Spotlight with Sibel & Spiro- Synthetic Terrorism: The Uncanny Parallels from 9/11 to Istanbul Airport Attack

Istanbul Airport Attack Updates, Akhmed Chatayev, Parallels, Perception Management, Perpetual Wars & Police State Expansion

Sibel & Spiro discuss the recent developments in the Istanbul Airport Attack case. From Istanbul to Manhattan and everything in-between, Newsbud points to a reoccurring theme in the recent high profile terror attacks, including pre-attack warnings and government foreknowledge of the events, terror suspects’ ties to the Western states, and ready to be implemented war and police state measures to follow each event. Is the deep state on the verge of winning hearts and minds for the full-blown invasion of Syria and beyond? After all, isn’t the aim to expand and continue the state of perpetual war?

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Show Notes

RT- Chechen leader names wanted terrorists hiding in Turkey, demands handover

Murder of Chechen in Turkey Just Latest in Series of Apparent Russian Killings Abroad

RT- Russia warnings to Turkey & EU on suspected terrorists ignored – Kremlin

History Commons- They Tried to Warn Us: Foreign Intelligence Warnings Before 9/11

Haaretz- Belgian Intelligence Had Precise Warning That Airport Targeted for Bombing

Global Research CA- “Perception Management”: How to Sell a War

RT- Belgium wants unified ‘European CIA,’ cites Paris attacks

The Telegraph: European Union should set up US-style intelligence agency, says Jean-Claude Juncker’s think tank

RT- 91% of EU citizens believe ISIS will pose threat to Europe in next 5yrs

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  1. CuChulainn says:

    the thrill is gone…
    re. Sibel’s prediction, nostalgia for another Sept 11:
    After the September 11 attacks, TIME’s Lance Morrow wrote a powerful essay titled, “The Case for Rage and Retribution,” in which he argued: “For once let’s have no fatuous rhetoric about ‘healing.’ A day cannot live in infamy without the nourishment of rage. Let’s have rage. What’s needed is a unified, unifying, Pearl Harbor sort of purple American fury—a ruthless indignation that doesn’t leak away in a week or two…”
    It was cold, it was bracing and coming when it did—Morrow wrote on September 12—it was thrilling, precisely what the moment called for. But a bulldozed garden is not 9/11 and knitters aren’t Martin Luther King.

  2. They are trying to start a revolution in the U.S.

    You need to be prepared to hijack it to:

    1) Surveil the power centers, and all employess and agents of these power centers, notably the government, banks and whatnot, because if they can hide behind a cloud of ignorance they can hold tyrrany pver the public.

    2) Create a citizen’s court to bring anyone in government to justice. The actuall design of this needs to be decided. For if they have impunity they can hold tyranny over the public.

    Also, it may be a good idea to add some rights to the constitution (definitive right to free unregulated press, right to bear arms, right to travel, right to have control over one’s own body, right to think what one wishes to think… start making a list. We still will need the ninth, but a right not enumerated is a right unjustly ignored.)

    Both of these articles are important even if some do not like the source.

    “What Happens After Cops Start Getting Shot?

    To understand where we are headed, we have to know what has already happened. For a bit of background, review a brief synopsis of the cycle of insurgency from an article written in August of 2014:


    Prior to the digital age, pamphlets were the main method of spreading dissent around the world. The pamphlets examined and questioned the authority of the contemporary governments and control systems. In the modern world, pamphlets have been replaced by blogs, memes, social media, and to a smaller degree, adversarial journalists.

    Reactive Protests:

    Once the seed of dissent is planted, people take to the streets to voice their opposition to the government. These protests occur after the control systems of the era attempt to diffuse an offending incident.

    Preemptive Rioting:

    Preemptive rioting follows a period of reactive protests that go unanswered by the government. The people begin taking to the streets and destroying private and public property as soon as an offending incident takes place, rather than waiting and hoping for the government to police itself.

    Military or Law Enforcement backlash and crackdowns:

    These riots and small incidents of resistance trigger a government reaction. The control systems of the country tighten their grip on the people and further curtail civil liberties and infringe on people’s rights. The government crackdown fuels the resistance movement as more people tire of government intrusion.

    Widespread rebellion and insurrection:

    At some point during the crackdown, an incident occurs that tosses a match into the powder keg of dissent. At this point, open rebellion occurs.

    We are now in the Fourth Stage and the media that you falsely believe represents the views of the American people are calling for a harder crackdown.”



    Impunity is the essence of power. What, after all, is power? Is it simply the capacity to exert unjust force? The ability to impress one’s will upon the flesh or belongings of another? No, it’s more than that.

    Most anyone can wield unjust force. Anyone could walk out onto the street right now and exert their will on somebody weaker: say, pushing over an old lady or stealing candy from a baby. And the toughest, or most heavily-armed guy in town can strong-arm just about any other single person.

    But isolated incidents of aggression do not constitute power. The “reign” of the rogue rampager is generally short-lived. It only lasts until the community recognizes him as the menace to society that he is and neutralizes him.

    Power isn’t simply about the exertion of unjust force. It is about what happens next, after the exertion. Does the perpetrator generally get away with, or not? Systematically getting away with it – or impunity – is where power truly lies. And that is what makes agents of the State different from any other bully. State agents can violate rights with reliable impunity because a critical mass of the public considers the aggression of state agents to be exceptionally legitimate. Impunity is power, and as Lord Acton said, power corrupts.”

  3. CuChulainn says:

    CIA Hersh looks back on a life in service to humanity–

  4. CuChulainn says:

    ex-FBI agent Mike German accuses FBI of fabricating terrorism; can’t find this in English

  5. CuChulainn says:

    French domestic intelligence (DGSI) chief Patrick Calvar warned on the 26th of June 2016 that an ‘Islamist’ attack on French children would be the trigger for a civil war. He said France was currently on the brink of that civil war. Calvar also predicted that ISIS (Da’esh) would use trucks as weapons. It is not unusual in the never-ending war on terror to hear accurate predictions by intelligence officials before attacks, with the same officials seemingly powerless to prevent them.

  6. CuChulainn says:

    Erdogan, speaking under a portrait of Ataturk, claims the coup was inspired from Pennsylvania, though the Gulen movement has now apparently condemned the coup attempt

    • Thanks, CuChulainn. I’m curious about Gulen’s (of course, directed by the USA) role. Please let me know if you find any other references. Thx

    • I detect that Political Theatre was at play in this “coup.” Erdogan gets to purge his opposition while the people get to feel good about themselves that they went to the street and have ‘restored the Republic’.

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