Probable Cause with Sibel Edmonds- Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize: Proof of a World turned Upside Down?

In this episode we are going to make the case that our upside-down political conspiracy governing system is masquerading as legitimate, while branding the legitimate minority as conspiracy theorists: A system where real criminals are protected and rewarded: From players of mega financial institutions to those corrupt thieves occupying the seats of Congress; A system in which the real thieves are legitimized and rewarded monetarily and the robbed citizenry is left to bleed. And we’ll showcase a system where the worst President in history (that is, when it comes to wars of aggression, butchering liberties at home, murdering and assassinating people abroad, and prosecuting and jailing truth-tellers) is rewarded handsomely with prizes.

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 Show Notes

Obama at War Longer than any President in History

Obama's Lesser-Known Legacy: "Arms Dealer in Chief"

Are Obama's Record Arms Sales to Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Egypt and Iraq Fueling Unrest in Middle East?

Teal Group Predicts Worldwide UAV Market Will Total $91 Billion in Its 2014 UAV Market Profile and Forecast

The Lethal Presidency of Barack Obama

Obama's drone wars and the normalization of extrajudicial murder

When It Comes To Whistleblowers Obama Worse Than Nixon & Far Worse Than Bush

More on Obama’s War Against Transparency & Whistleblowers

Video: Obama's Hypocrisy - Whistleblowers Line Up to Take Back Transparency Award

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  1. Ryan Thebo says:

    Documentary on Unacknowledged Special Access Projects (USAPs)

    I would be more concerned about the Unacknowledged Special Access Projects (USAPs) than about Obama’s campaign of fraud and human rights abuses. Yes, it is important that the world know how corrupt Obama is, however there exists a military industrial complex behind these USAPs that makes up the shadow government. If it were not for these illegal USAPs there would not be false flag terror attacks and the extent of the corruption that we see in government. To learn more about these USAPs and what you can do to stop it, view the documentary that deals with the issue.

    Camping to end USAPs and UFO secrecy

  2. The discusions here used to be so lively and now this area is so dead.

    So, I figure I’ll try to get things going.

    I think this situation really is nothing new, it is just now we have more technology and awareness to track and notice it.

    I have to wonder how bad a Trump the torturer or a Hilary the psychopath presidency will be. I always wonder if the next president will be the one to go down in history as the one to start WW III and turn our country into a police state wasteland, beyond what we can even currently imagine.

    I don’t keep any track of the elections as I view them as meaningless. If anyone decent got in, they’d be neutralized one way or another. Either through cabinet appointments and congress, or the old JFK way.

    We know this is going to get worse. The questions are 1) How much worse, 2) How fast, and 3) Will it end with civilaztional, and perhaps species collapse, or will it be turned around somehow?

    We currently face numerous big issues.

    1) The expanding police/war state

    2) Potential extinction from GMO’s (look up Judy Carman for the effects of organ failure that should show up starting around the middle of this century. Serallini and I think other studies have shown the generational infertility issue.)

    3) Potential extinction from nuclear war

    4) Potential extinction from nuclear power (see Fukushima. I highly doubt that thing will ever be fixed and the pacific is having worse and worse die off every year.)

    5) Potential extinction from whatever stupid thing some wack scientist comes up with (what happens when slf replicating nano tech becomes possible?)

    What has becme cleat is that the current organizational properties of society are not capable of safely and properly managing the technology we are currently dealing with, and are will he dealing with.

    The surveillance state is just one disastrous example. Potentially it could be quite useful. Think of being able to gather complete health statistics one everyone, then cross referencing it with othe data to find out what is causing whatever health issue. Such a system will likely be necessary at some point as the technologies we encounter become more and more potent. When we look at the GMO issue, we notice the same logic and same style PR bullshit being applied as was done with cigarettes. Yet this technology won’t simply make many people ill, it could very well extinct us due to this complete infertility by 3rd generation issue, if it shows up in humans. As you can see, the old methods of handling the issue of safety and health simply will not do.

    So the question becomes, how do we change this situation where retarded psychopaths, seemingly intelligent, but so short sighted that their seeming intelligence is more like an exponentially increasing expression of stupidity, are in control of things? And how do we remedy the psychopathic bent of society? To me it seems society is being dividing along two line. The psychopaths and fitopaths, and the people who are starting to wake up to the monstrocity our human society has become. And yet the psychopaths and fitopaths are filtered to the top, while anyone with a conscience is filtered to the bottom.

    I wonder how this polarization will play out. Will we go extinct due to bad society?

    • Ignorance is bliss..

      • Colin Maxwell says:

        Hi ANS
        The NWO, TPTB, the world-wide Neoliberalist movement…whatever you care to call it….. is a terrorist organisation…a global one.

        What is the best way to fight any terrorist organisation?….obviously….. destroy its funding base.

        What is the funding base of this terrorist organisation?….it is the FED….the central bank of the reserve currency of the world….. which just happens to be owned by a cartel of private banks.

        Solution….simple….dismember te FED….how to accomplish this….. NOT SO SIMPLE….and very risky indeed to both life and limb!
        Col from NZ

  3. You may want to read Carol Quigley’s Evolution of Civilization when you consider where we are headed. I think it gives a good foundation for the consideration of such questions. Why does the psychology of a society become so bent? And why does society allow its psychology and motives to become so bent in spite of the horrific effects this bent psychology brings with it?

