The Generators, Agent Provocateurs & Opportunists of the Refugee Crisis

The Refuges Crisis: Synthetically-Created? How, Why & Beneficiaries

In this episode of Newsbud Roundtable, Sibel Edmonds, James Corbett, and Professor Filip Kovacevic join Spiro Skouras to discuss what is being called the 'worst humanitarian crisis' of our time. Our team takes a peek behind the curtain to find the root causes for why and how millions of people are migrating from war torn countries, and who benefits. We also examine the history and context of synthetically-created refugee crises since 1951. Join this highly stimulating discussion, and bring in your thoughts and responses with your comments.

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Show Notes

Saving Refugees to Save Europe

Migrant crisis a failure of European policy, UN says

World Bank, Accenture Call for Universal ID

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  1. Ralph Davis says:

    It’s quite an important aspect of any informed perspective to be able to understand and contextualize the extent cynicism plays in policies of usurpation and mass-manipulation by intimidation.

    Unfortunately, as I’ve recently commented elsewhere, there’s no real hope that any of the targeted populations will see until well after their destruction, assuming survivors, of course, of the degree of ignorance and indifference that enabled their demise.

    It seems to apply in degree universally to humans everywhere and always.

  2. SOROS teenage WW2 experience obviously gives him deep knowledge in bloodmoney and ‘weaponisation of refugee’ trauma technique. The trojan horse seeding of jihad into Europe is GLADIO type guerilla methodology too. Patterns.
    Thank you all. Urgency ? I can ‘t even get adults to look at the murder of that boy. goddam white helmets.
    MSMedia getting mothers to wet their already frozen children to be used as PR for the very people that forced them there stretches Orwellian hate crime to the next frontier.

  3. CuChulainn says:

    what a great service Sibel and Spiro have provided by doing the obvious but heretofore undone: talking to the refugees!!!
    in the media they exist only as star commodities of anti-racism and open borders, not as human beings. very interesting to learn that they have, in your experience, nothing bad to say about Assad but, on the contrary & like most Syrians i know, a keen understanding of who is behind their woes–NATO & Israel. Nato sponsorship of refugees from Somalia, Libya, Yemen etc. is also interesting, as is the insertion of Daesh/ISIS elements into their ranks–the same freaks who have been used to destroy Syria are now used to torment the survivors!
    looking forward to details and actual interviews with the refugees. Thank you!
    F. Kovacevic provides useful analysis here as elsewhere, but it is fantastic to describe Sarkozy as a Gaullist, & only wishful thinkiing can talk of a significant Eurasian movement in west European politics. some business sectors in Germany & France realize that, as Corbett says, US is waging war on them, but the political class is bought & paid for (exception Sahra Wagenknecht).
    Sibel succumbs as usual to ascribing agency to the handful of people she holds responsible for these policies; they are as much servants of capital as any of us, even more so. power is held only by those who serve it, submit to it, are owned by it–le pouvoir est maudit.

  4. CuChulainn says:

    Sarkozy’s pro-Putin rhetoric looks like nothing more than electoralism, an appeal to nationalist French voters to counter the currently favored Nato lapdog Alain Juppé, who is promoted by the media much as Hillary is in the US. Chirac and Villepin were the last French politicians to pretend to an affinity with De Gaulle, and Sarko l’américain wrecked them both.

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