The Rulers’ Angel-Evil-Making Process: From Egypt’s Hosni Mubarak to Turkey’s Erdogan

Can people turn evil overnight? Do angels become evil overnight? Were they angels in the first place? Not in the real world, but one ruled by evil forces working through their illusion-making tentacles, aka the media. Join us in this episode presenting the rulers’ angel-evil-making process, and take a trip down memory lane from the rise and fall of Egypt’s Hosni Mubarak to the current turmoil surrounding Turkey’s Recep Erdogan.

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Show Notes

Time Magazine’s Top 10 Old Leaders: Hosni Mubarak

Bush Lauds Egypt Leader Mubarak

Hillary Clinton: “I really consider President and Mrs. Mubarak to be friends of my family"

American Tax-payers handsomely donning Mubarak with billions of dollars a year

Mubarak: Time Magazine Man of the Year

Hosni Mubarak: A Dictator who ruled Egypt for three decades

Anatomy of a Dictatorship: Hosni Mubarak

Hosni Mubarak’s Brutal Legacy

Egypt protests: America's secret backing for rebel leaders behind uprising

Was Washington behind Egypt’s coup d’etat?

John Bolton: U.S. ‘made big mistake’ pushing out Egypt’s Hosni Mubarak

Erdogan: Time Magazine Man of the Year

Erdogan: Turkey’s Man of the People

Erdogan: transforming Turkey in a way that no other leader has since Ataturk

Erdogan: The best model for Muslim Democracy, the Middle East and Arabs

Erdogan builds his secular, democratic & western friendly nation into a regional powerhouse

Erdogan: One of Obama’s Top 5 Buddies

Erdogan: Turkey’s Elected Dictator

Erdogan: Successful Leader or a Dictator?

Turkey’s Path to Dictatorship

Erdogan is turning his country into an Islam-tilted dictatorship

Erdogan: Despotism deepens in Turkey

Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s Despotic Zeal

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  1. Wally Sarkeesian says:

    Sibel Everything you say I agree but in reversal, you believe everything is happening because of CIA and Americans and the West, but I believe it is Turkey who manipulating and sucking U.S., E.U, and Russian into conflict with the Islamic world to reinvent neo-ottoman empire so when will we have a head-on a debate? I would love to have you on via Skype.
    Thank you

    • Ralph Davis says:

      In order for that to be the case, Wally, Erdogan would have to be responsible for a continuity of progressively evermore hegemonic Anglo-American foreign policy for the past 150 or so years.

      No doubt that Erdogan has his secret and grandiose ambitions but, still, he’s clearly the tail in this case being wagged and simultaneously shit on by a frothing, raging CIA, neocon mad-dog.

  2. VoiceOf Arabi says:

    Brilliant…. Short, Clear and to the Point.

    Holding the mirror to people (or in this case, MSM) is always going to be hard… people go into automatic panic and respond with denial.

    I used to “hate” America and Americans, because i thought, they had “freedom” and they still chose to come over to my land and kill my children.

    Then, i discovered that i have more “freedom” than the average American. At least, my money is not used to kill children against my will (since we don’t pay tax), the American citizens do.. The children around the world that are killed today in American sponsored wars are paid for by American Tax dollars.

    Granted, Americans still have “freedom of speech”, and i don’t in my country, but watching the American scene for the last 40 years… i have to ask myself, how long will Americans have freedom of speech.

    I now “love” Americans, as i feel they are in worse situation than myself, and I have to help them first, if i want help to reach me…

    So, how long before you lose your “freedom of speech”??….. For example, the youtube below has been deleted/moved/made private few times on youtube.. you have to wonder why?? off course, you can watch it and you will understand why…

  3. Strictly speaking it is not logically impossible to turn from angel to devil overnight, or more specifically that one’s behavior would turn around. In fact, that’s what most people are going to believe given that that’s what they read in the newspapers.

    What we would need to argue is that the image created around these figures did correctly portray their actual behavior. I.e. that the reasons stated for him to be called a dictator were already there from the start.

    • Correction: What we would need to argue is that the image created around these figures did not correctly portray their actual behavior. I.e. that the reasons stated for them to be called dictators were already there during their angel period.

  4. Thanks newsbud a succinct expose. I enjoyed it. Also thanks to VoiceOf Arabi I also enjoyed the lecture… Didn’t get much work done, however I did revisit information that us still not quiet boiled frogs entertain in our minds often enough and in doing so I also noticed how so at ease I have become with it all. Perhaps I am no longer the frog and have begun to coalesce with the water… I thought I was croaking and then realized that is not the sound of croaking, that is the sound of bubbling, oh dear! Is it September already…

  5. CuChulainn says:

    The failed coup was indeed supported by the CIA, but the failure was coordinated with President Erdogan. It was an intelligence op which was meant to fail and mislead public opinion.

