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  1. stevan topping says:

    No human being has the right to deprive another human being (there are many) the gift of life. My six year old daughter naturally intuits this.

  2. Montague Thielen says:

    I feel for the family of this man. A tragic, albeit predictable end to the life of a patriot. He and his family were more than aware of the possibilities of this end, but I am certain that does not quell their grief.
    Lessons need to be learned from this. It is painfully obvious to me that the inherent right of Americans embedded within their constitution to defend themselves against their own government by bearing arms has been rendered irrelevant. Armed confrontations by ordinary citizens against “agencies” of municipal, state, or federal governments will only end one way. Badly.
    Peaceful demonstration and confrontation would seem to be the last resort for the populous. To that end, organizations like BFP and Newsbud are essential in the process of educating the masses with truthful, unbiased information upon which the citizenry can base their opposition to the abuses of both industry and government.
    Once informed, it is incumbent upon the people to act. And the next step along the road to freedom would of necessity be a groundswell political reformation resulting in the birth of a third political party. One that is free from the control of the bankers and industrialists, ( who are one and the same ), and is truly “for the people”. Anything less will be futile.
    It is a daunting task that lies ahead for Sibel, Peter, James, et al. Enlightening a populous which has been anesthetized into a catatonic state by the various forms of media which offer mind numbing electronic drugs to soothe the pain of their financial, emotional and psychological slavery is a daunting task. But it is one which must be engaged. AM is our only hope to escape from this death spiral of control and abuse. And standing with people like Sibel on this quest is not just an opportunity, it is our duty as citizens of this small planet. The closing remarks of JFK in his speech to the press in New York on April 27, 1961 plead through the decades for our attention:
    “and so it is to the printing press, to the recorder of man’s deeds, the keeper of his conscience, the courier of his news, that we look for strength and assistance. Confident that with “your” help man will be what he was born to be: FREE and INDEPENDENT.”
    May God be with Sibel and the founders of NB, and all those who strive for truth, freedom and liberty in the world today.

    • Ralph Davis says:

      “It is painfully obvious to me that the inherent right of Americans embedded within their constitution to defend themselves against their own government by bearing arms has been rendered irrelevant.”

      I think this is entirely misguided, Montague. Bearing arms will remain essential to the final vestige of political freedom however hopelessly outgunned. That’s not advocacy of violence, it is declaration of the right of self defense irrespective of its probable outcome.

      Confrontation has it’s merits as does simple passive resistance. Wisdom is to know when to apply which. But if trouble comes unjustly to your door, as it did by Federal ambush to LaVoy, sometimes you do what’s necessary by instinct and sensibility. In his case his last act was to remove his friends from the wilting gunfire that he certainly knew was coming. He was armed but knew it was hopeless and stupid to even attempt to return fire. His fate was sealed and he sought to protect his companions. That was his character. That is our example.

      That’s lesson enough for behavioral consideration when push came to shove in an ambush and murder of a fine human being dedicated to freedom. Keep your guns, your wits and your courage and die as we all must, but for something other than petty self interest.

      Remember Robert LaVoy Finicum as hopefully we remember and honor all brave men and women.

      All the assassins will have their day of reckoning, I promise you.

      • Thomas Skorich says:

        The assasins as you call them are nothing more than a bunch of cowards with a yellow stripe down their backs. The politicians and legal system that allowed this to happen are cowards as well. May Lavoy Finicum rest in peace but not the cowards that shoot men in their backs then dump additional rounds into him to make sure he doesn’t get up. May they neither rest in peace in this life or in eternal life either! Shoot a man in the back…

    • Montague –

      Thanks for your comments. I wonder if you’re aware of how exactly it is today that the U.S. Constitution seems to have no bearing here in our country anymore as it pertains to which version of the Constitution we’re in fact referring to? As there is more than one version, and herein lies the rub, if you will.

