Corbett Report- Sibel Edmonds Shines A Light on the Brussels Attacks

Sibel Edmonds of Boiling Frogs Post & joins us to discuss the Brussels attacks. We discuss Belgium's central role as the base of NATO/EU/Gladio headquarters and how the script of this event follows the script of previous false flags almost precisely. We also talk about the public's reaction to these events and how both the mainstream and alternative media are being divided and conquered to keep people from questioning the true roots of these events.


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  1. One fundamental problem with “alternative” journalism community is their unwillingness to understand the social psychology of Western citizenry. Why are “people” so credulous? — they wonder–Why they cannot see what is so obvious to us? If sincere, this astonishment rests on the assumption that people are motivated by some moral principles rather than by their interests. If we tell “people” the truth–this logic goes–if they learn that American government believes that “killing innocents for a higher cause is justified,” as Pepe Escobar puts it in his Sputnik column, “people” will rise to change the country. The problem is that “people” do not want to know this because they already know this and much more. What are they going to do with this knowledge even if they go shopping for groceries with their foreheads stamped with it? To elect a different government? In the first place, this is impossible since under capitalist democracy “people” can elect only one out of two-three patsies they are allowed to choose from. But let’s say a miracle happens and “people” get so fed up with being terrorized and killed by their governments “for a higher purpose” that they elect their own government and put Pepe Escobar in the White House, elect James Corbett to be the House Speaker and make Sibel the Secretary of State. What will happen then? One of two things. Either our alternative journalists sooner or later will implement essentially same policies as today, including the false flag stuff around the globe, or they will be removed well before the end of the term, legally or using the troubleshooter with the scope. Why? Because “people” care about their interests above everything else and only then about morals.The interests of the American people and those of “the West” is to preserve their way of life because it puts them way above the rest four fifths of the world. And not only materially, but psychologically as well. And if from time to time it takes killing one-two hundred of their own on top of killing millions of others to preserve their superiority over the rest of mankind so be it. What if it takes thousands of our own?–some 9-11 truthers would ask. -Whatever it takes–will answer the silent majority, and go to hell with your worthless truth!

    • We need to get to the motivated minority of doers – those who by habit pull more than their weight – so that they too can become evangelists for hard truth.

      The mouth-breathing masses are mostly just…there, as they have ever been. In the final analysis, where the locomotives go, the train will follow.

  2. I presume and assume that the “everything is hoax” slop bucket is full of IIO ‘Q’ group RANDI hacks muddying the water at every available moment and opportunity..what a perfect way to further confuse a citizenry that has never actually dealt with crime or brutality or damage field or danger in any personal way except through media. Unless you have seen the broken body – the flesh, dealt with the stink of it, the calm of it, how would you know? How would you know bones don’t DO that? These fcking bozos doing this false flag stuff rely absolutely on the ‘one step remove’ of the vast majority watching TV/movie reality. Even in the face of clear contradiction! look at street bombings in Boston, then look at Ankara or Pakistan. How come they couldn’t clear the scene in 15 minutes ? Look at the head shot in Paris, then look at the head shot in Jerusalem. So contemplating those variations takes some kind of interest – to think those things; let alone do anything about it.
    Which brings us back to the conversation. To the incredulity and disappointments that the post 911 false flag disclosures absolutely establishing it as false flag, really going nowhere except to furnish crowd funded card games , leaving essential media dying on the beach.
    it has never been more important to crack 911 than right-now.

    • Remo,

      “it has never been more important to crack 911 than right-now.”- my thoughts/belief exactly.


        You should read that thread. It gives you an idea of what people think about this thing. Apparently you should attach yourself to the blaze. *rolls eyes*

      • 344thBrother says:

        Remo and Sibel:
        I agree. I am concerned that the infamous 28 pages are yet another layer of fall back position that was put in place to slow things down, misdirect, obfuscate and pacify the truth movement. I welcome anyone’s thoughts on this issue.

        Shortly after I predicted that IF the 28 pages get released that they’d be so heavily redacted as to be worthless, Obama came out and said that perhaps selected pieces of the documents could be released… rah.

        What do you think would be the result if they did get released and , for instance, Bandar Bush was prominently named in them? I remember that even Michael Moore went on about Bandar Bush and Dubya smoking cigars on the back porch of the Whitehorse on September 11th. I doubt that many people remember that, and Moore has turned out to be another tool, but even tools sometimes cut their wielders.

        Peace on earth.
        God rest ye merry gentlemen and women
        Let nothing ye dismay. : )

        We are winning

  3. Once your mind is open to the truth of 9/11 I don’t know how you can take any of the bombings, plots, BS wars at face value ever again. Learned helplessness is a problem. Compassion fatigue is another problem. So are privately owned banks, making sure the helplessness and fatigue never let up.

    Thanks to you Sibel, I can now consumer the ‘news’ with my mind switched on. Once learned, it’s not hard to decipher the B Movie plots. As to taking the classroom to a broader audience, perseverance on our part is the key. Don’t give up. The night is darkest just before dawn.

  4. Please make it to where I can download the video. Less radiation and now I have an unlimited plan.

  5. 344thBrother says:

    Hi Sibel and James:
    Another excellent analysis and program, thank you.

    Regarding the funding for newsbud. I agree that it’s a shame that people place entertainment over reality. My guess is that there are a number of factors here.

    First and foremost, people are exhausted, overworked, overwhelmed and basically looking for anything BUT more reality when they finally get off work, deal with kids, housework, spouses, family issues… you get the point.

    Secondly there’s the element that are really clueless and are going to stay that way for many reasons, they’re lost.

    Third, the economy “It’s the economy stupid!” < Remember that? People are flat broke enough that they only have enough money for escapism in all its forms, (The bar, games, movies, drugs… endless).

    So, I'm famous for stating the obvious! That could be my epitaph.

    and God bless us

    • 344thBrother says:

      I forgot to mention…
      On the subject of people being split off from the hard core of REAL truth community and in to warring factions like… Space Beams… Fake blood… Crisis Actors… “You’re a troll! You’re an idiot! You’re a homophobe! You’re a feminazi!! I see this as a plan. I’m pretty sure that it’s being purposely installed by the propagandists who just love to Balkanize everything and every one. It’s effective as hell and it discourages me too.

      Also, the lack of ability of people to think and debate logically and rationally and politely has been eroded so badly that it’s nearly impossible to have a conversation with someone without getting pigeon-holed into one of the above catagories, attacked with ad-hominums, red herrings… all the logical fallacies that they’re not even aware of, because they’re BOMBARDED with them in the media. “You’re a tin foil hat wearing, teabagger with delusions of grandeur and your momma was so fat….” All that.
      They’re so far gone, even some of the intelligent people, that they literally cannot act differently.

      They’re sure not getting anything useful from “Schooling”.

      What can we do for the people who may still be savable who we care about but who don’t have the tools, or where-withall to learn HOW to think?

      peace on earth

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