Newsbud Special Announcement: Buckle Up For Another Ride!

For everyone who is sick and tired of the mainstream media and the so called alternative media, this message is for you. Founder and editor of Newsbud Sibel Edmonds has a special announcement on what’s in store for Newsbud.

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  1. Thanks Sibel and Spiro for the update. The website update is looking good. Sibel, no need to apologize for the enthusiasm, you’ve worked hard and the results show it. I noticed the Twitter followers count going up during the NBC story. Newsbud is an oasis, from the gibberish of MSM. Perseverance is paying off.

    I notice Peter B Collins is no longer on the team list. Did I miss the update?

    Also, are you planning to table how the kickstarter money is spent? It’s something the sugar daddy websites don’t do well. Not suggesting down to every pencil and paper clip. Just a breakdown, I think it would be useful for all to see what it takes to keep Newsbud going.

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