Newsbud Roundtable – Examining The Real Costs of Drone Warfare

In this episode of Newsbud Roundtable Professor Abigail Hall Blanco provides a deeper look into the driving factors behind official drone policy, who it benefits and why. We are also joined by Erik Moshe, Newsbud Analyst & Author. We cover Erik’s recent series ‘The New Drone Order, Part IV- Reapernomics: An Economic Way of Thinking About Drones’

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Show Notes

The New Drone Order, Part IV- Reapernomics: An Economic Way of Thinking About Drones

Professor Abigail Hall-Blanco

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  1. To Late.
    I do not give a Dollar.
    In Drones..
    In Nato..But..
    Lockheed Martin..
    They Neddddd….
    They realy Ned.
    For Denmark to bye…
    To By…
    Some New Fighter Jet’s.
    F 35…To stay in..The Came.
    Talk about Sci.Fi.
    There is a lot…
    Money in This Came.
    A Role Playing Came.
    Say Hi…sorry..
    I Mean..
    Very Best Regards
    Jens and Bornholm.
    Ps. Pension Funds. (Weapons).
    Ps. Ps. It is a Virus.
    Ps. Ps. Ps. What a clowne I am.

    • Raymond Kitchen says:


      • LOL.

        • Ralph Davis says:

          Not so funny, really. The idea here is, hopefully, to contribute intelligently to coherent discussion, jens. If you’re attempting some free poetic form of expression, it needs some work. WTF, indeed. The subject here is analysis of high-tech weapons of war lethally imposed on unsuspecting humanity.

          Consider, if you’d be so kind, that this may not be the best place to impose experimental compositions more destructive than productive to dialog. Mocking the most basic intent of this site; the sharing and interpretation of articulated information, does disservice to those who work diligently to contribute towards clarity and understanding.


  2. Marsh Collins says:

    Been very quiet. Newsbud out of gas despite everything that is going on? Contributed a lot because I am desperate to see some truth but starting to look like same same……… I now suspect my money should have gone to other smaller online sources who speak the whole truth.

    Suspicions started when …..#1 Guillermo Jimenez voiced his opinion (unchallenged) that he had briefly considered the domestic false flag (sandy hook, boston, san bernadino etc etc ad nauseum) crisis actors meme and found it to be bullshit , annoying , and ridiculous. Ongoing false flags are obvious to anyone with a brain, and it was very suspicious when they were outright denied and ridiculed on BFP FEBRUARY 8, 2016 podcast.

    #2 when Turkish coup analysis referenced bellingcat as if this pile of lies was a site to be listened to.

    #3 when I took a look at criticism of Corbett from Allen Weisbecker and it rang very true. See ……. ?? who is Corbett.

    The only truth left is down at the level of individuals speaking the truth with their honest and integrity as their only currency. Either you tell the truth as you see it or you are liars. There is no longer a middle ground. I hope I am wrong but it is not looking good in my eyes.

    • Dear Mr. Collins: Please send us (via contact form) a refund request, so that we can issue a refund to you, and make ourselves free of you as soon as possible. It’s been quiet because our team was overseas investigating, filming and interviewing sources on the brewing refugee crisis in EU, and putting our safety on the line while doing it. We have returned with tons of facts, footage and newly acquired sources, and currently busy sifting through and organizing our info for series of video presentations.

      I love and respect every Newsbud team member, regardless of their style or philosophy. So do our readers and viewers. Mr. Gimenez is no longer with Newsbud-BFP, and hasn’t been for a long long time (over a year). Obviously you are not only out of touch with reality, but also out of touch with what’s been going on here at Newsbud. Yet, as a sign of your ignorance, you come here and post poisonous and negative comment(s).

      Now, please send me your info, and I will gladly refund your subscription. I would like to see you out of this ‘home of irate minority’ as soon as possible.


      Sibel Edmonds

      • Marsh Collins says:

        “obviously out of touch with reality,”
        I am sure that is true for almost all average people, and I am never sure how to sort the truth from the lies. My efforts to correct that are what guide my search for honest journalism.
        Happy to hear Gimenez gone as I am sure he was not being honest.
        Bellingcat is clearly a disinfo site and I still question why this was not made clear to your audience. Very easy to do this even after the fact but it was not done.
        Corbett’s talk appears to have NLP at work. If you look for yourself, you may find the same.
        Please feel free to delete my comments if you wish and yes I apologize for the ignorance of my “out of gas” poisonous and negative comment.
        You are free of any further comments or question on your site from me. I have learned much from your site, and If acceptable to you I wish no refund , but will continue to read and watch. I am often wrong about things, am ignorant of many things, and indeed have a negative view.

        • Gregory Bar says:

          You’re going to have to do better than that Collins.

        • Marsh,

          “I am sure that is true for almost all average people”- You are right, and that applies to us as well. There are 1000s of areas that I am out of touch with as well.

          Bellingcat: While they were one of the sources, we triple-checked the info on that particular angle, including sources in that country, and only after that we went on with production. No denying when it comes to Bellingcat, however, for whatever reason, they were accurate on this one (still puzzled by why they went ahead and published it). This is a common occurrence. For ex: ‘Intercept’-A site I completely (and rightfully) distrust due to the fund-er and operatives running it, but still, now and then, they publish solid pieces. I guess it is part of that ‘limited hangout’ modus operandi.

          Anyhow- the main point I want to make is this: unlike politicians running for office, we are not here to keep everyone agreeing, pleased, content, all the time. We’ll be publishing certain reports/presentations and some will applaud, while some will boo. The round after that, the booing party and cheering party switch sides/seats. I’d seriously doubt and question our boldness/effectiveness, if we were cheered, got nods, all the time.

          Our team is expanding, evolving, changing all the time. We try to always remain civil and open-minded. I don’t want this site to become the ‘hate central’ where people attack each other, take sides … all that takes away from going after our real enemies/targets (Deep State). It takes away positive energy, brings in negative energy, and the other side wins.

          Hope you’ll remain open-minded and with us.

  3. Gregory Bar says:

    You’re going to have to do better than that Collins.

  4. Marsh Collins says:

    I may be growing cynical and suspicious of everyone. I have become aware the world is filled with liars and there seems little choice.

    Most do not have your awareness, fact checking ability and caution regarding info from bellingcat types.

    I have seen nothing from yourself that has raised my suspicions. Everything I have seen you report on has raised my respect. Others I include in that category I can count on one hand.

    I apologize for the poisonous and negative tone of the original post. It was uncalled for and in hindsight it is regretted.

  5. The NSA, CIA, NRO, MSM, White House, etc. have been deleting my posts on their Facebook pages. I have been posting many of the videos from Newsbud and Corbett Report on their Facebook sites. Within 5-10 or minutes the videos and my comments are deleted. This is a perfect example of government censorship. The military industrial complex does not want the information from Newsbud and Corbett Report to be known to the public. I urge everyone to post videos from Newsbud and Corbett Report on these sites. It is important that the truth be known!

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