Just wanted to stop by and wish you the best of luck before the fundraiser starts tomorrow. I don’t comment much but I want you know how much boiling frogs has meant to me and I can’t wait for Newsbud to hit the ground running.
    Also- What’s the deal with the google hangout tomorrow? Is it a live chat?

  20. andrew everett says:

    I’m ready to help spread the word…

    I just don’t understand why Americans continue to turn to CBS, NBC, PBS, NYT–they are the ones who sold us the lies which directly led to the Iraq War. They are the ones who make egregious omissions. They are the gatekeepers who refuse to investigate and publish articles/videos which expose the corruption. They are the ones who continuously publish the latest statement from the Dept. of Defense or the Sec. of State–without even fact-checking, without criticism, and without adding any meaningful historical perspective.

    Last year, January 2015, there were articles about the NYT and CNN having to lay-off workers (mostly in the marketing department). I was hoping to see those same type of articles this year (January 2016)–but they never appeared. Why? Because the 2016 elections are going to feed the corporate media–more viewers, more advertising dollars for the Corrupt News Network, et al.

    So now we have a “fractured” media: the Corrupt News Networks vs. the alternative websites.

    During this campaign I hope Americans can realize that a simple changing of the guard (POTUS) isn’t all that needs to be fixed–we need to rebel against the Corrupt News Networks as well. We need to support honest brokers, truth tellers–not the same stations and papers that helped cause this gigantic mess.

    FIRE cnn. FIRE nbc. FIRE cbs. FIRE the nyt. FIRE the washington post. FIRE the chicago tribune.

  21. stevan topping says:

    To connect with a considerable network of individual talent and experience and easily accessed information ‘on one platform’. The Introduction to Newsbud … via the BFP articles and discussions highlights in no uncertain terms the necessity and importance of such a venture. You know it will pack a punch, it has already. It’s unique. We make it happen, transforming NEWSBUD in to the veritable forest it can be. Check out the Kickstarter.

  22. I wish the best for this new media platform, and I hope to contribute in some way. You may have set the bar high with 950K, but should the funds come up short of that number, I have no doubt that this project’s proposal will have fuelled many people’s desire for something pure, demonstrative, untainted, and effective. It will be a reinvigoration, one way or the other.

    After all, fish can only swim for so long in superficial waters before choking on the mainstream bottle caps and nets! There is a way out – follow the gulfstream to clearer waters. I’m sure there are better proverbs than that, but you catch the drift. As it happens, I’m about 30% done with the next episode of the New Drone Order series, which I think will provide a good variety in lieu of the vibrant subjects to come out of NEWSBUD reports and coverage. I’ll hold down the fort at BFP, if necessary!

    Special Thanks to Sibel, James, Peter, Bill, Pepe, Pearse, Mark, Guillermo, Christoph, Spiro, Katie, Filip, Christian, Paul, [the CIA], and all of the supporters who make this possible. Also shout out to James Evan Pilato of MediaMonarchy.

  23. James Warren says:


    First comment – just wanted to say that there’s probably loads of people like myself who never leave comments but actually really appreciate the work that everybody does, so good luck with Newsbud I really hope it takes off.

    All the best and many thanks

  24. Made my pledge, been busy spreading the word! Everyone seems to be obsessed with Hillary and/or Bernie right now and I seem to be having trouble getting people’s attention, but I’m plugging away…

  25. Montague Thielen says:

    Just want to give a SHOUT out to Sibel and the team! I strongly encourage folks to get with it and put some skin in the game. ( I for one am “all in” ) This endeavor has the potential to be a game changer for journalism in the modern era. Let’s GO people! 🙂
    On a side note, I just want to thank Pepe Escobar for all of his hard work and dedication to bringing us real hard core facts and information on the increasingly complicated and dangerous situation in the Middle East. I have learned more from him an a few short months than I have over my entire life from the MSM. ( must confess that he has my head spinning at times – LOL ) You are an amazing man Pepe!

  26. David Asack says:

    Mrs. Edmonds,
    If you are unable to meet the deadline, feel free to keep my donation. Use it, and any other willing donors, as seed money to continue the propagation of the Newsbud meme. We’re all in it to win it, even if it means the long march.