      Many do not understand what the Constitution in fact is. Please not, I am not claiming that is the case with you, but am suggesting, and from my experience, that more often than not this is the case. I would like to share this with you –

      See this for an elucidation as to the various Constitutions being used:

      What we are witnessing is the complete usurpation of the authentic Constitution by elements who, in conjunction with word trickery (Legalese) via BAR attorneys, have constructed a fraud of massive proportions. This has been going on a very long time now. Essentially, an entirely different template has been placed on our land mass and as such ‘we the people’ are not even being recognized as having rights whatsoever. We, as such, are not in their club (to borrow from the comedian George Carlin). This club resides in the 10sq. mile area known as Washington DC and has nothing to do with the vast majority of us who were born outside of Washington DC. Though they have us all believe otherwise. hey are using Admiralty/Maritime Law which was carried over from the British: BAR (British Accreditation Registry).

      We’ve been overrun by pirates, essentially. They are our ‘Congress’, our elected politicians, the alphabet agencies (all of them) and they have every intention of destroying our country via this fraudulent process they themselves have constructed and promulgated.

      You might consider the massive commercial lien levied against the American Bar Association –

      Attorneys are foreign agents, working for and swearing allegiance to private, mostly foreign-owned governmental services corporations. They are outside their jurisdiction, and as such they are in gross violation. We’ve all been bamboozled by this corporate shell game and those who appear to have any authority, simply do not.

      See this article here for steps on how to take your County back –

      All of these agencies, all of them, need to be investigated, brought up on charges and our true sovereign ties to the land reinstated. They currently operate as mercenaries in our country. There have been efforts and still are ongoing efforts to educate people about legal vs lawful and corporations masked as government.. Seemingly not many people know about this, thus many are still not awakened to what we can do; and what others have already done to usher these truths into the public’s awareness.

      • Ralph Davis says:

        Quite a complex dilemma, Fabiani and a tragic twist of fate that the person who perhaps best represented the tangle to which your links apply to shed light in the realm of law and property rights, has been martyred to only the few and appropriately eliminated by the many.

        So, even with visual evidence of an unjust orchestrated execution by state and federal agents in flagrant violation of all due process of maritime, land or natural law, of the vast percentage who’ve even bothered themselves to look see what they’re instructed to see in contentment. Even with crude self satisfaction that this ‘militia’ guy interloper was put in his place.

        So, considering that degree of engineered density in play on the populace, do you propose that a timely possibility exists to enable the necessary consciousness of legal foundations and their practical impacts to become understood and effectively applied?

        An extension from your links is this cogent description by Maxwell who himself admits he’s taken near half a century of study to master perspective. He’s got lots of company:

        Again by extension is the most urgently practical guidance for those in the head-spinning phase of realization. If nothing else, withdraw as you best can and think this out.

        Let’s keep LaVoy’s sacrifice to principle clearly in mind, we’re not all cut out for martyrdom, but his sacrifice should be held high.

        Thanks for sharing your links and perspective.

  3. Thomas Skorich says:

    They shot him in his back… LaVoy didn’t even have a speeding ticket and raised 11 children of his own… The FBI… supposed to be some of the most highly skilled police force in America shot an old man in his back. Not in his leg or arm but in his back. These FBI agents nedd to be arrested and jailed with a million dollar bail set. I want to know who the powers that be told the FBI to shoot him in the back… This says that the FBI needs to be completely disarmed because they are not capable of honoring the Constitution of the United States or the citizens of the United States. The whole institution needs to be investigated from the top down for they are “God damed cowards”. Not one of their own had the testicular fortitude to see the wrong done and make an arrest. The youngest and brightest of the FBI shot an old American man in the back once then opened fire on him after he was rendered helpless, God damned cowards!!!

    • Ralph Davis says:

      Easy on that ‘old man’ theme, Thomas. It was the day before his 56th birthday which, to some of us, isn’t so terribly old. Just saying. All PC bullshit aside, your youth bias is showing. Spot-on the damnable cowards.

      And may god bless Robert LaVoy Finicum. A true American Patriot now iconic of vanishing heroism.