    • There’s this possibly apocryphal quote from physicist Wolfgang Pauli (I think it was) which seems to apply here:

      “Hab’ ich’s gerade verstanden, ist es schon wieder falsch!”

      “Now that I just understood it, it’s already false again!”

    • It sure looks like it more and more. I have to say, one of the most plausible explanations.

    • For reference, here’s a summary of Chossudovsky’s points. [With my own comments interspersed] :

      The following are possible intentions behind a CIA-intended-Turkish-coup-failure:

      1. To consolidate and reinforce the Erdoğan regime.

      [Clashes with Sibel’s earlier listing of reasons for NATO to dislike Erdoğan, and its necessary consequence: “Erdoğan will go”, but conforms with her “reverse engineering” model of proclaiming fake rifts between a local leader and the empire in order for the local population to start supporting the leader. It would seem we can interpret available data in both the “Erdoğan will go” as well as the “Erdoğan is here to stay” manner.
      Is the fight between Erdoğan and Gülen for real then? Wouldn’t a dominant Erdoğan fighting Gülen endanger the Afghanistan-2.0-lets-push-Moscow-out-of-Central-Asia-using-the-bearded-ragheads project?
      How does the NBC-Campbell-Pentagon episode jive with the ultimate intention to fail? It would presumably mean Campbell was double-crossed by a deeper state, which is not impossible].

      2. To get rid of members of the military hierarchy who were opposed to an invasion of Syria.

      [Is there any direct evidence of this having happened during the purge? Would Gülenists have been in favor or against invading Syria? Was it really Gülenists that were targeted then? Is there any evidence of a pre-existing rift within the Turkish army about an impending Syrian invasion? Would one have to purge the judiciary in that case?]

      3. To mislead public opinion.

      [Certainly about the CIA’s presumed role in both organizing and sabotaging the coup. Presumably about the ongoing US-Turkish military cooperation. And possibly about the sincerity of improvements in Russo-Turkish relations, possibly following the above “reverse engineering” model, i.e. to generate local support for Erdoğan, or to sucker Putin to sleep, although I presume he would have woken up by now].

      4. To ultimately confront and weaken Syria’s military allies: Russia, Iran and Hezbollah.

      5. While intending to clash with Ankara at a later date in order to redraw the map of the Middle East, and in particular create a sovereign Kurdistan.

      • Wally Sarkeesian says:

        Olivier and CuChulainn,
        Before Talking about USA and CIA, people need to Understand Turkish Rulers; They have been meddling the region for last 400 years before use Existed; the Islamic Empire imported them as slave soldiers soon they highjack sunny Islam went on conquering three continents. Encluding destroying Byzantine empire. WW1 they allayed with Germany sucked Germany into the Middle-East and Sold Middle-East to the Germans. They ask Germany to build a railroad from Berlin to Baghdad; then when they the Turkish rules lost the war again turn around sold Middle-East to the British and France, now last 50 Years they are selling Middle-East it to the US. The politician in US and Europe are no match to Turkish evil rulers, they The Turkish rules know when to push and when to pull when to kiss when to kill, six months ago they were killing Russian now they are kissing the Russians. Tomorrow they will be kissing Assad do not be a surprise.

        They invented Syrian war Imported Turkish terrorist from all over Turkic nations train them and arm them with US taxpayers money, unleash them on Syrian people. Yanked the entire Syrian factories from Aleppo under the name of refugees completely brain drain Syria. Kept the cream of a crop of Syrian under the name of refugees and the rest unleashed the refugees on Europe with world largest extortion by asking for billions of euro plus visa-free for 75 million Muslim Turks; only Turkish rules can orchestrate such worldwide extortion. According to Turkish News paper, Hurriyet 60% of all new Business startup in Turkey are Syrians. Imagine the hundreds of Billions of dollars Turkey made fro refugees from selling vest to boats, to Smuggling.

        Therefore the coup d’etat was 100% made in Erdogan whether with or against CIA. Ask this simple question you take out 50% off your Generals thousands of soldiers then two weeks later you go invade a country? Erdogan have pushed the False-Flag operation to the state of Art.

        Thank you

  6. CuChulainn says:
    Erdogan “has sold off about 50% of US Treasuries more than any other government. You do not do that to support a currency. This is political.”

    • CuChu: you always come up with what I call ‘jewel links & points.’ See, I did not even know about this. Thank you for sharing the link, and furthering our knowledge. Thank you!

    • There’s an ambiguity. The Treasuries-sentence can be read either as:

      “has sold off about 50% of US Treasuries. This is more than any other government”

      [That would be impressive]

      or as:
      “has sold off about 50% more than other governments have sold off”

      [Less impressive: Turkey sells 1.5% of its bonds, way less than 50%, but 50% more than other countries, who didn’t sell more than 1% of their treasuries].

      Couldn’t find any primary source to back up either of these readings:
      It would seem that itself is the primary source of this claim.

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