  27. Ribbit-Mark says:

    Some ideas for a petition using a food theme.

    Petitioning fellow citizens.
    Change your News diet!

    Are you tired of junk news?

    Abandon your low food for thought, sensationalized pap and move to high information nutritious cerebral content.

    It’s time for NEWSBUD!

    It will help you uncover the real stories that are not being reported by the MSM.

    Start your day feeling energized and empowered with the latest news that the MSM and its owners are afraid to deal with.

    Brain energy, wholesome ……

  28. Gaston Peeters says:

    My first ever comment as an “official member” of Boiling Frogs Post. 🙂
    The good news is that donations keep coming in. The bad news is that it’s happening at too slow a pace to reach that 950.000 dollars mark in sixty days. The logical solution would be to extend the deadline for as long as it takes to reach that mark. But I guess that’s not an option since the people that are supposed to go to work for Newsbud can’t hang around forever waiting for something to happen that never might. I’m only guessing of course, but this might be part of why that two month deadline was put into place (?)

    I’m also wondering what will happen to Boiling Frogs if Newsbud would get off the ground. Will BF than cease to exist because what is done here can than be incorperated with Newsbud? And what if Newsbud doesn’t get off the ground? I hope that in that case Sibel won’t be so disappointed that she thinks, “f*** it, I give up” because she’s doing valuable work that is appreciated by thousands of people. That may not change the world, but it changes THEIR world, or at least has an impact on how they view that world. So no matter how you look at it, that’s a very valuable and positive contribution to make.

    • Hello Gaston, and welcome to BFP! The 60-day period is the maximum allowed by Kickstarter. We didn’t have a choice. You are right- very hard to meet the goal in such a short period.

      BFP: That’s a good question. If/when we succeed with Newsbud we’ll transfer our archives and subscribers from BFP to the new site. If not … that’s a tough question. I have been thinking about it for months. It is something that I will decide with input from our dedicated members here. We’d have to determine what would constitute effective and feasible. Meanwhile: I am open to your suggestions. Thank you!

  29. I do not intend to be mean, but at $130,320 it looks like this will flop. Hopefully those with money who are reading this will take that as a fire under their butt to donate.

    If it does flop:

    1) Keep doing BFP and work to make a place where all your contributors (corbet, petras, peter… etc and so on) have a way to put it all in one place so that more people are attracted to the site. This will build on the momentum you have already gained by the spam campaign.

    2) Do not be too frustrated if the kickstarter flops. There are actually some benefits if it does. I will not list them here or anywhere as it would ruin the potential for those benefits to take place.

    3) After several months try again. Is there a limit on the number of attempts you can make? Maybe wait a year if you have a limited number of attempts. Just make sure the next one is at an opportune time.

    4) Don’t give up hope. For one, you really have nothing better to do than this site. It is an opportunity to do something many of us could only dream and hope to be able to do. If you think your position is frustrating, imagine how those who are completely impotent feel. Even if you were working for hundreds of dollars per hour, what would be the point? You’d get bored and disgusted. It would eat at you until you started it again.

    5) I thought that perhaps high earner like you could actually subsidize the cost of a news operation. $200 an hour times 40 hours times 52 weeks comes out to $416,00, but then you would be out of the loop and too busy to monitor it and then th rot would set in. It would be better to keep doing BFP as it is than to start doing that. At least the quality isnthere if not the volume and all the desired data.

    6) You to have enough to pay a couple reporters for a year, + some business expenses, now. Maybe start another kickstarter for the hiring of a couple door knockers and investigators… Or maybe use it as an “beat” fund to give to whoever is appropriate. Maybe you could hire Ed from time to time to get info? I just wonder if it would rake in as much money as this one.

    7) What is BFP missing most? Data? Maybe you could put call outs for information necessary for a story that you can’t get on your own, then people knock on doors or whatever for you to get that data, as like a reader participation sorta thing, then they post it and you verify it? Maybe reader participation could help fill in labor gaps?

