Here’s What Will Set Newsbud Apart from Other Alternative Media Outlets

Sibel Edmonds, Guillermo Jimenez & Pearse Redmond on NEWSBUD- Where Media Integrity Matters

Guillermo is joined by Sibel Edmonds, editor and publisher of Boiling Frogs Post, and Pearse Redmond, host of Porkins Policy Radio, to discuss the new media venture Newsbud. Sibel, Pearse, and Guillermo explain what sets Newsbud apart from the rest of the alternative media, and why a 100 percent reader-supported outlet is vitally necessary in today’s media landscape. Also on the program: the curious case of Michael Scheuer and his marriage to the CIA’s “Queen of Torture” Alfreda Frances Bikowsky, the media’s overall silence on the issue, and why it matters.

*We are asking those of you who support this one-of-a-kind media project to come and join us. Please add yourself, and your voice, to our group list here. They have rendered we the people irrelevant. Together we are going to make them irrelevant!

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  1. Raymond Kitchen says:

    You aren’t the “Alternative Media” you are the “Real Media”. How about that?

  2. stevan topping says:

    May Newsbud thrive.

    I am happy this podcast has been posted on BFP, highlighting many of the aims and goals associated with Newsbud. For me, the most value gleaned from the discussion relates to bias, enabling me to reflect on my own and others. Very important. Re the podcast, obviously I benefit from viewing facial expressions and listening to how the language is expressed on a screen. It gives you a feel for what is being discussed, it adds another layer. This comment on the other hand is being read or not.

    Ironically, Pearse appears to make an ‘off the cuff’ remark regarding David Icke and The People’s Voice venture. It is of value to name names, get it out in to the open. To generally paraphrase Pearse in my own language; “David Icke ran off with The People’s Voice money after it went belly up.” For me it would be appropriate to back that one up Pearse, even from an intuitive stand point. Make that especially.

    Obviously, for me Mr Icke is worth defending. If you are unaware of the guy he has singlehandedly done more to embolden a vast amount of people to research for themselves (yip – the relative scales of research across the board, from sound bites toward depth), not seek reassurance and to go out and do it for themselves. Some not all and sometimes not always. With so many topics covered by Icke, you have general themes and detail (his detail). I like audacious people those with a backbone.

    From my experience whether it’s ridicule, condemnation or attack it’s normally from those repeating the sound bites with next to no knowledge of the topic in question. I’m guilty, who isn’t?

    The whole broaden your perspective is up for grabs, for all. It’s a choice. Opinions are informed, in between or otherwise. Bias, love it, learn from it. Note to self. Every cloud has a silver lining or maybe that should read every cloud has a lining. It’s how you interpret it.

  3. Marsh Collins says:

    “The key is honesty.” Could not agree more. We all have personal bias. Source bias that is upfront and which is balanced by multiple sources and perspectives enable people to form a more accurate balanced view.
    Hidden bias, protectors and guardians of secrets , media plants/sellouts, misinformation agents, and outright liars are what must be countered.
    Guillermo Jimenez voiced his opinion that he had briefly considered the crisis actors meme and found it to be bullshit , annoying , and ridiculous. As frightening and unbelievable as this meme is I have not been able to see through it quite so clearly and media clips e.g…. David Wheeler and an FBI sniper really have me wondering. Thought if this was to be mentioned would love to hear how he dispelled this meme so that I also could see through it.
    The claims that full blown psy-ops with crisis actors are in common use against us if very frightening. Laws have been passed which make psy-ops on the domestic electorate legal and their use seems very possible to me if not almost self evident by watching any mass media source.
    I am sure I am not alone in my confusion on this.

  4. Ribbit-Mark says:

    A thought occurred to me as I was watching your February 8 podcast on newsbud
    and you reiterated the fact that it would be strictly reader/viewer supported.

    Will you accept donations from these readers/viewers?
    That is, donations beyond the monthly/yearly subscriptions?
    If so, will you set limits on how much they can donate?

    • Logically the max amount should be limited.

      1) Because massive support from scarce entities or a singular entity would give them to great an influence, subconcious or otherwise.

      2) It would be something for critics to pick apart.

      I have had dreams of winning one of the billion dollar lottos and forking over a few hundred million to make sure the site is always funded and never in need, and therefore independently wealthy, and therefore independent. But I wonder if something like that would really be for the best.

  5. Good one! This is maybe my favorite so far of the Newsbud promo videos, because it gets into an excellent specific case, this Scheuer-Bikowsky thing. If that doesn’t whet people’s appetites — I mean maybe it’s just me — but that’s intriguing stuff, and where else are people going to go to find out more?

  6. And why is my comment in moderation?

  7. And now my comment is gone. WTF? I dont even remember what I said.

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