The Rise Of Rockefeller Big Pharma

The modern medical system has been hijacked by a criminal cartel.

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  1. Ryan Thebo says:

    If this is the kind of poor quality reporting that would be done on Newsbud then I would recommend opting out of funding the Kickstarter campaign.

    The argument that the speaker makes is very poorly laid out. Extraordinary claims should call for sound evidence and rationale. As a medical professional, I know that the evidence that vaccines cause infertility just is not there. Even if this were the case, the benefits of vaccinating large numbers of people say for Tdap far outweighs the potential harms. Overall, the author makes very loose connections on issues. It appears he just googled a few searches and strung a few concepts together without a whole lot of supporting evidence.

    • Paul Lacombe says:

      Why don’t we hold off on decisions, till we see the product. Your kinda right on the reporting. I look at more as rudimentary outline to encourage people to ask questions and look into it fort themselves. I never looked into the infertility question for Tdap; however, you just need a little common sense to see something wrong with the medical community. For example why would you waste your time on this when It is known without a doubt the CDC lied about their being no link to autism, cooked numbers, and are still in the process of damaging millions of kids all over the worl as we speak. The main stream media is dead silent. Its beyond disgusting. Flu shots for pregnant women?? I gettin real sick of so called Medical proffessionals.

  2. Winston says:

    As an academic myself, closely connected to the medical establishment and food industry, I know a little about the methodologies, tactics, lies and deceit of the chemicals cartel -incl. spinoffs pharma and agribusiness- under the umbrella of a stunning lack of ethical values and responsibilty, to not watch it. It is too much negativity for me.
    The story about the financing and influential minority shareholdings behind it tell which families should be brought to trial – the type the French favored in 1793.
    Let me share a few key points that immediately come to my mind.
    1) The results of vaccination programs are at least exaggerated, using the effects of improved social/indiv hygiene over the same period.
    2) Among other things autism, measles infections in the gut, adverse immune responses, autism, infertility are well known ‘side’ effects of vaccinations.
    3) This industry markets linear metabolic pathways, incomplete and without any signs of relevant context, as ‘proof’ that medication is effective.
    4) Disease is marketed among the people, medication among doctors who do not find the time to read behind the lines.
    5) MD’s haven’t even seen a day of nutrition sciences in their curriculum, their curriculum and cuntinued learning program 100% organized by the pharmaceutical industry: how to make MD’s sell chemicals without them knowing what they do.
    6) Statistics show that. in spite of the hundreds of billions pumped in pharma, people only get more illnesses, and medication does not cure: take it for life.
    7) MD’s are afraid to divert from the ‘directives’, ‘guidelines’ which the chemicals/pharma industry has pushed through with the support of government officials that were raised in this industry environment.

    For example the HPV scandal. The vaccine was only tested for 3 months before injecting it into kids, promising parents it will protect for 25 years… Kids died, got infertile, parents have filed legal cases. For what? For a disease that is ‘behavioral’ (mainly in the sex/drugs scene). The virusses that seem to cause it usually disappear by themselves. The people doing the shots have no idea, ‘Befehl ist Befehl’, ignorance is bliss.

    Statins: figure out the metabolic path and you will get a clear view of the negative effects of it. Figure out the reasons why LDL can get a negative effect, and you will move to nutrition as a cure. Statins are pure evil.
    Chemotherapy: causes cancer. Figure out the substances used, and the mechanism behind it. The tumor will shrink, the ‘mothercells’ do not so it will come back, and more severe.

    Degenerative diseases are all metabolic diseases. Communicable diseases are different. Solutions are in nutrition, hygiene.

    The message is: stay clear of pharma, prevention and curing is first of all in nutrition, exercise and other lifestyle factors.
    Among other articles:

  3. Winston, I thought I may ask, what does it mean to have both peeling and rippling finger nails?

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