    And something has be eating at me. You said you wont post articles of someone who Putin worships, and I am using this only as an example, and while worshipping any great person is an utterly stupid act, as they are all crap, I think that method, of not posting bad articles like that, is a bad idea. It would be better to post the foolish and deluded articles like that and then challenge them and tear their author’s arguments and assertions apart.

  30. Action Item: Everyone, please send a tweet or Facebook message to every organization you can think of, which has an audience and even a slight possibility of getting a reaction, asking for help promoting this campaign. Here’s a sample message that fits in a tweet. (Deeming on their twitter handle length, you might have to changeThanks to Thx!

    @[twitter handlle] Would you please promote this to your audience? We need your help. We’re all in this together. Thanks!

  31. Gaston Peeters says:

    I think we’re all doing our best to get the word out. I’ve spend a lot of time promoting Newsbud at Seen.Life, including sending I don’t know how many PM’s to random strangers. Basically spamming them. Lots of Christian right wingers on there. Not my scene at all really. But a few wrote back to me saying that they made a donation. So it wasn’t a complete waste of time. And my Newsbud Support Group there has 16 members. That’s not that many, but if all 16 made a donation it’s not too bad.

    Judging from the posts here I’m sure that other motivated people are also doing their best to get the word out. But it sure is frustrating to not be rich, ain’t it? If I was I would say, “I’ll be your “Sugar daddy”, Sibel. 😆 Here’s your 950.000 dollars, now go ahead and do your thing. No strings attached – I want no say in what you’ll do.”

    I can’t be the only one that has such feelings. But the frustrating reality is that none of us have the type of money that allows us to do something like that and thus we need many thousands of donations. We’re all trying to guide the proverbial horses towards the water, but we can’t force them to drink it.

  32. There is a thread on a popular forum. Maybe you should go post to keep it bumped?

  33. NormRitepath says:

    Hello, everyone. l have created a diverse list of online discussion forums in order for us to reach parties with varying degrees of receptivity towards to Newsbud, Sibel & company’s ideas, history, information, etc.
    All of the forums have many active members and many more unregistered users. I estimate there to be over 15,000 active members within these forums and over 50,000 unregistered users. As of now there are 1,322 backers of Newsbud and $131,782 has been pledged. If we are able to reach a fraction of internet forum users we can significantly increase the likelihood of Newsbud succeeding.

    Reply or email me at if you plan on engaging these or other communities so we can coordinate our efforts. I will create a comprehensive list of all known relevant topics/discussions that already exist or that contributors create on all forums so we can gauge our reach, performance and efficacy.