      • Thomas Skorich says:

        I’m 57. For the richness of his life and serving a family with 11 children and caring for another 50 at various times… He did enough in his lifetime to live three lives unliike the government officials that shot him in the back…

  4. steven hobbs says:

    “Was not there, and don’t know exactly what happened.” Indeed! Screen YouTube amplification tells a different story. No reason for anyone to die for drama. Who fired first? Seems it was local sheriff or FBI. No?

  5. “LaVoy was not wielding a firearm or any other weapon when he was killed. His hands were obviously in the air.
    Knowing LaVoy, it is our view that he was moving away from the vehicle in an attempt to draw any hostility or violence away from the others.”

    For one thing, the video quite clearly shows his hands were not in the air and he wasn’t surrendering. For another, one of the other witnesses in the car said this:

    “He was yelling, ‘Just shoot me, just shoot me, just shoot me,’ That’s all he said. And then they did,”

    From all the evidence, this was one of the clearest cases of suicide by cop I’ve ever seen. He got what he wanted, no more, no less.

    • Ralph Davis says:

      It’s a very questionable interpretation, Tom, given the man, his history and dedication to his family.

      If you’d bother to penetrate the common, superficiality of politically partisan branding of ‘militia’ libertarianism and simply listen to this mans articulation of personal motives long preceding this Oregon event, and realize what he was fighting is the documented corruption and longstanding violence perped by the BLM and Dept. of Interior, it’s not possible to come to your conclusion by way of objective reasoning.

      He exited his truck instantly with his hands raised. Had he wanted to shoot it out he would have emerged so doing. This man has never committed an act of violence or been arrested. He raised 11 of his own children and fostered 50. he is loved and respected by everyone who personally knew and associated with him and his manner always reflected reason and resolve.

      You may conclude what you will. But as you paraphrase him as saying ‘shoot me’ it was clearly stated by eyewitness Shawna Cox as him reflecting in a tone of defiant resignation that if they wanted him dead he attempted to take the fire away from his passengers screaming’ ..okay, you want to shoot me?, ..then go ahead shoot’.

      Notwithstanding any of that, HE HELD NO WEAPON! He was utterly surrounded and he was covered in red laser dots. His arms more likely went down as he took a shot to his torso and reflexed uncontrollably.

      But you don’t know anything more about his motives then what you reflect in your disrespectful and calous assumption that his character is as marginal as anyone who shows disrespect for a dead man who never harmed anyone and stood on moral principle and constitutional law.

      I find your opinion offensively ill founded, presumptuous and more reflective of your own shallow character.

      There, get what you wanted?

      • Yes, that was exactly the response I expected.

        You can take as much politically correct offence as you like, if he ran towards armed police shouting ‘shoot me’, having previously made videos saying he’d rather be killed than arrested, and after hanging around with a bunch of guys saying they’d rather be killed than arrested, then to me it’s pretty obvious what happened. As to ‘never committed an act of violence’ – except that time, quite recently, when he was part of armed gang who took over a building. But let’s pretend that isn’t an act of violence, shall we?

        But since you’ve brought it up – show me the evidence that he was ‘covered in red laser dots’…

        • Ralph Davis says:

          Politically correct? You’re casually defaming a murdered man who hasn’t even yet been interred. This isn’t about politics, TomS.

          But sure, this is the internet where you can say anything as thoughtlessly as you like anonymously, eh?

          So, it’s fine for me to point out your arbitrary and subjective judgmentalism about a murdered man’s character without you even having the decency to paraphrase with accuracy.

          Go back and look at the drone video. Long after LaVoy was dropped from a headshot from the back by a cowardly bastard, LaVoy’s head glows read from lasers for the next five minutes as the cowards surrounding him let him bleed out.

          You’re a real piece of work, TomS. I know what the S stands for.

          • Ralph, I’m in touch with Lavoy’s family via a trusted intermediary. They have my full support. This looks like a cold-blooded murder. I will have more updates. The funeral/memorial is on Friday, February 5 (In Utah).

