The United States Gets Ready for Nuclear War

Are Russia and the United States on the verge of nuclear war? A recent test by the US in the Nevada desert pushes the envelope. In the third segment of The Geopolitical Report we examine tensions between the two nuclear giants and the possibility of an unimaginable outcome.

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Show Notes

NNSA and Air Force conduct two successful joint flight tests

Nuclear Bombs Modification Tests

Large-scale military drills with thousands of troops launched in southern Russia

The United States and NATO Are Preparing for a Major War With Russia

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  1. Ralph Davis says:

    Feeling ever more fatalistic, these days, by virtue of the sea of denial in which we merely tread water. So it seems that as a nation we’ll walk blindly into this alley of calculated annihilation, dragging the unwary and unwilling and innocently undeserving as a matter of an especially perverse human destiny.

    I’m about at a point philosophically where I think that maybe there are even worse options than having this play out now, given the sheer inflation of future humans subject to the inevitable play-out of our self destructive instincts.

    Our species, despite a minuscule, however persistent, population of seeming near un-corruptables, has no demonstrable taste for the truth. Epoch after epoch: It’s clearly a blue pill default. Smell that steak?

    Not to go too deeply here, but this recurrent tendency may well be the best we can muster given the apparent evil that eventually dominates terms of very nearly all human existence. When we so readily accept extermination of the innocent and helpless, in full view, can we even stand ourselves?

    Like some putrid existential tide that invariably overwhelms, washes over and erodes away all hope of decency and justice until the next diverting fantasy emerges. What’s the point of its sheer, tortuous repetition?

    We are Koyaanisqatsi. Maybe we should face that truth.

  2. VoiceOf Arabi says:

    Hey Kurt,

    Nice and very effective report…. Keep up the good work….

    We are at a cross point, and something has to give… let us hope we will not life in Dystopia…..

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