Journalists Quarantined At NBC HQ In New York City

Newsbud, along with journalists from around the world, showed up at NBC headquarters to confront NBC for their false reporting and to seek comments.

Here is the summary footage from Newsbud's Confront NBC Campaign filmed on August 4th 2016.

Complete Unedited Footage

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Confront NBC Campaign

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  1. Wow. A very courageous and needed action that redefines/improves journalism greatly. Thank you, team. Things do get dicey, though, don’t they? “We support Erdogan!” Well…that would be overstating things for some of us, I’m sure.

    On another note, I see that Turkish officials are trying to discredit Gulen by saying he is “Armenian.” Heh. I don’t know if my head can span that many dimensions of absurdity.

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