  4. Money makes this World..
    Go Around..
    In Nato.
    War Incorporation (business)..!
    We need some new Fighter Jets…
    Here in Denmark…
    War Powers…
    Or go Shopping..!
    Best Regards ( from a little gray or grey alien ).
    Jens and Bornholm.
    Ps. Record Arms Sales.

  5. Now they have this British retard general prattling on about how nuclear war with Russia could happen within a year.

    Can Russia Survive Washington’s Attack? — Paul Craig Roberts

  6. fatheadjoe says:

    I know you’re skeptical of Greewald/The Intercept and for understandable reasons, but Jeremy Scahill still strikes me as a straight shooter when it comes covering to the expansion of unchecked covert wars and Obama’s normalization of assassinations. Listened to the podcast of this last week and it got me fist-shaking mad, particularly where he calls out Democratic apologists around 36:00. Thoughts?

  7. Sitting whit hes back..
    To The Commonwealth…
    Oh Me…Here I go.
    A little lecture on Journalism..
    Best Regards
    Jens and Bornholm.

    • I will always, be on your Side.
      My Dear Little Lady.
      Sibel Edmonds.
      Whit all of My Heart.
      Best Regards
      Jens and Bornholm.
      Ps. I am just little Person.
      Ps. Ps. I cry.I Do.

  8. The society of the spectacle? An occult design? This is seriously interesting. It all makes much more sense in this light. Keep in mind that terminology is many times metaphorology.

    Names to remember:
    Giordano Bruno
    Peter Culianu
    Ion Culianu
    Gilbert Durand
    Guy Debord
    Mircea Eliade
    Marsilio Fichchino (Ficino?)

    The Great Manipulator and modernity

    The traditional, classical, Platonic scheme of organizing state and society which was characteristic of ancient and medieval states resembles a pyramid. Power is organized in accordance with the merits of the latter hierarchy from top to bottom and is realized in a “command-obey” style. It was against this authoritarian dictatorship of ideas that Modernity rebelled in the name of the ideals of liberty, equality, and fraternity.

    The social world, built around the Great Manipulator, is different as it is organized along the principle of network connections surrounding the anonymous magician who exercises not direct, but indirect, implicit control by subordinating the imagination. He does not maintain simple propaganda, but instead by creating the illusion of meeting expectations and human feelings, he exercises skillful control over subordinates by dominating the zone of fantasy. In order for the Great Manipulator to exercise this power, it is crucial that people remain susceptible to their passions and that society consists of people who are not involved in a common cause, but are rather dissolved into uncoordinated, selfish, and self-centered groups and coteries. Instead of hierarchy, there is but a network; instead of direct submission, there is control; and instead of a common cause, there is selfishness and an absence striving towards the divine, replaced by naked sensuality or indifference.

    Is the modern world really secular? If we compare Culianu’s concept of the state organized by the magician to the model of Bruno’s Great Manipulator and the society around us, we see striking similarities. Power is exercised through control of the imagination, and society is a mere network. It is no accident that today the concept of the network society has emerged and has become almost common use not only in the specific scientific community, but also, surprisingly enough, modern sociology uses the same language as Bruno’s magical treatise.

    In the modern world, control of the imagination is exercised by means of audio-visual media, television, cinema, Internet and virtual reality computer games, ubiquitous and luring advertisements, and the employment of millions of images. Modern society is a society in which the cult of selfishness and sensual gratification reigns. And, yes, sexual energy, is stimulated, sublimated, and manipulated in this way in society which is permeated with sensuality and sexuality, a society which screams about itself and establishes selfishness as the social norm. This is a society of inexplicable frenzy, the triumph of the corruption of the spirit and the flesh – the total shift of attention to the mere carnal side of life which is rationalized and logically explained in Giordano Bruno’s conceptualization.

    With good reason, modern society may thus be called magical society, or the society of the Great Manipulator if we connect the position and the conclusions Giordano Bruno, the data of modern sociology, and a mere ordinary observation of the surrounding social reality. Is this a coincidence? Perhaps there is a direct link between the current situation and the work of Giordano Bruno. Maybe the work of Bruno is a telling symptom of the general trajectory of the movement of the Western spirit. The fact remains that this figure, as a philosopher and magician, has traditionally attracted the attention of all occultist organizations of the West which, claiming the highest knowledge, also claim power.

  9. Colin Maxwell says:

    I couldn’t agree more Sibel.
    Obama should relinquish his Nobel peace prize and apologise for ever having accepted it in the first place.

    The fact that he continues to hold it and that it has not been stripped from him brings the whole Nobel Peace Prize concept into serious disrepute. IMHO this man is a treasonous murderous liar. My intuition tells me that he will one day be judged by a world court and that he will be severely punished for his vast multitude of crimes.

    In the mean time his demeanor remains a sort of loutish self-absorbed swagger and he has even publicly bragged about some of his crimes….. the gall of this disgraceful behaviour just simply beggars belief!

    Col from NZ

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