Newsbud Report with Peter B. Collins: Episode 4

From the Orlando Shooting to “Dissent Memo” on the Syrian War

In the latest Newsbud Report, we look at how the Orlando shootings are driving media and politics; we talk with abandoned CIA officer Sabrina de Sousa about her impending extradition to Italy; State Department veteran Peter van Buren comments on the “dissent memo” urging escalation of the Syrian war.Thanks for watching this Newsbud Report. If you have a news tip or story you think we should cover, email

Show Notes

FBI Relented, Released Unredacted Transcript

Did FBI Attempt to Entrap Mateen Lead to “Radicalization”?

Orlando Shootings Exploited for Election Year Politics

Speaker Calls Adjournment to End Protest

Senate Narrowly Rejects Bill to Expand FBI Spying Powers

FBI Collects 411 Million Citizen Photos

FBI Seeks “General Warrants” to Hack Computers

51 State Dept. Officers Sign Memo Demanding Escalation of Syria War Against Assad Government

State Department Dissent Memo is Remarkable

Supreme Court Deadlock on Obama Immigration Orders

Supreme Court Weakens Protections from Illegal Searches

California’s Last Nuclear Plant Will Shut Down

Utility Waged 20-Year Fight to Shift Cost Overruns to Ratepayers

High Costs for Nuclear Power and Growth of Renewable Energy Led to Shutdown Decision

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  1. CuChulainn says:

    “the dictator Assad”
    “the Assad regime”
    –sic dixit Peter B. Collins

  2. Lawrence Wilkerson , on ‘Crosstalk” expressed bewilderment at present USAMO ‘Anti ASSAD’ rhetoric, stating back in the day he was active in and around WhiteHouse, ASSAD had been key ally in the GWOT, and the Syrian anti-terror operatives were ‘the best they had’. Now we have the idiot Kirby barely able to publicallty state alQaeda are not more preferable than ASSAD, and reports of Israeli Intell. Chief Halevy quoted saying they prefer crISIS over ASSAD and don’t want crISIS defeated there.
    So . Banality of evil alive and kicking, the state dept kiss-list urging military escalation by USAMO to settle the Syrian regime change op gone wrong “Once and for all” has scary ‘final solution’ type nuances I imagine not lost on Iran Damascus and Moscow, let alone anywhere else in the world watching this new fascism emerge out of the centre of the 911 criminal cartel .

  3. VoiceOf Arabi says:


    Well done Mr.Peter B. Collins (and Newsbud team) on your fourth installment of the Newsbud News. You are doing a great job so far for someone who just started a new project.. I know this success will only improve as you relax more and get a different rhythm to capture audience like me.

    I partly agree with @CuChulainn above, and an old saying goes, people who live in glass houses etc…

    You see… Many years ago, i use to say i hate living in a dictatorship and dreamed of living in a free country, like United Kingdom or United States of America….

    Then I visited those countries and got introduced to alternative news sources like Boiling Frogs or Corbertt Report or main stream media like RT News, PressTV or Al Mayadeen Channel…..

    So, Majority of American people strongly believe it is wrong to kill Iraqi people for politics, but especially Iraqi Kids via embargo or otherwise.. yet, the USA was directly responsible for over 1 million Iraqi kids killed… how is USA a democracy??? how is it different than dictatorship??? (same applies to all NATO members.)

    So.. I agree… Assad is a dictator, but he is surely not the only one out there :-).

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