Corbett Report- 9/11 Suspects: General Ralph Eberhart

The official story of 9/11 is a lie. But Eberhart's story is a lie within that lie, designed to absolve himself and other members of the US military charged with defending American airspace that morning from the most catastrophic failure in that mission in their history. And not only did Eberhart survive with his career intact, he was praised as a "9/11 hero" and moved into the private sector after leaving NORAD in 2004, as chairman and board member of a number of companies that directly benefited from the post-9/11 police state and the post-9/11 war on terror.

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  1. This series has been truly excellent. I’m amazed at the amount of work and research Mr. Corbett has put into it. Award worthy journalism.

  2. Ribbit-Mark says:

    Hear hear!
    Bravo James.
    It is always a pleasure to read/see your well-researched work.

    Where or where are all the MSM journalists hiding now?
    Where are the cowardly authorities who have the ability to bring these suspects to trial?

  3. Thanks for the series.
    Is there one James Corbett, and does he have 24 hrs in a day? Amazing the volume, conciseness and presentability. Hats off for your team.

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