Probable Cause with Sibel Edmonds- False Flag Ops, the Morning After & the Profiteers

Terrorism: The Needed Juice that Expands Wars, Police-Surveillance State

This is our third episode in our coverage of the recent Belgium Bombing as another synthetic terror event carried out under Operation Gladio B. In this episode we’ll begin looking at reactions, events and actions that are taking place since the execution of this recent plot, and the ones that took place before that. We’ll look at objectives that are being pursued and pushed, and who benefits from it all.

We look at the chain of events following a synthetically created terror action. And with that we see the needed juice that expands our wars, and expands our police and surveillance practices. The existence and expansion of the Military and Intelligence industrial Complexes depend on terrorism. And what wouldn’t they do to ensure that we have plenty of that?

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Show Notes

Ex-Brussels mayor: We need a pan-European FBI to counter terror threat

How the Brussels attacks affect the global fight against terror

Terror Threats Thaw Budgets Across Europe

Brussels attacks rekindle privacy vs. security debate in Europe

How private firms have cashed in on the climate of fear since 9/11

The End of the Rainbow: The Intelligence-Industrial Complex

Booz Allen Hamilton: 70% of the U.S. Intelligence Budget Goes to Private Contractors

Operation Gladio B


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  1. Don Wahl says:

    Thanks for your reports, Sibel. Yes, this seemed extremely odd from the first reports. How does a country on high alert following the arrest of a high profile ‘terrorist’ believed to a part of a highly active, dangerous cell have minimum security posted along with no security procedures at major transportation hubs? Yet these governing authorities expect the sheep to not only be crazy enough to trust them more now that they are ‘serious,’ they also expect them to scamper for their profits in the name of security, oblivious to accountability.

  2. These series paint a highly plausible, coherent chain of events. Like everyone I’m just trying to understand the world and can’t claim to know the truth, to me this picture seems most accurate and credible.
    But then, isn’t it amazing what’s really going on? They’re just running a ‘protection racket’ like 1930’s mobsters. Some thugs break your windows and the next day another thug is offering ‘insurance’. You’d pay otherwise they’d smash your windows every week. And so the mobsters were collecting ‘insurance money’ from every store and business in town. It really is that banal and obscene. These self proclaimed ‘masters of the universe’ are nothing but low life criminals. I really think we should recognize these ruling classes one percenters for what they are. Petty criminals. Motivated by the most primitive impulses. You’ll find more nobility and sophistication with the average person in the streets. Yet we let these freaks run the show.

    • In order to rid yourself of a parasitic top-of-the-pyramid, revolution style, I think you would have to:
      1. Identify the enemy.
      2. Unify the oppressed against that enemy, to the point of including the security forces in that union.
      3. Have a plan for the day after to avoid a repeat.
      I think we’re currently challenged on all three counts.

      Then there is the evolution style, maybe à la Charles Eisenstein. I don’t remember if he actually has a plan, or if he claims that it will all come into place by itself.

  3. I tend to think the security industry are just being opportunists rather than bad actors here. Never letting a crisis go to waste to cash in so to speak.
    I have a feeling something far bigger is at play regarding the cause. Something is up with Turkey, something big.

  4. ….oops…Why is..?
    Maybe something like this..
    Borders being obsolete..!
    I need a New compass.
    To lead me..
    To the end…Of…
    The Rainbow.
    Best Regards
    Jens and Bornholm.

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