Silenced Whistleblower Defies Authorities: A Conversation with Sibel Edmonds

An in-depth interview with Sibel Edmonds on topics ranging from Operation Gladio B and 9/11to whistleblowing and police state USA.

Classified Woman: The Sibel Edmonds Story

The Lone Gladio-By Sibel Edmonds

*Original Interview Site Here

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  1. Hey Sibel, welcome back.
    You mentioned Al-Zawahiri, Grossman and Bandar as attendees in Baku. Christoph Germann mentions Al-Qadi as attendee here: . I don’t think I ever heard you mention it, but I might be wrong. Did Christoph make an error or did he not?

  2. (Typing questions as I listen)..
    You refer to CIA foia about the Turkish (or Italian?) gladio operation, do you have a link?

  3. jackdonovan says:

    Hello Sibel, good to hear a new interview from you!

    I’m reading the book Ghost Wars by Steve Coll. Coll states, on page 90 (he’s talking about CIA Director William Casey):

    “Hopping oceans in his unmarked C-141 Starlifter to meet with Urki, Akhtar, and Zia, Casey cut deals that more than doubled CIA and Saudi GID spending on the Afghan mujahedin by year’s end [1981]. And he began to endorse or at least tolerate provocative operations that skirted the edges of American law. Outfitted with mortars, baots, and target maps, Afghan rebels carrying CIA-printed Holy Korans in the Uzbek language secretly crossed the Amu Darya River to mount sabotage and propaganda operations inside Soviet Central Asia. The incursion marked the first outside-sponsored violent guerrilla activity on Soviet soil since the early 1950s. They were the kind of operations Casey loved most.”

    So this is a Pullitzer Prize-winning Washington Post editor – no “fringe blogger” – actually corroborrating part of Sibel’s story. It’s not that “astonishing” as he says around 26:00.

  4. 344thBrother says:

    You continue to be a logical, reasonable and brave voice of the truth community. This was a very nice interview and a nice review of the issues around your first book Classified Woman. Thank you as always.

    I know the Newsbud kickstarter program wasn’t as successful as we all would have wanted. It’s a shame, but the way things are today I suppose. Regardless, I recently sent you a small contribution to put away for a rainy day. I do not want it back, so don’t bother to return it. It’s a small thing, unworthy of a return and not meant for newsbud anyway.

    Peace Sibel and keep the faith

  5. Tony Powell says:

    You have all seen this this from 2013 yes?

    I need to write to my MP and ask for some questions… and they need to be answered. Even Lockerbie is mentioned. My golly.

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