            Have you seen our latest video (just posted) with Corbett/Conroy/Guillermo and me? I am going to have much more on this.

          • From the Terms and Conditions –

            “you agree not to engage in unacceptable use of the site, which includes, without limitation, use of the site to:

            Disseminate or transmit material that to a reasonable person may be abusive, obscene, defamatory, harassing, intimidating, grossly offensive, vulgar, threatening or malicious.”

            But it’s OK, if Sibel agrees with you politically then none of this counts and you can be as insulting as you like.

          • Ralph Davis says:

            Key here is what defines a reasonable person, TomS. It doesn’t address miffed hypocrites who then cry ‘rules’ after unapologetically slandering and abusing the character a victim of government murder with callous, slime ball innuendo.

            Yet thinking still much worse of your pretense, I’ll refrain from expressing the degree of contempt felt for your sad moan of complaint. Pathetic as it is.

  6. Thomas Skorich says:

    Who needs a red laser dot. Those FBI could have tackled him at that close range. I’ve told people to unload on me in the past but they didn’t even if they were carrying and some of them were. FBI are trained in marshal arts. So are state troopers and law enforcement in general. Also, they could have shoulder wounded or leg wounded him but there was too much hate going on. Besides, Lavoy removed himself from the vehicle. Who used common sense? You say the act of violence of taking over a building? Who did they shoot? Did they physically punch anyone in the head? Maybe we can use name calling as an act of violence worthy of gunning an American Citizen down. Perhaps these ranchers are correct. These lands belong to the citizens of the United States who pay taxes and not an irreverent government with an international corporate agenda. Back to lasers… A good sniper will take a person out with iron sights on an M-1 Garand carbine at a mile. A man with trifocals can use a pistol at 20 yards accurately. I’m that old trifocalled guy and I don’t have a gun… but sometimes I can’t help but to wonder…

    • “Perhaps these ranchers are correct. These lands belong to the citizens of the United States who pay taxes”

      Case in point: Finicum refused to pay taxes. He was one of those people who want rights but no responsibilities. Among similar ironies, all the ‘anti government militia’ have now lawyered up with public defenders paid for by the government…

      • Ralph Davis says:

        Now you’re just fabricating shit like a typical troll. Likely a Fed CIS who’s simply here to harass, defame and influence a narrative on a site marked as sympathetic to liberty and the hero LaVoy.

        Why not take your lies and shove off, TomS? It’s pretty despicable to feign social concern when you so casually endorse a glaringly calculated scenario for government sanctioned murder, as seen on TV, endlessly familiar to American history. Time and time again.

        You know nothing of the grazing rights issue, what violence the BLM has inflicted by harassment and terror and corrupted federal courts imposing outrageous penalties on small ranching families for simply maintaining their rights to land deeded in legal succession for nearly 150 years, all to benefit a multinational corporate takeover of natural resources throughout the western US.

        You don’t care about US citizens and the constitution that underlies these ranchers rights, TomS. You’re either just a lying fed troll scum bag selling disinformation, or a total ignoramus.

        The Federal government has been overtaken by a plutocratic banking cabal of Trilateralist and neocon criminal psychopaths intent on global domination. We’re at war with the entire world, and you’re one of the enemy, TomS by your stated insensibility.

        • Thomas Skorich says:

          Sounds like you but without cussing

        • Ralph, I like how Bill Conroy rationally addressed the issue (our latest video posted today). Not being an ideologue. Being able to keep an open mind despite any opposing political leaning. This is what I want for BFP, and hopefully Newsbud. I cannot stand (or tolerate) this ‘race-card’ play, this blind judgment application … My promise to you: we will achieve that. I am 100% on top of Finicum case (research, interviews with forensic experts), and it is a cold-blooded murder case.

          P.S.- Finicum had no wrap sheet; no violence history; known as a great member of his community and a dedicated family man. May he rest in Peace.

