Probable Cause with Sibel Edmonds- “The War on Terror Sham: Mindboggling Comparison of Scales & Proportions!

This will be a brief presentation on the sham called The War on Terror and the involved costs- in terms of scales in methods, dollars and lives. The price tag for the US War on Terror sham is placed at over $4 Trillion. We’ll be looking at mindboggling facts presented via comparison of scales and proportions when it comes to US Military-Intelligence vs. The Supposed Borderless Terrorists in the Middle East. A massive never-ending war against a fantastical network of technologically and militaristically dwarfed terrorists. Don’t you see who wins in this synthetically created perpetual war?

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Show Notes

The $5 Trillion War on Terror

Exactly How Big Is This So-Called Al Qaeda?

For Afghan troops, donkeys are the new helicopters

The IED: The $30-Bombs That Cost The U.S. Billions

1,600 US bombs dropped in Syria and Iraq during March cost $8.5m a day

About M1 Abrams Tanks

Cost of Camels

Cost of Donkeys

Do the Math: Global War on Terror Has Killed 4 Million Muslims or More

Timeline: Terror Attacks Linked to Islamists Since 9/11

NSA recording 'nearly all' phone calls in Afghanistan

Five Reasons Why Drones Are Here to Stay

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  1. Richard says:

    “Don’t you see who wins in this synthetically created perpetual war?”

    It serves multiple agendas. Several factions all ‘get a piece of the action’. Again very similar to organized crime.

    • Ralph Davis says:

      Not just similar, Richard, it’s definitive by every aspect of the most sophisticated and widespread institutional corruption of violence. That viewpoint was effectively portrayed in the Sopranos and touched upon also in the Godfather. A memorable scene of Michael asking Kate ‘who’s being naive?’ when she suggested only ‘gangsters’ had people surreptitiously murdered. The assassination of JFK was deeply enmeshed between alphabet agencies and the mob. Hard to tell just who runs who.

      The operative word of our existential condition and human culture is corruption in every conceivable manifestation. Sibel’s story is classic institutional rot. The broad American spectrum is maybe best portrayed in the American cinema, however, albeit incomplete in its full range, by the film Syriana based on Robert Baer’s autobiographical account from his CIA days. An under appreciated film. There’s a classic soliloquy by a fall-guy lawyer on the nature and need of corruption. Amazing scene.

      Meantime, interesting watching politicians and their handlers squirm at the mere thought of a Trump presidency. Not that it’s likely to be allowed, accidents do happen, but still fun watching them squirm.

  2. Sibel,

    what’s going on with Azerbaijan and Armenia lately? I’d be interested to hear your thoughts on why this has flared up again, whether it relates to Turk expansion into Syria

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