A Message from Sibel Edmonds: Why Newsbud

Thomas Jefferson put it simply and eloquently: An informed citizenry is at the heart of a dynamic democracy.

A core function of media is to act as the public’s independent watchdog- to keep governments, businesses and other agenda-driven organizations in check. Yet, today, our media is owned and ruled by these very same entities- Mega corporations and billionaire-funded organizations.

When billionaires and mega corporations own and rule the media you get what They pay for: Lapdog Journalism.

When you back your media you get what You pay for: Watchdog Journalism- Guarding Your right to know.

*Please come, join and support our goal of a one-hundred-percent people-funded media. Don’t wait. Make a pledge today- because it is not only a pledge; it’s a statement.

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  1. Support for News Bud Kickstarter is dwindling. According to the latest figures, I seriously doubt it will go anywhere.

  2. I figure it will get another boost at the beggining of the month. No reason it shouldn’t hit $150,000 again.

  3. Dante Miles says:

    I became a member largely out of respect for Ms. Edmonds. I know full well from my own experience that the experiences detailed in “Classified Woman” are accurate to a fault. My reason for not continuing my support is the blackout of information on what I consider the only pertinent issue facing us today and this is the 9/11 murders, the perpetrators, and the coverup. To a lesser degree, but still of paramount importance, are the release of the “28 pages” and passage of the JASTA Bill. Until those issues receive top priority in these “alternative” news outlets I’ll keep my money in my pocket. This nation cannot move forward until the aforementioned travesties are addressed. Thank you.

  4. Ribbit-Mark says:

    Interesting to hear your perspective Dante.

    First, I am in full agreement with your assessment of 9/11 being the paramount unresolved issue still facing us today, worldwide.

    About the blackout of 9/11 information. From what I have seen at BFP there is no blackout per se, rather Ms. Edmonds prefers not to host debates about the specifics of what happened on that day.
    Could she be more open about her position on 9/11? Certainly.

  5. Um…

    1) She said quite plainly in a video a while back that it was an inside job. If I recall correctly, her first book was in part about how the corruption surrounding 9-11 went to the very top and how we knew ahout it before hand, but did nothing to stop it. It has been years since I read it though.

    2) She has said in comments about how now is the most important time to wake people up on it.

    3) It uas already been said here, maybe by her, that the 28 pages are bullshit.

    There is no 9-11 denial here and I am baffled by your complaints.

    • Ribbit-Mark says:

      An ‘inside job’ and ‘how we knew about it before hand, but did nothing to stop it ‘
      are two completely different kettle of fish.

      The first needs no clarification.
      The second implies that it was an outside job but we kept silent about it.

      • Actually, the second one implies only certain people inside knew about it. And those people stopped the communications, that could have stopped it, from happening.

  6. I guess they could recieve more attention though…

  7. Ribbit-Mark says:

    Come on folks, we need a Kick in the bud!

    Start spreadin’ the news!

    Get your friends and relatives to spread the news to their friends about Newsbud…

    Let us go forth and multiply!

  8. Oh My..
    There Was a meeting…1989.
    Bush and Gorbachev at Malta.
    Have this, little meeting..
    Any thing to do, whit energy..!
    South stream…Or North stream..?
    The Wall…And “values that are becoming universal ideals.”.
    I Am just a little Islander..
    Bornholm, that is in Denmark.
    Best Regards
    Jens and Bornholm.

  9. Say What…Was being said….In Malta…?
    Mr Bush said: “It is not for the United States to dictate the pace of change in Germany or anywhere else.”
    Anywhere Else !.
    Mr Gorbachev said: “The threat of force, mistrust, psychological and ideological struggle should all be things of the past.” .
    Of the Past !.
    In those days of, history….
    Someone..Had felt more fear…
    For the future to Come.
    Best Regards
    Jens and Bornholm.

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