          • Ralph Davis says:

            Thanks for your comments, and maybe site rules forbearance, for what’s struck such a passionate chord of intolerance in me for this crime, Sibel. I’m incensed by the sickening venom of distortion and lies surfacing here and elsewhere. Hopefully I’ll manage to channel the energy in some constructive manner. But this is such an abomination to basic decency, flaunted with haughty distain for the consequences of our witness.

            I just watched the video and must say the spirit and sensibility demonstrated by everyone is simply inspired with just purpose and inspiring as such. I can’t believe that I harbored reservations about what may truly unfold as saving grace to morbid facsimile journalism.

            There’s power here. I feel it now. My very best regards and wholehearted support.


          • That’s the spirit, Ralph. I’ve been wired for months now- down to the last 12.5 days to launch …

  7. Thomas Skorich says:

    He didn’t necessarily not pay taxes. He didn’t pay the amount of taxes that the shadow government says that all of us are supposed to pay to keep in place agenda 21, world feudal society experiment, etc. We all pay taxes. In fact, many of us pay the taxes requested by the government and when we speak out about the injustices of misused taxes, like paying the FBI to use the guns and ammunition that our tax dollars buy to shoot angry citizens in the back. No abuse there! It’s no fun being hounded by departments of the US (shadow) government that have desecrated the Constitution of the United States and the Bill of Rights for offshore corporations and a bank cartel far worse than any bomb selling billionaire.

  8. arealjeffersonian says:

    I address this to TomS:

    How cruelly callous can you be? Does your rabid ideology feed a total disregard for human life?

  9. Ralph Davis says:

    excerpt from: The Crisis by Thomas Paine December 1776

    Let it be told to the future world, that in the depth of winter, when
    nothing but hope and virtue could survive, that the city and the
    country, alarmed at one common danger, came forth to meet and
    to repulse it.

    Whatever it is that any one of us might do to overcome ambivalence
    among us regarding the fate of our culture and nation, now is that time.

  10. This is obviously a contentious issue. If in fact Finicum was trying to surrender then it is awful that he was shot and killed. I have to say that I am not entirely convinced from the video that this was the case, and I do think that his previous statements about not being taken alive and imprisoned should factor into this. Also this had to be a reality that they were all aware could happen. The State’s response to the patriot/militia movement has never been to use restraint, and the patriot movement has historically been a group that the government has actively infiltrated and controlled. And we should always be weary of making people into martyrs.

    That being said I think that the larger issues here are being ignored. The killing of Finicum just illustrates the insane behavior of the police that has only gotten worse these past few years. I find it odd that many people are jumping to Finicum’s defense and using phrases like “hands up don’t shoot” but completely dismissed or ignored these same sorts of cases when it came to black men being killed by police. I am not writing this to stoke a racial fight or divide us. What happened in Oregon has been going on all over the country in predominantly poor or minority areas. They began with those two groups but are now obviously moving on to the rest of the population. I only hope that this unites people in opposition to the police state.

    • Ralph Davis says:

      Contentious merely because there’s easily exploitable moral contradiction, false assumptions proffered as fact to a vain and gullible public in proactively cultured political bias of calculated ignorance mixed in a fetid stew of continuous and widely disseminated disinformation of government propaganda masquerading as news, manufacturing division among the citizenry to keep opposition to plutocratic domination weakened and reeling. We’re up against true expert usurpers and masters of distortion, evasion, diversion and conscious social control.

      Ask yourself, Porkins, why when LaVoy was in regular contact with both local and federal authorities who knew their exact intent and travel schedule, would they feel it necessary to set a deadly ambush in the middle of nowhere to arrest and take any of these people on their way to a public meeting into custody when they could walk up to him, have a civil discussion and arrest him if that’s their intent? The answer is plain as the laser dots on LaVoy’s head.

      Ask why there were so many commando clad, battle ready cowards in hiding with long-guns who so easily could have disabled a target who instead opened up on a man clearly off balance with empty, upraised hands, stumbling through deep snow, that jerked lower involuntarily as bullets entered his, unlike them, unarmored torso. How is that so hard to get?

