Zika: Media Hypes Fear of the Virus while Ignoring the Risks of Government “Solutions”

In this episode of Spiro Reports we take a look at the Zika Virus and question the official positions of the government agencies tasked with combating disease and keeping the public safe. Are they doing their jobs? Is spraying populated areas with a neurotoxin safe?  We explore other factors in the environment that studies say is the likely cause of some of the health impacts currently being attributed to Zika. We also cover the public outrage of the recent proposed changes to the CDC domestic and foreign quarantine guidelines. Join the discussion on this important topic, and bring in your comments and thoughts!

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Show Notes

Zika Virus a Global Health Emergency, W.H.O. Says

Texas newborn dies of Zika-linked microcephaly in first reported case in the US


New doubts on Zika as cause of microcephaly

A Possible Link Between Pyriproxyfen and Microcephaly

Brazil Shown to Be Largest Global Consumer of Pesticides

Congress Halts Zika Funds Over Planned Parenthood as Cases Spread

NIH begins testing investigational Zika vaccine in humans

Cambridge biotech firm Moderna wins Zika vaccine grant

Regulations.gov comment section

List of Communicable Diseases

Proposed Rule document was issued by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

Zika outbreak: CDC extends travel advisory to Florida's Miami Beach

Dolphins, Marlins increase Zika-control efforts at stadiums

EPA Naled for Mosquito Control


 Protest Against Zika Pesticide Naled Planned at Miami Beach City Hall Today

 Public backlash delays Zika spraying in Fla. as virus spreads

Microcephaly & Other Birth Defects

Zika and the Risk of Microcephaly

WHO Zika causality statement

Mosquito Spraying for Zika in South Carolina Kills Millions of Bees

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  1. VoiceOf Arabi says:

    Another good report.. thanks Spiro.

    I think the bottom line here is.. We are (the 7 billion people on the planet) only useful if we are consuming. consuming food, gadgets, pharmaceuticals, etc. and if we are not useful to generate wealth for the elite from our labor, then we will be culled, as 7 billion of only “eaters” is a waste of resources, or at least, that’s how the people in power see it.

  2. Good work Team, my add on;
    Even Louis Pasteur finally admitted his ‘germ theory’ was flawed, but our illustrious corporate media keep shrieking hellishly about: bird flu, swine flu, ebola, zika, etc., and the unthinking multitude should quickly roll up their sleeves for another shot containing a neurotoxic adjuvant, a form of formeldehyde, some cells from aborted fetuses and some other mutated garbage, because, then we will be protected – from what?
    Measles out break in a New England school that had !00% vaccinations ring any bells?
    An already compromised body has to deal with all those foreign bodies, for what is little more than a placebo effect, but is based on mangled statistics.
    Name one vaccine that has been used in a Randomized Double Blind Placebo Controlled trial.

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