    ****** Threads: 225,736 – Posts: 10,936,473 – Members: 31,382 – Active Members: 1,479
    ****** Users Online Now: 2,237 – Pageviews Today: 368,911 – Visitors Today: 231,012 – Posts Today: 1,834
    ******Threads: 271,934 – Posts: 5,442,845 – Members: 105,671 – Currently active users: 1918 (63 members and 1855 guests)
    ******Threads: 163,296 – Members: 28,609 – Posts: 5,408,204 ******Members: 11,043 – Threads: 18,670 – Posts: 339,663 – Online Users: 689 ****** Threads: 232,194 – Posts: 8,483,740 – Members: 23,52 – Users online: 140 ****** Total posts 3,183,160 – Total topics 134,882 – Total members 16,431 ****** Total Posts: 1,094,111- Total Members: 9,770 – 45 users online in past 15 min
    ******Total Posts: 19,971,015 – Total Topics: 1,080,840 – Total Members: 318,050 – 2,056 guests visiting right now – 216 members logged in right now – 2,738 members visited in the past 24 hours
    ****** Discussions: 408,031 – Messages: 12,962,807 – Members: 35,706 ******Total posts: 327,704 – Total topics: 145,13 – Total members: 4,436 ****** Threads: 131,136 – Posts: 4,037,249 – Users: 21,663 -User visits last 24 hours: 148 ****** Total posts: 1510690 – Total topics: 51,636 – australian forum
    ****** Threads: 62,626 – Posts: 1,491,794 – Members: 737 – Average visits to this page : Hourly: 110.63, Daily: 2,655.16
    ****** 1,394,778 Posts – 216,395 Topics – 32,532 Members – Most Online Today: 976 ******10,995,247 posts – 537,337 threads – 8,044 members registered
    ****** Threads: 17,558 – Posts: 396,198 – Members: 4,837
    ****** Many different forums/websites with many active participants ****** Threads: 48,144, – Posts: 874,791 – Users: 7,114 – Users past 24 hours: 48
    *** *** 883,008 Total Posts – 16,900 Total Members – 800 Most Online – 21 users online past 15 minutes
    *** *** Total Topics: 60,230 – Total Posts: 2,209,843
    ****** Total posts: 3,183,192 – Total topics: 134,883 – Total members: 16,431
    ****** Very large, engaged Irish forum. Many active polls with hundreds of participants – Online Users: 538 – Many threads have thousands of views each day
    ****** Threads: 87,732 – Posts: 1,537,684 – Members: 6,374 – Currently active users: 129
    ****** Threads : 67,984 – Posts : 663,555 -Members : 17,464 – Active Members : 126
    ****** Threads: 47,908 – Posts: 740,598 – Members: 3,248 – Active Members: 105 – 154 users online: 21 members, 131 guests
    ****** Threads: 6,733 – Posts: 231,937 – Members: 1,165 – Active Members: 320
    ****** Total Posts: 1,140,076 – Theads: 34,327 – 123 users active in the past 15 minutes (14 members, 3 of whom are invisible, and 106 guests)
    *** *** 196416 Posts – 8057 Topics – 2911 Members – Most users online today: 143
    ****** Posts: 920,960 – Threads: 31,763 – Members: 16,547 – 158 users active in the past 15 minutes (18 members, 1 of whom is invisible, and 136 guests)
    ****** Threads: 245,797 – Posts: 11,841,268 – Members: 94,919 – 646 users online. 163 members and 483 guests
    ****** 5,600,715 Total Posts – 128,523 Total Members
    5426 users are online (in the past 30 minutes) – 31 members, 5381 guests, 14 anonymous users
    ******173 users online :: 12 registered, 7 hidden and 154 guests – Total posts 5,052,802 • Total topics 265,835 • Total members 10,005
    ******Threads: 12,010 – Posts: 1,053,263 – Members: 3,232
    ****** Threads: 738,982, Posts: 18,991,628, Members: 177,660, Active Members: 5,094
    ******137,565 registered users with 7,237 logged in during the past month – 817 users (135 members and 682 guests) active in the past 10 min
    ****** 8,268 registered users with 487 logged in during the past month – 67 users (1 members and 66 guests) active in the past 10 min
    ***** There are no readily available stats. It appears to be a highly active, engaged community.
    ****** Discussions: 1,195,341 – Messages: 20,005,861 – Members: 622,501 – Total Online: 2,677 (members: 153, guests: 2,481, robots: 43)
    ****** Total Online: 627 (members: 2, guests: 542, robots: 83) – Online members last 24 hours: 108 – Discussions: 176,667 – Messages: 2,019,762 – Members: 208,483
    ****** Total posts 2384692 – Total topics 46597 – Total members: 7213 – Users online: 289 (36 registered, 6 hidden and 247 guests)

  34. Gaston Peeters says:

    NormRitepath – just to let you know: I’ve joined that first forum on your list (international skeptics) and I’ve started sending each member on that forum a PM promoting Newsbud. I will keep going until I have send one to all 32.000 people on there, or until they kick me out for spamming their forum. It’s boring and extremely time consuming to do it like this, but I think it’s the most effective. Posting a thread is far easier, but not everyone there will even look at that thread at such an active forum. The way I’m doing it every single person on there that logs in will have read my message. Of course, like as is the case with any other forum, most of it’s so called members joined – never to be heard from again. So, 32.000 is a very, very relative number. Even so, at least a couple of thousand people will read that message (IF they don’t kick me out first).

    In short, I’ve got “international sceptics” covered, so others can concentrate on one of the other sites you listed. Come on guys! Sibel has been fighting the good fight for us for years and years! This is our chance to give something back to her. And let’s face it – WE NEED THIS.