      These are trained, stone-cold, psychopathic killers. It’s what they do when they’re ordered to kill. Watch the long, unedited version of the released FBI video and ask why they peppered the truck for so long with hundreds of rounds uncaring that there were completely innocent people including two young women lying helplessly on the floor, possibly injured and utterly terrorized. Not convinced? Just can’t see it? Maybe they didn’t mean to? Please.

      This is why the government that you seem by default to so trust in making judgments about who should live and die by executive decision hasn’t stopped killing the innocent and helpless for nearly its entire post revolution existence. That war never ended.

      So, please think and use some discernment before you express opinion that serves only the divisive cause of the assassin culture. It’s exactly sowing that doubt about what you see with your own eyes but AS THEY DEFINE IT FOR YOU!

      Not convinced? Think again, my friend.

      (Need some help with penetrating the propaganda like a hot knife through logical fallacies?


      • Thomas Skorich says:

        Hi Ralph,
        Lavoy was a busy man at home. He had a large family to care for and that in itself carries more weight than all the welfare recipients who ever received tax monies for their 11 kids. I didn’t hear that he was on the welfare roles. He had a ranch to care for, chores to perform, livestock to care for and in Oregon he was the government. It appears that all the governmnent wanted to do was make an example out of someone and an old beat up worn out 56 year old rancher who didn’t beg a penny from welfare took a bullet from a coward to the back of the head. What a bunch of brave FBI and police officials we have allowed to be created by the New World Order! Didn’t they look handsome swinging those guns in the air like a bunch of Jesse James’s? Osama Bin Laden would have been proud of them! I think the Clinton’s, Bush’s and O’Bama’s should send lobbyists to congress to make them the new “National Heroes” of the year. Instead of honoring them with purple hearts give them yellow hearts instead and employ them as a security around Barry Sotero when he finishes his slotted office as president of the United States. They are a sorry excuse for law enforcement and the governor of Oregon needs to have her governorship revoked and be taken off her life support.

        • Ralph Davis says:

          Well, you know, Thomas, all of this race-based poison about how the impoverished are responsible for bankrupting the nation is so much bullshit.

          The true welfare queens are the big bank owners, Pentagon pet arms manufacturers, tech giants, pharma and industrial monopolies especially agricultural and mineral interests. I doubt that LaVoy was a GMO guy or Monsanto fan. Just my guess.

          I don’t know this for a certainty, but I’d rather think that he clearly understood who the real enemy is rather than those that have suffered through centuries of social injustice as the true problem.

          What we must avoid is contributing unwittingly to the psychology of societal fracturing that serves our real enemies so well.

          You know, fool me once, shame on me. Fool me twice and guess I’m a real deal fool. We need to surrender our hate and our fear and our ignorance to truly stand up to the enemies of truth and justice.

          We can do that.

          • Thomas Skorich says:

            It’s not the impoverished that bankrupt the nation. Like you said, it’s the chameleon… they change their colors to blend in. Monsatan, off-shore cartel, banksters. I stand with you on that. We have spoken out on the web and I gurantee you that we are marked by a government inside our government… a shadow government. When a majority of a population has food in the belly, roof over the head and clothing on the back it becomes easy to be complacent. Why worry? Big brother loves you! Don’t make no waves, turn a blind eye and stick one’s head in the sand like an Ostritch in a tornado and maybe they may all get by somehow… Sorry. I will speak my mind despite the Eric Holders of the world.

      • Ralph: Please don’t lecture me about logical fallacies, the trivium, or any other buzz words you used in your opening sentence. You need to take a step back and relax. I am sorry that I am the enemy in your mind for questioning parts of this story, not much I can do about that. As for “sowing that doubt about what you see with your own eyes but AS THEY DEFINE IT FOR YOU!” what footage have you been watching? I can not see see them fire off 150 rounds into the car (there are flash bangs). Now yes it is a drone high up in the sky so much of the video is blurry at best and therefore we are not getting the full picture, but I don’t understand where some of these statements are coming from. This is like people saying they saw the video of the Boston Bombers planting the bomb. It never happened but enough people in the media refereed to it enough times that people began to form images of it in their mind.

