Sheriff Richard Mack, Sibel Edmonds & Spiro Skouras on: Federal Tyranny, Political Persecution & the ‘Real’ Enemies

How long before 'They' consider this video a 'Threat to National Security' & the Participants 'Domestic Terrorists'!

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  1. I have been lead to make a series of videos from day one on the anomalies of San Bernardino. I couldn’t help notice a particular journalist from CNN used to push the government narratives in both San Bernardino and the Oregon case. She was launched to confront Victoria Sharp, the main witness in Finicum’s vehicle with unprecedented quickness, days after her testimony was aired over the internet, and a day after the FBI released their incomplete, narrated video evidence. I don’t know if she knows how she’s being used, but I pray her eyes be opened.

  2. Ralph Davis says:

    Basic detailing is mostly missing from both reporting of the Oregon circumstances and subsequent narrative of what precipitated the outrageous charges and vindictive penalties against members of the Hammond family that resulted in the demonstration by occupation of an unoccupied building in the middle of nowhere in the first place. That shouldn’t get lost in the cascade of subsequent crimes authorized and perped by both Oregon and US authorities in corrupted lust for control at all cost to truth, justice and public safety.

    In this podcast Wisconsin Sheriff David Clarke’s righteous indignation to official criminal violation of law and common decency puts into perspective by example of what’s expected when an officer commits under sacred oath to protection and service to citizens under constitutionally mandated authority and public responsibility.

    Like Sheriff Mack, Clarke’s empowered and driven by strength of character and commitment to constitutional mandate of justice. Anyone who shares their understanding of just who it is that actually endangers this nation, be they foreign or domestic, are enemies of those in contempt of rule and remedy explicit under mandate of our constitution. They must go or this nation of freedom is finished. Another brave sheriff:

  3. One thing I have worried about, what happens if they do try to shut you down? I keep wondering just how it is they will reapond to newsbud.

  4. Thanks for the update and excellent points laid down by Sheriff Mack. I tried accessing the website ‘’ that Sheriff Mack referred to but it wouldn’t load this morning?! Will try again later. If others are experiencing this problem I hope BFP will keep us updated on the particulars of the upcoming demonstration of support for the Constitutional law enforcement authority of sheriff Palmer and our local sheriffs.

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