Probable Cause with Sibel Edmonds- Belgium Bombing: The Missing Context, Facts & Interests

Probable Cause with Sibel Edmonds- Belgium Bombing: The Missing Context, Facts & Interests

This is a brief presentation on several important angles and facts on the recent bombings in Belgium. As always, the deep-state-mouth-piece media is presenting the entire incident with twists and omissions, so I am going to bring up at least a few things quickly here, and later, follow up with more in-depth analyses. There are, and will be, lots to discuss and analyze on this latest Operation Gladio B synthetic terror event. Also, keep in mind, what will take place afterwards, whether it is expanding the existing wars or starting new ones, whether it is furthering police state practices, is equally if not more important than the bombing itself.

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Show Notes

Operation Gladio B

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Belgium Has Become Center for Extremists

Belgium Warned of Attacks

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  1. Hi Sibel,
    Just finished listening to your Probable Cause on BFP as well as the interview on Corbett Report. It does make one wonder how we can be so gullible when the same scenarios occur over and over again. But it’s worse than even you mentioned. It goes back a lot further. Thanks to James having a show on Col. L. Fletcher Prouty, who was so intimately involved with the intelligence community from WWII until he retired in 1964, I have been reading Prouty’s book, The Secret Team: The CIA and its allies in control of the United States and the World. The same types of events were generated all through that period (in Cuba and Soviet block), in what he termed stupid and obvious mistakes showing them as false flags (I guess this would have been part of the first Gladio). No one took notice and they just kept doing more of the same over and over – because they could. Great book by the way. So today we have basically the same plots, with even more play on the news media, lots of technology used to cover it – and still after all these years we don’t see the similarities. The “communist revolutionaries” are now replaced by the “Terrorists”. Back in the day, all they had to do was say it was a communist plot and everyone bought into what ever they did to “respond”. Today all they have to do is say it’s a terrorist plot – and any level of response it OK. This is where Newsbud would provide great sources of real investigative stories. It’s still a great idea Sibel. I am surprised so many did not step up to be a part of the solution – the one where we think the truth will set us free. Right now there is no truth in the MSM – at all. FYI: if we don’t make it, I will take my pledge and put it into BFP. Please keep going. Thanks for all you do!

    • Hi Dennis
      If We don’t make it..
      Take My Pledge and put it into BFP.
      We have to keep on Going.
      Best Regards
      Jens and Bornholm.

      • Amen to that Jens =]
        I really stretched my pocket on this funding drive (at least commitment-wise), but I’m willing to put that money back into BFP because I still believe that this unique platform has the power to make positive change and reach a larger audience. The numbers, while disappointing, just prove to me that more time is required to increase the amount of people which will open up the doors, resource wise, to achieve some of the ambitious goals Newsbud set out to achieve.

        Hopefully the flurry of effort around making this project become a reality has exposed what BFP has to offer to a wider audience. Maybe the resources won’t be there yet to reach some of the more ambitious goals, such as salaries for investigative journalism, but a more immediate and hopefully attainable goal will to at least begin to provide Sibel and, by extension, the other contributors, with the kind of money that their hard work and dedication deserves. Enough to at least form the basis of a viable income.

        Sibel’s resilience in the face of adversity, her integrity, and her refusal to be intimidated or back down as a truth teller continues to inspire me. I still greatly value BFP and what it has to offer and I believe that if we can harness some of the momentum from the kickstarter campaign and continue to discuss ways to reach a larger audience we can achieve some of the goals Newsbud intended to tackle.

        Like I said, I stretched my pocket with the amount I pledged, putting my faith in making Newsbud a reality but, like Jens, I willing to take that amount and invest it in BFP as a token of support and a show of faith in my belief that I’m willing to stand behind Sibel as editor and truth teller regardless of the medium. I know the kickstarter campaign isn’t over yet, but I too pledge that I will put up the same amount I pledged for Newsbud back into BFP.

  2. Bizantura says:

    Living in Belgium myself, thanks for this.
    The infiltration of radical Muslims has been going on for years so every city in Belgium has a radical Muslim zone only. Belgium is Muslim territory with command centers galore in every city not Brussels/Molenbeek only.
    The Belgian government did everything possible to make this happen so the future of the “western values” be secured and the native population protected!! Every time the natives protested they were branded as the worst possible racist. To this day the potpourri of values is promoted as if their are no distinct difference to them and all are equal in being humane.
    We are de facto being slaughtered by our own western governments to serve the parasites never ending war/slaving addictive mercantilism aspirations and the western values have to go, feudalism serves the parasites better.