  35. Gaston Peeters says:

    Well, that didn’t take long. I got the boot after sending out about 200 pm’s. I find it very discouraging that some petty forum rules are deemed more important than supporting a great cause. You would expect support from alternative news outlets and forums, but instead they only obsctruct. I’m sorry Sibel and company, I did my best.

  36. There should probably be a discussion on how to get around the various tricks they can use. All of them. Some less easy to deal with than others. It has been something I have wondered about and hesitant to post about.

  37. It seems to me that one way to describe the problem is that Newsbud is pitching in-depth information to an attention-deficit world. To reach the $950K goal is going to require viral-ness. Viral means video. Nothing over 2 minutes will ever go viral. Correct me if I’m wrong.

    So, what do we have? Newsbud’s best asset: Sibel herself. Articulate, informed, highly credible, and frankly, as they say in the film business, she catches the light better than most people. Brief? Not usually! I wonder if it would be possible to come up with extremely short videos, 30 seconds is ideal, nothing more than 2 minutes max, in which Sibel talks to the camera, identifies a bare bones example problem — an important issue or a story that people would care about and that has been not covered or badly covered — and ends with the quick Newsbud pitch. These can be shared on social media where they have a chance to go viral. Short, snappy, and right to the point. Ideally, there could be a whole bunch of these, a steady stream, each one cranked out to the social media, easily shareable, potentially viral.

    Each one could maybe start out with “Why do you need Newsbud?” Then the problem statement, example problem. Then the end: “That’s why you need Newsbud.” I dunno, I’m thinking out loud here. The middle section would be key, of course, and should be great, and I’m not even going to attempt one off the top of my head.

    These longer promo videos with the whole crew are great but they’re too long to do anything but preach to the converted. We need to reach a ton of people, quickly. Think short! Short and plentiful!

  38. Gaston Peeters says:

    Excellent idea, John. I don’t have much hope anymore, but you never know. A series of well made short promo’s might make a difference. Each one dealing with a different topic and ending with the question “what did the media tell you about this?” You then could show a blank sheet of paper or something followed by a link to Newsbud. Like you I’m just thinking out loud obviously…..

  39. Pepe on Russia Insider today with NEWSBUD..good good. Thats how to go !

  40. Gaston Peeters says:

    Well, I’m hardly the prophet of doom if at this point I make the observation that barring a miracle it’s not going to happen. We can talk all day about tactics and what to do next, etc. But when a useless card game can raise millions in a month while we can hardly raise 160.000 in forty days – well, what can you say really? Not that I have a problem with “useless things.” Useless things can be fun and we probably all have some useless things that we enjoy ourselves. But it clearly shows what the priorities are for the vast majority of people out there.

  41. Do you think they are jacking with or blocking the spam campaign? Also, I do not think that edia influence breakdown chart is helping with the cautious fence sitter type. This is some of what I have worried about.

  42. Do you think they are jacking with or blocking the spam campaign? Also, I do not think that media influence breakdown chart is helping with the cautious fence sitter type. This is some of what I have worried about.

    I just got a message. “You are posting comments too quickly slow down”

  43. Greetings all. I’m usually late, but I’m trying to fix that too. 🙂 Finally got signed up here.

  44. Only 1 week.

  45. Never to Late..
    In a true democracy.
    Best Regards
    Jens and Bornholm.

  46. A Name says:

    That should be doable this time. No money this month due to expenses. Next month hopefully though.

  47. Very glad to see that a phase two is in place for this project! Just pledged what I put down before. I’m down to support Newsbud in whatever shape or form it arrives in. I have faith and confidence in the fact that the standards for quality and integrity won’t falter under Sibel’s leadership.

  48. Ribbit-Mark says:

    In light of the current Kickstarter campaign to launch Newsbud, this upcoming
    forum in Moscow on Jun 6-7, 2016 should be of great interest to all.

    “New Era of Journalism: Farewell to Mainstream”

    A topic on the program for June 7 jumped out for me personally.
    “Can censorship exist in an era of total access to information?”

