Newsbud Report with Peter B. Collins- Guantanamo Population is Declining

Peter B. Collins Presents Journalist Andy Worthington

While Congress maintains its refusal to close the prison at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, the Obama administration has reduced the inmate population to 76, and only 10 of those have been charged with any crime. More than half of the remaining 66 men are cleared for release, 16 are awaiting a hearing, and the remaining 16 are expected to be held indefinitely, without charge or trial.  Andy Worthington explains the current situation at Guantanamo, and previews the state of affairs when Obama leaves office.

*Andy Worthington is an independent journalist based in London, and author of The Guantanamo Files.  He offers ongoing coverage of Guantanamo here

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  1. VoiceOf Arabi says:

    I have enjoyed the interview and it is job well done Peter. thanks for making it happen..

    However, i think we might be playing for the other side but without realizing it. by that i mean.

    At this stage, if anyone thinks the USA has any regards to the letter of the “LAW”, international or otherwise is naive. That ship sailed long, long time ago, and the killing of USA citizens without a trail is just one example out of many, but USA has NO regards for any “law”, not their own constitution, not the United Nation, Not the international laws… It is like saying, does the mob follow the law, and the answer is, NO, they make their own laws to their benefit.

    So, Sadly, this interview helps with marketing USA as a possible “law abiding country” and it is not.. anything else is sugar coating.

    Now, to the subject at hand… “Guantanamo”

    Have you guys noticed how all the leaders of ISIS or Al Qa’ada or even Muslim Brotherhood are people who spent (graduated) many years in prison, some times “unfairly”…

    The reason for that is, it is the “training school” for future “Osama Bin Ladins”. That’s where they are made… So, Imagine the following.. Top Gun is school that produces the best fighter pilots in America… Guantanamo is school that produces the best “Osama bin Ladins” for future wars that america will have. (so, american is creating their own future enemies to deploy at will).. look at them as assets….

    With that logic, Mr. Andy Worthington is nothing but a marketing man for those future assists. Knowingly or unknowingly Mr. Andy Worthington is doing evil work on behalf of the United States of America (i hope his is getting paid for it 🙂 )

    • I have to agree. Very hard to overcome my frustration … very trying.

    • CuChulainn says:

      all the leaders of ISIS or Al Qa’ada or even Muslim Brotherhood…
      not that i’m skeptical, but can we have names and prisons of graduation? specific Gitmo alumni?

      we all know about Camp Bucca, matriculating:
      Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, current leader of ISIS ‘for several years’ before his release in 2009.
      his deputy, Abu Muslim al-Turkmani
      Haji Bakir, now deceased, a former colonel in Saddam Hussein’s air-defense force, despite not being a radical, at Bucca from 2006-2008, he became the man who would organize ISIS’ structure.
      Haji Bakr, and the Abu Qasim, ISIS leader of foreign fighters,
      Abu Mohammed al-Adnani, detained between 2005 and 2010 now an ISIS senior leader, its chief spokesman, said to be running the entire country of Syria–in 2014, called for lone wolf attacks throughout the world and is thought to be the inspiration for terrorist attacks throughout France
      Abu Abdulrahman al-Bilawi, the military leader responsible for planning the seizure of Mosul
      Abu Ayman al-Iraqi, another senior military leader
      Abu Mohammad al-Julani, who founded the Syrian Al Qaeda affiliate al-Nusra Front

      • VoiceOf Arabi says:

        Hi CuChlainn,

        When you say
        “…not that i’m skeptical, but can we have names and prisons of graduation? specific Gitmo alumni?”

        do you mean which terrorist leaders today are graduate from Gitmo?? and if yes, then I don’t know !!

        You have stated my point exactly above. I mean terrorists are generally “made” in prisons very much similar to Gitmo. and if anything, Gitmo might be the supplier of future terrorist.

        Majority of the Al Qa’ada and Muslim brotherhood in Syria and Egypt are graduates from Egyptian and Syrian prison (and i know that the Egyptian prison was a black-site for CIA for interrogation)

        In Libya, Al Qa’ada leaders are graduate from Black Site Renditions, some operated in Libya and some in Europe… Just plug in the words “Black Site Renditions” into google and you will find many articles on the very same topic.

        • CuChulainn says:

          thanks, but a cursory search for “black site renditions” doesn’t turn up much.
          i take you at your word but would like to know who these leaders are and what prisons they graduated from before i would feel comfortable making this claim. if as you say “Guantanamo is school that produces the best “Osama bin Ladins” for future wars that america will have” then we should be able to identify a few.

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