        If Finicum was in constant contact and knew some of these guys why didn’t they surrender the first time they stopped them when they sit in the car for around 8 minutes? Why did he speed up and crash into their roadblock? You don’t take over a Federal facility and not think that this is exactly what could happen. They knew the risks involved based on the history of the governments response to these sorts of actions. The State obviously has no problem murdering these individuals (Ruby Ridge, Waco, OKC bombing) There are a lot of question to be answered on both sides of this story. But my main part that you seemed to ignore is that this is a larger issue of police violence that has been going on for much longer than you or I have lived. That was the point that I was trying to make, but because I am not deifying Finicum I must be part of the problem, give me a break.

        • Ralph Davis says:

          Look, Porkins. there’s a big difference between ‘deifying’ someone and defending them from scurrilous speculation and aspersions by innuendo. Particularly in such proximity to an official atrocity. I’ll step back when you make a sensible, compelling and verifiable argument. I’m as relaxed as I get.

          So, if you don’t need a lecture on fallacies, don’t promote them in a blog. Here you conflate what’s clearly observable in the uncensored or edited FBI video of LaVoy’s assassination with a third party report of what was purportedly seen by some unknown witness in Boston. ..Huh?

          You’re not my enemy, Porkins, as far as I know. I don’t know why you’d assume so. I disagree when I have an opposing viewpoint and I’ll persist until it reasonably settles or becomes moot.

          As to having what we see defined for us; it’s been happening in media in an escalating way since Walter Cronkite announced his first dead Kennedy. It’s here in all its stultifying misdirection.

          Simply because you may have visually missed the barrage doesn’t mean it didn’t occur. Go look again is all that I can suggest. Also listen to Victoria’s eyewitness account provided above. The snow around the vehicle just dances with round impacts.

          I don’t have time right now to pick apart the numerous errors in your post, There’s just way too many, maybe later. Try harder.

          Sorry, no break for you.

          • Thomas Skorich says:

            Thanks for keeping it real.

          • Well you called Tom a Fed already so obviously you have pointed out the enemies. All that aside I suppose I just don’t buy that this played out the way many are speculating. There has already been a changing narrative: he was on his knees then he wasn’t, he never reached to his side then he did, he never wore a gun on his right side yet a video of him contradicts this. Now to me this doesn’t mean that his death is somehow justified, or that this means I am taking the side of the FBI, just that the truth is not quite what we have been told. Re-watching the FBI footage it seems entirely conceivable that Finicun could have been shot and then reached for his side and was then shot again. This in no way justifies what happened. I am only looking at it critically which I think we all strive to do when it comes to events like this. We also shouldn’t discount that Finicun said he would rather die than be taken and sent to prison.

            Lastly, with the massive infiltration of the patriot movement by the CIA,FBI, and other three letter agencies, could it be possible that this was all a set up? Infiltrators and agitators were certainly present at the facility and they could have easily put these actions in motion. This seems like a textbook example of what the State would have liked to see happen.