  3. Havent watched this one yet, but this is in response to Sibel’s appearance on Corbett Report:

    A few things:
    – Brussels is around 25% Muslim, so one doesnt really need to dress like a westerner to blend in
    – the attack took place prior to the security checkpoints, so once again it didnt matter what they looked like
    – They were suicide bombers so at least the original plan didnt include a getaway, although that changed for one of them according to reports

    So I’m not buying necessarily that this photo is not of the actual terrorists

    Furthermore as an aside, I do have some reservations about Boston and Sandy Hook, whether they actually occurred as reported. Sandy Hook I’ve seen no evidence of casualties. That said, I”m not one that thinks everything is a hoax. Events that occur in Europe appear genuine to me. Pinning the Gladio B tag to everything though is making an assumption and a stretch without any actual evidence other than it fits a predetermined narrative. In the same manner as calling something a hoax, it does have the effect of preventing deeper analysis into the root causes of such an attack as you can just blame it on the shadowy “Deep State”.

    • Events that occur in Europe appear genuine to me. Pinning the Gladio B tag to everything though is making an assumption and a stretch without any actual evidence other than it fits a predetermined narrative.>>
      This is true. And this is true about each and every claim made by journalists, alternative or not. By definition, by themselves journalists cannot know for sure, cannot prove anything in the secretive realm of state agencies. What is wrong with Mike’s own assumption that there are fake and real terror attacks is that they are all real, meaning they are all carried out by ideologically committed jihadists. Moreover, they are real not only on the level of their rank and file perpetrators but their top leadership as well. One of the problems with Sibel’s concept of Gladio B is her failure to understand that people like Ayman al Zawahiri are not NATO stooges, let alone NATO’s officers, but ideologically committed leaders of the Islamist revolution. This is why Gladio B is so different from the original matrix of Gladio. It is precisely this existential commitment of hundreds thousands, perhaps, millions of jihadists ready to die for their cause that makes them so uniquely valuable for the US-NATO operators of secret war for world domination. All they need is to allow or not to allow this or that act of terror; to discreetly help or not to help to prepare one; to create conditions for IS to have a piece of territory or to delay this event for a better time, and on and on. From this perspective, there are no hoax or real terror attacks. They are all hoax and real at the same time.

  4. 2goodponies says:

    James and Sibel – Please read this report

  5. “They are all hoax and real at the same time.” THIS is the nub of it !
    Committed jihadist and gladio b are one-and-same.
    You bet there are hundreds of thousands of committed jihadists, Gladio MAKES SURE OF IT.
    Thats what GLADIO is.

  6. Sibel,

    So good to hear from you and get your take on the matter! There’s something empowering about the way you cut through the BS. While we’re still not in a position (yet) where we can get the virus of synthetic terrorism (to use your phrase 😉 under control, there’s something to be said for getting a proper diagnosis when the symptoms start to kick in. Your insight and ability to place what’s going on into some sort of context may not be a “cure”, but it’s certainly one step towards avoiding the sort of helplessness that herds the masses into buying into the government subsidized snakeskin oil that perpetuates and exacerbates the problems. Yes, knowledge is power, even if there are limitations, so thanks Dr. Edmonds. Following in your father’s footsteps one might say 😉 . As always, much appreciated! =]

  7. To me, it looks like this… a sort of circular cesspool of terror and war etc…

    1) F up middle east. After hearing y’all talk about Iran and the affronts to its culture I am fairly certain that the shah was meant to fall and the whole thing went as planned. They wanted a middle eastern enemy. Not sure of the exact reason, but it looks like another excuse to have middle eastern presence like with all the rest of this mess.

    2) Now we have 9-11

    3) They tear countries all to he–, destroy infrastructure, independence, and foster resentment. Destruction also builda dependency to go with resentment.

    4) They drone them to build more resentment.

    5) They funnel this resentment product, the middle east being basically a terror factory for these freaks, into Gulen type stuff and ISIS with commandos/spies controlling it. Notice that “they” have their men at the top of these terroristic entities to control them.

    Then this is all used for various things. Diplomacy with Russia, war profiteering, police state expansion, and to me, it just looks like a sadistic ritual of generating as much negative energy that these animals then use to empower themselves. And I think this is just ONE example. There really are evil people in this world, and they profit off everything people so proudly display as their movement, their great new hope.

    Also, I can’t help but point it out. It really would have been better if they’d covered their gloves in diamonds and grabbed their own crotches and started singing billy jean or whatever. Man, I am amazed. I have always been rather gullible and dim, and when I think it is obscenely obvious… this is just ridiculous. Just how dumb are people becomming?

  8. Does anyone know a safe way to download y tube videos?

  9. Right now I am on an unlimited data plan and can download things easily. I may have to change to a lower data plan soon and as I am currently unable to focus to due stress over a lawsuit I have filed I cannot concentrate well on this at tis time. It would be nice if I could save them for later and save my $30 this next billing cycle.

  10. It is almost $100 per month for unlimited. I used to pay $30 but that company changed. They just want you to pay for cable. And the smaller ones need to build more towers.

  11. And there are programs to download directly, but they tend to have viruses.

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