Newsbud Report with Peter B. Collins- Prof. Stephen Zunes on the Chilcot Report & the 9/11 “28 Pages”

Newsbud Interview:  Peter B. Collins presents Prof. Stephen Zunes

Prof. Stephen Zunes talks with Peter B. Collins about the July 15 attempted coup in Turkey and the massive purge by the Erdogan government in its aftermath.  We also discuss the recently released report in Britain by the Chilcot Commission, which identified serious errors in intelligence and judgment that led to Britain’s involvement in the US-led invasion of Iraq.  Zunes notes that, whether or not Iraq had Weapons of Mass Destruction, the invasion was illegal.  We also discuss the newly-declassified “28 pages” about the role of Saudi Arabia in 9/11.

*Stephen Zunes is Professor of Politics at the University of San Francisco, where he serves as coordinator of the program in Middle Eastern Studies.

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  1. Imants Virsnieks says:

    Ok on Iraq and wmd, but clueless on 9-11, and out of date and out of touch regarding the attempted coup in Turkey. Not up to your usual standards. Disappointing.

    • Same here. The guy used ‘Conspiracy Theorists’ slogan (Paired up with matching body language) more than 5 times in 20 min interview. That’s fulfilling establishment’s psyop. So yes, I was disgusted. Also, he doesn’t know a sh.. about Turkey/Gulen.

      • VoiceOf Arabi says:

        Prof. Stephen Zunes does’t know sh… about Saudi royal family either, and how it works…. Black sheep he said….. did he even read how the Kingdom of Saudi was formed a 100 years ago…

  2. CuChulainn says:

    Zunes has made a career as a gatekeeper, apologist, and attack dog for the Israel Lobby. so far Newsbud guests have been mainstream and bland.

  3. Yep. Have to agree. lifeless. used ‘conspiracy theorist’ twice too many times .

  4. steven hobbs says:

    Another spot on interview.
    Thank you for reminding about illegality of the war in Iraq. I’ve appreciated your views previously, and hope to do so again.
    The audience here is rough. Dismissive phrases such as, “There are also a bunch of conspiracy theories about them like those of the Masons, or George Soros, or whatever,” don’t fly well. Although you may have been referring to some believe it is always a conspiracy to conspisize, the mention of the word without acknowledging its genuine relevance for deep state analysis indicates you are likely missing something — or unwilling / unable to address it.
    One thing I like about Newsbud is the dedication to illumination of deep state shenanigans. By that, is also meant elucidating means of psychological control and manipulation. If you are yet unaware of how “conspiracy theory” is, and has been, militarized I do recommend some study. If there is a conspiracy theory about something we want to ask, “What’s the evidence?” then cast our net wide and deep.

  5. Um, WTF?! I know damn well the state department is prepping some bit&@ to take his place. What the h— was that woman’s name? DOES ANYONE KNOW THE NAME OF THAT EX DICTATOR’S WIFE THEY ARE TRYING TO REPLACE ERDOGAN WITH? ANYONE?

    How is he gonna say he the CIA would prefer to let him stay? Do they even have him fully controlled?

    Yhis half coup was probably just a psyop to make him do something desperate to build international support against him.


    Tansu Ciller was her name.

    I still don’t know where I saw that story.

  7. The guest speaker gives a conspiracy theorist such a negative connotation. According to Florida State University professor Lance deHaven-Smith’s 2013 book Conspiracy Theory in America, the phrase conspiracy theory was deployed in the 1960s by the CIA to discredit JFK assassination conspiracy theories. Since this time, the CIA and MSM establishment/Pentagon Propaganda News Networks have continued to filter this notion into the collective way of thinking as well as academia.

    However, is being branded a conspiracy theorist such a bad thing? I take it as a compliment.

    It’s the MSM outlets such as NBC that plants false information about President Erdogan fleeing Turkey during a military coup that are really the non-conspiracy theorists. They have no problem accepting any information they receive from senior military officials such as General Campbell as factual without checking the authenticity of the report. Then when they are called out on it, what do they do? They leave the story up for a few days and continue to report on it as if it bears some sort of resemblance as being factual.

  8. Ronald Orovitz says:

    Peter characterizes the 28 pages as slightly redacted -that may true relative to other redactions we’ve seen, but those “slight” omissions could be quite significant. It has already been reported by Jeffery Steinberg of Executive Intelligence Review that the British co. BAE Systems is implicated through the Bandar arranged Al Yamamah deal, and Wayne Madsen has reported that the Israeli airport security co. ICTS International is implicated in a footnote, and in Senator Graham’s “factional” novel taking cues from the 28 pages there is a equity firm that bears a striking resemblance to the Carlyle Group.

    In the version of the 28 pages that has now been made public, the Saudis are the only foreign nationals that are implicated as providing support to the hi-jackers (who, it should be noted, thanks to the work of Pilots for 9/11 Truth and others, should be counted as little more than patsies, as it is highly unlikely based on their limited training that they could have maneuvered the planes as skillfully as they are alleged to have done.) It seems that the Saudi royals themselves are now being “patsied” – taking one for the team, as the higher ups in the operation slip through those redactions, if in fact they were mentioned in the first place.

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