    Well I have to look no further than my national mainstream news medium,
    the CBC for the answer to this.

    A few weeks ago I attempted to post a comment to an article about Trump on the CBC website. The article was titled “Donald Trump taps into anger about U.S. misadventures in the world”.
    My post was plain and simple and seemed rather innocuous to me:

    “It matters little who gets elected really. In the end, the Deep State will continue to run the whole show to everyone’s detriment.”

    My post was ‘disabled’, meaning censored, not published on the website.
    All posts are pre-screened and mine never saw the light of day.

    I am currently awaiting an explanation for the censorship from the CBC.
    My post violated none of the site’s terms of conditions.

  49. Ribbit-Mark says:

    Congratulations on your successful Kickstarter campaign!
    You really kicked Bud!

    Thanks to all the generous supporters too.

    Long live Newsbud!

  50. Woohoo! It’s been exciting to see this finally start to take shape in official form. The advance in presentation between the first edition with Peter B. and the second really drives home the point that this project is progressing both based on the determination of the team and the support of people like myself who’ve “invested” financially because we believe in the core mission of Newsbud.

    Watching the first two editions of Newsbud Report I find it striking how it actually feels to watch a news program which has a level of non-partisanship and lack of agenda beyond serving the purpose of working towards an informed citizenry on important issues, not just cheerleading, misleading, and gossip feeding. It’s like a sort of journalistic Jurassic Park; seeing a walking, living version of an entity that’s been long extinct. (That is; to the extent to which creatures truly walked the newsroom 😉 )

    I think it’s important to note that there are other good programs out there which, as supporters of Newsbud, we ought to recognize for their contributions to keeping people informed in a similar manner. Indeed, there have already been collaborative features with individuals outside the immediate Newsbud team that are doing important work. Still, bringing in the views from these outside contributors into a program in a balanced nature where their inclusion doesn’t feel like it serves the purpose of reinforcing an overarching ideological nexus is something I feel is unique.

    Over the years, particularly over the time since I’ve been a member at BFP I’ve broadened my social-political and ideological boundaries and come to realize the value in broadening my perspectives by listening to and engaging here with voices who, on many issues, I find myself at odds with. The Oregon standoff between ranchers and the BLM, sparked by the unjust sentencing of the Hammonds, followed by the tragic murder of Lavoy Finicum is probably one of the best examples of this.

    In conversations here I spoke candidly about some of the aspects of those participating in the standoff which, due to the wide discrepancies in our backgrounds as Americans, I found myself challenged to relate to. Through important coverage, particularly by Katie Aguilera here and at her blog seekingredress I was able to move beyond my inherent biases and reservations and better understand where the ranchers were coming from and recognize a wider context to their struggle, beyond my immediate concerns over the Hammonds being jailed on charges of “terrorism”. I watched some of the videos Lavoy Finicum posted before his death and was struck by the underlying similarities in how he and I as American citizens felt about the ever increasing bullying and disregard for civil liberties on the part of United States government and the sentiment that, in one way or another, it was necessary for us to take a stand and push back.

    It’s a tragedy that his stand had to end the way it did, but there’s a secondary tragedy. Namely, that the measures of divide and conquer politics reinforced by the mainstream media, “pseudo-alternative”, and otherwise “quality-alternative” alike, effectively applied the kind of social-political ideological wedges that prevent people from empathizing and recognizing common cause. Despite the differences in background between Finicum and figures like Eric Garner for example the sequence of events which resulted in the ending of their lives was a structure of state power which, if challenged, has free reign to respond with indiscriminate violence outside the purview of due process or even fundamental human rights and without recourse.

    It’s far easier to stick with a media platform which tends to conform to your overall social-political and ideological views, but as I’ve attempted to illustrate above, failure to move beyond these knee jerk reactions we’re all prone to leaves us at a loss when it comes to finding solidarity around fundamental injustices where we share common cause. I see Newsbud as taking a dramatic step towards bridging that gap and I’m excited and looking forward to supporting it and seeing it grow and expand.

    Congratulations to all involved, this is great news indeed! =]

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