  11. The case for the cold blooded murder of Lavoy Finicum by the state authorities is a near certainty and I wish NEWSBUD were already in operation to cover it. The TWO female witnesses who were present in Lavoy’s truck, Victoria Sharp and Shawna Cox, have each apparently provided corroborating accounts individually to two separate online venues at separate times. What’s problematic is low audio quality and follow-up questions from someone such as PeterB to clarify the timeline. It’s a story on a dinner plate, or as Bill Conroy noted in yesterday’s NEWSBUD promo, it’s several stories each of which is important. Here’s my frame on the murder from Victoria’s and Shawna’s accounts and FBI footage:
    — The shooting started BEFORE Lavoy ever got out of the truck
    — Shots were fired while they were stopped on the road and before Lavoy drove off toward road block
    — While stopped Lavoy was shouting “We’re going to see the Sheriff” (of Grant county) out his window
    — No officer ever attempted to approach truck peacefully, it was a deliberate tense and confrontational stance by the authorities
    — The road block was apparently and intentionally on a blind corner (i.e., no time to stop)
    — Lavoy jumps out amidst shooting and with hands up angrily shouts “Well then just shoot me.”
    — Lavoy likely dropped his hands reacting to gunshot wound, not “going for his gun.”
    — FBI released “unedited drone footage” in the interest of “openness” (sly, no audio, which is key)
    — Mark McConnell in second vehicle gets out of custody first and immediately goes online as witness to the event and corroborating government story line (he was a MILE away) and MSM picks it up while Victoria and Shawna are all but ignored.
    — Mark McConnell was new to protest and Shawna believes he was a mole
    The other stories are the Hammonds, Rancher’s rights, the BLM and some reporting from John Rappaport and others that there is vast mineral wealth on or near the ranch, which speaks to motive. This type of police violence is now typical across the US and I believe there may well exist a strong case for murder against the officers involved and their superiors who structured a violent end.

  12. I see now that Lynne Terry, a writer for The Oregonian, has an article up which was published on Jan 31 and updated on Feb 01. In that article she acknowledges and refers to the interviews by both Victoria Sharp and Shawna Cox confirming much of what I wrote above. The comments associated with the article are almost as disturbing as the facts of Lavoy’s death. People have a pre-conceived frame and will express the most vile vulgarities in defense of maintaining that frame. Disheartening.

  13. Ralph Davis says:

    There should be no need to defend the character of LaVoy Finicum, it’s abundantly clear in his words and deeds with no inconsistency. Nor in the last gasp defense by he, Ammon and associates of the BLM besieged Hammonds who long-suffer persecution and imprisonment in defense of their legal rights in resistance to tyrannical abuses of existential violence by federal agencies and courts to force them from their land. It’s documented in excruciating detail as a matter of legal and historical record.

    It speaks plainly and directly for itself, so we may take heart in this expression of just intent just two weeks prior to his murder.

    In acidic editorial collective, a mockingbird counterpoint of haughty intolerance of the very notion of right to civil disobedience:

    ‘Which side are you on, boys, which side are you on?

  14. Thomas Skorich says:

    Looks to me like you may be on the mark… That now makes you a target like the rest of us who have been outspoken. “They” know who we are! Soon “they” will want to know why our heads weren’t in the sand like everyone elses. Welcome to the fortitude club! I wonder what the weather is like at Gitmo this time of year?

  15. Thomas Skorich says:

    Points well taken.

  16. As I discuss in this recent video: “The Demons of San Bernardino,” the media are THE tool relied upon most heavily by the NWO elites/corporate oligarchy in these end times.

    I pray for the success of Newsbud and the opening of the blinded eyes across this nation.

  17. It is a battle of reality and the internet against the propaganda of the Israeli-Neocons.
    Reality and internet are winning, I think, but they still hold power, it is not going to be easy replacing enough people simultaneously to have a chance of reforming the system.

  18. What all has happened since I have been gone? I have had phone issues for the past month or so and havent been online much.

    What is with Tom and PCR all the sudden?

    And I only have $14 left in my bank account for the rest of the month so no money from me.

  19. Thomas Skorich says:

    Don’t worry, Be Happy! I’ve been unemployed for over 3 weeks. No Unemployment either. Just strong in who I am and thought myself through this swill before I ever arrived. Helped a lot of people in life while living hard, fast and on the edge. Blew the diff in my truck in route to new employment but kept myself prepared. I’m God blessed and a lucky man. Luck is when opportunity meets preparedness. Pray as if everything depends on God and work as if everything depends on you! I’m with you man….

  20. I finally started listening to the Peter B episodes on this. What is the best video for it? Are there any yet that match up the audio? Specially the phone audio.

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